poem Rivals

Seifer: I'll stare you right in the face
I'll be faster in my pace
You're a rival in this case,

Squall: I'll keep going on
Even if what you do is wrong
I need to show that I am strong,

Both: You're always there when I wanna be alone
I hate you more than the hate that's shown
You grunt at me, don't give me that tone!
I can't just ever be alone

Seifer: Pretty boy, pretty boy there you go
I need to do more than you show
To prove to myself I am the best
Better than you or all the rest!

Squall: Go away, go away, go away, go!!
You already know everything that I know!
Just what do you need, need to show?
You're always making me feel low!

Seifer: Nothing to say, nothing to do
Nothing else but to hate you!
All I'm saying is that you're a rival
Better watch out! My hands aren't idle

Squall: Leave me alone!! Go home, man!!
I can't walk or talk, I can't even stand!
Now go on home and don't come back
If you do I'll give you a whack