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//black velvet//

chapter one


…The seasons change without me.

I remain in shadows growing wings.

The spirit song surrounds me, in refrain, in shadows growing wings.

Like an angel with two broken wings, reach the sky again.

Like a devil, meant for better things, I will find my place on high…

"The Nephilim"- A.F.I.


I sat back in one of the wooden chairs that surrounded the mahogany table in the enormous library of the castle. All the windows were kept open this time of the day, high noon, and the golden sunlight gently pressed into the room and played among the tons of books that lined the walls and corners.

The chair creaked slightly as my weight was pressed into it and I smiled slightly at the silence. The palace was rarely so quiet…with Lord Delon and the Lady gone, the edge to get work done had been greatly reduced. And we had time to spend to ourselves.

In front of me on the table, piles of used parchment were stacked rudely, awaiting the sorting and filing that would have to be done as soon as Lord Delon came home. But for now, I was the only one in the library…

I sifted through the various papers, looking for a specific one. Resting on one, I suddenly realized that it had been the one I wanted to read…a letter to Lord Delon from one of his correspondents…who exactly it was, I didn't know…with news of the new King of Gondor. And the Lady Arwen…


The festivities of the summer solstice was put on early today…and lasted until late night. I do believe there is still some of it going on somewhere…

The sun shone today, with the clouds bearing mind and not covering it up. The trees were covered with gold trains of fabric that shimmered against the sunlight. Tables were brought out…and covered with delectable treats from the royal kitchen…King Aragorn is doing well with his new reign.

Ah, yes, his reign. That is what you wanted to hear, is it not? It is well…the people have accepted him without fight in this past year…and his marriage with Arwen has not changed in the slightest. From what I have seen in the two, they still believe they have just been married, though Aragorn's duties for Gondor are finally taking some of their time away from the two. But, still, Arwen is still as smitten with him as ever…and he, her. Why, at the festival…

I looked up, slightly frustrated at the sound of coming footsteps. Most likely Vauna, the head of this palace, coming to tell me to get up and help her some more with keeping the floors and shelves clean. Placing the parchment down gently, not caring whether it was where I had found it or not, I looked over my shoulder and intently at the door. The footsteps passed the door, and they certainly did seem like Vauna's, and I cocked an eyebrow. It was a strange time that she wasn't constantly nagging me about how little work I do…though I do more than she admits.

Shrugging it off, I stood up and brushed my hair over my shoulder. It was terribly long…around five inches above my waist…and although it's already shorter than the other women's, I still love the idea of cutting it even more. But that is something that will never happen.

Walking over and standing next to a large window, I lean against the frame and let my eyelids lower casually.

I don't believe in love stories. Oh, of course they've happened…just look at Aragorn and Arwen. That is why I searched out the letter about them…I find a strange pleasure reading about their love. But I don't wish I had that type of love…nor have I ever wished for it. True love deceives more than it gives itself to, and I noticed this early on…and so I set my dreams for the future accordingly.

I've been called different things. Concubine. Mistress. Even wench…though the first two fit me better. I am where I am right now under because I wish to be. Nothing has been forced upon me like so many have thought.

I was a fool for a long while…believing that there was such thing as true love…all I had to do was wait. But I came to my senses…when I was around 80. Though it was slightly younger than what is normally looked as a "prime age" in elven culture, it was old enough for me. I had expected to live my life alone and happy…but some feelings you can't resist. I lived in this palace at this age, as a servant in the kitchens. I was lucky enough to find a lover for a night that understood.

That night…that night. It was everything I had expected, but more that I hadn't been looking forward to. The man was much more experienced than I, and was able to at least dull the throbbing pain that my first time caused me. And even through that, I found the pleasure I had heard so much of…

I found myself thinking about it more than expected after my encounter, and a few months I decided to test the rumors I had heard that the "first time is the worse". Such talk, of course, is rarely talked about the courtly women, so I had to deal with the talk of the kitchen women…which, I believe, have more understanding of life than the courtiers do.

My thoughts became actions, and soon I found myself enjoying the company of men. Of course I don't feel like I love the man…yet, in my world, it's the closest I can get to true love. I'm not going to sit by, waiting for that 'true love'. And it can be a lonely world when one spends every night alone…but please realize I do have some types of restrictions. I certainly don't look for a bed-warmer every night, and even then they have to have at least a little bit of cleanliness about them. I'm certainly not so desperate as to take someone off of the street.

Since I live in a court of mortals, I find that I have spent most of my nights with mortals, many ranking, and one or two elves…such wonderful lovers are they.

But it would seem as though it runs in my blood to prefer the elves over the men. I am half of the blood myself.

Besides a concubine, though, I serve this court. I slowly moved up from a kitchen helper to a full house helper. They give me a room, and food, and it is better than living on the streets. So here I am…

"Elydë," a stern, middle-aged woman said.

Turning around and giving a slightly guilty smile, I started walking towards the library doors, towards Vauna. "Sorry, Vauna…"

The plump lady harumphed and started waddling away. "Promise to clean the front hallway's floor…and where is she? Daydreaming in the library…"

I shook my head lovingly at the woman that was like a mother to me. I had promised to clean those floors, though only to get out of cleaning the cobwebs from the ceiling corners, and rumors were going around the Lord Delon and his Lady were coming home soon…