Raven woke up to the feeling of rough, worn hands running over her body. They started at her ankles and moved up her legs and torso, tugging at her jersey shorts and t-shirt, until they threaded through her hair. A moment of intense panic spread through her before her senses were assaulted by the familiar scent of pine and warm earth, and just the faintest smell of musk.

Beast Boy.

She sighed in a mixture of excitement and relief. He was finally home.

"I missed you." His voice sounded strained, as if he were fighting to control himself.

"I missed you too."

There was a long pause, his hands still sliding over her body, dipping into the waistband of her shorts, but never taking them off. He cupped her breasts through her t-shirt, and Raven could feel him stretch out along the length of her, as if he were settling in for a long, leisurely afternoon in her bed.

That thought certainly excited her. Raven tried to open her eyes, but found them bound shut, a strip of silk cloth tied tightly over her eyes and around her head. She went to go remove the annoyance, but Beast Boy caught his hand in hers, bringing her wrist to his mouth. He swirled his tongue over her pulse before kissing her palm, taking each of her fingertips into his mouth and suckling.

"I got your message." He muttered between fingers.

"I know."

"...and your video."

"Oh… right." Pause. "I got yours."

"I know."

His mouth left her fingers, continuing their travels back down her arm. He nipped at the sensitive skin at the crease of her elbow, before kissing up her bicep to her shoulder again. He slid his tongue over her ear with deliberate slowness, dragging out the sensation as Raven shifted underneath him. Heat was racing through her veins at a million miles per hour, and her heart felt like it was going to burst from her chest any moment if he kept up this teasing. She shifted again, trying to find a comfortable position.

"I didn't know you were into solo play…" His voice sounded rough and harsh against her ears as he nipped at her earlobe again. "Next time you're so inclined, feel free to let me know. I'll be more than happy to watch." His hand slid over her shorts and between her thighs, offering a moment's reprieve from the tightness in her belly before winding her up even more. "I have some tips that might be useful."

Raven felt a strained groan escape her lips as he removed his hands from her body. She moved to take the blindfold off again, but he stopped her hands a second time, clicking his tongue in disapproval. "Now, now, Raven… this is all part of the game." He paused, and his fingers found the neckline of her shirt, tightening in the thin fabric. "I have to ask though, you're not particularly fond of this shirt… are you?"

That was a weird question. "No."

"Good." Without waiting another second, Beast Boy ripped her shirt down the middle, exposing her body to the chill in her apartment. A second movement had her shorts and underwear completely gone, leaving her stark naked and at his disposal. The sound of her clothing being torn off coupled with the sensation of being completely sightless made Raven moan again, and her hands gripped the sheet below her in anticipation. She felt Beast Boy reach across the bed for something on the nightstand, and then his rose himself over his body.

"I went to Prague."

That seemed like a strange thing to say, but Raven let him talk, still trying to understand what he was doing above her. She licked her lips and nodded, staring into the darkness behind her eyes. "Has your Czech improved at all?"

"Not really." He shrugged. "I just know how much you love Prague. We practically had to kidnap you to get you back home the last time we were there. Remembering that made me miss you even more." He leaned over her, and Raven felt something soft and smooth slide slowly against her bare skin in a feather-like caress.

"I did learn just a few new phrases though. I thought I might try them out." He leaned over her again, whispering something heavy, thick, and rhythmic into her ear. Raven wasn't entirely adept at Czech either, but she caught enough to know that his words should never be uttered in polite company.

He drew the soft, smooth item back over her stomach, pressing a little harder than his previous ministrations. It was a silk scarf, that much was sure, but Raven had no idea what he was going to do next. And, something about not knowing just excited her even more. She swallowed in anticipation, waiting for the burn to increase within her.

"I always thought you liked Madrid." Raven struggled for conscious thought. Beast Boy had taken to wrapping the scarf around her forearm and dragged it up and down her skin, making sure she felt every sensation she could with the scrap of cloth. "You said the nightlife was better. And the food too."

"I did. It is." His tongue swirled around her nipple, drawing it into a peak before sliding the silk scarf over it. Raven twitched again, her body convulsing under his touch. She could feel him grin at the sight of her body, stretched out for him to explore and tease. "But I liked the memories of Prague better." He put his lips over her nipple through the silk scarf, creating another sensation Raven didn't have a name for, and she gurgled out something unintelligible in response. "I liked the memory of us walking along the river…" He bit her nipple through the silk, and Raven arched her back, groaning as lightning splitered over her skin. How long was he going to keep this up? "Do you remember that? How peaceful it was… Someday, I'll take you back there."

"I…" Raven was utterly distressed to find herself panting like an animal in heat. She struggled to find some composure, but she had none left. Her only option was to lay back against her bed and let Beast Boy tease and please her until she collapsed in on herself. It wasn't such a terrible prospect. "I would very much like to go back again."

Beast Boy smiled and drug the silk scarf under her breasts, teasing an erogenous zone that was often ignored during their less leisurely bouts of lovemaking. Raven whimpered again, her body and mind becoming dazed by the sensations he was feeding her. Even if she didn't have the blindfold, Raven doubted she would be able to see.

"I would love to take you back again." He slid the scarf down the length of her thighs, purposefully dragging just the tail end of the scarf over her core in a teasing touch. "Maybe in a few months when things die down. I found a great little restaurant that serves the most amazing food." He twisted the scarf around her ankle, kissing the thin, delicate flesh there. "I'll never forget what I've eaten there… although I would really like to try some new dishes next time I go back."

The subtle hint of what he would do to her in that restaurant was hiding in his words, and Raven groaned at the thought of it. She tried to move her hand in between her legs to relieve the intense, almost painful ache he had created, but the snap of the silk scarf against her skin told her not to touch. After all, this was his time to explore her body.

"I thought you wanted to watch." She was panting again, desperate for some kind of release. With her eyes blindfolded shut, every touch and caress felt a thousand times more intense, and Raven wasn't sure how much longer she could last this torture. She was floating in a perpetual state of almost.

"I do want to watch." He ran the silk over the backs of her knees, another forgotten erogenous zone, and made her twitch again. "But right now I'm playing with my favorite toy…" He drew the scarf along her core, and Raven nearly orgasmed from the sensation alone. He slid his tongue over the silk before pulling away. "And you know that I'm not very good at sharing my toys."

"Please." She whimpered, her hands fisting in the sheets. "Please."

"Please what, Raven?" He drew the scarf over her core again, sliding the silk against her sensitive petals. "There a lot of responsibility that comes with the word 'please'." He gently drew his finger up and down the silk draped across her core, tracing the shape of her as if he was drawing fine art. "Please get you off? Fuck you? Torture you some more? There are so many meanings to the word please."

"Please get me off. Please." She was writhing now, his fingers swirling over her clit through the silk. It was a slow, tortuous circle that drove her halfway to madness, and being unable to see what else he might be planning frightened her. Her hips bucked against his hand. "I can't… I can't take this anymore."

"Let me think about it for a while." He reached across the bed again, and this time something clinked musically in a glass, like chimes. "You should cool off a little bit while I think though." A few drops of ice water dripped down her sternum, gliding over her oversensitized skin before pooling in the well of her stomach.

Raven cried out, her back arching with the sensation. Beast Boy's tongue followed the stream of water, lapping her up as he drew himself over her body. His fingers continued to tease her clit through the silk scarf, but now there was another instrument of torture for him to use: ice.

"Ah!" Raven cried out as an ice cube slid over her nipples, bathing her hot skin in freezing cold water. Her hips tried to buck and grind to bring him closer, but Beast Boy's other hand kept her body pinned to the mattress as he continued to please her. He popped the ice cube in his mouth and peppered ice-cold kisses over the expanse of her body, and swirled his tongue anywhere he pleased.

This torture lasted for what felt like hours, until the ice cube had melted away, leaving Raven a dripping wet mess of hot and cold, struggling against the echo and aftershocks of the sensations he had left her with. Gasping and whimpering, she turned her face towards his general direction, hearing the unmistakable sound of him getting undressed.

"I think you've been tortured enough… don't you?"

Raven was too much of a mess to respond, and she simply nodded in agreement, desperate for whatever he was going to give her.

"There's a good girl." He trailed his now cold fingertips along the inside of her thigh, up to the junction of her legs. He spread her legs apart to accommodate his hips, and Raven felt his smile against her skin. "Let me give you what you want, Raven. I promise to take away the pain."

She nodded again in agreement and nearly cried out in relief as he entered her. Her hands went around to scratch down the length of his back, feeling his body tremble underneath her touch. He moved slowly, almost leisurely, as if they had all the time in the world and Raven wasn't going to break apart any second. Her hips raised to meet his own, crying out his name as her first orgasm crashed over her, sending her into convulsions as he continued to move within her, never stopping the onslaught of sensations.

Not that Raven minded. It was like heaven, feeling him worship her body again, and drown her in pleasure. Her lips found his own and she could taste his own moans on his tongue, the deep feeling of relief as he finally made love to his girlfriend. He continued to move within her, mumbling her name against her throat as his own body began to tremble. Increasing his speed, he made sure to push her over the edge of oblivion one last time before joining her himself.

A second passed between them as he caught himself on his forearms, twitching uncontrollably as his body attempted to come down from its high. Raven finally pulled off the blindfold and looked up into his face, a little bruised and scarred from his trip, but still the face of her lover.

"You are a tease." She said as he fell into bed next to her. Gasping for breath, she tried to make sense of everything that just happened to her. Coming up with nothing that made any sense, she rolled on her side and looked at him. "Where did you learn that?"

He shrugged, trying to look nonchalant even though his heart was still racing. "Just did some light reading on the plane back from Europe."

Raven scoffed. "What in the world were you reading?"

He just grinned. "Wouldn't you like to know."


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