Kai's up first, folks and given the fact that his girl was A Dungeon Master, let's give torture a bit of a go. I assure you, it's nothing too outrageous. It's something considered beginner in S&M. After all, let's see if I can't out do that Strawberries and cream lemon, huh?

Remember, Ninjago belong to Lego and Ocs belong to me.

Sumissional Lover

Kai gulped, Kyra was gonna kill him...

He paced, he felt nervous. It was accident...

It really was an accident...

He didn't mean to look...Really!

He was helping Kyra clean out a few things from her room at the old apartment she and her sisters shared, he liked helping her out because she was so fun and cute. He was carrying a box on the bounty, it seemed...Very heavy for something of Krya's. He never really saw her old room, he just assumed she had stuffed bears and such on a pink color scheme. He ended up tripping, dropping the box and landing on his face. He heard the box crash down and groaned, damn it. He un-doubtable broke what was inside...Odd, the crash sounded rather...metal like. He shook his head, yeah, he broke it. Kyra was going to be so upset, she told him to be very careful. Her hair was dyed now, silver. He really liked it, she pulled it off well. Who would have thought that this cheery and cute girl use to be a Dungeon Master? While he had fought her before, he still didn't think she was the type to get off on torture. Odd...The box was tipped over and yet nothing spilled out. He got up to take a look at it, maybe it was tapped shut still! He went to the left, he quirked a brow. It was open and yet...Wait, what was that? Kai bent down and picked up the box, it rattled. Wait...He knew that sound! Chains, he thought. Why would Kyra need chains? He then looked...What a fool he'd been!

He couldn't believe what he was seeing! Chains, belts, whips, candles and everything else for S&M in it! He gulped, she had these...things? This looked like a S&M Starter kit! But Kyra wasn't kinky like that...Was she? He cringed at some things he recognized but there were things that made him think of their possible use. Come to think of it...She did look good in leather. That black studded leather top hugging her c-cup breasts, tight leather pants squeezing her firm thighs, her boots finishing the look. He'd be a liar if he didn't admit that seeing her photo turned him on a bit, he shook his head. What was he doing!? He quickly shoved everything inside back in the box, making sure the tape was back on. "Ugh, I'm getting a boner over something that's never gonna happen...I'm not into that crap..." He mentally groaned. Later on that day and during the week, Kyra had been looking at him, staring. She must have figured that he looked, she seemed to not really talk to him.

Kyra looked at him again, that was the sixth time today. Kai decided to head to the kitchen to get something to eat, remembering strawberries and whipped cream that Nya so thoughtful bought. He was in the mood for something light for lunch anyway, He saw they were gone, rats. Cole must have taken it, that cake fiend. He was gonna get love handles if kept eating cakes by the baker's dozen! He made a sandwich instead, disappointed that he couldn't have what he was craving right now. "Kai-kun..." Kai froze. It was Kyra's voice but something was off... She seemed almost darker...Uh-oh. He gulped, why was she so dark-sounding? Kyra smiled darkly, she giggled to herself.

Now she knew he saw her things and she had seen the cute face he made when he was no doubt imaging her old Villainess photo, was she mad? No. Who knew Kai-kun was so curious about that? She didn't take him for the kinky type but then again, most don't usually give off that vibe...Did he care to find out what it was like? "Kai-kun..." She whispered again. Kai shivered, "Kyra?" He asked. She eased her arms around him, He tensed. "One of my boxes came loose...Did you open it?" She asked. Kai gulped again, feeling her hands rest at his knot. "I dropped it, I'm sorry. I thought you wouldn't noticed if I re-taped it..." He answered. Her hands went lower, Kai freaked. "K-Kyra?!" He asked in shock. Kyra snuck her hand down the knot, "Kai, I know you looked in that box...Don't try and hide it." She said in an all knowing tone. He was about to pry her hands off until she felt her hand start to rub him. She was outside of his underpants, she went closer to his ear. "Kai, if your so curious, why didn't you just tell me?" She asked. He got her to stop, grabbing her hands. "Kyra, I'm sorry! I won't look again...I just didn't think you were INTO that..." He admitted. Kyra sighed, kissing his nose. "I'll collect more then just an I'm sorry from you, Kai-kun. See you later..." She said before leaving.

Kai shook his head, what did she mean by that?

Later that night, Kai was sleeping. His dream was...Weird. First of all, He saw Kyra. That's not where the dream gets weird, it was what she was wearing that made it weird. Her old outfit, she was wearing her old Dungeon master outfit. He looked around, seeing he was in her room. Her sisters weren't around. He was handcuffed and tied to her bed, what the hell was going on here?! He looked down , he saw himself naked. He looked back at Kyra, who approached. "No!" He barked. He woke up with a start and looked around quickly, he sighed. Oh, thank god it was a dream...He was about to wipe his brow when he found that...He couldn't! His hand was...stuck? Wait...BOTH hands were stuck?! Now that he thought about it, his feet weren't moving either. He looked up and let out a quiet gasp, his hands were handcuffed to the bed post. Handcuffs!? He gulped as they seemed to gleam back at him. He looked down and saw his feet tied to the bottom post, he tried wiggling free and moving but he didn't get free. He was in his red tank top and red boxers, making this worse! He heard a giggle, he looked up. He saw Kyra, he gulped. She was in her dungeon master outfit, she was showing that look in her eye again. "Kyra?! What the fu-" She went over and kissed him, she tapped his nose and giggled. " I told you I was getting more then just I'm sorry from you...Your going to be my little pet..."She purred. She rubbed his member with just her finger, he shuttered. "Now don't get me wrong...I don't like seeing people in pain but I do like seeing someone teased and denied something unless I give it to them." she admitted.

Kai blinked and groaned a bit once he felt her dig her finger into the head, it bothered him but it didn't hurt. She gave him a sultry smile, "I'm going to punish you for looking at that box, pet." She giggled. She took out three leather belts, they were too small for his arms...Were they for fingers? She smirked and walked over to him, she slid the tank top up and licked his nipples for a moment. Kai groaned a bit and tried to get away, this was so embarrassing. She then took the boxers off, he wasn't hard yet but he was damn close to it. " Now now... That just won't do. I need you nice hard for me, let's work on that, hmm?" She asked. Kai gulped, he really was worried what she would do to him. She got on the bed and straddled herself on him, she bent down and started rubbing herself on him. Kai felt the leather and the round studded metal brush up and down, the heat between her legs started to hit his member. She slipped down, looking down. "Oh my...My pet's nice looking down here but I know what's missing..." She mused. She went back up and to his ear, biting it and licking it. She gave a lustful sigh, "I want your cock nice and hard for what I'm gonna do, dear pet..." She whispered. God, she just seemed...so used to this! But at the same time, he was excited...weird...She went down to his member, she gave it a long and slow lick, Kai moaned. "Mmm, such a tasty pet I have..." She flirted. She slipped one of the belts on to the base, where his balls and member met. She rubbed her finger up and down and gave another lick while slipping the second right in the middle of his member, "I better be careful or I might just lose control..." She continued. Kai groaned and moaned a bit as he felt the belts tighten on him, she lick the head and slipped the other on, under the head. Kai looked at what she did, three leather belts were on his member, getting tighter on him.

"These are going to help me enjoy you for as long as I wish, if your a good boy, I just might release you..." She sighed. Kai gulped, "Kyra-" He felt her grip his member really tightly, she smirked darker. "Ah,ah,ah, pet. It's Mistress...If you get it wrong again, I'll have to punish you much harder then this..."She warned. He groaned in pain, that hurt! She opened her mouth, making sure Kai was watching. She bend down a bit and allowed some of her salvia on the head of his member, Kai moaned from feeling the warm sticky liquid dip onto him and watching it made him blush like crazy...Where did she learn to do all this?! She gripped and jerked him up and down, rubbing it all over his member. Kai tried to silence himself or she might punish him, fearing she would really hurt him! "Your allowed to moan, Pet. I want to hear you as you pant for me to let you cum." She sighed. Kai gulped, he shouldn't be turned on by this...But he was. He felt the belts soon grow unbearably tight on his growing erection. She smiled, "Good, now let's see how good your struggles taste." She sighed. She licked both sides of the head, Kai moaned. She licked her lips, she didn't expect Kai to taste like this...almost spicy. He felt her tongue dart, dig and lick on each venerable spot. She looked up and saw Kai shutting his eyes tightly, she sucked on his head and went down. The brunette groaned loudly, good god, this was torture! This was kinda the point, now wasn't it? He felt her finger swirl on his left ball, she had pinched the left as she blew him, he should have blown his load by now! He felt himself throb and groaned painfully, stupid belts were stopping him.

Kai looked at her, she jerked him as she stared at him. She let go of him, he sighed in relief as he felt himself calm down. He watched her walk back to him and straddle his neck, he felt her warm thighs on either cheek. He felt heat from her sex, it was hotter then before, she HAD to be wet. She bent over to his face, she picked up his chin, "Kai-kun, my pet. Be a good boy and help your Mistress undress...I want to play with you a bit more." She ordered. He cocked a brow at her, how the hell could he do that when his hands were bound? He blushed, oh my god! Shit, who was the pervert here? Him or Kyra? And the fact that she was calling him pet made it worse, never mind that he had to call her mistress or he'd get punished with God knows what! He gulped, well, he was already in it this deep so...Kai nuzzled her neck. "Mistress... Bend yourself lower." Kai asked. His face turned at red as his tank top, good god if anyone heard him say that, he'd die! Kyra shifted herself and put her chest into his face, it turned her on to hear Kai call her Mistress. He nipped at the strings and found the one he needed, yanking it and undoing the knot. He nuzzled her chest, finding the stud he assumed was a button. He used the tip of his tongue and bit down on the leather top, pulling the top apart. Kyra's breasts bounced out onto his face, he gulped. She shifted up and put her legs on him again, how was he going to undo her pants? She giggled at feeling his breath on her, it was hot.

She watched as he fussed with the button, God, he seemed so natural in this but she was sure he was dying of shame on the inside. If Cole or Jay ever heard about this at all, he wouldn't hear the end of it! It would be the death of him! And her for that matter! Tiffany would make fun of her far worse then calling her an air-head! The button finally came undone, he used the tip of his tongue and flicked the zipper up. He used his teeth and dragged it down, Kyra got off and dropped down to her panties. Once she straddled back on, Kai could smell her. She was wet as sink with the facet just turned off, he gulped. He gathered the left side with his tongue and used his teeth to drag it down, he repeated with the right side. Kyra was tempted to see what else that appendage of his could do but she had to remain in control, no matter how turned on she was at the moment. He then dragged her panties down, his teeth brushing against her lips. "Such a good boy...Would you like to taste your Mistress since you were being so obedient?" She asked. He groaned, "Please..." he answered. She kissed him again, Kai let out a painful moan. Those stupid belts were digging into him now, it turned him on but boy, it never felt so painful! He was really worried that he'd go black ball at this point! Maybe if she was sated, she'd take the damn things off! The boy felt her drift to her neck, he licked her neck. Kyra moaned a bit, she tasted a bit sour and yet she was sweet. like a sugared steel bar, if that was ever possible. In its' own right, it was addicting. She shifted slowly up, his face sunk into her breasts. He licked the middle and nuzzled the left, she was getting so warm now. He began to kiss it, Kyra moaned again. He licked it, each lick hotter then the last. The devious heat sank into that breast and began to dot at her in splatters of pleasure, she bit her lip to maintain her focus, which was so hard now. Once he was done with loving the second breast as he did with the first, Kyra lifted her self up again. Closer...It was even stronger and more wet as she slid up. He sucked her pussy while circling the clit with his tongue, he was lapping at what he guessed was small gulps of juice.

Kyra held the bars of the bed and gripped while shifting her self forward and tilting Kai's head back farther, she was getting so hot. She let out a small and low moan before allowing herself to cum, Kai blinked but simply just lazily lapped at it. The metal Mistress petted his head, "Such a very obedient pet, now...I think you've earned a bit of fun..." He looked up, oh for the love of god, take off the three little fuckers off! It was just insane, he was gonna die before she let him go! Kyra sighed softly, she felt bad about at least not loosening the belts but she did some reading. As long as she was observant, Kai would alright and wouldn't be hurt at all. Oh, but it would feel that way! If she had loosened it at all, she would ruin the point of it all. While it was pure torment and torture, that's what it was meant to do. This was the lightest thing she could think of that wouldn't drive him away from her, the really hardcore kinky crap required a lot of trust. This was a testing water kind of thing since she wanted to know if he could even handle the concept. She looked down, he was throbbing like crazy. It looked so painful but it didn't look like any real danger. If he could just hold it in a bit longer for her, she show him why it was worth it in the first place. While it does hurt to hold it in but it made the release all the more pleasurable, something she tested on herself and proved was a fact! She gulped a bit at the 8 inches, she slid it in. Kai froze as did Kyra, feeling her so very hot pussy slid down him and the belts. He felt her shake a bit, he looked up and saw tears before looking down and seeing blood coming out of her. She was a virgin? She did all this and she wasn't broken in yet? Damn, how lucky can a guy get? "You ok?" He asked. Sheesh, that HAD to hurt now, considering she took his length along with the leather belts as additional width. She opened an eye and smirked a bit, she began to move while griping the sheets on the bed. Kai was inside her now, she went up and down slowly to get the feeling for it.

Kai was losing it, this was hell! He was inside Kyra, something he had a few wet dreams about for the past week and the worst of it all was that he hadn't cummed once! So wet, so tight, so hot, as if he was in a pocket of hot spring water, only more sticky...like syrup type of sticky. Kyra thrusted on him faster, The fire Ninja was reeling in the back of his head, he saw Kyra biting her own nipple and fiddling with her clit. She was drooling, her tongue sticking out, her eyes looking up and almost in the back of her skull, panting heavily and moaning. Seeing her getting so raked with pleasure made him want to screw her more but..Ow! Fucking belts, he really HATED those literal cock blocking straps of leather! Now he was getting mad, feeling her get tighter on him, she had better not be getting ready to do what he thinks she's gonna do! "Ahh!" She moaned. He felt her clench and cream his member like a fruit gusher! She tried to catch her breath, Kai's member was amazing...So hot and so long, as if a long iron spike was probing in her. That's it! That did it for Kai! Kyra heard both sets of handcuff brake, surprising her. Before she could look at what had happened, Kai flipped her on her back and pinned her down like a grizzly bear. He saw the Silver haired girl look up at him innocently, it pissed him off more. How dare she look at him like that while she had been tormenting him for what he thought was hours of denying! He put himself back inside, groaning loudly and painfully. Kyra's sensitive insides caved her to moan louder then she was comfortable with! If he was gonna suffer, so was she! While he himself was denied she would be induged...OVERindulged that is! "You get to cum twice and I don't get to once? That's not nice, Mistress..." He whispered darkly. He thrusted hard, Kyra clenched her fists and then bit a knuckle. She wasn't ready for round two and was not expecting Kai to escape the handcuffs, she underestimated Kai. While steel can be tempered to handle higher heat, it was still able to be melted down and shaped to what was required or wanted by Fire. Simple as that...And now she was fucked! Hearing her moan like any other girl gave him a cruel but fitting punishment, He went as hard as could go. "I'll stop only if..." He panted. Kyra looked up and looked at her lover with her left blue eye, "If what?" She moaned. His right brown eye seemed to carry a glint that didn't belong on him, "Only if you call me Master..." He answered.

Kyra came again, she felt dizzy. She screamed this time as Kai continued his own brand of torture, her vision started to get fuzzy. "Uuhhngh! Kai, I can't! I can't! Not a third time, I can't!" She whined. Kai held her closer, she clawed at his back as she clung onto him. She froze once she felt Kai slam into her much deeper then before, it was almost to the top! "Uh, uh, uh, Krya dear...Master. Until you say it, I'll just have to pound your little pussy until you can't walk." he warned. Damn it, her grandmother was right, Overindulgences costs more to you in the long run. She tried to keep her drool in her mouth but much like her pussy right now, it was too full. His crazy pulsing was making her own insides pulse with him, her legs couldn't hold around him any more and went limp! She felt like jelly right now, rats...Now she was Kai's fuck toy! And unless she called him Master, he wasn't going to stop! She screamed out her moans, feeling herself getting ready for three. "Master, don't!" She moaned. Kai stopped, panting a bit. Kyra caught her breath finally, embarrassed now. He got her to call him Master, she never did that to anyone...Oh, well..If she was gonna be defeated, it was alright if Kai beat her. Kai looked down and sighed, nothing looked broken...Just extremely sore. He tried to get the belts off himself but they were too wet to even get a grip on, Kyra giggled, "Oops..." She said. Kai smirked, oops indeed. Could he break them off? That seemed to be the only other answer other then getting a knife or some scissors, he didn't feel safe with either one! Kyra felt her legs come back to her and lifted her legs up and spread them apart, she opened her drenched pussy to him. "Master, please punish me with your cock..." She mewed. Kai blushed heavily, Damn it Kyra...From sultry mistress to cute slave, what in the hell did they teach her at St. Rachael anyway?! He went in again, making her moan. He grabbed her back and pulled her closer to his chest, feeling her breasts jiggle against him. She clawed at his back again, scrapping lightly as she drooled again. "Your Beautiful, Mistress...Your tight pussy is so hot, I'm gonna melt into it..." He moaned. Kyra helded his cheeks, "Master, your warm cock, it's hitting me so deep inside...Please fill me with your cum..." She moaned. They kissed and proceeded to thrust into each other while making out with her, the bed creaked loudly as Kai drove himself harder. Both felt themselves get insanely hot, as if they burst into white flames!

"OOH, MASTER KAI!" Kyra screamed.

"UHH! MISTRESS KYRA!" Kai yelled.

Kai groaned and thrust a few more times before finally creaming her, Kyra felt his cum started to overflow, wet thrusts and splurts rung into her ears. Kai was surprised, he was THAT clogged up?! Both of them were drenched in sweat, he pulled out. Kyra felt herself drain, she looked down and gasped. Three now broken in half belts came out, along with a quart of Kai's cum or at least it looked like a quart. Kai and she blushed, amazed at the amount. She covered her pussy but Kai moved it and thrusted, she moaned again.

What had she done?

And let that be a lesson out there to you girls who like to do this to a guy, 1 out of 10 will brake those chains and making you pant and whine like a slave, who will be who's bitch then? Especially if your boyfriend/ lover/ husband or sex buddy happens to be a Fire Ninja! Fire cannot be dominated or controlled by metal, silly Kyra.

Why wasn't this used in the story? It's hot!

Well, I thought it wasn't good enough. And I felt that it might have been over the top and over shadows the Ninjago GB saga but seeing the views on that one versus the original story, I think understated the couple so think of this as an atonement.

Why does Kai get 8 inches? Why didn't you say that in the story?

Let's just say I wanted you guys to use those soggy grapefruits we affectionately call the brain to imagine and think of a size, everyone's got a dream size, I don't care who the hell you are, you got one. The reason he gets an 8 is because I gave Kayla, his chick self, C-cups and according to a ratio chart, 5.5 to 8 inches is the equivalent to a C-cup. I didn't want to insult Kai and give him 5.5 inches and I didn't want Kai fans to jump on me about short changing him. 6 and 7 didn't make sense to me so he got 8, any bigger and Kyra might have lost the use of her legs!

Why didn't you make him bigger? Kai's gotta be bigger!

I know some Kai fan girl or guy will ask this so I'll answer it. As funny as I think the scenario would be to why Kai and Cole fight in my stories so much would be for this very reason, I decided not to do that. Don't get me wrong, I think Kai is a cutie pie but I wanted to have some type of balance without trying to play favorites.

If Kai's girl self had Anal sex as her specialty and her favorite type, then what's Kai's?

Aww, Shit...*sigh* here we go with this question: I gave Kayla that because I know a lot of you would expect Collette to get the option, trust me, I wanted to do that but I didn't. Since I had three girls that had the same cup sizes, I thought it was fair for each to have a particular act that they are good at and would grow to like. I ended up with Kayla once I was done and she got it. As for the other question: I'm saving that answer in a later lemon in this arc.

I'll answer other questions on our Ninja when a lemon focuses on said Ninja, see ya for now!