Okay everybody. I gave my word that I would add a note when I post the sequel and here it is. The sequel to this story has been posted under the title 'Trials of the Sea' and has only Percy as a mentioned character at the moment. But the new story will finally have a pairing for Percy somewhere down the road...

The new story will continue where Champion of the Sun has ended.

Living at camp was not at all what Percy had expected. New friends have been been found, old rivalries persist. But even as his brother trains him, Percy cannot help but feel restless. His destiny calls for him and only one thing is for sure. Even the sea won't make his life any easier. His trials are only the beginning of a much bigger fate.

So go and have a look at the story if you want to. I hope to see all of you following my new story, so you can see where Percy's road will take him.