Chapter 1

Enter Naruto

A loud bang startles Twilight as she's thrown from her bed to the floor. Her purple hair and fur get slightly messy because of it. She gets up on all four of her hooves and heads down the stairs to check on Spike, her purple baby dragon companion. Somehow the loud bang didn't bother him because he was snoring away in his little bed. Twilight shook her head feeling like it must have been her imagination, but in the back of her mind she couldn't help but feel like something happened to somebody.

Twilight decided to go take a look and figure out what made that loud bang. She didn't go out three steps before seeing a large smoke cloud where the bang's source lay. Twilight felt like she should get her friends but it was late and she didn't want to wake them if this was nothing. She decided not to wake anyone and go by herself. It shouldn't be that bad, probably just a rock or some stupid accident.

Twilight made her way through the dark streets of Ponyville feeling a little intimidated because it has been awhile since she was out this late. She felt like going back but she knew she had a duty to the ponies here to make sure that nothing was amiss. Her teacher and friend Princess Celestia would probably be upset if this happened to be some evil being and she did nothing about it.

Although she was scared she went on ahead to where the crater lay. When she looked down she couldn't believe what she saw. At the bottom of the crater lay an orange pony with blonde spiky hair and tail. The cutey mark was a red swirl. She quickly jumped into the crater not caring if it was a trap because this pony needed help. "Hey are you alright?" Twilight asked which made no sense. Who asks someone who has created a crater and is unconscious if they are okay?

Twilight didn't know what to expect, but she knew that she had to get this pony out of here. Using her powers she raised the pony into the air and began leading it to an empty cart that was conveniently parked a few feet away from the crater. Placing the pony on the cart she heard a moan come from the pony that made her look that way. From the sound of the moan Twilight could tell that it was a boy. Although Twilight was a little hesitant to take a male pony to her home she had little choice. No pony in all of Ponyville would be awake to take care of him.

Realizing this she let out a heavy sigh as she started to pull the cart back to Ponyville. When she arrived she again used her powers to get the boy pony inside. Judging from his size, Twilight guessed that this pony was as old as she was. Seeing the pony sleep brought a smile to her face and her face blushed when she realized that a boy was in her room. She decided to get some rest and hoped that the pony wouldn't wake up before her.

If he did though that may cause trouble, so she decided to sleep near him, unfortunately the closest place to him was in the bed next to him. Again her face went red because of the thought of sleeping with a boy right next to her. The second that she lifted the covers the orange pony stirred. She jumped back lifting her left front hoof in surprise as the pony woke. The boy had blue eyes that sparkled when the moonlight hit them. She blushed again when he looked right at her.

"Thank goodness you're okay." She smiled at him hoping it would calm him down. The boy pony screamed as he had no idea what was going on.

"What the heck is going on?" He screamed jumping against the wall. "How are you able to talk? Ponies can't…." He looked at himself realizing now that he was a pony. "What happened to me?"

"Whoa calm down." Twilight tried to calm him down, but the more she talked the more he seemed to freak out. Using her powers she grabbed some thread and tied it around the mouth of the pony, so he would stop screaming but could still talk. "Can you tell me your name now? Mine's Twilight."

"Name's Naruto," He said with his mouth slightly tied. "Can you tell me where I am and how I am a pony?"

"You must have hit your head pretty hard?" She said picking his face up to look her in the eyes. Her purple eyes were like small beams of pure light to Naruto because he couldn't look away no matter how much he wanted to. Her eyes were the most beautiful things he has ever seen.

Naruto tried remembering what happened to him but as far as he could remember or as much as he could remember was that he wasn't supposed to be a pony. However he didn't know what he was supposed to be, so he pretty much guessed that he was turned into a pony for a reason. He would have to figure it out while figuring out why he was here. "Twilight?" He asked a little nervous because he wasn't sure if he could trust her or not. "Where am I?"

"Well you're on Equestria in a town called Ponyville." Twilight added the planet's name because she thought that he might ask that. "I could show you around if you want, but it'll have to wait for morning." Naruto nodded as he tried to walk but immediately stumbled and landed on his chin. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah," Naruto said getting on all four hooves, "but I don't really know how to walk like a pony." Twilight gave a light chuckle which made Naruto a little irritated.

"Well walking like a pony is easy." Twilight said getting next to Naruto. "Pick both of your left legs up and put them in front of your right." Naruto did what Twilight said and was walking fine in no time. "See it's easy."

"Thanks Twilight." Naruto said rubbing his head against her. Twilight's face flushed up a little as no one has ever done this before. Naruto quickly jumped off realizing what he had just done. "Don't take it the wrong way Twilight. I didn't know what I was doing. I'm sorry."

"It's okay, just don't do that again alright." She said shaking her head of silly thoughts. "You can stay here tonight, come on I'll show you where you can sleep."

Naruto followed Twilight up the stairs and went into a room where Spike was snoring away. Naruto went over to the little guy but Twilight jumped out in front of him stopping him. She didn't want to have to explain to him why there was a boy in the house. "Just sleep on the floor right now, if it's okay." Twilight was a little upset because she forgot that there wasn't any other place where Naruto could sleep.

"It's fine besides you've already been a great help. I'm indebted to you." Naruto said smiling. Twilight smiled back as she climbed back into her bed and fell asleep.

Naruto didn't lie on the ground he wanted to figure out what she was going to do when morning came. However, Naruto's body was exhausted and as he tried to leave his body collapsed from exhaustion. He fell into a deep sleep.

When he woke up Spike was right over him staring right into his eyes. Naruto had a sweat drop on his head as Spike didn't move his head. "Twilight," Spike called out running toward the exit, "he's awake."

Naruto thought there would be a lot more drama from the small dragon that Twilight had kept him from seeing last night. He walked to a window and looked out to see that many other ponies were running about. He was amazed at how peaceful the place looked from the window. He was anxious to get outside, but he didn't want to leave Twilight because he felt slightly drawn to her.

Twilight appeared in the doorway and Naruto looked at her. "Did you try and leave last night?" Naruto stepped back a step because he felt a little guilty for trying to leave without telling her. "You should've told me I would have stopped you. You literally crashed into the ground so I wasn't surprised when I woke to find you on your side. You had me scared there for a few moments."

"Twilight!" A very excited and joyful voice called out from the entrance.

"Oh no." Twilight said turning around slightly surprised. Naruto was confused on what was so bad about the voice, but little did he know that he was going to regret saying that in his head.

A pink pony with balloons on its back legs and pink hair rushed in looking like she had just seen the best thing ever. "Oh my gosh!" The pink pony rushed at Naruto stopping within inches of his face. "Hello! Hello! My names Pinkie Pie what's yours?"

Naruto felt very uncomfortable around this pony. "Names Naruto, didn't Twilight tell you?"

"No! In fact this is first I've even seen or heard about you." Pinkie was a little overly excited. Naruto wanted to back away but his rear was already against the wall. He was between a rock and a hard place.

"She's always this way so don't worry about it." Twilight pulled him out from between the wall and Pinkie Pie. "Pinkie Pie what are you doing here?"

"Well I came by to tell you that Applejack needed help with the farm and finding some…thing. But then I saw Naruto. Is he your boyfriend? HE's your boyfriend isn't he? Oh Twilight why didn't you tell me or the others?"

"He's not my boyfriend. I met him yesterday, and he is rather new. Tell Applejack we'll be there when I'm done showing him around." Twilight said acting slightly calm, which was greatly difficult considering being calm around Pinkie Pie is hard.

"Okay see you!" Pinky darted out the door leaving a cloud of dust behind her. Naruto's mouth hung open because of how much energy Pinky had.

"She's one of my friends, you'll get used to her." Twilight said smiling but Naruto highly doubted that he would ever get used to that pony. Twilight started heading for the exit startling Naruto who ran to her side bumping into her. "Watch it okay, you don't have to be in a hurry. I'm not going to leave you."

Naruto felt strangely relieved knowing that Twilight said something like that. Naruto didn't know anything about this place and the only friend he had if that was Twilight so for her to say that meant a lot. Twilight brought them through many streets of Ponyville showing him where all the stores and shops were. Naruto was very interested in the town and he felt happy that Twilight was willing to be this kind to him.

Suddenly a rainbow shot over him. "Hey Twi who's that with you?" Naruto looked up to see a sky blue pony with wings and a lightning bolt on its back legs.

"This is Naruto." Twilight said to the flying pony with a loud voice. She then turned to Naruto, "Naruto this is Rainbow Dash. She's a Pegasus. I have another friend like her, well another that can fly named Fluttershy but we'll meet her when that time comes okay."

"Hey RD." Naruto said to Rainbow Dash who looked at him a little puzzled. "Sorry I thought calling you by your initials would be okay."

"Nah it's cool, I just prefer my name to some nickname is all." Rainbow Dash landed on the ground in front of him. "So are you all headed over to Applejack's to help out?"

"We were just about to head over there actually." Twilight said looking at Naruto with a smile. He couldn't help but smile back at her.

The three of them walked together when a white pony with blue-violet hair appeared. "Oh my, who's this?" The pony sounded elegant to Naruto as she seemed to be judging Naruto as she looked at him.

"Rarity this is Naruto he's a friend of mine I met yesterday." Twilight sounded slightly irritated. Naruto guessed it was because she had to do this every time one of her friends showed up. All of them were beautiful to Naruto and he guessed that they were all his friends to.

"Nice to meet you Rarity, names Naruto." Naruto knelt to her feeling like he had to. Rarity let out a gasp as did the other two. "What? I thought that she deserved it because of how elegant she sounded. Was I wrong?"

"Oh heavens no." Rarity said before the other two had a chance to speak. "I appreciate the compliment but I am but a normal pony like Twilight and Rainbow Dash here. There is no need for those formalities, but if you feel as though you must go right ahead."

Naruto felt a little better knowing that this pony was just like the other two. He soon heard somebody step on a stick. He turned to see a bright yellow colored pony with pink hair looking out from behind a corner. Naruto took a step towards the pony and she disappeared behind the wall. He ran to the corner looking past to see that no one was there. He soon heard the sound of wings and looked up. "Hey that's where you went." He said smiling making the pony come down. "I'm Naruto what's your name?"

"I'm Fluttershy." Her voice was soft and sweet like honey to Naruto. "Are you friends with Twilight and the others?"

"Yeah, we were just on our way to Applejack's family farm to help her out." Naruto felt like he could really open up to this pony. "Were you heading there to? If so come with us I'd like to get to know all of Twilight's friends."

Fluttershy originally didn't know whether she could trust him or not, but Naruto seemed to be a nice guy. No later than she nodded her head the five new friends began heading over to Applejack's family farm. Pinkie Pie joined them about halfway to the farm.

"Oh ya'll are here that's great." Naruto looked to see a bright orange pony holding a rope with her mouth trying to get a really heavy hay bale up the barn. Naruto heard a small snapping and looked at the rope to see that it was giving out. It was about to snap and Naruto had to act. He ran at the pony not caring what happened to him. The rope snapped and the pony looked up in horror as the heavy bale fell towards her. It crashed into the ground, but Naruto got to her in time and they both found themselves on the other side of the bale in each other's arms.

Naruto looked at the pony and couldn't believe how beautiful she looked. She had blonde hair that was glowing in the sunlight. Her green eyes were remarkable, he couldn't look away. To him they were more mesmerizing then Twilight's. "Are you okay?"

"I reckon so." Her country accent was just an extra to how amazing Naruto thought she was. "I'm Applejack."

Naruto quickly got up realizing this was the pony they were coming to help. "I'm Naruto. I got here yesterday, it's n-nice to meet you." He didn't understand why but he was extremely nervous. "Oh is this yours?" Naruto took a cowboy hat off his head and placed it back on Applejack who thanked him.

The five others came from around the bale to see if their friends were okay and found them to be just fine. "Well since ya'll are here we should get to work." Applejack gave everyone a different job to do around the farm. Naruto was put on fencing with Applejack and he stayed close to her so that he could get everything right.

Applejack found Naruto's determination amazing. There was a sudden gust of wind that caught her hat making it fly into a nearby tree. "Darn," Applejack was upset that her hat had fallen into a tree.

Naruto saw this and jumped into the air grabbing it with his mouth. He somehow knew he could jump that high. He landed on the ground to a shocked Applejack who looked at him with wonder. He put the hat back on her and she shook her head to get herself back to the world. "Wow, how did you do that?" She asked confused on how any pony without wings could reach that high.

"I just know how." Naruto didn't know any other way to describe it. "I can't really explain it any better sorry."

"It's okay not like I'm gonna try that. So where do He put the hat back on her and she shook her head to get herself back to the world. "Wow, how did you do that?" She asked confused on how any pony without wings could reach that high.

"I just know how." Naruto didn't know any other way to describe it. "I can't really explain it any better sorry."

"It's okay not like I'm gonna try that. So where do you come from?" Applejack was interested in Naruto now, however she didn't realize that at that moment she was beginning to feel slightly more drawn to him.

"Truthfully I don't know myself." Naruto said looking down. "I barely remember my past, but even though I can't remember anything I will still live even if that means living here. I just gotta find a place to sleep now."

"Whatcha mean?" Applejack asked a slight bit concerned at that point.

"Well Twilight was kind enough to let me sleep at her place yesterday when she found me but I don't want to be a freeloader so I'm going to try and find my own place to live in here." Naruto was determined to find his own living even if that meant looking for days.

"Well I hope you find yourself a good home." applejack looked up at the sky feeling slightly guilty because he could stay at the farm, there was plenty of room. She soon realized what she was thinking and she shook her head.

"Thanks," Naruto said with a smile, "after I'm done I'll go look for a place where I can call my own. But I am going to live here in Ponyville so I will be looking for a place here."

"That's great." Applejack was a little too happy hearing that. She quickly blushed at her own words. Naruto looked at her with wide eyes because it sounded like Applejack wanted him to be close by. She just wanted him to have friends close by incase of a jam.

They were halfway through the work when Naruto heard what sounded like a growling and looked up to see red eyes looking right at him. Naruto got ready to fight as a small rabbit jumped out from the bushes. "Angel what are you doing here?" Fluttershy asked the small rabbit who quickly jumped onto her.

Naruto felt slightly embarrassed that he was afraid of a rabbit but he didn't know what it was because the rabbit was in the shadows. Fluttershy picked the rabbit up flapping her wings as she headed inside the house. Naruto was starting to get exhausted because his body was still worn out from whatever happened to him yesterday.

Nobody was around him so he let out a cry of pain because he felt if he held it in any longer he would have exploded. Apparently everyone heard it because all six of the girls ran over to him. "Hey you okay Naruto?" Applejack asked first as the other five came up from behind.

"Yeah, my body just feels like it's in a lot of pain. I just had to cry out sorry for scaring you all." Naruto said laughing slightly.

Everyone had this upset look because they all thought that he was really hurt, but hearing that he was just exhausted was annoying. Naruto got back to work placing the last of the fencing materials where Applejack had told him to place them. He wondered if any of the girls disliked him but he thought that that was impossible. All six of them were incredible and he was lucky that he could call them his friends.

When he finished he went to go help Applejack with her work and saw that her tail was stuck in the ground by one of the fencing. He ran over and back kicked the fencing out releasing her tail. Naruto was happy that she was free but his body howled with pain because he had used a lot of strength with that kick. "You okay Applejack?"Naruto asked slightly concerned as he looked at her tail.

"Yeah it happens but thanks for the help." Applejack's smile sent waves down Naruto's back that almost made him collapse. He was ready to collapse again but Applejack's smile somehow gave him strength. He found himself gaining energy the more Applejack's smile held. When she dropped the smile and got back to work Naruto found himself with a ton of energy.

"Hey is there anything else I can do to help you Applejack?" Naruto asked wanting to be of more help to her.

"Nah you're good. You've done more than you needed so why don't cha go look for that place in Ponyville you wanted to find." Applejack said turning to go check on how the others were fairing.

Naruto didn't have time to thank her as she was already gone. He felt like she would never truly appreciate him but he was happy that she was his friend. Naruto ran off the farm jumping over bushes and into trees like the ninja that he once was, but forgot. He arrived back in the main part of town where everyone looked at him with quizzical looks. He felt like they were all afraid of him, but he didn't know why. He was one of them so why did he feel like everyone didn't want him around.

Naruto saw a shadow far off in the distance and headed for it. When he reached the shadow he saw that it was a rundown house. Naruto's eyes glowed with inspiration as he knew this was going to be his new home. Naruto walked into the open doorway and was hit with a blast of dust. Little did he know that he was being watched by Princess Luna, a dark blue pony with wings and a horn and a moon rested on her legs, she was also sister to Princess Celestia. She walked out of her hiding hole and knocked on the door making Naruto jump around in surprise.

"Sorry," Luna's voice was gentle and soft kind of like Applejack's only without the southern accent, "I was told by my sister that you were looking for a home. I see that you've already found one, looks like you won't need my help."

"I could use some help cleaning the place up if you won't mind." Naruto didn't realize how high up she was. Luna couldn't believe that Naruto thought she was ordinary, this had her thinking about him in different ways than she thought of other stallions. She blushed realizing that this pony thought of her as normal not some special pony that you had to pamper like her sister. "Name's Naruto. What's yours?"

"Luna." She said not wanting him to know that she was royalty. She wanted him to think of her as anyone else because the feeling she had was amazing. For once she was seen as something other than a princess. "I'd love to help you." Naruto is good with the ladies isn't he?

The two of them began cleaning the house from top to bottom. Luna used her powers on an old broom making it sweep a lot of dust outside. Naruto used his skills and jumped from wall to wall with a wet cloth wiping a different part each time. Suddenly the upper floor began giving out. Luna looked up and froze with fear, Naruto jumped at her pushing her as the second floor fell to the ground.

Luna got up and found Naruto under the debris from the second floor. She began using her powers to clear it away, but Naruto smiled at her which stopped her. Naruto went inside and felt a surge of energy, he didn't want Luna wasting her energy for him. He busted through the top of the debris doing a somersault in the air landing on all four hooves. "I'm okay how about you?" Naruto asked with a smile.

Luna found his smile to be more than that. She wanted to be with him no matter who he was. She wanted to be with this stallion who smiled at her with such happiness. She wanted to be by his side no matter how pathetic she would seem. She wanted to even if her sister Celestia said otherwise. Even though she hadn't even known him for a full day she wanted to be with him forever, but she couldn't let him know that. She wanted to get to know him a little more.

"Naruto I need to go tell my sister something so would you mind waiting for me a little bit?" She asked flapping her wings.

"I don't mind at all besides you've done so much for me already. I can't see how I can repay you but I would do anything to repay you." Naruto said giving her a wink which had her flying out with a huge smile. She had never felt this before and she didn't want to lose it. She wanted this feeling to remain and she was going to do anything to remain at his side.

Luna arrived at the front door to Twilight's house where Applejack was also inside. "Hey Luna what are you doing here?" Twilight asked allowing Luna inside.

"I need you to send a note to my sister telling her that I'm going to remain in Ponyville for awhile. You wouldn't mind doing that would you?" Luna couldn't believe how embarrassed she was with what she was asking Twilight. Applejack couldn't help but feel interested in why she wanted to stay in Ponyville.

"Cuse me for asking but why do you want to stay in Ponyville?" She asked wondering why she'd want to go from a castle to a small town of ponies.

"Well, it's a little embarrassing actually." Luna was blushing super red almost making her whole face red. "My sister got the message you sent her about the new pony, so she sent me to welcome him. When I met him my heart soared, I don't know why he causes it but when he talked to me like I was just an everyday average pony I felt excited, happy. I want to get to know him you know?"

"Sounds like you're in love Princess." Applejack said smiling, although somewhere deep in her she was hurting because she knew the new pony was Naruto. She didn't know it but hearing that had her heart stopping for a brief second and she wondered why. She knew that Naruto was just a friend to her and nothing more.

"That's impossible, how can you fall in love with someone after just meeting them it makes no sense." Luna denied what Applejack said feeling like there was no way she in love. She had never felt this way about any boy before so could it be love? "Could you send the note please Twilight?"

"Sure, Spike!" Twilight called Spike over who immediately got out a quill and paper and began writing down a note to Princess Celestia from the words that Twilight spoke. "Dear Princess Celestia, your younger sister Luna wishes to live in Ponyville for some time. She wants to get to know the new pony a little better, but she will keep her title hidden from him because of the way he makes her feel."

Spike spat out fire sending the note to Celestia. About a minute later Spike spat out another piece of paper but this was the answer from the princess. Spike began reading the letter from Celestia. "I will allow my sister to remain in Ponyville for a year but after she must return to help with the kingdom."

Luna flew into the air with excitement because she felt like she had a shot at making somepony think of her as something more than a princess. She flew back over to Naruto's house where he waited on the front porch for her with eager patience. She didn't realize how fast she was flying until she tried to stop. She tried to regain control but lost it and crashed into Naruto sending them into the house. They tumbled in until they hit a wall. After looking at each other they laughed a little bit out loud.

"Well that was sure an entrance." Naruto said standing up on his hooves. Luna stood up folding her wings back up against her. She blushed at his words because she was embarrassed that she had pretty much tackled him. "Well what did you go tell your sister?"

"I told her that I would be staying here in Ponyville for awhile, it's personal reasons though." She looked away blushing feeling like she was about to spill the whole secret of her feelings. She was still trying to figure out whether or not if she even liked him that way. "If it's okay I'd like to live here, think of it as repayment for me helping you. Also this way we both won't have to be alone."

"That's a very good point Luna. We'll need to fix the second floor before we can go to sleep though because that's where the bedrooms are." Naruto said sheepishly as he scratched his head. He felt a little nervous that he was allowing a girl to live in the house he wanted to call his own, but he had to repay her and he wanted to have someone who he could feel at ease with. "We should go look for some bedding materials first."

Naruto left the home with Luna right behind him. She felt strange because she was actually going to go search for her bedding, her life as a princess may not have prepared her for this. "Luna you don't need to help, I'll make sure there's enough bedding for the both of us. Why don't you get started on fixing the second floor?" Naruto said smiling at her.

"Sure just don't get lost okay?" Luna said feeling a little worried about him. Naruto gave a light chuckle because he found her concern humorous. She sounded like a worried wife or girlfriend to him. He walked away into the dark of night and realized how beautiful the moon looked. It was as beautiful as Luna's blue eyes. He had to find bedding though, if he didn't have to he would've looked at it all night.

Luna started to put the second floor back together using her powers and some magic to fix it. Before she knew it she had finished the repairs for the second floor. She then went to the second floor to do any last minute cleaning before Naruto got back. When she walked up the stairs she noticed that there was only one useable bedroom for the moment. It would take a couple of days to clean out the other room. She blushed realizing that she would be sleeping in the same room as Naruto.

An hour past by and Luna was beginning to get worried about Naruto because he was taking too long. She was about to go after him when he heard him outside. "Dang it!" Naruto sounded upset to Luna but looking out a window showed that he was dragging a bunch of leaves that looked like small clouds. "I don't care how many times I gotta put you all back into a pile, Luna needs a bed and I'm going to get her one."

Luna couldn't believe that Naruto went out of his way to make sure she would have a bed to sleep on. He thought of her as an average pony yet he was treating her like the princess she was. This caused her heart to throb against her chest. She didn't understand why she felt this way but she didn't want the feeling to leave and she was willing to do anything to keep it even if it meant remaining with Naruto forever. She rushed down and helped him pull the leaves into the house.

"Luna leave the bed making to me alright." Naruto said as he began placing the leaves in two opposite spots about two feet away from each other. "There we go, it's not really a bed but these leaves will do until I'm able to get us some real beds okay."

"It's alright with me." Luna said getting onto one of the piles of leaves. Naruto fell onto the other pile. Luna sprang up to check on Naruto but found that he fell asleep. She couldn't believe that Naruto was so exhausted. Looking at his body she noticed a few scrapes and bruises. "Did you have to fight for these leaves Naruto?" she asked to the sleeping pony. She couldn't believe that somepony especially somepony she had just met would do such a thing for her. It was like a dream she once had but in this case it was real not a dream. She put her hoof on him and felt his warmth through it. She liked it and wanted it to be all over her. However she didn't want to release emotions she wasn't sure of yet so she went back to her bed of leaves and went to sleep. Tomorrow would be an interesting day for the two of them.