The Total Drama Hunger Games

Fandom: Total Drama

Rating: T

Genre: Drama/Tragedy/Adventure/Romance

Pairing(s): Alejandro/Heather, Mike/Zoey, Scott/Dawn, Courtney/Duncan/Gwen, Dakota/Sam, Izzy/Owen, One-sided Cody/Gwen, One-sided Cody/Noah

Full Summary: Some were forced, some have come for glory, but all will participate in the 260th Hunger Games!

Disclaimer: I do not own Total Drama, nor the Hunger Games. Both are owned by their respectful producers/writers.

Comment: I have been planning this fanfic for a couple of months now and I think I'm finally ready to start writing! So, here is the first chapter! This story will be told by a lot of characters POV, so their won't really be a main character. Take your bets now, who do you think will win the 260th Hunger Games?! Anyway, enjoy my first chapter! :D

Chapter One: Heather

Heather has hated the forest since she was taught that she could never leave district seven. She hated the smell, the millions of leaves that would fall every autumn, even the color green itself. These forest that she had grown up in were her prison and even though district seven was one of the larger areas, being here every day made her want to scream.

But, being the major's daughter, more was expected of her, of course. Heather would not let them see her suffer anyway, she was so much better than everyone in this stupid, horrid district. She has tried to explain this to her parents one night at dinner, but they did not understand the claustrophobic feel of this place. Worst of all, her little brother tormented her about it later; playing pranks, like filling her room with leaves, or putting her hair supplies in the trees.

And of course, district seven was one of the poorer districts. If she was going to be trapped, why couldn't it have been in district one? There she would be lavished and pampered as she deserved. Even district four would be better, even with the fishy smell; at least she could get a decent tan there. But her cursed homeland was in district seven, the lumber and paper district.

Despite the great dislike, here she was, in the forest. It was of the few instances that the forest was completely quiet. And there was only one reason for that. If there was anything she hated more than the place of her birth, it was the day of the reaping. It was just such a sad, pathetic day. Everyone in the entire area would combine and meet in the town square, making the air hot and sweaty. Heather does not sweat, mind you. It was usually quiet, though, but the atmosphere was filled with fear and regret, which would soon turn to relief and guilt; for those who won't be picked anyway.

District seven isn't known for it's champions, but at least they weren't district twelve or ten or eight. But they still were pathetic losers, in Heather's eyes. Most would cry or stare into the abyss with fear. On Heather's first reaping, when her name was actually put in, the tribute boy that was picked ran. Heather scuffed at the memory. She could not imagine what was going through his brain, he could not outrun the peacekeepers, and even if he did, where would he go? If he got passed the fence and into the woods, the Capital would find him right away and kill him on the spot. At least in the games you have a chance of surviving and coming back to this miserable place called home.

Heather always thought that she would make a good tribute. She was sly and clever, beautiful and compelling; all these things the Capital loves to eat up. Heather could see herself being a career from district one, volunteering and looking like a hero to take the glory. Have the cameras eat her up during the chariot run, with her designer dressing her up in the latest fashion and symbolism from her rich district. And then as the games started, making a pact with only the best and maybe even meeting a cute district one or two guy during the time. And if he was lucky and clever and handsome enough, she would take him to the final two with her.

And as they won the Hunger Games together, they would share a delicious kiss as they were floated up, back to civilization. Back home, she would be gifted with things she could not even imagine; even being the major's daughter could not have prepared her for these things. After the tour and everything has settled down, she would move to the Capital and live a political life, eventually becoming President of Panem.

Heather was snapped out of her dream life when a short, brown haired, dweeb of a lumberjack ran right into her left shoulder. Heather let out a gasp as she stumbled, but soon regained her step, hoping from one foot to another to keep from falling. Once she regained her upright position, she snapped her head to glare at the dork. As it took her to do all this, he just kept running, yelling and stuttering out a sorry. He turned a corner and he was gone. Heather huffed.

Despite her best effort not to memorize uncool names, she knew his. Cody is in the same grade as she is in school and since his family is one of the rare wealthier ones in district seven, his family knew hers. She was not saying his upbringing was the same as her, far from it, even if he had some money. Being a wealthier family in district seven just meant you weren't starving every night. His family were well known carpenters, with Cody being their only boy and having an eleven year old sister. Yet, he had no talent in him to be passed on the business, so he had a part time job as a lumberjack.

Heather rolled her eyes and rubbed her shoulder. The loser was lucky enough she knew his name, and she was highly disappointed in herself for knowing so much about him in general. It also ticked her off that he didn't at least stop and beg forgivenessfor running into her. But then she realized what he was running too. The clock in the square was loud enough in the forest so the workers knew when to start and stop their production. And as the ringing went and stopped, went and stopped for good the second round, she knew she was late for the reaping.

Heather did not run, only brisk walked. It was punishable by death if she was not there and she still needed to be counted for, even if she was the major's daughter. Everyone would be there, waiting for the picking to begin.

She got their just in time to be signed in. She could see her mother on stage, her eyes on the crowd; probably looking for her. As Heather pushed her way into the age sixteens, she felt her mothers gaze. As Heather looked up into a glare, she just rolled her eyes back. She shouldn't even have to be here. There was such a small chance of her getting picked. She was in there six times and she could not even give a tiny shiver of fear.

She then saw her mom's eyes go to the youngest boy section. She was looking for her brother, Heather realized. This was his first reaping. Heather just rolled her eyes again. If her parents knew her real brother, they would know he would not be scared. He knew his chances just like Heather knew hers; and he was probably kinda hoping they would pick him. He probably thought he could win. Fat chance that was; he was barely five feet tall and his only specialty was climbing trees and making her life miserable.

But Heather secretly wished they would pick her, too. Heather was trapped in this god-awful place for the rest of her life, the highest she could be here was major, like her mother. But that would still mean being here. If she were a victor, she could live up to the potential that she was always born to be; President. She would be able to rule Panem with a iron fist. Of course, she never expressed this secret with anyone.

Its not like she didn't have friends to talk to about this kinda stuff, Heather was the queen bee at her school and everyone who was anyone wanted to be close to her. But all her classmates wouldn't understand her need for something more than this life. Everyone feared the Hunger Games, no one thrived to be in it; expect if you came from a career district.

Heather knew being in the Hunger Games was just a silly dream, that she could become president another way; because that was certainly not a silly fantasy. And so, the reaping began. A Capital host named Blainly was announcing this year and next to her was one of the few victors still alive from district seven, the friendly and respectful Bridgette. Blainly was as cheerful and vindictive as ever, always excited about what the next Hunger Games will entail.

Bridgette, however, was more cold this year than Heather has ever seen her. Not that she paid attention much, though. And once her mother was done with telling the history of Panem, the choosing finally began. All around her, Heather could feel the other girls hold their breaths, praying beyond belief that it wasn't them or a loved one. Heather did not care, she was safe.

But...if she was so safe, why were her palms getting sweaty and her heart racing. She was as safe as safe could be. She knew a lot of people, girls especially, who put their names in there ten, twenty, thirty more times than she had her name in there. Yet, as Blainly pushed her hand in the jar and picked up a name, Heather felt everything go in slow motion. Maybe they would pick her for a change.

Heather watched as Blainly pushed back her hair and then stared down at the name with a sweet grin. Then she said the first and last name on the sheet of paper.

And it was not Heather's. It was a name that sounded familiar, yet she did not know it.

As Heather unclenched her fist and let go of the breath she had no idea she was holding, she realized she was disappointed. It wasn't fear she had been experiencing while she waited like all the other lame sheep around her. No. It was hope and excitement that maybe, just maybe, that they would pick her.

The lucky, pathetic eleven year old girl walked up slowly, crying. And that was when she realized why her name sounded so familiar. She was Cody's little sister. She could hear him shouting in the boy's crowd, wanting to volunteer but of course he could not. He could only volunteer for a boy, not for her. His sister walked up and Blainly encouraged her to introduce herself; though Blainly was highly disappointed about the girls age. She knew she wouldn't last long and would not win the games, which would not bring Blainly the glory she wanted from this district.

Then she pushed the eleven year old tribute to the side and pulled out the boy's name. As if the gods heard his death wish earlier, Cody's name was called to be the male tribute for district seven. He was shocked, and fearful, Heather could see. Yet, he took a deep breath and walked up to the stadium with some fake confidence in his step. He was introduced, with Blainly looking more pleased than before. And then she called out if their were any volunteers. It was completely quiet.

Until Heather's hand shot up and she raised her voice so everyone could hear.

"I volunteer as tribute!"

There will some changes I make to the Hunger Games. Such as, since anyone could remember in this universe, there has always been two victors. The final two are declared the winners every year. Also, these games will be meant to last longer, as well as the stuff before the games.

Okay, enough explaining! I really do hope you enjoyed my first chapter. I have not written anything in so long and I'm really hoping this story gets me out of my slump. Because of my new job, I'm hoping to have more time to write and get chapters out, but I also have school and I'm sorry, but that must come first because I am in desperate need of getting good grades this semester. Also, my first year that I am fully in college, yay! :D Anyway, please review if you liked it, disliked, thought it was okay, if you have any criticism about it, please tell me. I'm always looking for ways to improve my writing. And if any of the characters are OOC, please let me know and tell me what I should do to make them more in character. Thank you and goodnight! :D