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Chapter One

Danny crashed into the building having been propelled toward it so quickly that he hadn't had time to go intangible and he fell to the ground before pushing himself to his feet. Glowing neon green eyes glared furiously at the culprit as he flew into the air dodging around the cable that shot out toward him. "Really? Is that the best you got?" he called over to the technological ghost who scowled.

"I have more in store for you, ghost boy, for I, Technus, shall…" The ghost, who looked like a scientist with a lab coat but had glowing red eyes and white hair, started to say.

"Bore us to death with your long-winded speeches," Danny finished for him with a sigh and launched an ectoblast that caught Technus in the chest and sent him flying backwards. He launched several ectodisks at the ghost who got hit with a few of them but managed to dodge the rest.

"Sam, Tucker, Jazz, where are you?" he said through the Fenton Phones that he shared with his two best friends and his sister. When Technus launched an ectoblast at him, Danny spread his fingers in front of him creating a shield that caught the blast. Dropping the shield, Danny launched a few more ectodisks as well as an ectoblast at Technus.

"We're coming, Danny. Jazz is trying to distract your parents," Sam's voice said through the Fenton Phones.

"It's not working that great," Tucker's voice said, "They're heading over here now. Best bet is to finish this fight and get out of here before your parents see you."

Danny grimaced knowing his friend was right. Ever since the accident almost a year earlier, Danny had been forced to keep his ghost powers a secret from his parents. He only did that because he didn't know of how his parents, Jack and Maddie Fenton, would react. They were ghost hunters and they hated ghosts with a passion. Danny liked to believe that his parents would accept him, both his human and ghost half alike, but he just didn't know.

His parents have been hunting him since he first started using his powers to protect Amity Park from the many ghosts that invaded from the Fenton Ghost Portal that could not be turned off even though it could be closed. They didn't seem to believe that he was trying to protect everyone. They weren't the only ones but Danny liked to think they would see the truth eventually.

He dodged around another ectoblast and launched his own back at Technus. The technology ghost dodged and turned his head slightly. "Looks like we have some company," he said as the Fenton Ghost Assault Vehicle, with Jack at the wheel, drove toward the park above which the halfa and the technology ghost were fighting. "I, Technus, shall use the technology on that vehicle to…"

"Dude, I thought you stopped speaking your plan out loud," Danny said flying toward Technus and landed a sharp uppercut that sent Technus flying upwards. The technology ghost scowled and flew toward Danny who dodged out of the way and hit Technus with a kick.

An ectoblast that narrowly missed Danny shot through the air and slammed into Technus. Glancing over his shoulder, Danny noticed that it had come from his family's RV and he was pretty sure his mother had been the one to fire it since she had better aim than his father. He dodged around an ectoblast and looked around for his friends to find them stopping their scooters nearby and dashing into the park.

Technus launched another attack that Danny dodged but he didn't avoid the technology ghost's follow up attack and was sent flying into the tree near where Sam and Tucker had stopped. With a grunt, he went intangible and sank through the branches of the tree to land on his feet beside Sam and Tucker.

"Think you might need this," Tucker said holding out the Fenton Thermos and Danny smiled before taking it. Flying into the air, he was about to aim the thermos and capture Technus when an ectoblast from a bazooka his mother was holding hit him. With a yelp, he dropped the thermos and was sent flying through several more trees to crash into one of the benches that lay scattered across the park.

"He's down, get him Jack before he gets away," Maddie shouted.

Technus jumped at the opportunity he was given and, just as Danny was getting to his feet, the technology ghost launched a bolt of blue electricity that slammed into the halfa. A screech of pain erupted from Danny's lips as the electricity surged through his body, zapping his strength and the energy that kept him in his ghost form.

Sam dashed forward just before Danny lost consciousness and he was able to stay conscious long enough to see his friend uncap the thermos he had dropped before there was darkness.

Sam capped the thermos before dashing over to her friend's side as Danny toppled to the ground. Tucker was just behind her but Sam could see that Jazz was attempting to stop her parents who were also dashing in the direction of Danny's prone form. She, thankful the park was empty because of how late it was, skidded to a halt beside her friend and knelt down watching as the white rings of energy appeared and separated going to his head and his toes and reverting him back to his human form.

A gasp of shock sounded and Sam and Tucker, who had just reached her side, turned before their eyes widened when they saw that Jack and Maddie were standing a few yards away but also in full view of Danny's transformation. Jazz stood at their side eyes wide with guilt as if she felt she was at fault because she couldn't stop her parents from reaching Danny.

"Our son…that's not…humans can't…" Maddie broke off unable to form a coherent sentence as she stared at the scene before her. Jack was stunned into silence as he also gazed at Danny's prone body but his jaw was set and his eyes were narrowed and Sam found she didn't like the look in Jack's eyes.

Sam turned her gaze to Danny's body before she stretched out a hand to check her friend's pulse. She knew that the ghost stinger would only drain enough energy from Danny to revert him back to his human form, Danny had told her that, but she just wanted to be sure. She wasn't surprised to feel the pulse but she was a little relieved.

She looked at Jazz as the older girl walked over to join her and was surprised to see Maddie and Jack had disappeared. Jazz shook her head though there was guilt in her eyes. "I tried to stop them," she said. "But…"

"It's all right, Jazz," Sam said. "It wasn't your fault. Where did they go?"

"They said they were heading home. They didn't say anything after that. What are we going to tell Danny?"

"We have to tell him the truth."

"Guys, he's waking up," Tucker said and the two girls turned to look at Danny who stirred before blinking open blue eyes. He gazed around as he sat up before wincing.

"Ow, I've always hated getting hit with ghost stingers," he said with a grimace before he looked at his two friends and his sister who were kneeling at his side. Sam smiled a little at her friend though Danny seemed to have noticed something was off.

"Something happened, didn't it?" he asked.

Sam bit her lip but she had told Jazz that Danny needed to know the truth. "They saw you transform, Danny," she said, "your parents."

Danny paled eyes widening.

"I'm sorry Danny," Jazz said the guilt that was in her eyes was more profound in her voice despite Sam trying to reassure her that it wasn't her fault. "I tried to stop them when you fell but…"

Danny sighed and rested a hand on Jazz's arm. "It's all right, Jazz. It wasn't your fault."

"Sam said the same thing but…"

"Jazz, we all know how Mom and Dad get. I doubt anything could have stopped them. How did they take it?"

"I don't know," Jazz said. "They just said they were heading home and left."

Danny grimaced. "I should have told them from the very beginning," he said.

"You know why you didn't, Danny. We didn't know how they would react if they knew," said Sam.

"It was safer to keep it secret, dude," Tucker said.

"Now that they know though, what am I going to do?" Danny asked.

"I think the only thing we can do is go home and you can explain what happened to them," Jazz said as Sam helped her friend get to her feet and Tucker stood up.

"I hope they'll listen," Danny said softy and Sam found that she hoped so too.

Vlad Masters, in his ghost form and invisible, watched unobtrusively as Daniel and his friends and sister left the park. He shook his head at what happened; he had seen the cold hatred in the blubbering buffoon Jack's eyes when the idiot saw his son's transformation. Maddie, the dear woman he loved, also had cold eyes that took him by surprise. He would have expected that if anyone were to accept Daniel's ghost half then it would be her.

Vlad thought back to the reunion when Daniel had told him that his parents would accept him if he revealed himself to them. However, just the reaction of Daniel's parents when he transformed made Vlad doubt the boy's assertion. The boy obviously thought his parents' love for him would outweigh their hatred of ghosts and yet their reaction said the exact opposite.

Vlad floated over the city watching as Daniel and his friends and sister continued to make their way to FentonWorks. Despite how he and Daniel had treated each other recently, with the pranks that led to the destruction of Vlad's mansion back in Wisconsin and him becoming mayor of Amity Park and making Daniel's life miserable with his rules, he couldn't get rid of the feeling that Daniel belonged with him.

They were the only half-ghosts in existence. No one could understand Daniel's position better than Vlad; he had been half-ghost for twenty years and Daniel barely had a year's experience. Vlad had offered to give him all the training he needed, all the knowledge that Vlad had acquired over the years, all he had to do was renounce his father, and Daniel continuously spurned his offer.

That was what really caused the conflict between the two of them. Vlad didn't like to see himself as the boy's enemy and yet that was how he acted, especially after he became mayor. He just tested the boy and trained him indirectly whenever they fought. Recently, however, the pranks between the two of them had escalated further than Vlad had wanted; he just wanted to give Daniel a taste of his own medicine and went overboard.

Still, being mayor of Amity Park would allow him to keep an eye on Daniel and continue to test him and train him indirectly. He wasn't about to give up in his fight to get what he wanted, it was one of the reasons why he tried to clone Daniel and that didn't work, even though he was starting to rethink convincing Maddie to marry him. If she had reacted that way to discovering her own son was half-ghost then how would she react to Vlad? There was also the fact that Vlad had no idea of what Maddie would do to Daniel.

If there was a choice between Maddie and Daniel, Vlad found that he would choose Daniel. Daniel was like him after all and he understood him possibly better than the boy understood himself.

Vlad stopped following the four companions when they reached FentonWorks before he teleported back to his mansion. Floating out of his study, where he had appeared, Vlad made his way to his living room and sat down. Maddie the Cat was fast asleep curled up on her bed and Vlad briefly looked at her before making sure she had food and water.

He then sat down on the couch and switched the TV on. He knew that the best way to discover what Maddie and the idiot Jack would do to Daniel now that they knew the truth without triggering Daniel's ghost sense would be to use the spy cams he had in place all over FentonWorks. It was ridiculously easy getting the cams into place.

Switching to the channel, Vlad narrowed his eyes and watched.

Danny nervously entered the living room. His parents were sitting on the couch talking with each other and they didn't seem to have noticed the four newcomers in the room. At least, for the moment they didn't though a few moments later, they looked up and their eyes narrowed. "Sam, Tucker, I think you'd better leave," Maddie said.

"We're staying with Danny," Sam said firmly placing a hand on Danny's shoulder while Tucker nodded in agreement.

"It's getting late and this is a family matter," Jack said. "Now leave."

"Danny's family to me and I won't leave him," Tucker said. Danny smiled a little at his friends' loyalty though his parents looked angry.

"How can you think that ghost scum is like family to you? He's an evil waste of ectoplasm," Jack said furiously and Danny flinched a little; it was obvious his father didn't accept him. Looking hopefully toward his mother, Danny was surprised to see the coldness in her eyes.

"How dare you?" she demanded furiously. "How dare you, for all this time, make us believe that our son was still alive? How dare you use our family as your hideout while you wreaked havoc on the city?"

"Danny doesn't wreak havoc, he saves the city," Sam protested while Danny flinched as well stunned that his mother could accuse him of such things. He thought that if anyone would accept him then it would be his mother.

"Likely story. He's a ghost and all ghosts are evil," Maddie said coolly.

"Mom, no they aren't," Jazz protested.

"You knew? You knew all along about this…abomination?"

"He isn't an abomination, Mom. He's only half-ghost and his human half is stronger than his ghost half," Jazz protested.

"It's not possible to be half-ghost," Maddie interrupted.

"He has a pulse and he breathes like a human. No ghost has a pulse or breathes and Danny does," Jazz said. "Just see for yourself."

"I'm not touching him." Maddie pointed the wrist ray she had strapped around her wrist at Danny.

"Could you really shoot your own son?" Jazz shouted.

Danny was stunned into silence at his mother's actions that he was barely aware of what was happening. He could see that his mother had a weapon pointed at him and that his father was lifting one of his ectoguns into his hand and aiming it at him. However, he found that he couldn't move.

He had thought that his parents would accept him; he told Vlad that much during the reunion six months earlier and yet their actions clearly state that they didn't accept him. He thought for sure that their love for him would outweigh their hatred of ghost but that wasn't true.

"That abomination isn't my son," Maddie said and fired the wrist ray but Sam pulled Danny out of harm's way and the ectoblast slammed into the door behind them. Jack fired his weapon but his aim was terrible and it sailed over Danny's head to crash into the wall above the door.

Danny was still in shock; his parents were trying to kill him even after they knew he was their son. Sam pulled him out of the way of another ectoblast while Jazz dashed forward and put herself in front of Danny shielding him from their parents' attacks with her own body.

"Get out of the way, Jasmine," Maddie ordered.

"No, I won't let you hurt my brother," Jazz said. "How could you do this to your own son?"

"That abomination is no son of mine and he is no longer your brother." Maddie and Jack aimed their weapons again but Sam pulled Danny's arm.

"Danny, you have to get out of here," she said to him. "Go to my house and hide out in my room."

Danny gazed at his friend before nodding. Reaching into himself, he unlocked his ghost half and transformed. The brilliant rings of white light appeared and separated like a spring transforming Danny into his superhero alter ego. Without waiting, Danny launched himself into the air and, turning intangible to avoid the ectoblasts that flew at him, he phased through the wall and flew rapidly toward Sam's house still in shock over the events that had transpired.

Vlad was shocked to the core because of two facts he learned while illegally spying on the Fentons; the fact that Maddie, dear sweet Maddie, had actually called her own son an abomination and the fact that both Maddie and Jack had fired their weapons at their son. Daniel looked in shock; if not for Samantha's quick intervention, Daniel would have been hit.

How could you do that to your own son, Maddie? Where is the sweet, kind, intelligent woman I fell in love with? He thought watching as Samantha told Daniel to hide out in her house for the time being.

As he was sure Maddie and Jack had overheard that, he didn't know what they would do but he feared the worse.

"Jack, the ghost is heading to the Mansons. Let's go," Maddie said on the screen. "And this time, we are not crashing through their wall. Once we tell Sam's parents that they are harboring a ghost in their house, I am sure they will be more than happy to let us in."

"You can't do that. Danny hasn't done anything wrong," Sam shouted.

"He is an evil ghost," Jack said as if that explained everything.

Vlad's lips thinned. He knew Jack was a moron but he didn't think even Jack Fenton's hatred of ghosts would outshine his love for his son. The same could be said for Maddie though he didn't think of Maddie as a moron even if he did wonder how he could love someone who would actually try to kill her own son just because he was half-ghost.

Maddie the Cat leapt onto the armrest of the couch and Vlad looked at her. "I'm thinking of changing your name now," he said stretching out a hand and gently petting the cat before he looked back at the screen. "But what should I do about Daniel? Can I really just leave him at the mercy of his parents after what happened? But he would probably reject my offer of help if I did offer it. Maybe I don't have to offer him help, per say, but I could offer him a place to escape his parents; a sanctuary perhaps."

A sly smile crossed Vlad's lips as he scratched his cat's ears causing her to purr. "Perhaps this could work to my advantage after all," he murmured before he stood up and transformed into his ghost half.

Flying intangibly through the wall, Vlad made his way toward the Mansons' home. Talking with Daniel was going to be the hardest part of the mission but Vlad hoped that Daniel would be willing to talk first and shoot later. Considering what Daniel has just gone through, though, Vlad wouldn't be surprised if he was in a shoot first and ask questions later mood.

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