He was sitting at his desk, pretending to do paperwork but really just swiveling back and forth in his wheelie chair, when the soft knock came.

"Enter." The door slid open with a hiss.

"Good evening, Captain." Uhura was smiling, but he could tell by her use of his rank that this was not a social visit.

"Lieutenant. What can I do for you?"

"I'd like to put in a request for shore leave."

Jim furrowed his brow. They had just had a ship-wide break not a month ago.

"Of course Lieutenant, I'll grant it if we can spare you. I'm sure it should be hard to find some time for just one person. Any particular place?"

She hesitated, and then took a seat across from him.

"Actually, it wouldn't be just me. I'd like to petition for leave for Commander Spock as well. Next time we're in New Vulcan space."

He felt a twist of dread low in his gut and leaned over the desk towards Nyota, fear coloring his words.

"New Vulcan? Is something wrong? Is Spock sick? What's happened?"

"Oh, no, nothing like that," She shook her head, reassuring him. "It's just…" She colored slightly, "Well, the Commander and I have decided that we want to be bonded. We need a Vulcan healer for the ceremony, and there's a fair amount of tradition attached to the whole thing."

"Bonded?" This was something unexpected. "You mean, like, married?"

The effect was instantaneous, if puzzling; Uhura blushed deeply and looked away in embarrassment. He wondered what he'd said.

"Not married, exactly. Vulcans have a very different…ah, definition, of marriage. Marriage typically comes several years after forming a mental bond," She slid her eyes back up, but kept them askance, "But, I suppose, by the human definition…yes, we'd like to get married." Nyota raised her head fully, and her Captain and friend could see that she was attempting to suppress a grin. She lost the battle, and a broad smile broke out across her face. He grinned back, ecstatic, and then laughed heartily when she buried her face in her hands.

"Oh God!" She cried, half laughing, "I'm getting married!"

"Yeah you are!" He beamed, "I'll make sure to reserve you two plenty of shore leave. Heck, I'm arranging shore leave for the whole crew! We can't miss this."

"Oh," Suddenly she became somber again, "Well, it's not really customary for Vulcans to have the bride's family present…and the ceremony does last a few days, but, I suppose…there's so much formality associated with the whole thing it would be nice to have some people that I can relax around. Just, no bachelor party, okay?" Nyota winced.

"Can't you just imagine his face? 'The presence of naked women is illogical in consideration of the fact that I am here to dedicate myself to my beloved.'" He tilted his head to one side and raised a brow in an eerily accurate imitation of Spock.

His stalwart, capable officer covered her mouth with her hands and giggled uncontrollably.

"Could we even get Vulcan strippers? I"ll have to check that out…" he drifted off.

"Ew! Jim, don't be gross. I'm leaving now." She stood and pushed the chair in, still laughing.

"Seriously, could you ask about that? I need all the dirty details!" Kirk shouted at her retreating back. The only response was an incredulous laugh and the wave of her dark ponytail as she shook her head.

The door closed with a soft zzwoop. Jim leaned back.

"A wedding. Well, heck." He smiled, and returned to his work.

A/N Just warning you guys, I know next to nothing about what canon has to say on the subject of Vulcan bonding ceremonies, and I am not going to research it to find out. This is partly because I am lazy, and partly because I have my own very strong visuals of the formality and ritualism of the ceremony which I want to integrate. If this will bother you, then this is probably not going to be your favorite fic.