The Total Drama Hunger Games

Fandom: Total Drama

Rating: T

Genre: Drama/Tragedy/Adventure/Romance

Pairing(s): Alejandro/Heather, Mike/Zoey, Scott/Dawn, Courtney/Duncan/Gwen, Dakota/Sam, Izzy/Owen, One-sided Cody/Gwen, One-sided Noah/Cody

Full Summary: Some were forced, some have come for glory, but all will participate in the 260th Hunger Games!

Disclaimer: I do not own Total Drama, nor the Hunger Games. Both are owned by their respectful producers/writers.

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Chapter Eight: Jo

As her district partner, "Couch potato", came slouching out of the training center, her name boomed through the room where everyone was sitting. Jo stood with a smirk, walking with a stride in her step, bumping Sam purposefully with her elbow as she walked past him.

She assumed he did awful in there. Since district six had the largest population out of all the districts, she did not meet Sam until they were in the games. District six was always at a disadvantage when it came to the Hunger Games, since transportation stuff was not very helpful when it came to the games. And from what Jo had seen from their training, he was one of the worst people from their district to get picked.

Walking into the training center, Jo glanced up at the Gamemakers. Most were talking to each other, looking bored. She wasn't surprised. Most of the people that came before her, especially the last three, were going to be slaughtered in the first few minutes of the games. They were weak and pathetic. Especially that district five boy, Brick.

Jo couldn't believe that "G.I. Joke" got all cozy to the Careers so fast. He looks so pathetic and happy all the time. He probably won't be able to kill anyone in the games. Which will only make her job easier, she guessed.

But, what peeved her the most was that he was being trained to be a peacekeeper and he was in district five! His district produces power and electricity, it didn't even make sense. Doofus was probably even scared of the dark she bet.

Jo had wanted to be a peacekeeper since she was small. The power they had over everyone was everything she ever wanted. She was better than others, especially boys, so it only made sense. She was smarter, stronger, faster than most people in her district. But hell if her father was anything but supportive.

Being raised by a morphling addict father and five older brothers made her who she was today. But even though she trained her heart out, none of them supported her. They told her to give up, no one in their district was supposed to be a peacekeeper. They were conductors or mechanics.

They also said it was because she was a girl. Those words only made her angier and more determined. While female peacekeepers in her district were scarce, there was still some. And Jo was better than all of them anyway.

Just thinking of her family made her angry, so she pushed them from her thoughts. If these Gamemakers wanted a show, she would give it to them. She would show them that she was worth all the points and she be given everything during the games. She was going to win. She picked up a throwing knife and threw it at the target. It missed by a mere inch. Curing loudly, she picked up another. Missed. Another. Missed.

Above her, the talking increased. She looked up to see them all still talking, disappointment on their faces. They thought she couldn't do it. Just like her district didn't think she could become a peacekeeper.

A few days before the annual reaping, she went to city hall to learn what she needed to do to become a peacekeeper soon. She felt she was already physically fit enough to become one and she already knew the basic rules and when someone was breaking them.

Inside, there was a bunch of people inside, all rushing from one end to another. There were peacekeepers in there as well as outside at all times, and a huge staircase a few feet in front of Jo. She walked up in and to the left corner stood a line of people. At the end of the line was a couple of people at desks, taking papers from people and answering questions to the others.

Jo had never been inside of city hall, so she joined the others in live. It took forever for her to get to the front of the line. Jo had never been a patient person, but she did not want to anger anyone here or get thrown out, so she just loudly tapped her foot.

When she got to the front, the woman that was to help her look very annoyed. She looked up and down Jo, and then stared at her foot for a good five seconds before meeting her eye. Jo sneered back. The lady should have been faster, in Jo's opinion. But holding in her anger just a little longer, Jo put on her best smile, which looked awkward as hell, and spoke in the nicest voice she could muster.

After Jo asked her question, the woman gave her the most annoyed look she had ever seen.

"Peacekeepers come from district two. You're a poor, district six girl, why would they want you?" The woman said. It took all of Jo's concentration not to jump over the table and strangle the girl. Then they would see how good a peacekeeper she could be.

"I've been training by myself for the last few years. I would be their best peacekeeper. Now, just point me in the direction where I can sign up." The woman shook her head.

"Little, district six girls don't become peacekeepers. Now goodbye," the woman said with a little flick of her wrist. Jo slammed her hands down on her desk, making the people around her jump.

"I demand to talk to our major about this!" And that was when the security came over to the desk, grabbing her by the shoulder.

"Is this girl giving you trouble, Rebecca?" the man asked, tightening his grip on her when she tried to push him off.

"Yes, please escort her out. Show her how a real peacekeeper does it." Jo had just then gotten out of his grip, but he grabbed her again just as fast. Picking her up by both of her shoulders, he briskly walked through the building with Jo kicking and screaming. The guy was huge, so there was no way she was going to get out of his grip again, but damn if she wouldn't try.

He finally through her out of the door and looked at the peacekeepers outside.

"Don't let this one back inside," he told them. They nodded back at them.

Jo cursed softly at the peacekeeper as he went inside. She didn't want to make the peacekeepers out here angry as well. The one that kicked her out had actually been nicer than any peacekeeper from her district. Usually, any disturbances resulted in being punched or kicked. She doubted the ones outside were as nice as he had been to just throw her out.

When she had gotten home from city hall, her father only laughed in her face. He said he had told her, that they would never let her in. She had cursed him out and gone for a run around her district before curfew. During that run, she had devised a plan. If she wasn't going to be a peacekeeper, she would at least show them what they were missing out on.

When it came to reaping day, as soon as they asked for volunteers for the female, Jo raised her hand in a millisecond. From the corner of her eyes, she could see the shocked faces of her brothers and father. She only smirked and kept moving forward. At least this way she could at least die with fortunes. And her family would not be invited into her new mansion.

Her thoughts were broken when a gamemaker's voice boomed through the room.

"Okay, that will be all." She cursed. She had just been standing here, not doing anything to impress them. Fuck that. She released all her anger then.

Jo picked up the closest thing to her and flung it at the target. Flying through the air, the mace hit the target right on the dot. She smirked and looked up at them. The first persons face she saw was Chris' and he was grinning. She smiled back and left the room. She knew she had gotten a good score. She was going to be in the games for awhile.

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