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Prologue: Monday Morning

On a breezy fall afternoon, Scarlett sat on the front porch, continuing to slowly rock back and forth in her rocking chair. Taking a few more sips of black coffee, she watched the humming birds dance among themselves, while breathing in the fresh scent of autumn leaves. Placing the cup of coffee on the stand beside her, she let her head rest against the top rail of the chair, closing her heavy eyelids. For the first time in months, Scarlett was finally able to relax from the unwanted stress.

Looking back seven months ago, she remembered when information surfaced across G.I. Joe database of Cobra kidnaping children in Rio Brazil. General Hawk assigned Duke, Snake Eyes, and a few other Joe's to investigate deeper into the case. Duke kept in contact for two weeks with evidence of Cobra weapons being found in abandoned coal mines, but no sign of cobra agents or the missing children. A few weeks later, General Hawk tried to regain contact with the team, but no contact could be found, something was jamming the signal between the team and HQ. It had been a total of six and a half months since they had any contact with the team, until recently getting through by only a blurred signal.

Rubbing her well-rounded stomach with both her fragile hands, She could finally sit back and take in the amazing sunset on this fall afternoon. Scarlett couldn't help but smile at each little movement her daughter made. The only problem that she could think of, was how she was going to tell Snake Eyes? She never knew she was pregnant until they lost contact with the team, how was he going to react to the news?

Scarlett looked down at her wedding ring, in her heart she knew that he would accept being a Father, but this soon? What if he was upset with her for not being able to tell him? The questions kept piling up inside her , trapping themselves in her brain.

Her thoughts became interrupted, when a black Daimler Chrysler 300, pulled into her paved drive way. Scarlett resumed to sip her coffee, raising her head to peer in the vehicles direction. Her hazel eyes watched as two men stepped out of the car, making their way toward her cabin. The man in the passenger side was six-foot 'one, twenty-nine years of age, his skin was tan, and he had short dark-brown hair. The driver, was Caucasian, heavier set , age range around thirty-eight, seven-foot , and bald.

As they approached the front porch , Scarlett continued to act like any normal person would, while mentally readying her body in defense mode. The driver walked up the porch stairs, standing a foot away from her. He reached into his jacket, pulling out his metal badge, before introducing himself.

"Hello Mrs. O'Hara, My name is Special Agent Smithson , and this is my partner Special agent Alex Garson. Were from the Government Secret Service, We need you to come with us for questioning." He said placing the badge back into his jacket , crossing his arms in front of him formally.

Scarlett gave them both a questionable look, placing her coffee back on the stand," I don't under stand Mr. Smithson, why do you need me for questioning?" This situation didn't make any sense to her at all, she was on prenatal leave from G.I Joe, she had no further information except what had happened seven and half months ago. She only kept in touch with Lady Jaye, and Roadblock, but they never mentioned anything private with her about what was happening down at Head Quarters.

Agent Garson, who was standing at the bottom right of the porch stairs, spoke up," that's classified information, please come with us or we will take action into our own hands." He looked down at the wilted flower garden beside him, kicking over a few of the stone pebbles that surrounded it.

She settled herself into her rocking chair, looking over at Agent Smithson, making sure to keep herself as calm as possible,"Is there anything that you can give me to trust you?"

" Only this Mrs. O' Hara." He pulled out an envelope from his jacket handing it to her, "I hope this is all the proof you need."

Scarlett began to open the envelope slowly, fearing what the letter had to say inside, she closed her eyes pushing back her feelings , as she started to read the letter. Thinning her lips , she folded the letter back into its envelope, carefully standing up straightening her flowy blue dress, before being helped to the vehicle by the two agents.

Dear Scarlett,

I have requested that you come back to base for updated information on the Mission,

this way I know you are in a more secure place. I have assigned the two agents to

make sure you arrive here immediately.

Sincerely ,

General Hawk