Part 6

"So what do you think?" Bella asked Jane as they stood on a cliff face about a mile from the La Push beach. The stench of shifter was coming straight at them carried by the strong coast winds.

Jane's eyes narrowed as she watched a group of boys racing along the sand in cut-off jeans and run off into the nearby tree line out of sight. "I think the Cullen's have some explaining to do." She said slowly and dangerously. Shifters were natural enemies of vampires and it was law that sightings, however brief, were to be reported to the Volturi.

Bella grinned. She was glad Jane was on the same page with her, the more she could stack up against Carlisle and his coven the easier it would be for her to get what she wanted without upsetting Alice.

Jane turned to Bella and raised her eyebrow at the older vampire. "Anything else to share?" They would be going to meet with the Cullen's in a few moments so she wanted to be aware of any other black marks against the Cullen's, collectively or individually.

Bella shrugged. "Edward's an ass." The other's she was still debating on. She'd already told Jane that Carlisle had added to his coven which had enraged the vampire.

She smiled and started towards the Cullen house at a leisurely pace, she was in no rush and the storm had died down for the time being.

"Can I kill him?" Jane asked in all seriousness, she couldn't stand the younger vampire.

Bella smirked and gave Jane a look. "Are you ready to deal with the old man yet?" Aro would be very upset to hear about the death of Edward Cullen.

Jane pouted and let her silence speak for itself.

"Now I'm not saying you can't teach him a lesson or two with your unique style and flare, but make sure he asks for it first, wouldn't want Carlisle to complain to Aro now would we?" Bella told the blonde as the neared the house.

Jane grinned. It would take her much to rile the idiot up, just think about Felix taking the runt to his bed should do it. The boy was such a Puritan that it was sure to set him off, or perhaps she could replay images of herself and Bella in the act.


"Alice should go to her room while that monster is here." Edward said as his family waited on the arrival of Isabella.

Rosalie scowled. "No. If they're mates she'll demand to see Alice anyway." She said quietly.

Alice rolled her eyes as the vampires in the room conversed too quickly for her to hear the words only a slight buzz sounded as each of the Cullen's spoke. She wondered what all the fuss was and why they felt the need to exclude her from the conversation.

Jasper watched from his seat beside Bree as his sister started to grow angry as Carlisle joined in with his take on why it would be best for Alice not to be around for Isabella's entrance.

Just as he felt Alice was about to lose her temper he informed the rest of the family to shut up.

"Alice?" He asked her softly, waiting until she turned to eye him questioningly. "They would like to know if you would feel safer in your room or down here with the rest of us for our guest's arrival." He offered calmly as he ignored the annoyance directed at him from Edward.

"Oh." Alice blinked in surprise that she was being allowed to choose. Then she shrugged and turned back to the fashion show on TV. "I'm not the one that has to worry about my safety when Bella shows up." She said sending Edward a brief smile.

Emmett roared in laughter. "Owned!" He told his brother with a grin.

Edward snarled in Emmett's direction but then he stepped towards Alice. "You can't be here when Isabella comes in, this is a vampire matter and you don't belong." He bite out, his fangs showing at the corners of his mouth.

Jasper moved in front of Alice quickly and stared Edward down. "Don't you dare speak to my sister like that!" He said keeping his demeanour calm and controlled while inside he raged.

The others in the room tensed.

"The Volturi won't care that you call her sister, she's human and if that monster takes her from here then what?" Edward demanded to know. It was all well enough to pretend that tonight was about creating a bond or treaty with Isabella, but the vampire wanted Alice and Edward was horrified at the idea of the Volturi getting their hands on such a gifted human. And it was likely her change to a vampire would only make her power stronger.

If his family wouldn't take Isabella out of the picture for their own safety then he had to make them see the danger of Alice being allowed to fallen into the hands of the Volturi, with Alice's gift of sight they would be virtually impossible to fight against.

"Are you ready to just hand her over to those monsters in Italy? That feed on humans each day like cattle?" Edward continued as he eyed the rest of his family. "How can we stand here and allow that to happen?" He asked them.

Emmett looked nervously to Rosalie. As cool as he thought Isabella was, he didn't want to lose Alice, and it was clear from his wife's distressed look that she felt the same way.

"Carlisle?" Esme asked wondering what they were to do.

Carlisle sighed. "We don't have a choice." He said too quietly for Alice to hear. "They are our rulers, to stand against any of them would be to turn against them."

"Then so be it." Jasper said as he stared Carlisle down. There was no choice to make he stood with his sister. But he was letting the fear from the rest of the room cloud his own words. He took a deep breath and calmed his emotions and those of the room. "We are jumping to conclusions, this meeting is simply that, a request to meet with the head of the coven and discuss Edwards actions against Isabella's newly found mate." He told them trying to bring the focus back.

Carlisle eyed Alice remembering clearly the growing bruise on her arm. And while the girl had brushed it off he knew to harm a vampires mate was a very serious offence and if Isabella demanded Edward be punished he would have no option but to concede to the law.

Edward growled as he heard Carlisle's thoughts. "You can't be serious."

"What other option do we have, son?" Carlisle asked, if the other vampire was Isabella Volturi they would have to accept her terms, it would be the best case scenario if it didn't end with them being ordered before the Volturi Masters to explain themselves.

Edward continued to snarl as he listened in to the thoughts around him, Esme was very worried about the family and Rosalie was blaming him for whatever happened tonight.

He eyed Alice carefully. "You need to look into what happens tonight." He told her, ignoring the thoughts and murmurs of protest from the rest of his family. He stepped closer, careful of Jasper. "You are the reason this family is in grave danger, the least you can do is help me keep us safe." He said changing tact.

Alice looked at Edward then past him to the rest of the Cullen's. They had been so good to her and Jasper these last two years.

Edward watched as the human hesitated. "Alice!" He barked at her.

For the very first time Alice felt afraid of Edward, he'd often push her about using her gift but never like this, he was looking at her with so much anger that she shied away from his gaze.


As Bella and Jane circled the Cullen residence they could hear the voice of Edward and the way he spoke to Alice. It made Bella growl and race to enter the house.

Jane followed, smirking because if Edward was pissing Bella off using her power on the guy would be in her very near future.

After she crashed into the door Bella charged into the living space and got between Edward and her mate, her fangs bared as she readied herself for a fight.

Jane entered slower, letting the attention of the coven fall to Bella and came to a halt at the top of the stairs with no one noticing. She crossed her arms over her chest and watched on, eager for the chance to put Edward in his place.

Bella roared at Edward, daring him to make a move. "How dare you! After what I said, how dare you treat my mate this way!" Bella then aim a glare at Carlisle. "And you stand there and allow this?" She hissed at him.

"Who do you think you are to come into our home uninvited and speak to us this way?" Edward replied before Carlisle could speak.

Jane smiled as Bella gave her a quick look that had her forcing Edward to his knees in excruciating pain. She watched as his body contorted and fall to the floor as his muscles twitched and jerked.

She smirked as all of the Cullen's turned to eye her, calmly, and still controlling Edward, she made her way slowly to Bella's side. She took in the look of horror on Esme's face and the grief on Carlisle's. They knew that events had spiralled beyond their control and now Bella could take their 'son's' life and they couldn't even protest or risk their own lives if they do.

"Please." Carlisle humbly asked, wishing Edward's torment to cease as he kept a firm hold on Esme to prevent her going to Edward's aid and risk further angering either of the Volturi's in their home.

"Please what?" Bella demanded. "Please show your son compassion and understanding while he offered my mate none?" She hissed.

Carlisle's shoulders dropped.

Bella snarled ready to order Edwards death when a soft, warm hand slipped into her own, halting her motion towards Edward. She quietened and looked at the smaller girl questioningly.

Bella waited for Alice to plead Edward's case, to beg on his behalf but the human tugged on her hand in an attempt to get Bella to follow her. Instinctively Bella went with Alice and the human took her past the other Cullen's and past Jane who gave her a raised eyebrow look.

Bella shrugged at her friend and started up the stairs after Alice, still being led by the hand.

Jane snorted as she watched her friend disappear up the stairs with a human.

A human!

"You got to be kidding me." She muttered quietly under her breath and increased the power of the pain she was inflicting on Edward.

Carlisle stepped forward, hands out. "Please, can't you stop this for now?"

Jane eyed him and then the others in the room but she heard no comment from Bella. She gave it another minute then released Edward.

"Stay there." She warned him as he moved to stand. "All of you stay where you are and not a word."

Edward glared at the blonde, still in a crouch.

Jane lifted the corner of her lip, revealing her fang and waited for the boy to lay back down on the floor. She crossed her arms over her chest and eyed the two new vampires in the room she hadn't seen before, she then gave Carlisle a look.

Carlisle looked away from Jane knowing he would have some explaining to do. He felt Esme lean heavily against him. In a matter of moments he might very well be trying to convince two members of the most feared vampire coven for the lives of his family.

He sighed and looked to the stairs, hoping Alice could somehow convince Isabella not to punish them. As he was now completely convince the girl was the mate of Isabella Volturi. It meant she would have sway with the vampire, but Carlisle didn't know is he should be grateful or if he should pity the girl.

Isabella Volturi.

He had hoped to never see the vampire again. She looked pretty young to the eye but the sheer evil that she was capable of, it went against everything he now stood for.

Edward having listened to his father's thoughts, eased his phone carefully out of his pocket and began to form a text message.

Jane turned her head to Edward laid out on the floor as she thought she had heard something but he looked to be in the exact same position he had been in, but she stepped towards him anyway.

Jasper coughed as the blonde moved earning himself a glare, but it drew her attention away from Edward and he saw him quickly replace his phone into his pocket.

Jane scowled at the curly haired blonde, vampires had no need to cough. "I said quiet!" She hissed at him then sent a wave of pain to him that took him to his knees and made the female next to him cry out and reach for him.

Jane spared her and then eased off before stopping her power completely. Her red eyes then locked on to Edwards golden ones, she wasn't sure what that was about but she didn't trust any of the Cullens, especially now.

Her fingers twitched as she let her power build. It was always better to be prepared.

Footsteps brought her attention to the staircase where she watched Bella return with the human girl. They were holding hands. It was weird to see, even knowing Bella had found her mate, seeing it made her head spin a little.

Or maybe it was the stupid grin her friend had on her face that was disconcerting. Bella often smiled like that when she had caught or killed her next assignment.

Jane eyed the Cullen's again who were being careful to keep to her words. Still and silent. The curly blonde and the female had even remained kneeling on the floor.

"So," Bella began, letting go of Alice and picking up a chair and moving it slightly out of the way, she then went back to the human and lead her over to it by the hand and gestured for her to sit. She waited for the human to do so before turning back to the room, everyone now in front of her and posing no danger to her mate. It made her smile. "I think we have much to discuss do we not?" She asked eyeing the room then focusing on Carlisle.

"Good to see you again Carlisle, my father does miss your presence at home. Your work is difficult to repeat, but he manages." She said grinning as the blonde winced. She then eyed Edward. "No need to bow, you may stand." She chuckled to herself at that as the boy flipped himself onto his feet and glowered at her with pure hate.

The others seemed to take this as permission to move freely again and after cautious looks at Jane, shifted to form a half circle in front of the two Volturi members.

Jane let her power bleed off as it seemed Bella wasn't about to order the death of the rest of the coven. She then eyed the human just behind Bella.

"A human, seriously?" She asked her friend quietly, almost smiling when the brunette scowled at her.

"Don't judge me."



The storm took away any scent that may have lingered on Bella from Paul.

But the Cullens are pretty sure she is responsible for Paul's disappearance, they just have more important things to be concerned about right now ;)

Hope everyone had a nice time this week!