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Child of Balance.

Chapter 1: Kushina's Choice.

Kushina cried tears which mixed with the dirt and the little blood on her face. The beautiful redhead hated what had happened, and a part of her blamed herself for not being strong enough to stop the extraction of the Kyuubi.

True, she hadn't expected anyone to want to pull the giant fox from her, but she should have taken more precautions.

Her husband had many enemies after all, as did she, and they hadn't really taken as many steps to hide her pregnancy as they should have.

True, no one but a select few knew she was married to Minato, but it didn't take a genius to connect the dots. They were nearly attached at the hip for many years after all.

Now, she was paying for being too carefree. Maybe she was being too hard on herself, but the fact her daughter, her newly born baby girl was laying there, the new jinchūriki of the nine-tails made her heart break in two.

She may not have had it as hard as many jinchūriki, but there was always that feeling of loneliness, of darkness just waiting to swallow you whole.

Even if it wasn't publicly known, there were always those times she'd look around at others, and be paranoid that those watching her knew her secret.

That they knew what she was, and they hated her for it. Mito had told her that love was the answer, and when she was with Minato she barely even remembered her own burden.

Naruto, her little Naru-chan, she wouldn't have the benefit of no one knowing. Even as she bleed out from the large whole in her abdomen from Kyuubi's claw, she knew.

The Hokage would have to tell the village what had happened, and he'd believe as Minato had. He'd believe in Konoha's ability to accept their jinchūriki as a human, as a hero.

Kushina's hand tightened into a fist as she clawed her way closer to her daughter, removing Minato's forehead protector as she did. He wasn't far from her, already dead. She barely had any life in her, the wound was fatal even

If she wasn't weak from childbirth and the extraction. It was sad, she might have lived if it weren't for the wound in her gut. She didn't regret it though, if she and Minato hadn't jumped in the way of the Kyuub's claw, Naruto would have died.

Smiling down at the blonde baby (she was surprised it had inherited Minato's hair color, though proud of this, she did notice a few red highlights).

Placing the forehead protector on it's chest lightly, along with one of Minato's Hiraishin kunai (making sure to place it in such a way it couldn't harm to newborn), Kushina kissed Naruto's small forehead.

"You'll be alright," she whispered to the baby, coating her fingers in her own blood coming from her wounded gut and drawing seals around the newborn.

Looking over at her husbands corpse once she was done she sighed sadly, and looked behind her as she noticed voices getting closer. The reinforcements, she realized, she had to hurry.

"I won't take the chance, I'm sorry, Minato."

She couldn't allow for the possibility the village would react as all others to the news of their jinchūriki. It was always the same after all, and she'd met one or two of the other jinchūriki. None had a happy story, even those in Kumo.

Kushina turned from her husbands body to the softly crying baby before her, the sign of a jinchūriki on her stomach. She had never wanted this for her baby, her Naru, but she'd had no choice.

Before she died, though, she would give Naruto the chance at a life outside of the Elemental Nations. Outside the loneliness, scorn, blood and death that followed jinchūriki's.

"Kyuubi: Kōtsū Fūin (Nine-tails: Transportation Seal)!"

The remainder of Kushina's chakra and life force was placed behind the fūinjutsu her family had created. Mostly it was used to get passed the barrier separating the Elemental Nations from the rest of the world.

Many had forgotten the fact the Elemental lands were not the entirety of the Earth. Besides for the Kage of each major nation, and some older clans – like the Uzumaki – everyone had forgotten it was even there.

Back when Mito, her great-aunt (give or take a great) had become a jinchūriki she had improved on the seal, and passed it on to Kushina. Only a jinchūriki, currently or formerly, could use the seal. Hence why it was called Kyuubi: Kōtsū Fūin.

Kushina watched as a orb of pure chakra, a mix of silver, white and red formed around Naruto and then flickered and she was gone. Leaving on a chakra burn on the area she'd drawn the seals.

Her body collapsed, completely spent of energy and chakra.

As she died, there was a smile present on her face, because she knew her daughter would have a fighting chance at a normal life away from the burden of being a human sacrifice.

Miles Away; Japan; Highton View Terrace:

October 11th, 1988:

"Honey, can you get Tai's food ready while I check the mail?" Yuuko Kamiya called back to her husband, Susumu.

"Already working on it, Yuuko," he called back and Yuuko chuckled at her husbands antics.

They'd only been married three years, and had their first child, and currently only child, Taichi Kamiya a year ago. He was a bit of a handful at times, but he was sleeping soundly through nights, and had been for months now so at least there was that small relief.

Yawning largely, Yuuko reached for the doorknob, stopping short when she heard the muffled sound from outside. Crying, she realized, and then with a soft gasp and wide brown eyes she realized it was a baby. Turning the knob she practically threw the door open.

Sure enough, on the welcome mat in front of her was a baby, a naked as any newborn (and she could tell from how small she, she noticed, was).

Oddly, the only thing left with the baby was a odd headband with a metal plate and leaf-like design, and a knife of some sort that seemed to have prongs o either side and a ring hole at the handle. It was strange, she'd never seem something like it before.

She had a hard time figuring out why someone would abandon such a beautiful baby, or why it wasn't bundled up or at least in a basket of some sort. More so, she wondered what sort of parent left a headband and knife when they abandoned their child on a door step.

She acted on instinct, picked the child up, along with the objects. They were undoubtedly the babies parents, left to be given to the child once she was older. Yuuko didn't know how she felt about giving a child a knife. The items were also obviously special to the child's parents if they were left, and the headband especially since it looked well worn.

she'd wasn't even sure yet what she and Susumu were going to do with the child. They already had Tai, could they afford or even have time for another child so soon?

"Shh, it's alright baby," Yuuko said softly to the blonde baby, whose blue eyes shinned with tears.

They were a shade of cerulean-azure Yuuko had never seen before. The babies hair (as fine and few as it was) was also a bright blonde, like the sun, yet she could make out red highlights, all natural. There was unfortunately no name tag of any sort.

"Yuuko, why do you have a baby?" Susumu asked as he looked up from feeding Tai, once his wife had entered the kitchen.

Yuuko smiled at her husband.

"I found her on the door step," she began, and Susumu raised an eyebrow.

"Seriously?" he asked dryly.

She laughed.

"I know, it sounds like a scenario out of a movie, but it's true. I don't know who would want to abandon such a beautiful baby girl, but I think we should... keep her."

"Keep her, Yuuko, we already have Tai to look after. Not to mention there are channels we have to go through in order to keep her."

Yuuko sighed, nodding.

"I know, but, I have this feeling we were meant to keep her. I've always wanted a daughter, as well," Yuuko said and Susumu sighed.

He knew his wife had always wanted a daughter (though she loved their son all the same), but Tai's birth had been hard. The doctors were unsure if it was possible for her to get pregnant naturally again.

Yuuko held hope she could, and wanted to try again in a few years. He wasn't surprised his wife had taken to the baby she now held so quickly. She had a big heart, and she always went with her instincts.

He smiled at her, and walked over to take a better look at the blonde baby his wife held. She was no longer crying, but was wide awake.

"Alright, we'll get this settled after breakfast," Susumu said, and smiled at the blonde baby. "Welcome to the family..."

He looked at the brunette beside him in silent question.

"Narumi," Yuuko said, after a moments thought. "Narumi Kamiya."

She didn't know exactly why she chose the name, besides having always liked it and it's meaning (achieve, beauty. Though it could also be written as achieve, truth), but for some reason it just seemed to suit the blonde.

Time passed after the Kamiya's found Naruto Uzumaki, now Narumi Kamiya, on their doorstep. In this time they had legally adopted the abandoned child and welcomed her into their small family.

Some time later, when Tai was four and Narumi was nearly three, Susumu and Yuuko would welcome another child (and their last) into the family; a girl named Hikari 'Kari' Kamiya.

For a while things were well, but soon enough everything would change.