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Royal Treatment

Carla saw Miss Rosa walk out of St. Rachael, She walked to her, smiling. "Who would have thought that little Carla would be replacing me?" She said with a soft giggle. Carla smiled back politely, "Well, whom else could take your place other then me? Someone else with a meeker personality would fuck it up." Carla answered. Rosa nodded, Carla spotted a ring on her finger. The reason that Rosa was letting go of the position of principal was she felt it was time. The only other reason? A certain man had asked her to marry him, he too left his position as Darkley's Principal. They were going to Jamaica to see if they couldn't try and put a stop to the child solider programs, THIER way. It wouldn't be easy but if it were, it wouldn't have been picked. Carla hoped that they would be successful, to be raised like that was torture in itself. Gene was the Principal for Darkley. A wise fit for the school to fill the gap that Darrel had left, he would do just fine. They both decided to make the schools open, meaning that they would allow children to come in and then go home. Optional for them to live at the school, a fair thing. While she wasn't the only one with a ring, Carla had one herself. She was married but a week ago, a month later after Brad and Kate's wedding. From Kate, they had...a appetite for kink. After all, Brad's wedding present for his lovely wifey was a golden set of chains with cuffs! Her gift for hubby? A fine leather whip, needless to say, they wouldn't bored! Carla and Gene's gift for the newlyweds? Painkillers, aphrodisiacs, stamina boosters and a bunch of mystery mixes, they're honeymoon was assured to be beyond perfect. Mr. Grant and Mrs. Grant hadn't gone on their honeymoon quite yet, why? Well, they needed to tie up a few loose ends first.

The last thing to do was fix up their new offices, to get ready. They had their titles still but they weren't really needed in Hell so they would spent a lot of time on Earth, why not? Carla fanned herself, damn it. "Pace yourself, honey..." She told herself. The condition she had to deal with as the owner of a Succubus form? She would get hot and bothered often and since her class was Queen, the poor girl's libido was equal to 4 Nymphomaniacs. She kept it at a normal level but unfortunately, she needed Gene to curb it. Was this a problem? Not really, he liked and proved to be just as insatiable. Tranquilizing herself and he was taking blood capsules, this was up until they were alone and at home...95% of the time. She heard singing, she smiled. She looked out her window, seeing Amber Garmadon. Little darling was certainly popular now a days, she chuckled. A Queen for four years and in her senior year? She almost couldn't wait to see what she would do. She finished and submitted all she had to administration, she and Gene would be Principals with in the week. How? Well placed calls and the right times to do so. Young Principals weren't usually practiced but they were an exception.

Good thing it was already around 6, time for the fun to begin.

Gene sighed, looking at his watch and the door opened. He saw Carla, she groaned. "Your late, Carla." He said while pretending to be hurt. "Oh, stop. I got something for the honeymoon..." She sighed. He chuckled, "Sweetheart, whatever outfit you've picked out, I assure you that it will not be on you for very long." He warned. She giggled, putting her nose up a bit while smirking, "As much as I would love to be just naked for you, I think you can make an exception for this." She said with interest. Gene looked at the bag, wondering slightly on what was inside. Carla had one of those kind of bodies that no matter what you put on it, it would look perfect. Hmm, perhaps he could indulge her and allow her to keep the outfit on just long enough for him to paint a good memory of it. So what was the unfortunate garment of choice that he was about to destroy along with Carla's body? Two weeks to themselves? Yeah, they weren't getting out of this house or even their room! He did have a few mixes to play with, he always planned to use them on his honeymoon. But these...Oh, these were special. Personal choice and not field testing, Carla was going to have as much fun if not more. They were at least 5 mixes in total and five that she choose for herself, ten in total. He smirked. Seeing her walk into the room, wearing a sheer orange negligée with a red thong. Gene gave a quick look up and then down, so beautiful. How could he have been so stupid? Fighting with Carla instead of ravaging that gorgeous body of hers, what a waste. Oh, well...He'd make it up all that lost time now. They'd catch up comepletely by the time it got to Wednesday.

Gene smirked while walking to their bed, he petted it softly. Poor thing was going to be busted by the end of this, if not tonight. He put out his hand, "Shall we begin?" He asked. She giggled, she found him so much more charming now. She put her hand out and held it, she felt him tug her to him. She sat on his lap, one kiss bloomed into dozens, each more passionate then the last. Carla hooked her thumb onto his tie and fought it loose, he stroked her back until reaching for her shapely rump. His patience once again bothered her, where was his passion? Gene inwardly laughed, he enjoyed in toying with Carla, she was so impatient. He wanted to bit her but she wasn't quite hot enough right now, he just nibbled lightly on her long neck for now. The nibbling was drive Carla nuts, she popped all his buttons in one hook of her index. She was quick to swerve her body around and straddle his hip, seeing her lick her thick lips in anticipation. It wasn't long until said Green haired vixen pinned him down on the bed, rubbing herself on him. His pants were growing rather tight on him at the moment, that thong failed miserably at holding back her wetness. All his nibbling of her neck and lips did this as well as the affect of being a Queen Rank Succubus. His pants were gone, it didn't take long for him to be completely disrobed. He felt his dear wife trying to skip to the main event, he wasn't having that, he hadn't had his fill of teasing her yet. He flipped her over, seeing her open her legs so willingly made this even better. He pushed up the orange silk played with her breasts, she looked down and growled. She wanted to fuck him and he was teasing her, bastard...She would lose her mind by the time he made up his mind! He continued to tease the nipples with just lazy brushings of his thumbs, Carla's moans were so wonderful. He yanked the soaked red thong off of her, she felt his cock poking at her thighs. What was he waiting for? She wanted him to stick in her already!

She felt his tongue start dipping and darting at her pussy in all directions, she was almost screaming at this point. After all the idiots she slept with, she was acting like such a virgin with him. Humph, showed who actually knew what to do with woman and who didn't. She moaned loudly, cumming into his mouth. She relaxed her body, feeling him lapping at her still. "Gene, fuck me now...Stop teasing me..." She panted softly. Gene pulled away, "Ah,Ah,Ah...Now Carla, don't be so impatient. Good things come to those who wait." Gene reminded her. She rubbed her breasts, stopping when she saw his cock. She wasted no time and went right for it, latching onto it with in seconds. Feeling the eager sucking, Gene paused before reaching behind her and started fingering her pussy. Carla moaned while starting to go at her blowjob more aggressively. Bobbing her head rapidly, Gene held back just to catch her off guard. She felt his cock getting harder but then why wasn't he gushing out? That 11 inch monster spat out it's white cumming, Carla got off and allowed the rest of the flow to get on her face and chest. His dear concubine lapped at the cum, bringing it to her lips a few times. He panted, smirking once he saw her relaxed. He rubbed her clit without mercy, Carla whimpered and moaned loudly. She came within seconds, the poor girl was still sensitive from the first orgasm. Damn him, he was tormenting her now. She was about to yell at him again until she felt a sudden grab to her rear, pulling her to his hips, she waited for his cock to drive right in. She began feeling him prod, feeling him dig in and out over and over.

She growled, quit fucking me around and fuck me already she thought! Gene slammed inside of her pussy, Carla grew stiff and then went limp. He chose a deep but soft pace, he kept hitting her cervix, almost threatening to pop into it. It hurt but it felt amazing, outweighing the pain. He groaned in pain at feeling her dragging her nails, he lifted her upward and drove himself deeper. She froze up again, screaming at feeling his head pop into her cervix. It shouldn't be possible and it should hurt terribly...oh, but the throbbing of him and her quaking pussy...Her dripping wet cunt just saturated itself like a river and made her feel such a rush of ecstasy and pleasure that she zoned out the negatives! Did she just cum? She didn't even feel that, how did he do that? He better not have done that to anyone else! He thrusted much faster, going in and out at an even deeper pace. Carla drooled and made her eyes go into the back of her skull, Gene smirked while sweat pour off him. He bite her soon, she would be at her hottest soon enough. Good thing that one of his mixes was a pain killer, he didn't trust himself completely that he wouldn't pop into her cervix. So at least Carla was numb to it but as soon as it wore off, it was gonna hurt like hell! Where did he put it? Simple: When he was fingering her, he slipped it in.

She latched onto his stomach, making him go deeper. He grew confused. It wasn't this deep...did she? Gene held back a laugh, why that clever minx...He was not the only one to use a mix during this session...Looks like she took the enlarging mix. He did reach her cervix but didn't get to the top of it, a good thing. It would hurt less but damn would it smart..."Carla...!" Gene groaned. He hasened his pace, splashing her innerworks with several shots. Carla slid off of him for moment before sliding him back in, getting a generous shot on her breasts and stomach. She played with them, feeling Gene continuing to blow his load inside of her. She felt it coming out, she played with her clit while she felt her lover feed on her supple neck. Ah...No one was as hot blooded as her, he would know being a King vampire form owner. He dropped her and landed on top of her, she smirked.

"You cheated, Darling...Using a pain killer..." Carla purred.

"Had I not, Sweetheart, your little pussy would have ruptured like a fruit gusher in a microwave. And your a fine one to talk, using an enlargement mix." Gene chuckled.

"Touche...But enough of that, ready to go again?" She asked. " Rupture my quivering pussy like a fruit gusher, give me another filling..."

She pushed him down this time, swerving herself behind him and riding him. He gripped her wrists and drilled her quickly and powerfully, she moaned to almost a scream. Who was he to turn down a lady? Especially his warm blooded and insatiable wife? No normal man could tame her as he could and he would keep it that way! If Carla hadn't killed them in terms of exhaustion, he would by sucking them dry!

That's Carla and Gene, sensuous yet quite naughty. The Lesson here? When going on a honeymoon, always bring the toys. More sentimental value and bring you two closer together then you probably already are. ;)

Anyway... Next!