Writer: Oddcompass

Pairing(s): Jean/Connie

Warning(s): None

Disclaimer: Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan does not belong to me. It belongs to Hajime Isayama. This was made purely for fun, not profitable purposes.

A/N: Hello! Again, like I always say, it's been a while since I last updated, yeah? Well I suddenly remembered the first part I made to this but I didn't know how I wanted to continue it. Then I was listening to a song and I got inspired to make a second part to this! This pairing gets little to no loving and it really needs some, like, seriously. This is basically the first one but in Connie's POV. I didn't reread the first one just based it off memory so I apologize if there are things that don't line up. Anyways, read on and please excuse any errors or mistakes I may have made.

Connie could hardly believe himself. He just had to develop feelings for Jean of all people. He truly surprised himself everyday when he looked at Jean and could feel his heart pound fast in his chest cause he has a crush on Jean. He knew at some point that he was going to have to accept those feelings, but he didn't expect to act like a starry eyed girl when he did.

Every dayit seems like Jean catches Connie staring at him like some freak. Connie can't help but to get red faced and look away too late. He always wants to look back, pricks of nervousness and shame poking him all over. Sometimes, when he's brave enough too, he looks back. Jean is then usually looking at Mikasa or talking with Marco. He then feels a bit jealous but knows that it's unreasonable.

Connie hates having crushes.

It gets especially bad when they're sparring and Jean is paired with him.

He could feel his throat getdry, his palms sweat more than Bertholdt's enitre body, he gets shifty eyed, and so many more stupid teenage boy emotions. He can hardly look Jean in the face in fear of staring into his eyes for too long. His eyes are very distracting to him.

Connie really hates having crushes.

He's stared at Jean so many times that other 104th members have started to take notice.

Armin has came up to him several times to address the issue and to 'tell him how you feel'. It's whenn Connie denied his obvious feelings the gourth time that Armin stopped talking to him about it. He does give him knowing looks more often than Connie would like.

Sasha took notice, too. She, of course, poked fun athim about it. She did give him advice a few times but Connie's more thansure that giving him food won't woo Jean into liking him. Sasha isn't a good source of information. He made sure to keep that in his mind.

Today was an average enough day for Connie. He stared at Jean multiple times and somehoe managedto not get caught. Connie had counted himself as abnormally lucky that day. Until they got to combat training, that is.

Connie was sparring with Armin that day, neither of them taking it too seriously. Besides, how could he take it seriously when Armin kept giving him that look?

He decided staring at Jean would be better.

He was so right.

Jean had taken a break from dparring with Marco and had lifted his shirt to wipe at the sweat on his brow. That gave Connie a more than welcoming moment to openly stare at Jean's well-toned stomach.

He wanted to run up to Jean and kiss him right then and there but he suppressed the urge with licking his lips.

Then the craziest thing happened.

Jean did the same back to him.

Connie could feel his entire body heat up in embarrasment. Did Jean just catch him staring at his body like some creep while licking his lips? And he did the same thing back? Connie felt like he was going to spontaneously combust by how warm his body felt.

"See that?" Armin had spoken up, giving Connie a look that said he knew he was right. "Now it shouldn't be that hard to tell him how you feel, should it, Connie?"

Connie didn't say anything but watched as Reiner and Bertholdt approached Jean. Connie just knew that they were talking about him.

He turned on his heel and left Armin watching him leave.

Sasha tried to flag him down as he left but Connie was to embarrased to even look at her so he just kept walking away. Maybe the further away he gets from Jean, the less embarassed he'd feel.

Connie then decides that crushes are the worst thing in the entire universe.