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Summary: Jericho has more talents than he lets on. / Drabble; Jerikole. Happy birthday, Miguel!

A/N: Ahhh I'M SORRY MIGUEL I wish I could do you more for your birthday but I don't have the time and resources. I swear I'll draw you something next year. I SWEAR IT.

I was writing you this big fat BBRae fanfic but then you answered that anonymous ask on Tumblr saying you didn't read much fanfiction aside from the occasional drabble and I felt bad. So you can have two drabbles this year. Both of them shippy. Both of them involving flowers because reasons.

So: happy 20th birthday to Miguel a.k.a. cyborg-window-hallucination on Tumblr. You deserve a better gift than this for being such a great person and friend. I'm sorry.


"I don't believe you."

Jericho held up his palms and raised an eyebrow, that gentle smile still playing on his lips. Kole giggled, leaning on her elbows across the tiny café table. Her sudden weight on the table sent ripples across the surface of her glass of orange juice. "Okay, prove it."

Jericho's smile became playful. Looking from side to side as if trying to protect a secret from the prying eyes of the public (no one on the busy streets was bothering to glance over; the denizens of Jump City had long since gotten used to Titans walking among them), he reached forward with his hand and tucked a strand of fuschia hair behind her ear.

The gesture brought colour to Kole's cheeks so that she almost matched her hair, and his hand surely lingered by her cheek longer than necessary, but then he brought his fingers back with a silver coin. His grin obviously expected some sort of praise.

"Amateur," Kole teased. "That's easy. My dad used to do that all the time."

Somehow, this just made Jericho look more amused (strange to see such a large, confident grin on a boy usually so modest). He reached out again before Kole could react - pulling a small bouquet of lilies. He brandished it like a trophy and offered it to her.

Kole blinked. She fell back in her seat and tipped her hair over her glowing face shyly.