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Chapter 7

A New Family Member

Luna woke up to the feeling of Naruto's hoof running through her hair. It had been a couple months since Naruto's episode. There had still been no sign of Shadow which worried everyone in Canterlot and Ponyville but no one paid any mind to it because they had Carnac watching over them. The whole town was now aware of Naruto's powers and he was either hailed a hero or a monster. The town argued both points with each other as they couldn't come to an in between. However with the help of Twilight and Princess Luna, the town soon just thought of Naruto as one of their own.

Naruto was happy to have a place where he felt he belonged and was happy that he was able to share it with the mare he loved so dearly. He got up out of the bed and stretched out getting ready for the day. He had to get to Miss Flash's pastry store before he was fired for being late…again. Luna stood up and looked toward her stallion feeling a great sense of want, but she didn't know what she wanted from him. It didn't really feel that important so Luna decided that it was best to forget about it.

"Naruto what are you doing?" Luna asked as she watched Naruto slicing the air with his hoof.

"Oh, I'm practicing my sword swing, that's all." Naruto said grabbing the Fox Sword from the corner of the house. As he put it around his back he looked around the house and saw just how much they had gotten done in so few months. However there was still a lot of cleaning left to do and Naruto was happy that Luna didn't mind helping him. Truth is Naruto didn't want Luna getting herself dirty trying to help fix up the house but she insisted saying that it was also her home to. Naruto didn't know what Luna meant by that but he felt happy about it.

"Why would you be doing something like that Naruto?" Luna asked feeling confused. She has seen him swinging the sword but she didn't know why he was using that when he didn't really need that due to his immense strength.

"Well I want to be ready to use it when the time comes and I've never really used a sword before so I thought I'd do some simple swings to get started." Naruto said as he continued swinging the sword up and down like a samurai would.

"Okay but that still doesn't explain why you would need to practice." Naruto stopped swinging the sword and looked at Luna with a confused expression. He didn't quite understand what she was talking about. "I mean the way you used it against the Great Hydra was pretty good. I don't see why you would need to practice."

"I see your point Luna, but I want to be sure that I know what I'm doing. What if I don't practice and the sword goes flying off and almost hits you. I don't want you to be in any danger at all." Naruto said looking down at the ground. Luna could see the worry on his face and just sighed walking over to him. She put a hoof on his face and turned it to her. She put her lips on his cheeks and hi smile came, the one Luna loved to see.

"That's the Naruto I love. By the way do you remember the orphanage that we saw the other day?" Luna asked as she walked back over to the sink to finish up the dishes.

"Yeah." Naruto remembered it alright. He especially remembered that filly that looked like she was in some kind of pain. He couldn't explain it but he felt like he had some kind of connection with the little filly. Again he couldn't explain it; all he could say was that he felt something when he saw the filly. In fact for the past couple of days he's had dreams about the filly getting herself into trouble and him having to rescue her. He smiled after all the times the little filly would cry and ask to be held by him. Luna was in those dreams but it was like the little filly wanted Naruto all to herself and would always look at Luna with a death like stare. It always seemed to push Luna back but Naruto always brought her closer and they would all laugh it off. They acted like a family.

When the word family went through his head he looked to Luna who was humming to herself even after she had finished the dishes in the sink that they had. He began to think what it would be like to have a family but then he thought that his job with Miss Flash wasn't getting him the money that he really needed and he was having to take care of Luna as well, he didn't think he could take care of another pony in this house.

But then he thought of that little filly and felt like he could help her in some way. He didn't know why but he did feel some kind of connection when he saw that filly. "Hey Luna," Naruto asked looking at the ground in thought, "do you happen to know where that orphanage is?"

Luna turned her head to look at him and was a little confused as to why he would want to know where an orphanage is. "Naruto is there something wrong?" Luna asked turning her body to face him. "That's a pretty strange question."

"Sorry but I just wanted to know is all." Naruto said scratching the back of his head. Truthfully he felt like the question felt strange coming out of his mouth but he wanted to see that little filly for some reason, why he didn't know. But he was determined to see her. "I really want to see that orphanage you know to see what it's like to be around a child."

Luna didn't know what Naruto was talking about, until an idea popped in her head. She began to wonder something that normally couples don't think about until after marriage. "Is he thinking what I think he's thinking?" Luna was blushing heavily as Naruto turned to look out of the window. "Is he thinking about having a child but that would mean he and I would have to…" Luna then slammed her head into the floor which caused Naruto to turn around in surprise.

He looked down and saw Luna's head in the floor and just sighed because it was probably something that she thought up that wasn't really true but for some reason he couldn't help laughing after he sighed. She just looked so ridiculous. He couldn't help but laugh out loud. That's when Luna came shooting up out of the ground.

She looked to be on fire, maybe a demon was inside of her. Naruto was looking at her with fear on his face as he was trying to come up with a good excuse for laughing at her. "Why were you laughing?" She said in a soft but very threatening tone. "Did I do something that was funny to you?"

"Uh…No not really just found you slamming your head into the ground to be funny I guess." Naruto said still trying to save his life from what appeared to be the scariest look Luna has ever given him. Then again he was up against Luna the mare he loved and the mare he would never lay a finger on no matter what. He was definitely thinking that this might actually be his death day with the way Luna was looking at him.

"Oh so whenever I slam my head into the ground it's funny?" she asked with her cheeks red but her voice was anything but nervous. "How about I laugh at every time you get slammed into a wall?"

"That's not what I meant Luna." Luna's rage seemed to be calming but it wasn't really all that calmed though. "It's just lately I've been having trouble wondering if I'm a good guy or if this demon in me is going to take over and kill everyone." Luna's rage stopped at that point but her anger was still there, however she was now getting concerned. She thought he had gotten over this a few days ago at least that's what he told her then anyways. "I just feel as though the town only went along with it because you and Twilight's words moved them. However what if they still remain the same, and what if they take it out on you and the others? If anyone were to hurt you…I don't know if I'd be able to—,"

Naruto dropped the sword and fell to his knees as the thoughts of killing every living thing came into his head. He grabbed his head as the onslaught of thoughts was almost unbearable. It soon became too unbearable and he screamed to the heavens. His voice actually reached the town of Ponyville. Luna had lost all feeling of anger as she watched her love in more pain then she's ever seen. She knew that he got thoughts but she never imagined that they'd actually hurt him.

She didn't know what to do but all she could do was put her arms around him to stop him from thrashing around. She knew it was dangerous with how powerful Naruto was but she loved him more than anything, however she was afraid of getting hurt, but if it helped Naruto she didn't care. Naruto was still thrashing about and actually ran right into a wall smashing Luna right into it. But that didn't make Luna let him go. She was determined to help him even if it meant her life. (Which I for think is crazy, I don't care how much you love the guy just do what you did when he went all berserk at the festival. It worked there why not now.)

"Naruto it's okay I'm right here." Naruto seemed to stop thrashing around as his eyes were shaking in his head. The eyes themselves were incredibly small as the pain was still going through him. "I'm right here, just think of me Naruto."

Naruto's body just fell into Luna and she was surprised almost falling down with him. If that had happened Naruto would have been on top of her. The thought of that made Luna blush a little but she still held Naruto in her arms. She didn't want to let him go until she was sure those thoughts were out of his head. Naruto began to breath normally again as he put his hooves on Luna's shoulders.

He looked at her and saw that all his thrashing had injured Luna. He felt like an even bigger monster than he already thought. How could he hurt the mare he loved so much? He couldn't believe that simple thoughts drove him to that. "Luna I…I…" Naruto was stopped when Luna put her hoof over his mouth.

She held him tightly resting her chin on his shoulder. "Thank goodness that's over, I was worried you would have gone on for hours." Luna said as a tear ran down her face. However she couldn't tell if it was from her happiness or the enormous amount of pain she was in from Naruto thrashing around.

Naruto couldn't believe that she did something so stupid. She should have let him just suffer with the thoughts. He believed that they were who he really was. All these terrible thoughts in his mind, he believed were what he was meant to do, kill and nothing else. "You shouldn't have stopped the thoughts Luna." Luna pushed away from him and looked into his eyes and saw an emptiness that was never there before.

"What do you mean, I wasn't going to sit there and watch you suffer. I love you too much Naruto." Luna said trying to bring the life back into his eyes.

"You should have," Naruto stood up and walked away from her. Luna was worried that Naruto was going to force the memories to come back and she didn't want him to do that because she just wanted Naruto to smile. "I need to face this myself. If I really want to not be a monster I need to face these thoughts that no pony, even one with a demon should have."

"That's true but you don't have to do it alone." Naruto looked over at Luna with confused eyes. "You're always protecting and saving me from certain peril. I can barely do anything to help you out so I figured that the best way I can help the stallion I love is to be there for him in his darkest hours, where he's in the most pain. It doesn't matter how many times you tell me not to be there for you. I will always be there for you Naruto, you're my coltfriend and I'm not going to let anything happen to you."

"Luna…I hurt you aren't you upset about that. The stallion you love so much just hurt you severely. And you sound like nothing even happened to you." Naruto was feeling like she thought of him as a monster now, but then again he felt that way about everyone. He felt that everyone he knew thought of him as a monster in some way. He wished that this demon wasn't inside of him.

"I don't care if I got hurt Naruto." Naruto looked at her in shock, how could she not care what happens to her. "I don't care because you don't really care how worried I get when you go into a fight. Do you have any idea how worried I am even though I know that you're going to win?" Suddenly a tear fell from Luna's eye and that had Naruto rethinking what he thought about Luna.

"Luna why do you worry it's not like anything bad is going to happen to me?" Naruto said walking over to her and placing a hoof on her cheek.

"That's just it though," Luna said turning around and walking away from Naruto this time. "I do worry about you, what if something bad does happen and you end up dying. Do you have any idea what I would do to myself if you left this world Naruto?" Naruto looked at her with wide eyes as he got a few ideas in his head and none of them were good ones.

"Luna, that's crazy talk."Naruto said trying to make her change the subject, but that's not exactly how you would change a subject.

"I'm not crazy Naruto, I would kill myself if anything happened to you, but first I would brutally kill whoever hurt you first." Luna said looking at him with rage and sadness in her eyes. Naruto thought of Luna brutally killing another pony and for some reason he gulped because he feared if he made her mad what would she do to him?

"I wasn't saying you're crazy I'd never say anything like that. I'm saying the way you're talking is crazy, totally different thing." Naruto said trying to calm her down.

"Actually Naruto they pretty much mean the same thing." Luna said and she's kind of right because saying someone's saying are crazy is almost the same as telling them they're crazy only you're using the words as cover. Naruto looked at her and was beginning to run out of ideas to stop Luna from thinking these thoughts. The more tears that fell from her face the more he wanted to smash his face against a wall, but then again he didn't want the house coming down on top of them so he decided that wasn't the best course of action at least here at the moment.

"Every time I see you fight my heart begins to ache because I can't help but think, "what if this is his last fight", or "is he going to come out of this okay" all these different saying just pop in my head and I can't do anything to stop them. I don't care what you think of yourself Naruto, because I know what you are. You are completely reckless and don't listen to reason. So far you've done everything that has almost given me a heart attack." The more words that came out of her mouth the more Naruto's head fell closer to the floor.

"But in spite of that you've risked your life for mine and you even showed everyone this power that you possess because I got hurt. It seems like if you weren't here, I'd be Nightmare Moon right now and we would be enemies." Luna said which made Naruto's eyes widen.

"No, we wouldn't." Naruto's head came up slowly but didn't rise all the way as he walked closer to Luna. She raised a hoof up in slight surprise because she didn't expect that. When his head came up fully his eyes opened and they looked into Luna's as though they were piercing right into her very soul. Luna was a little freaked out by this. "Luna even if you were Nightmare Moon, I don't know why but, I feel as though even if that happened you and I would still be like this, by each other's side, in love with each other."

"But what if you showed up when I was Shadow's mistress, what if I was deeply in love with him?" Luna asked trying to see what would come next. She was interested that Naruto felt this way about them but she wanted to hear what he had to say about this.

"So what, if we love each other as much as we do then I believe that something brought us together Luna. I can't explain it any other way. We would have fallen in love whether we wanted to or not. What would you say Luna?" Naruto asked feeling like she was hiding something from him now.

"Truth is I think the same way and I don't know why? As my sister would probably say it was fate that brought us together Naruto and fate wanted the two of us to be together. I don't care if it was fate or dumb luck that I met you. I haven't been happier in all my life." Luna's tears were really coming now. Naruto didn't want her to start crying like this. That was the last thing he wanted.

"When I first met you I thought I was just going crazy at first but then I started to realize why I wanted you around me all the time, why I can't stand it when you're alone with another girl. Sure I may have embarrassed myself a few times but I wanted to know if what I felt was true." Luna looked up into Naruto's eyes and she saw the concern in them. It was massive compared to the other times but that wasn't all she saw in his eyes. She saw love in them as well, almost as if the words she had just told him made him love her even more.

Luna went on to tell him that she had followed him on his little 'date' with Pinkie Pie and a few other things that happened, during the months they had been together, where she did everything possible to be with him. She felt like she may have been obsessing over him and she didn't want him freaking out about that but she felt this was going to come out either by her or buy Remedy and she didn't want that mare doing anything to jeopardize her and Naruto's relationship.

"I'm sorry Naruto, I really am and-mmmmh?" She was silenced as Naruto's lips covered hers. Luna was in shock from a few seconds but soon fell to the spell that the kiss put upon her. She wrapped her hooves around his neck and he put his arms around her waist and they began to passionately kiss each other. When they finally came up for air, they were both looking at each other differently. Naruto saw how much Luna really loved him and what she was willing to do to be with him. Luna saw how much Naruto cared about her and saw how far he would go to keep her safe and to be in her loving arms.

"Oh right you wanted to know where that orphanage was right?" Luna asked blushing from how easily they had gotten into that conversation.

"Oh that's right I guess we really got caught up in that conversation huh?" Naruto said as he then began to laugh but he was happy they had gone through that conversation. "So yeah do you know where it is?"

"No I'm sorry Naruto. But I think we know someone who does." Naruto looked at Luna with a confused face. He had no idea who she could be talking about.


Luna and Naruto were at the front of Twilight's doorstep and Naruto still wasn't sure if he should or if he shouldn't ask Twilight considering that she also lived here. And by her I mean Remedy. "Naruto are you really that nervous after all they are our friends." Luna said looking at him a little questioningly. She thought that he was making a big deal out of this for nothing. Then again this is Naruto, not that uncommon.

"It's not that Luna, I'm just worried she's going to start a fight with you and the last thing I need is for you two to get in a fight because then it's going to come to me and then everypony is going to start yelling at me. I don't need that today." Naruto just wanted to know where an orphanage was, nothing else really. And the last thing he needed was more drama. He got enough of that daily with Luna, although he enjoyed that drama.

They came to the door and Naruto was already nervous, his forehead was sending thousands of sweat drops down to the floor before Luna knew what had happened she was standing in a puddle of Naruto's sweat. Luna looked at him and sighed. She then used her magic and sent the puddle of sweat away and then slapped Naruto across the face. Naruto put a hoof on his face and looked at Luna who was looking ahead with her eyes closed.

"Luna what was that for?" Naruto snapped as Luna just opened her right eye slightly which made Naruto squint his eyes at her.

"I don't want you being nervous right now. If you hadn't guessed girls see that as a sign of weakness and will use that against you and I don't need her trying to seduce my stallion." Luna's eyes were now on fire as though if that did happen she would murder Remedy.

Naruto wouldn't put it past her at all considering what's her sister did. That hydra almost killed her and it was the doing of both her sister and Remedy's idea. "Just promise me you won't kill anypony while we're here alright." Naruto said breathing a sigh.

"Very well then but if she goes at you once I swear she's going to be an ornament on a wall." Luna said getting in Naruto's face. Naruto backed up a bit feeling like Luna was going to pin him up on the wall. He wouldn't put it past her either, from some of the stories he's heard of the alicorn she's not exactly that friendly when it comes to things she cares about like her moonlit nights. That's the reason she became Nightmare Moon as far as Naruto knew anyways.

Luna smiled feeling like Naruto wasn't going to do anything he shouldn't but then again she couldn't account for that mare. She was a loose cannon around Naruto and he was her stallion not hers. Why did she have to be so persistent? Naruto loved Luna not Remedy but Luna couldn't understand why Remedy was so persistent of her stallion. It just didn't make any sense.

Luna knocked on the door and soon after Naruto and Luna heard a voice inside. "I'll get it Twilight don't worry about it." It sounded like Spike, Twilight's assistant. Luna and Naruto watched as the doorknob turned. When the door opened standing in front of them was the small purple and green dragon. "Oh Naruto, Luna what are you two doing here?"

"We came to see Twilight is it okay if we come in?" Luna asked with a smile on her face. Naruto took a peek and afterwards he smiled. He loved looking at Luna's smile because it always made him happy.

"No problem come on in, Twilight was just giving Remedy some advice on her dilemma with you know who." Spike said pointing to Naruto. Who just dropped his head feeling like that mare would never give it up until he finally left Ponyville. Either that or he would have to be dead. He didn't want to do wither one because he wanted to be with Luna no matter what it took and if he had to endure this mare he would do it for Luna.

"Twilight!?" Spike shouted catching the two ponies off guard, "Naruto and Luna are here to see you!"

At the end of that sentence a black flash shot from the top of the stairs down to the two ponies waiting for the purple mare. In front of Naruto no more than a few inches was Remedy with a smile upon her face. "Why hello Naruto, what brings you by today?" Remedy was inching closer to Naruto's face. But before she even got within five inches she was thrown into a shelf. All the books on that shelf then started to fall down onto Remedy.

Naruto looked over to Luna and saw that her eyes were a dark navy blue color and her horn was glowing brighter than usual. Naruto was surprised to see this kind of power coming from her. Then again she did say that if Remedy tried anything she would throw her through a wall, so I guess that meant she was showing a little restraint. At least to Naruto that's what it looked like. Luna, after she was done huffing and puffing from sending Remedy into the bookshelf disaster composed herself and blushed looking away from Naruto.

Naruto smiled because he knew that Luna was only trying to keep other mares from him. He also knew this was Luan being a little modest with herself. "What the heck was that for Luna?" Remedy shouted coming out from the books.

"Nothing really, but if you don't mind don't get that close to Naruto." Luna said giving Remedy what Naruto thought to be a death stare. At least she wasn't giving him the death stare, he hated that. Then again most men and stallions hate getting the death stare. I know that I do.

"Oh what so I can't ask a friend a question is that it?" Remedy asked getting in Luna's face. Naruto sighed feeling like their weekly argument was about to happen right before his eyes.

"Girls, can we not fight…please?" Naruto asked hoping that they might calm down if he asked nicely.

"STAY OUT OF THIS!" They both shouted causing Naruto to back away to the wall. Well asking nicely didn't work at all; hope Naruto has a plan B.

"What do I do now?" Naruto whispered to himself watching as the girls looked ready to go at it. So much for a plan B. May whatever gods are there help him and the residence of Twilight's home.

"What's your idea of getting in my coltfriend's face huh?" Luna asked as her horn was beginning to glow again. "You know he's mine and I will not hand him over."

"Oh I didn't know Naruto was your personal property. I'm sorry for trying to take your precious toy!" Remedy's horn was glowing to.

Naruto was worried now as their words got so bad that I cannot write them down without turning this story to a rated M. Twilight was hearing everything from her upstairs' room and just sighed. She went to look over the stairs and had to duck because a book flew right at her. "What the heck is going on down there?" Twilight said out loud trying to view what could possibly be going on.

"Twilight!" Twilight turned to her left and saw Naruto. He looked somewhat terrified of the fight that was going on at the moment. More importantly she was wondering what he was even doing here. "I never intended for this to happen."

Twilight's horn glowed and she went away in some bubble of magic and then reappeared next to Naruto in another bubble of magic. "Well it looks like they're at it again." Twilight said only getting Naruto to sigh and drop his head. "What started it this time?"

"Remedy got to close to my face, that's what happened. Then Luna sent her into that bookshelf over there and hen this all started." Naruto said feeling like this would never end, not even in his later years.

"Well I can understand why Luna would do such a thing, I mean she's done everything so that she could be with you and she doesn't want anypony getting near you like that. She's made it pretty clear to everypony else in town but I don't think Remedy is going to quit until some other stallion shows up that she falls head over hooves in love with." Twilight said only making Naruto grow pale.

"Great so you're telling me that I'm going to have to live with this until some other pony comes around and takes Remedy?" Naruto said as his body started to tremble. Twilight backed away a little afraid of what was about to happen. "I can't live like that, having to deal with this every week is going to drive me insane!" Naruto said as he started to stumble and then finally fell to the floor. A little white ghost of what appeared to be his soul came out of his mouth.

Luna and Remedy both started arguing when they heard Naruto fall to the ground. They both looked in his direction but before Remedy could even make a move Luna was already by his side trying to wake him up. "Naruto? Naruto? What are you doing on the ground and why aren't you breathing!?" Luna screamed as she started to panic.

Twilight had a feeling he knew why Naruto did this, so she had an idea. "Hey Luna," Twilight said getting the mare's attention even though she was still moving her hooves up and down, "is your argument with Remedy over?"

"Yes of course it is, what's important right now is getting Naruto to breathe again." However at the words 'yes it is' the little spirit thing sticking out of Naruto's mouth had gone back in his mouth. Then his face got its orange color again and he jumped up and looked like some strong man trying to show off his muscles. "Naruto?" Luna was in shock at how quickly seemed to recover from that.

"It's about time you guys stopped that whole arguing thing. I mean it does get kind of annoying." Naruto said smiling at her. Luna blushed because the smile was a warm one that Luna didn't expect. "I can't stand it when you and Remedy start arguing over something as trivial as my feelings for you Luna. That happened because I thought it would never end. That and the thought of this happening every week scares me to the point of death."

"Really?" Luna asked as she looked back at Remedy who just glared at Luna with great amounts of hate. "Well then I guess I'm just going to have to try and not get into any more arguments with Remedy then. I don't want Naruto to lose his mind because of something like that."

"Listen Luna I don't care what you think Naruto is to you, he will one day see that I am meant to be his true love and I just hope you're ready for when that day comes." Remedy said as she continued to glare at Luna.

"As much as I would love to argue that with you I won't to keep Naruto from passing out again. That and that little ghost thing sticking out of his mouth was freaky." Luna said as she looked to Naruto who just laughed away.

"Oh that's right!" Naruto said as he stopped laughing and turned to Twilight. He put both of his hooves onto Twilight's shoulders slightly freaking her out, but it also made Luna and Remedy blush and have fire in their eyes. "Twilight," Naruto looking deep into her eyes. Twilight was nervous because if Naruto did something stupid this could end badly and then cause Luna to go crazy. Which if anyone knows Luna's history isn't a good thing. "Do you know where the orphanage is, you know the one I protected last week?"

Twilight and the girls all looked at him shocked. The three of them didn't see that coming at all. A little surprised that Luna didn't since that was the main reason they came in the first place. Twilight shook her head and smiled even though she had a sweat drop falling down her face. Naruto quickly realized what he had done and then laughed as he walked back a little hoping Luna didn't send him or Twilight into a wall…again.

"Is that the reason you two came over here?" Twilight asked as she felt all the nerves that were in her body vanish in a brink second. "Why didn't you ask me that, why did you have to get us all worked up like that?" Twilight was angry but not really as angry as Luna was, however she wasn't showing it.

"Sorry guess it was all the drama. Guess it got to me is all, I'm really sorry about that though. That's the last thing I would have done after the whole arguing between those two." Naruto said as he tried laughing but found it hard with Luna giving him the stare down. Yeah wasn't a good stare down either.

"Well if you need to know where it is, I can tell you it isn't that far away." Twilight said as she went to the window closest to her. You know the Mrs. Flash's bakery, you know where you work Naruto?" Naruto nodded his head, truth is he's been so busy helping with the repairs of the town that he hadn't been to work in a while.

"Well if you go a little bit further down that road you'll see what looks like a school building just behind that you'll find the orphanage. I've been there myself, had to fill in for somepony who was sick that day and it wasn't easy let me tell you." Twilight said as she remembered how difficult it was to get them all to calm down. She was surprised at how all the other staff members survived through the day.

Naruto nodded his head looking calmer and for some reason serious. Luna saw this in him and was a little shocked, the only other time he's ever like this is when he's fighting but other than that he's normal old Naruto. "C'mon Luna we gotta go see how the kids are doing." Naruto said in a firm voice which again shocked not just her but everypony in the room.

Naruto walked out without Luna because she was still a little shocked at what just happened. It didn't take Luna long though before she snapped out of her shock and caught up with Naruto. Naruto looked to be walking with a purpose; Luna was worried that there was something that he wasn't telling her. She wanted to ask him but she thought that he might get mad at her. She didn't want him angry with her so she didn't say anything.

As they came in front of the bakery Naruto saw Mrs. Flash taking out some of the trash and decided to help her. "Oh Naruto, how are you these days?" Mrs. Flash asked as Naruto was a little confused as to why she wasn't mad with him. "Oh don't be shocked I know you have a lot on your plate Naruto, having to take care of somepony like Luna. Not only is she your marefriend but she's a princess at that."

"Oh well I'm sorry that I haven't been around in a while. We're going to an orphanage right now, when we're done there. I promise you tomorrow that I'll be back here to help you out with everything." Naruto said with a fire in his eyes which was a little weird it was like he was going to enjoy working for somepony again. Luna loved seeing Naruto so fired up but she still didn't understand why Naruto wanted to go see this orphanage it's not like they were going to try and start a family or something.

"Oh and why would you be going to an orphanage?" Mrs. Flash looked at Naruto a little deviously which scared him a bit because he had never seen her look this way. "Oh you two love birds are trying to start a family aren't you?"

Naruto looked at her with wide eyes. Luna saw Naruto looking like this and began thinking that he couldn't possibly be thinking of doing that. "N-No Mrs. Flash what would make you think that idea." Naruto said trying to keep himself from looking too embarrassed. "I just wanted to see how everypony was doing over there. I mean they were in the middle of that hydra attack."

"Oh I had no idea." Mrs. Flash felt a little dumb for thinking that Naruto was trying to build a family with Luna but she also thought why he didn't. Naruto was madly in love with Luna so why didn't he start a family with her, more importantly why hasn't he asked her to marry him yet.

Naruto was worried that Mrs. Flash was going to ask him why he hasn't asked Luna to marry him yet. He hasn't found the time or any ring he felt was worthy of Luna. "Naruto are you ever going to ask Luna to-," she was cut off as Naruto threw a hoof into her mouth, not a punch more of the point to where you don't want someone or somepony to say something you don't want asked at this particular moment.

Naruto looked over to Luna who just looked a little confused as to why Naruto just did that. Naruto leaned over to Mrs. Flash's ear and began whispering. "Yes I plan on asking Luna to marry me but I haven't found the right ring yet. I want it to be special you know." Naruto said as he looked into the face of his employer somewhat pleadingly. He didn't want her telling Luna anything.

"I understand Naruto, don't worry. But you really should hurry up though." Mrs. Flash whispered. "You don't know what those other four might have planned to tear you and Luna apart." Naruto felt rage flow through his body at that point. He could feel the demonic powers inside of him beginning to rise. It took everything he had to calm down.

Luna easily saw that Naruto was about to go demon but she wondered why. "I won't ever let anypony take Luna from me and there is nothing that those four mares can do that would ever make me hate or want to be away from Luna." Naruto said a little louder than a whisper. Luna heard this and was a little taken aback. And by a little louder than a whisper I meant much louder to the point where he was almost screaming.

It wasn't new things that Luna had heard but it always made her happy to hear him say things like that. It made her feel really special to Naruto that he would proclaim something out to the world like that. Her face was bright red and the smile on her face truly made her face light up like the sun. Naruto turned to Luna and saw the smile on her face and felt that he was maybe overdoing things a bit.

"Naruto when it comes time to ask her you'll know what to do." Mrs. Flash said as she winked at him and walked back inside the bakery. Naruto blushed a little bit but he knew what she meant and she was right. Naruto felt that he was over thinking things a bit and decided that when the time came he would go out and find the best ring there was in all of Equestria and present it to Luna. However what he was worried about was the time limit he had. Even though he had about seven months left with Luna that could pass by him so fast and he wanted more time.

After their visit with Mrs. Flash, Naruto and Luna began to head for the orphanage just behind the school where it was located. Naruto felt slightly nervous for some reason. Then again he didn't remember ever being good with children. That and what he said the other day. The fact that he didn't care what happened to those kids made him feel like there was a hole in his stomach. He felt just like he did then and he wished there was a sign and not just words that would tell him how he couldn't be a monster.

Luna moved her eyes to the left and saw that Naruto looked a little upset about something. She wanted to ask him but before she could what sounded like crying could be heard. Naruto's head shot up at the sound. The crying sounded weak and soft as though they had been crying for a long time. He began to scan the area around him and as he got closer to an alley the crying seemed to increase.

Naruto felt that this had to be the place where the crying was coming from and peeked his head in to see a small white filly. Not just any filly though the exact same filly he saw after he had defeated the Great Hydra. The one who looked upset. Naruto began walking down the alley way trying to get closer to the filly. He wasn't paying attention and accidentally his hoof hit a can startling the little filly.

The little filly looked at him with tears coming out of her eyes. Naruto actually saw the color of her eyes at that moment. They were a light lavender that Naruto hadn't really seen before. Her flank was blank and she looked to be backing away as if in fear of him. Naruto tried taking a step toward her but was combated with her screams of pure terror.

Naruto jumped to her at that moment whereas most would back off. The filly looked up and saw that Naruto had gotten closer to her but all she saw was a shadowy figure and was in fear for her life. She was about to run away until Naruto wrapped his arms around her saying, "It's alright, it's alright there's no monster here. I'm sorry if that scared you I didn't mean to do that."

The little filly was shocked as she was catching her breath. The last pony to say that was her…

She just started to cry some more but this time into Naruto's shoulder as he just held her tighter for some reason. It felt weird to him that he was holding her this way. It was like the way he held Luna, protecting and loving. He didn't know why this little filly brought him to this but when Luna saw him she smiled thinking that he would one day make a great father. Then she blushed realizing that she might be the one he might have a foal with which made her start to hyperventilate.

"Hey aren't you that little filly who was with the orphanage the other day?" Naruto asked pulling the filly forward who was a little surprised by this. The little filly nodded while looking away. Naruto put her on his back which made the filly look at him confused. "I'm going to carry you back if that's alright." Naruto said smiling at her and the little filly smiled and rested on his back. Naruto could tell that she was exhausted and felt like this could be him one day with a daughter or son of his own and having to care for it.

It made him happy thinking about that but then all the other thoughts came making his face turn a dark red. He felt embarrassed thinking of this kind of stuff especially because he knew that he wouldn't do such a thing unless Luna was going to be the one carrying his child. That made his face turn to the reddest it has ever been. Naruto began walking towards the exit where Luna was waiting for him also blushing but was also hyperventilating.

Naruto was wondering what she could be blushing about until something struck him in the head literally. The little filly accidentally hit him in the head and although it didn't hurt it gave Naruto the idea what Luna was blushing about. "Hey Luna is everything alright?" Naruto asked getting Luna to snap out of her little moment.

She looked up at him and smiled. "So Naruto, who is that on your back?" Luna asked looking at the filly on his back.

"Oh it's a filly from that orphanage from that day when I fought the Great Hydra." Naruto said smiling about it. But deep down he didn't want to think about that day not after what he saw that day.

Luna immediately saw through his smile and felt herself get a cold shiver down her back as the memories of being eaten and then spit back up went back through her mind. She grabbed herself while sitting up causing Naruto to spin around and put one of his hooves on one of her arms getting her to calm down quickly.

"Hey it's alright I am not ever going to let that happen again I promise you." Naruto said realizing what just happened. He felt stupid thinking about that because Luna was sure to figure it out and what happened to her caused nightmares that were almost always the same thing. It really hurt him. In the back of his mind he always had the fear of Shadow coming out and attacking him for Luna but the thought of her being digested made him want to tear something down.

Luckily Luna saw this and quickly planted a small kiss on his cheek making him blush from surprise as he stood there frozen for a few seconds. He shook his head and looked at Luna who gave him a smile that made all of his worries just fade away. Naruto smiled wanting to hug her but had a passenger so he couldn't really do that. She walked past him giving him an alluring eye that told him to follow and his hooves moved by themselves.

Luckily for Naruto he knew they were going to the orphanage or else he thought that they might have been going somewhere else for something that made him blush a deep red. Luna giggled lightly making Naruto irritated that he allowed her to make him feel that way again. Luna slowed down until they were walking side by side with each other.

They passed the school and saw the orphanage that looked a little small to Naruto but then again he didn't know anything about how you run an orphanage. Luna was a little nervous to be going into a place filled with children. She hasn't really been good with children unless it was Nightmare Night. But then again she was mainly having fun other than that she didn't really know how to handle a child.

The building was a little old, but it was a beautiful building all the same to Naruto. It was a red building like the school so if you looked at it parallel with the school you'd think it was a part of it. Luna was a little impressed by the craftsmanship that the building seemed to be built on. If his home wasn't as good as it was Naruto would have wanted to live in a place like this. But he was happy with his home and he couldn't ask for anything better than what he had.

Naruto was the first to enter since he had something that belonged to the orphanage. Luna was right behind him as she hadn't been so nervous since that day when she made her first appearance back in Equestria. It was hard for her but with help from friends she got over that. She then looked at Naruto and thought to herself, 'What is wrong with me I am with the stallion I love and I'm nervous. I can't believe myself. Luna, get yourself together and walk in there with your head held high. Don't let them see you nervous, they'll see it and think you're weak.'

Suddenly Luna felt a whole lot more confident as she entered the building sided by Naruto. When they entered they could hear the laughing from several young foals coming from a room on their left. Naruto made the first move and turned the knob opening the door. When he entered he saw two mares and a teenage colt by the looks of him watching over about ten foals as they played with one another.

Naruto smiled seeing all the happy kids running around playing with each other. But what he was wondering is why was the filly on his back not here with them? One of the mares looked at him and immediately cried out in happiness. Naruto looked at her confused. "You found her!" the mare said giving Naruto the biggest hug ever. "OH thankyouthankyouthankyou THANK YOU!" she said rubbing her face against Naruto's who was still shocked from the whole hugging thing.

The little filly on Naruto's back woke to the collision of the staff mare that was hugging Naruto. The little filly looked at the mare and she looked to start shaking in fear. The little filly turned and saw something that made her sweat from both fear and nervousness. Naruto got his bearings and pushed off of the mare with the filly still on his back. Then he heard what sounded like heavy breathing that was directed at him.

He nervously turned his head around and saw Luna was looking at the mare who he had just pulled away from. Naruto acted fast getting between them. "Luna stop you need to calm down." Naruto said as Luna looked at him with anger and hate.

"Why so you can let the other mare hug you?" Luna sassed making Naruto tilt his head in confusion as his expression read, 'what'. It wasn't long though before Naruto realized what was going on.

"Luna I have told you a thousand times that I don't like any other mare the way I love you. The only way that could ever happen is if somepony killed me and replaced my heart and wiped away my memories." Naruto said to Luna, the staff members of the orphanage were a little concerned that Naruto may have been a little too detailed there. Luckily the foals had no idea what Naruto was talking about so it's okay.

"Don't say something like that Naruto!" Luna said poking Naruto with her hoof. Naruto smiled thinking that the poke was out of fun but Luna was being serious. "I don't want anything to break you away from me and you saying that will only increase some of the nightmares I have.

"Mama?" The little filly on top of Naruto's back asked getting the attention of the couple.

"Excuse me but what did you just call me?" Luna asked a little confused. She had this look of irritation in her eyes still which scared the little filly. Luna took a step back thinking she had done something wrong. "I'm sorry about that but could you please tell me what you called me a second ago?"

The little filly was scared out of her mind. Luna had scared her originally from when Naruto was hugged by the other mare. Then with how she retorted to her. The little filly just thought for a second that she heard her mother talking is all. But she was too scared to repeat what she had said.

"It's alright there sweetheart." The mare that had hugged Naruto said grabbing a hold of the little filly and held the filly in her arms for a second before setting her on the ground. "Now why don't you go play with the others? I'm sure they missed you." The mare smiled at the filly but she only seemed t be afraid of this mare as she scurried over to a corner and ducked her head into it.

The mare turned from her small group and looked at Naruto and Luan. "I'm sorry about hugging you out of the blue like that. I was just so worried about her that when you brought her in I was overwhelmed with joy." The mare said only getting nods from Naruto and Luna. "Oh, I'm sorry but I haven't introduced myself and I'm in the presence of Princess Luna. My name is Ingrid I am in charge of this orphanage."

Ingrid then pointed over to the mare who was supervising the kids at that point. She looked to be enjoying herself but Naruto saw that she seemed to be annoyed with this and was actually staring at the filly that had originally been on Naruto's back who hid in the corner. "That's Mara, she can have an attitude at times but she's really nice when you get to know her." Mara turned her head and waved to Naruto and Luna with a smile. Luna waved back but Naruto felt that something was up. She went back to watching the kids but Naruto felt that there was malice in that smile that she gave them for some reason.

The mare then pointed to the young stallion that Naruto believed to still be in high school or something like that. "That's Tanner, he's still in high school though but he takes time out of his day to help us out with things around here. He's really reliable." The young stallion blushed a little bit. Naruto looked from him to Ingrid and realized that she wasn't that old actually. She had to be around twenty-five or twenty-six years old. I guess some stallions could say she was pretty but Naruto already knew who the most beautiful mare was in Equestria.

He turned his head to Luna who looked to him a little confused. Naruto smiled and winked at her causing Luna to blush lightly. "Naruto, not in front of the kids alright?" Luna whispered to Naruto who just nodded putting a hoof on her shoulder. She smiled up at him and if they were alone she would have kissed him right then and there. But she didn't want the kids to start asking what they were doing.

Naruto then turned back to Ingrid who was looking concerned. "Hey Ingrid what's wrong?" Naruto asked startling Ingrid slightly. "Sorry about that Ingrid but you looked concerned about something."

"It's alright and I am." Naruto looked at her a little interested because he wanted to help her out. She seemed nice and Luna would do the same thing if she was Naruto right now. "You know the filly you brought back?"

"Yeah, by the way what is her name?" Naruto asked wondering why he never asked her before.

"Oh it's Crystal I thought you knew that already to be honest." Ingrid said giggling a little bit. Luna didn't like how Naruto was acting with Ingrid and nudged him hard. Almost a push actually that almost caught Naruto off guard had he not heard her coming. "I'm worried that she might be an anti-social and I don't want her to be lonely."

Naruto heard this and looked to the small white filly curled up in the corner. He walked over getting a few questionable stares from the staff. When he got a couple feet away from her he heard her crying lightly and got a little closer. Crystal heard this and her head shot up immediately. She turned around to see Naruto looking at her a little scared.

Crystal just ducked her head into her hooves. She looked to be scared of Naruto to most of the staff. However, he only got closer until he was right next to her. He sat down and started leaning in closer to Crystal. "Hey Crystal?" Crystal's head shot up hearing her name said so softly. "Why aren't you playing with everypony else? They all look to be having fun. Is there something wrong?"

Crystal looked up at him confused as to why he cared whether or not she played with other ponies. "Why would you care about that?" Mara said coming up from behind him sounding rather angry with him. Crystal just backed herself into the corner as Mara tried to grab her making her even angrier.

Naruto saw this and got between them. He stood before Crystal like a royal guard of Canterlot and he meant business. "Please back away." Naruto asked in the calmest voice he could bring out at the time. For some reason he felt that Mara wished harm onto Crystal and he would die before that happened.

Naruto looked serious and that surprised Luna because besides her, she has never really seen him look like this when he was protecting somepony. She had never seen him like this staring at his front. It was scary actually but at the same time she couldn't help but feel a warm sensation in her heart. Seeing Naruto act like this made him appear to be a prince.

"So what are you going to do?" Naruto asked only getting Mara to take a step back in confusion. "I don't want to have to fight you, especially a mare in front of all these kids but I don't want you getting anywhere near Crystal is that understood?"

Crystal was looking up at Naruto with wide eyes as the only thing that came to her mind was one thing. "Papa?" She whispered getting Naruto to look back at her in slight confusion.

"What did you say Crystal?" Naruto asked her with a smile on his face. "Listen you don't have to be afraid of anything alright. No matter what happens I'll be there to protect you." Naruto turned back to Mara and breathed what some might have called steam from his nose.

"Whatever." Mara said as she walked away feeling defeated.

Naruto turned around and smiled at Crystal who still looked at him with wide eyes. "See the big meanie is gone and won't bother you anymore. If she does just come to me and I'll teach her not to mess with such a cute little princess like you." Naruto said getting Luna to giggle a bit because she thought that he was acting rather childish. Naruto made a pouting face hearing Luna giggle at him.

Crystal's eyes began to swell up with tears as she began to sniffle. Naruto now had no idea what to do. Ingrid was about to jump in when she saw something that surprised her. Crystal jumped right into Naruto. She had her small hooves wrapped around his neck as far as they would go and was crying into his shoulder.

Naruto didn't know what was wrong but he put his arms around the small filly holding her close like he would Luna. He smiled as Luna came up next to him. "It's okay Crystal. Just let it out it's alright." He said as she continued crying into his shoulder. No one could tell but she wasn't crying because she was sad, she was so overjoyed by how Naruto acted that she just couldn't help but cry.

"It looks like he reminds her of him." Ingrid said catching Luna's attention.

"Naruto reminds her of who?" Luna asked feeling that she should know what was going on.

"He reminds her of her father." Ingrid said smiling while a tear ran down her face. Luna was surprised by this. She began to suspect that there was more to this than Ingrid was saying. "I guess you're wondering if there's more?" Ingrid said smiling so freely not realizing she had practically read Luna's mind putting her in a state of shock.

Crystal had finally finished crying by that time. Naruto was glad that that was over because he didn't like hearing her cry. That's when he began thinking of Luna. He hated seeing her cry as well. He began to wonder why this little filly made him feel the same way he would about Luna. It wasn't making much sense to him. But he didn't mind it one bit, he was happy that this little filly who was once so afraid of him was now holding onto him for comfort.

"Ingrid what more so there?" Luna asked wanting to know the whole story.

"You see we normally have kids given to us by other ponies who find them on the street or if we find them. However I found Crystal in the Ever Free Forest." Ingrid looked upset now she had a face of complete sadness. Luna wanted more information because she wanted to know why Crystal was holding Naruto that way.

"I was out walking when I heard a scream. At first I thought it was the forest playing tricks on me but then I heard it again ad that's when I knew it wasn't the forest. I ran as fast as my hooves would let me until I came to a clearing where I saw the most horrifying sight of my life." Her eyes were wide with terror as the memory of what she saw came back. "Lying on the ground were two ponies, one was a stallion and the other was a mare. Both of them had been brutally butchered."

Luna's eyes widened when she heard this but at the same time she has never heard of a pony being butchered or seen one butchered before. "It was horrible. The stallion had this large cut in his neck that was still pouring out blood from it and was missing a leg. The mare eyes were wide open and she had several cuts in her body. However when I was about to run for help I heard what to me sounded like a crying. I looked around and there Crystal was crying in the bushes." Ingrid said as tears rolled down her eyes.

"She was so horrified that at first she wouldn't even come near me. I heard hoofsteps coming from behind me so I galloped over to her grabbed her with my mouth and began running as fast as I could out of there. I didn't want to look back to see if there was somepony or something behind me. Because whatever it was had killed Crystal's parents and I wasn't going to let that happen to Crystal." Ingrid said as her eyes turned from sadness to serious.

"Crystal hasn't been able to even play with others because whenever she starts to play with somepony she starts to remember the worst moment in her life. Either that or she just doesn't trust anypony anymore. She doesn't want that incident to happen again." Ingrid said as she smiled in the filly's direction.

"So then Crystal thinks of Naruto as her father?" Luna questioned having heard enough of that sad story. She looked over to Naruto and walked over to him and put her arms around both of them. Crystal looked at Luna and went and wrapped her small hooves around her then. Ingrid's eyes widened when she saw this. "It's alright little one." Luna said softly as she ran her hoof down her back trying to help her calm down.

Ingrid looked at them and if she didn't know that Crystal was an orphan she would have sworn that they were a family. Naruto smiled watching Luna hold Crystal like that. She must be good with kids, he thought to himself. Not really she's just doing what her instincts are telling her to. After about three minutes of crying from Crystal she finally stopped.

Luna slowly began putting Crystal on the ground. Naruto helped wipe what was left of Crystal's tears from her eyes. Crystal was no longer upset, she was smiling happily at both Naruto and Luna. Crystal opened her eyes and for the first time in a long time they had life in them. She smiled up at Naruto who smiled back feeling like she was finally okay. Luna knew why she was smiling but she didn't want Naruto to know not yet.

"Would you mind playing with me?" Crystal asked as she jumped up and down happily. For a second Naruto thought she was related to Pinkie Pie for a second. When that thought left Naruto nodded his head and Crystal shouted in joy. She tried to pull Naruto outside but she was too young and Naruto was looking around like he was expecting something else to happen.

Luna just glared at him slightly and he smiled while scratching the back of his head. "Alright then let's go play Crystal." Naruto said as he picked her up and put her on his back. She had never been so happy in her life. Then again she has only been alive for four years so she doesn't have much that could really compare to this. "So what do you want to do?" Naruto asked actually excited as he got to eye level with Crystal.

"Hide and seek, hide and seek!" Crystal said jumping up and down.

"Alright then how about you hide first and I'll be the one who counts first alright." Naruto asked as Crystal started jumping up and down."I'll take that as a yes. Now you go and hide while I count okay."

Naruto closed his eyes and covered them with his hooves while Crystal tried to find a good place to hide. She only had ten seconds and she was panicking a little bit. Until she remembered something that her father told her, that she could use magic because she was a unicorn like her mother. Crystal concentrated remembering that levitation spell that she once saw her mother use on her dad when they were all playing hide and seek together. Her small horn glowed a brilliant teal as she began floating in the air. She was so excited about it that she wanted to scream but she didn't want Naruto knowing where she was.

"TEN! Alright Crystal you better have hid well because nothing escapes me." Naruto proclaimed as he began to dart all around the orphanage trying to find the little filly. Luna was watching the whole thing and looked up to see Crystal giggling softly to herself.

Naruto started to look all over the place as he was determined to find the young filly. Naruto was beginning to look in places that some thought impossible but that didn't stop him at all. He was going to find this filly. He began to look in the trash cans that were outside the orphanage and was also looking through every room inside the orphanage. Naruto was beginning to get frustrated when he began to start looking in trees and all that.

Crystal hadn't moved from her spot in the air but she was finding it a little harder to keep concentration with her having to also focus on not laughing as Naruto continued to become frustrated with being unable to find her. Luna just shook her head as her coltfriend wasn't looking and ran into a tree. Crystal had to hold back the laughter that she felt coming on and it was hard.

Naruto was about to give up when he saw Luna looking over to him with this sort of disappointed look. "Naruto are you really going to let this little filly get the best of you?" Luna asked trying to see if he would actually get that fire back and continue to look for the little filly.

Naruto thought about it for a second and screamed, "NO! I won't let her beat me at this no way!" His eyes were on fire literally. Luna smiled seeing the stallions he loved so much but unfortunately he didn't really get any better at finding Crystal.

Luna just smiled at his determination but looked up at Crystal who was still trying to hold back her giggling. Luna waved to her and Crystal waved back. Naruto turned just in time to see this and wondered why Luna would do that. He didn't look up as he was lost in thought about what she could have been waving at.

Luna just sighed and walked over to Naruto and patted his back. He looked at her a little surprised. "Why don't you stop seeking and just let her win?" Luna suggested not wanting to see Naruto punching through walls to find her. She knew how Naruto got when he was angry and she didn't want the little foals exposed to such a violent form of him.

"But you just said that I should…" Naruto was stopped as he saw a pleading look coming from Luna, "alright then. Crystal you win I can't find you!" Naruto shouted as he suddenly heard a cry of victory from the sky. His head shot up and saw that Crystal was using magic to levitate herself in the air. Naruto pouted as he couldn't believe how stupid he was.

Crystal floated back down seeing Naruto looking upset. "Um…did I do something wrong?" Crystal asked looking down at the ground. Naruto could see that Crystal actually looked and appeared to feel guilty about what she had done.

"No not really but next time no magic alright my little diamond in the rough." Naruto said rubbing his hoof through her mane making it messy. Crystal looked up at Naruto with wide eyes as she remembered her father calling her those exact words. Hearing them again made her start to sniffle. That made Naruto and Luna jump backwards in surprise. "Crystal is everything alright did I say anything wrong."

Crystal ran to Naruto and wrapped her small hooves around his leg. Naruto was completely and utterly confused until Crystal began to shout one word. "Papa, papa, papa, papa!" She said crying into his leg. Naruto knew that had to be what she called him earlier before they played with each other.

Ingrid had finally come out after having taken care of the other foals inside. She still couldn't believe that Crystal was playing with somepony. She felt that it was a miracle that had descended down upon them. When she got outside she heard crying and then saw Crystal crying into Naruto's leg. She was about to run over when she heard continually calling Naruto papa. She couldn't believe it.

Luna was shocked at what this little filly was calling Naruto. When she looked at Naruto she felt like an aura was coming off of him, but not a bad one. It felt to her like this light or benevolence was beaming off of Naruto. She watched as Naruto picked the little filly up off the ground and pulled her out to look at her. Crystal wanted to hug Naruto badly but then wrapped herself up feeling like she had done something wrong. She was scared that she had made Naruto mad at her.

Naruto felt that something was wrong and he didn't know anything else except how he comforted Luna, he brought the little filly closer and wrapped her up in his arms. At first Luna was surprised to see this side of Naruto because she didn't think he'd have that effect on a foal. But, right there in front of her she saw Crystal the filly who had lost her parents in the worst way possible finding Naruto to be just like her father.

"It's okay Crystal, I got you. There's no need to cry my young diamond." Naruto said as he picked his head up and looked down at the filly with a gentle smile. Ingrid was tearing up because never before had she seen anypony be so kind to an orphan let alone Crystal. Ingrid couldn't believe how happy Crystal was even though she was crying.

"Papa," Those were the only words able to escape Crystal's lips. She couldn't say anything else as the memories of her first parents dying in front of her came back to her again. Before she could start crying again, though, she felt Naruto hold her closer to his chest.

"Don't cry my little diamond. I know you're hurting inside maybe it's because your parents aren't with you or maybe they abandoned you." Crystal looked up to him in horror, how could Naruto say that about her parents. "But when I think about it, the only reason I can think of them not being here for somepony as special as you is because they are no longer with us. If that's true I am so sorry Crystal. If I was there I would have done anything to help them. You wouldn't be alone anymore. I just wish there was something that I could do to make you feel better."

Luna looked at Naruto with amazement, she couldn't believe that Naruto was able to realize that without being told. "Why not adopt her?" Luna and Naruto shot their heads in the direction of the voice and saw that it was Ingrid who looked like she had just been crying.

"A-Adopt her?" Naruto asked feeling confused.

"Yes, adopt her. From what I have seen she seems to really like you Naruto and I think you would be the perfect parent for Crystal. Same goes to you Luna, you'd make a great mother. In fact when I look at the three of you together I already see a great family." Ingrid said as Naruto and Luna looked at each other with questioning looks.

"I don't know Ingrid, Naruto and I have only been together for two months, well as a couple. I don't know if we're ready to take care of a filly. Neither of us know the first thing to do when it comes to that." Luna said feeling a little upset with herself because she saw how Crystal looked at Naruto. She didn't want that little filly to start crying again. Especially if it makes her feel like she was abandoned. More importantly though, was that Naruto hadn't really had an income for awhile.

Sure she was a princess and could just borrow some from her sister but she wanted to be with Naruto and have a normal pony life with him. Luckily their friends helped them out every once in a while. Or they might not have anything to eat. "But, but…." Crystal was trying to say something but couldn't because of the hurt that she felt.

"I'm sorry Crystal but Luna is right." Crystal looked up at Naruto with tears forming in her eyes. "I want to adopt you with all of my heart but we just don't have the funds right now but I promise when we do we'll come for you alright." Naruto said trying to comfort the little filly but all he got her to do was jump away from him and run inside crying her heart out.

"Crystal!" Naruto called out reaching his hoof out only to grab for air. Crystal was already inside and now somewhere where Naruto wouldn't find him. Naruto felt angry with himself as he felt his anguish from saying such a thing to an already hurt filly.

"I'm sorry about that Ingrid. C'mon Luna let's just go. If I stay here any longer I'll break something." Naruto couldn't believe how much pain his body was going through. It felt like when Luna was getting hurt .

"I'm sorry for asking something like that out of the blue Naruto. But you must understand that Crystal hasn't ever gotten as close to a pony ever since her parents deaths." Naruto froze when he heard that. So then Naruto's guess was correct. "When you came into her life just now she saw her father in you Naruto. But since you said that you wouldn't take her she feels like she's lost her father again."

Naruto felt even angrier after hearing this because that meant that she may never open up to anypony ever again. Naruto just wanted to run to his home and go to bed and get this day over with but the sun hadn't even begun to set and he felt wide awake so that would hinder the sleeping. Luna could see the anger within Naruto better than anypony now. She saw how much he wanted to take Crystal but couldn't.

"I'm really sorry Ingrid but we really have to get going now." Luna said putting her wing over Naruto trying to comfort him as they made their way out of the orphanage but before they could they heard a shriek coming from the orphanage.

Naruto was the first to respond galloping as fast as his hooves would go into the orphanage almost taking the doors off of their hinges. Naruto knew that shout came from Crystal which only furthered his anger. He felt like such an idiot for not realizing the mistake he made sooner. Naruto heard the shriek again and blasted the door down and found Mara standing over a completely terrified Crystal.

"Get away from her!" Naruto shouted as he prepared his hoof to go right into the mare's face. Mara turned around in surprise as Naruto's hoof came into contact with her cheek sending her into a wall. After Naruto had done that Luna came rushing in to Naruto worried.

"Crystal are you alright?" Those were the first words that came out of Luna's mouth.

"MAMA! PAPA!" Crystal shouted as she jumped into Luna's arms. She cried so hard into her chest that Luna began to think she might have to borrow a towel after this.

"We're so sorry Crystal. If I had known this would happen I would have taken you home with us on the spot." Naruto said as tears began to fall from his face. "I promise you I won't make that mistake again. From this point on you're a part of this family. I will happily take you as my daughter Crystal." Naruto said as he put his cheek against Crystal's and then hugged both of the girls he cared so much about now. And just like that Naruto's home would be filled with another member and their family had gained a new member.

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