Summary: Castiel is a student and Dean is a teacher. When Castiel is forced to take elective classes, he finds himself in Dean's auto shop class and is taken aback by his sudden attraction to his teacher.

Warnings: This is going to have angst and sadness but it will also have a happy ending. All of my stories have happy endings.

Title: Named after a Ray Lamontagne song of the same name.

Thanks for reading!

"That isn't right." the young man insisted, leaning forward to stare into the guidance counselor's eyes.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Novak. I've been over your records several times with both you and your parents. While you have taken plenty of advanced placement and college-level classes, you are severely lacking in the electives that you know are required at this school. The majority of your final year is going to be spent making up for that gap in your records." Miss Braeden said unapologetically, glancing at the computer screen at his records.

"It's not a gap! I avoided the classes on purpose because they are ridiculous!" Castiel argued, frustration evident in his voice.

At her raised eyebrow, he took a deep breath and attempted to calm himself down.

"No amount of finger painting is going to help me get into medical school. There must be an exception." He stressed.

She sighed and reached into a drawer, pulling out a packet of stapled papers.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Novak. No one gets to be an exception, not even the mayor's son. Here's a list of the classes that are being offered this year. The electives are on the last page. There are only five choices and you must take three of them along with the four college-level science, math, and language classes you're taking. If you want I could give you some recommendations…"

"No thank you." Castiel snapped, snatching the papers off of the counter and whirling around to charge out of the office.

"You have to get your revised schedule turned in by tomorrow at three, Mr. Novak!" the counselor called after him, unbothered by his cold behavior since she had to deal with moody teenagers all day every day.

Castiel huffed, knowing that he shouldn't have snapped at her but he was too frustrated to care at the moment. He stomped to the parking lot where his brother was waiting by their junker of a shared car.

"You look like someone burned your collection of anatomy books, little brother!" Gabriel said with a grin, throwing his arm over Castiel's shoulder once he reached him.

"You did that last year, Gabriel. As I recall, you wanted to see whether you could make me cry like a little girl." the younger brother shot back, digging his elbow into his older brother's ribs.

Gabriel laughed as Castiel ripped the passenger door opened and climbed in.

"That was a great day. I think I might have even seen a few tears in your eyes." He said, taunting him as he climbed in the driver's seat.

"I saw far more than a few tears in yours when father told us that you had to pay for my new books." Castiel reminded him.

Gabriel's smile faded for a moment and he huffed.

"Thanks for the reminder. My bank account still hasn't recovered. Who knew that anatomy books were so damn expensive?"

"I could have told you that before you took a welding torch to them. Where did you even get a welding torch?" Castiel questioned, remembering that Gabriel's acquisition of the tool always confused him.

Gabriel glanced over at him, grinning and winking.

"The auto shop teacher. The guy is awesome. He'll let you take anything as long as you bring it back undamaged. If you don't bring back or it's damaged, he makes you pay for it."

Castiel paused as Gabriel pulled out of Lawrence High School's parking lot before remembering something.

"Michael ran over the torch with his car when you announced your intention to burn your name onto his driver's door." He remarked, turning to look at Gabriel.

The older brother grimaced.

"Welding torches are really expensive too." He muttered.

Castiel let out a chuckle before he remembered that he was in a foul mood and he glared down at the list in his hands.

"Uh-oh… did the mean counselor tell Cassie he couldn't take his fiftieth biology course?" Gabriel taunted, already back in good spirits as he went back to teasing his little brother.

"I have to take three electives this year. It's preposterous. And don't call me that." He ranted, tempted to tear up the papers in his hands.

"Yeah welcome to the world of real people, Cassie." Castiel glowered at Gabriel when he repeated the nickname. "No one can take every single advanced placement class in the book without having to take the occasional blow-off class. It'll be great. You'll get by no problem."

"I don't want to take any blow-off classes and I don't want to get by in anything! I have maintained a perfect GPA for three years and now I have to cheapen my transcripts with frivolous classes that will not help me become a world-renowned cardiothoracic surgeon." he grumbled, sitting back and crossing his arms over his chest petulantly.

Gabriel laughed and patted him on the shoulder.

"I sympathize with you, Cassie. I really do." He said sarcastically.

He swatted his brother's hand before turning to face the window as the car gave a nasty lurch when they turned onto the main street.

"This is not as bad as you make it seem, Castiel." His mother said knowingly as she tossed the salad for their dinner.

He stared at her miserably from where he was sitting at the island a few feet from her.

"It's ridiculous." Castiel mumbled, glaring down at the list of electives below him.

"You're being a bit dramatic." Anna said, ruffling his hair as she breezed past him to get a bottle of water from the fridge.

"You would have thrown a fit if the school made you take extra science classes." He accused her.

"That's because I took the science classes that were required and taking the extra ones would have made no sense. I was smart enough to take them early so that I wouldn't have to worry about it my senior year."

"Now Castiel is a genius. He just didn't plan ahead." Rebecca defended her son, patting his hand before she moved to check on the roast in the oven.

"Yeah Cassie, you have to plan ahead." Gabriel said, hopping up onto the counter to perch next to Anna, who was swinging her legs back and forth. "You have condoms right?"

Anna choked on her water as Castiel flushed and their mother gave Gabriel a severe look.

"You know we don't talk about that stuff, Gabriel." She lectured him, stirring the gravy in the pot on the stove before moving to finish the salad.

"Yeah, Gabe." Luci said, sauntering into the room and reaching into the salad to toss a cherry tomato into his mouth as Rebecca swatted at him. "We don't make fun of Cassie for not having a girlfriend or a boyfriend. He'll have one eventually. We were all late bloomers."

"You had your first boyfriend when you were thirteen. Castiel is seventeen, eighteen in three months." Anna reminded him.

Castiel groaned and let his head fall to the counter.

"What is this I hear about girlfriends and boyfriends and condoms?" Charles Novak asked as he walked into the kitchen and set his briefcase down.

"Nothing!" Gabriel, Anna, and Lucifer chorused.

He gave them a doubtful look as he loosened his tie and walked to his wife to kiss her.

"Chuck you know I don't like talking about that. Control your children." Rebecca hissed at him, smiling despite herself.

"Yes, control your children." Castiel muttered, his cheeks red and his hair sticking out uncontrollably from how much he'd messed with it in his stress-induced mood.

Chuck smiled and walked to his youngest son, sitting next to him.

"What's the cause of your stress, my child? If it's the girlfriend-boyfriend thing, don't worry about it. I didn't meet your mother until junior year of college and look where we are. Your time will come."

Castiel gave him a withering glare as Anna giggled behind her hand and his two brothers smirked. Rebecca scolded Chuck as he chuckled.

"It's not about any girls or boys! You know I've never put any focus on that aspect of life. It's about my school and their absurd rules!" he hissed.

"What did they do now?" Chuck asked, peering at the list that was the focus of Castiel's fury.

He sighed heavily and pushed the list towards his father.

"They're forcing me to take pointless electives when I could easily fit three more college-level classes into my schedule. When I tried to argue, the counselor said there was nothing she, or anyone else, could do. I don't think they realize how irritating their rules are. If I wanted to take art classes, I would take them."

"There's nothing wrong with art!" Anna exclaimed, narrowing her eyes at him as she gestured to her own paint splattered clothes.

"I never said that but I do not personally wish to devote my time to it considering that I've never been nor will I ever be interested in art… or theater or choir or industrial workshop or auto shop." Castiel ranted as he read off the electives that were available.

"Auto shop? They still have that?" Gabriel demanded, launching up and snatching the list away from him as he read it. "I loved that class!"

They all stared at him with questioning looks since Gabriel hated anything to do with fixing cars.

"Ah the same guy still teaches it! Cassie you have to take this class! It'll be great, I promise." He said, slapping the list down and circling it with the pen that Castiel was using to consider his courses.

"I have no interest in learning how to fix a car from a greased up fat man in a jumpsuit who can't control his body odor or maintain a comfortable distance." He said with narrowed eyes, yanking the pen away from him.

Gabriel put his hands on his cheeks and turned his face to look at him. Castiel glowered at him through his squished cheeks.

"Trust me, Castiel." He said, taking his younger brother by surprise since he hardly ever called him by his given name. "Take this class. You will not regret it."

Castiel sighed heavily and shoved Gabriel away before glancing back at the list to consider his options.

"I agree with Gabriel."

They all turned to see Michael walk in holding a thick file that belonged to his law firm.

"It's about time Castiel learned how to fix his junker so that he stops taking it into the mechanic every other week."

"That's true." The rest of them murmured except for the youngest who was looking even more disgruntled.

"Traitors." Castiel muttered, throwing a cherry tomato at his oldest brother who smirked at him.

"Speaking of, I'm twenty-years-old. Isn't it about time that I got my own nice pretty new car like Annie, Luci, and Mikey?" Gabriel asked, blinking innocently at his parents.

"You know the rules, Gabriel. Anna, Lucifer, and Michael paid for their own new vehicles with their own well-earned money. As soon as you get a job and stop bumming off of us, you have my full permission to get your own nice pretty new car." Chuck reminded him.

Gabriel grimaced as the rest laughed at him.

Castiel tried to keep the sour look off of his face as he wandered back into the office the next morning to hand in his new schedule. Miss Braedon looked up at him with an amused look.

"I'm honestly surprised, I thought you might switch schools in order to avoid taking these electives." She said as she took the paper from him.

"That would be nonsensical. My course credits might not cross over properly." He said gruffly, his hands shoved in his jeans pockets.

She shook her head with a slight smile as she typed his information into the computer.

"You're taking auto shop?" the counselor asked, glancing up at him with surprise.

Castiel nodded in one jerking motion.

"My brother encouraged me to. He told me that I would like it but I have a hard time believing him. It was better than choir or industrial workshop, however." He said, staring down at the counter.

"Most students actually end up loving the class. It's not the most popular subject but the teacher is worth it. I think you'll get along well." Miss Braedon said.

Castiel looked at her doubtfully.

"I'm not much of a car person." He informed her.

"Everyone says that but somehow they end up doing great in the class. It's one of those classes that you have to try really hard to fail. Mr. Winchester is a great teacher and endlessly patient." She explained.

"And no doubt gifting his students with higher grades on account of his fat, greasy, wandering hands." Castiel thought to himself as he watched her print off his new schedule.

"Thanks, Miss. Braedon." He said, taking the paper from her.

"Call me Lisa. I have a feeling this isn't the last time I'll see you, Castiel." She said knowingly with the same amusement in her voice.

Castiel sighed and nodded at her before turning to walk out as he glowered down at his schedule. His electives were all scheduled in the afternoon one after another. Theater was first, after lunch, followed by art then auto shop last. In the morning, his classes consisted of Environmental Science, Italian Language and Culture, Calculus BC, and Human Geography.

"I'm going to hate this." he grumbled, pushing his way out of the school and back to the parking lot.

Castiel knew that he should have been expecting his group of friends to be waiting for him on the first day of school. Gabriel pulled up to the front of the school where they were huddled together waiting.

"The car is mine tomorrow." He reminded his brother before opening the door and grabbing his old messenger bag off of the floorboard.

"Have a good day, Cassie! Make good choices! Make me proud! I love you, cupcake!"

Castiel slammed the door shut on his brother's teasing though he could still hear Gabriel's cackling as he pulled away.

"Balthazar Roché is eyeing you." Jo said, tossing her blonde hair over her shoulder before looping her arm through his and pulling them close together.

"Balthazar Roché has been eyeing me for two years and I haven't cared in the slightest." Castiel replied, rolling his eyes.

"Ugh!" Jo groaned, tossing her head backwards. "Your lack of sex life and ever present mystery of your sexuality is frustrating, Castiel James Novak!"

"Your obsessive interest in my lack of sex life and ever present mystery of my sexuality is creepy, Joanna Beth Harvelle." Castiel shot back without missing a beat as they approached the rest of their friends.

"Touché, Novak, touché." Jo sighed.

"Are you taking Physics C this year, Castiel?" Ash asked, already pushing to compare schedules.

"No, I was bumped out." he grumbled, hoisting his bag's strap higher on his shoulder.

"Why?" Charlie asked, hooking her other arm through Cas's.

Castiel shook his head, not wanting to explain it once again.

"The school determined that I was lacking in elective courses and informed me that I had to take three of them." he sighed.

They all looked surprised that he wasn't able to talk his way out of it considering that the entire Novak family was known for being smooth talkers.

"What electives are you taking?" Pamela asked, trailing behind them.

"Art, theater, and auto shop." He replied, glancing back at her.

"I'm taking art." Pamela said, grinning at him.

"I'm taking theater." Charlie said, nudging him with her elbow.

"I'm taking shop." Jo said last, bumping her hip against his.

They all looked at her questioningly.

"Okay but it's only because I had to. My mom and Dean have been bothering me to take it since I came to high school and I was finally pressured into it." she grumbled, shrugging. "But I am kind of excited. Fixing cars is cool."

"Dean?" Castiel questioning, having never heard her talk about a Dean in the five years they'd known each other.

"Yeah, Dean… Winchester. Mr. Winchester." She said as if it was obvious.

"You know him?" he asked, his eyes widening.

"Of course! He comes into my mom's restaurant a lot with a few others. He's her go-to mechanic. He's really funny." Jo nodded.

"Funny?" Castiel asked, surprised at the idea.

"Why are you so surprised by that? Did you have a bad run in with him or something?" Jo scoffed.

"No I've never met him. But… he's not a dirty perverted obese man?"

Jo let out a pealing laugh, detaching from him to throw her head back with the force of her laughter.

"You are the greatest, Castiel, honestly." She said, patting his shoulder before grasping Ash's arm to drag him off.

"What?" Castiel asked, confused as to what was funny.

"You'll see in seventh period." She said, red-faced and still laughing as she skipped away with Ash, who was also amused.

"I don't see what the joke is." Castiel muttered.

"You will." Pamela said, amused as well. "I met Mr. Winchester last year. He's great."

"Why does everyone seem to know him except for me?" Castiel asked.

"Because you don't pull your nose out of those science books long enough to appreciate what's in front of you." Charlie informed him.

"I apologize, Charlie. I don't make a habit of appreciating my much older teachers that often." He said dryly.

Charlie and Pamela both laughed loudly and he huffed, tired of being laughed at.

"You might want to change that habit." Pamela said cryptically before they pulled him inside as the first bell rang.

His first four classes went by quickly and he was sitting at lunch with his usual group when Jo began smacking his shoulder insistently.

"Dean is in the teacher's line! Look behind you!" she hissed, trying to get his attention over there.

Castiel began to turn his head but he was distracted by another person sliding onto the bench next to him.

"When are you going to give me your number, Castiel? It's our last year, after all." a smooth voice said.

He rolled his eyes and turned to glower at Balthazar as Jo made a disappointed sound.

"Never, Balthazar, as always. When are you going to stop asking me?" he replied before tossing a grape into his mouth.

"Never, Castiel, as always." He replied, smirking.

The dark-haired boy rolled his eyes before pulling out a piece of paper and scrawling down a number. Balthazar looked thrilled when he handed it to him.

"This is my older brother's number. His name is Lucifer and despite his penchant for teasing me, he is very protective." Castiel informed him. "He would be very interested to learn of your harassment so why don't you call him and explain?"

Balthazar huffed out a chuckle and stood.

"I'll get it one day, Cassie darling." He said, waving before walking off.

"You missed him." Jo grumbled as the rest of the table laughed over Castiel's rejection of his admirer.

"I'll see him in a few hours and frankly I'm not sure that I'll be thrilled to do so." he replied.

Jo rolled her eyes as Pamela teased Castiel for his smooth refusal of Balthazar's flirting.

"Castiel it's time to go to theater!" Charlie said excitedly, seizing his arm and dragging him up.

He was barely able to grab his tray and wave to the rest of their friends before they bolted across the cafeteria.

"I was in the meeting to decide what plays we're performing this year. It's Shakespeare themed so we're doing Much Ado About Nothing, Richard III, and Macbeth!" she informed them as they hurried down towards the school's theater.

"That's great." Castiel replied, trying to sound enthusiastic for the thrilled redhead's sake.

Jo was waiting for him at his locker when art was over.

"I was told by Miss Wilson to wear rattier clothing if I didn't want to get paint all over them. I'm having to change my wardrobe in order to take this class." He informed her with a disgruntled look.

She laughed as he put his bag into the locker, knowing from his brother that Mr. Winchester didn't like school bags in the shop.

"Dean will probably tell you the same thing. We might need to take you shopping." She said, walking with him along with other students including Andy Gallagher, Gordon Walker, Harry Spangler and Ed Zeddmore (who were always inseparable), Garth Fitzgerald, and Meg Masters.

"Hey Clarence." Meg said silkily, moving closer to Castiel with a smirk.

"Back off Masters!" Jo hissed.

"Oh is your unrequited crush flaring up, Harvelle?" the dark-haired girl taunted.

Jo glared at her and pulled Castiel away as he stared at the sultry female. Meg waved at him and winked before walking ahead of them to catch up with Gordon.

"Don't pay attention to her, Castiel. She's an attention whore and she wanted you as badly as Balthazar does." Jo said, glowering at her back.

"She does?" he questioned, confused.

She rolled her eyes and looked at him.

"Everyone wants you, Castiel. You're all innocent and corruptible."

"I am not." He said, offended.

"Yes you are." She said simply, pulling him quicker towards the separate building that housed the large garage.

Castiel had never even been anywhere near the building because he'd had no reason to go to it. It was bigger up close than he thought it would be. When they walked past Garth, who was holding the door open for everyone with a huge, friendly smile, his eyes widened as he took in the large place that was flooded with light. There were eight broken down cars lined up against the wall with all manner of tools spread around the place. A paper-covered desk sat in the corner and at the far end where several garage doors were closed, a black classic car sat with a pair of denim-clad legs sticking out from underneath it. Jo skipped over to the car, her hand grasped in Castiel's.

"Hey!" she kicked at the man's boots over and over again.

"Jo Harvelle you stop kicking me or I'll fail you right now!" a deep, rough voice came out from underneath the car.

"You will not." She scoffed, reaching down to grasp his ankles.

She pulled backwards, dragging him out from underneath the car.

"You've got a class here so get your ass up and teach!"

Everyone else gawked at her at the way she was talking to their teacher. Castiel was gawking for an entire different reason. The man who appeared was not the fat, perverted man who he imagined. His hunter green t-shirt was spotted with grease and he had a stained rag in his hand. His hair was attractively mussed and his tanned skin shone with a light sheen of sweat.

"You're killin' me, smalls." He grunted as he stood.

Castiel stepped back, his eyes wide as he took in the man's height and quite attractive and younger than expected body. Jo grinned over at him as he stared.

"Hey guys. I'm Mr. Winchester but I hate being called that so call me Dean. I have just a few rules. No messing around. There's lots of sharp stuff and dangerous chemicals around here that can do some damage. No touching each other's projects. If I catch you doing it'll you start yours all over again and do a week of detention. If you borrow stuff from the garage, bring it back in the condition you found it or you'll be paying for a new one. Lastly, do not under any circumstance go anywhere near that beautiful black car over there. If you touch it, you'll lose a finger. Remember those rules and you'll be fine. Missing classes is going to set you way far behind so don't skip. If you treat me and your fellow students right, we'll all have a great time in here."

His eyes scanned them all. They lingered on Castiel for a few moments and the dark-haired young man saw that his eyes were a striking green that captivated him.

"All right, so here's how we're going to do this." he said, clapping his hands and moving towards the row of cars. "I'm sure that you've noticed that there are eight of these broken down beauties and eight of you. This is your project for the year. You will all be fixing these up to perfect running condition under my watchful eye. The student who gets the highest grade will get the greatest prize of them all."

Meg stepped forward with her hands on her hips.

"What is that prize, Dean?" she purred, posing in a position that was supposed to look sexy but looked silly for some reason.

Dean himself gave her a raised eyebrow before patting the top of one of the cars, an old VW bug.

"Whoever gets the highest grade gets to keep their car. These were donated by a good friend for free and he has given me full permission to give one away. The rest will be given back to him to sell."

Everyone murmured to themselves, looking thrilled with the idea.

"So the first thing you're going to do is pick your car. Then you're going to get out your smart phones and fancy tablets. You're going to look up the name of the car, find the year it was made and who made it then I'll come around and you'll tell me the information along with your name. I'm not going to do any of those crappy 'getting to know you' games because those are stupid. So… get on it." Dean said.

Jo grasped Castiel's hand and dragged him over to two cars side by side before anyone else could get to them.

"Yours is that one." She said, shoving him towards a faded red car that looked like it would never run again.

"Why this one?" he asked, frowning at her as she leaned on her own car.

"Because." Jo said simply, grinning at him and sliding into the car she laid dibs on to sit on the shredded leather seat.

There was a scramble from everyone else as they tried to claim their cars. Finally, five minutes later they had their cars chosen and silence filled the air as Dean surveyed them.

"Get started." He said simply, kicking off the next hour and forty-five minutes that they were going to have in his class.

Castiel watched as he crossed to a panel on the wall and switched it up, causing air conditioning to kick on for them.

"Castiel!" Jo hissed and he glanced at her. "Get started! Yours is a '66 Chevelle."

He pulled out his phone and began typing the name of the car as well as the year. He discovered that Chevy made the car and his work was done. As the rest of the students typed furiously except for him and Jo, who already knew what hers was. They were staring at each other, both with bored expressions, when Jo perked up and smiled at someone who walked up behind them. Castiel turned and his eyes widened when he watched Dean squat between them.

"How's your mom?" he asked, focused on Jo as Castiel fidgeted where he was sitting on the seat of his car.

"She's good. I know she'd like to see you." the blonde answered, grinning at him.

"I'll be in soon. Bobby and I are planning on coming with Rufus." Dean answered with a smile, wiping his brow.

Jo's eyes slid past him and to Castiel, who was trying not to look like he was listening into their conversation.

"This is my friend Castiel." She said, pointing at him.

Dean turned and his eyes caught on him once again, grinning at him.

"Castiel what?" he asked.

The young man was speechless for a moment at the way Dean's perfect lips formed his name. He shook himself out of it, wondering when he began paying attention to anyone's lips.

"Castiel Novak." He explained.

Dean's eyes lit up with recognition.

"I went to school with your sister, I think. Anna Novak?" he questioned.

Castiel was taken aback by that information. His sister was only twenty-four years old and whereas Dean didn't exactly look older, he didn't expect a teacher at the school to be so young, especially since Gabriel had him two years previous.

"Yes. You also had my brother in your class too, Gabriel Novak."

Dean's smile faded and he squinted at him.

"That little asshole destroyed my welding torch." He said, sounding upset about it even after two years.

Castiel couldn't help the smile that broke out on his face.

"Actually our oldest brother did. Gabriel threatened to torch his name onto Michael's car." He said, causing Jo to laugh and Dean's smile to come back.

"What did he do, throw it off a roof?" he asked.

"Ran it over." Castiel replied, chuckling at the memory.

The other two both laughed harder.

"You were around for that? You could have saved my welding torch?" Dean asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Careful Castiel, your grade could hinge on how you respond." Jo warned him, incredibly amused.

"Gabriel burned my books before he even thought of touching Michael's car. I apologize but I might have laughed… quite a bit… when Michael ran over the torch." Castiel said, grinning.

Dean couldn't help himself, laughing again.

"All right I forgive you. It's nice to meet you, Castiel." He said, reaching out a hand to shake his.

Castiel flushed but tried to hide it as he shook his hand.

"You too… as well. Mr. Win… Dean." he stumbled over his words, causing Jo to smirk at him.

Dean didn't notice glancing at the car behind him as he stood. Castiel did as well, sensing that they were getting down to business.

"Tell me about this beauty." He said, patting the car.

"It's a 1966 Chevy Chevelle." Castiel answered nervously, twisting his hands.

Dean grinned over at him, his eyes sparkling.

"You managed to get the best car in here… except for my baby of course." He said, nodding at him.

"Your… baby?" Castiel questioned.

Dean nodded, his face lighting up even more.

"C'mere." Castiel followed him with a questioning look back at Jo, who nodded to encourage him.

They approached the black car and he remembered the earlier warning, keeping his distance. Dean looked back and chuckled, reaching down to lift the hood.

"If you have my permission, you can come over her." he assured Castiel.

He walked over and looked down at the engine that sat in the hood of the car.

"This is my baby. 1967 Chevy Impala. If you're really awesome, you'll be able to make yours look like this but it'll take a lot of effort. I put a lot of time into her and I make sure she's always running smooth." Dean explained, leaning forward to tighten a lid on something.

"I know nothing about cars." Castiel said, suddenly panicking as he realized that auto shop was the last thing he should have taken considering that the inside of Dean's car looked like a jumbled puzzle that he would never be able to figure out.

Dean glanced up at him with a grin.

"That's the point of auto shop. By the time I'm done with you, you'll know more than anyone except for me of course." He said, straightening up and closing his hood.

He reached out and patted Castiel on the shoulder.

"You'll do great, Castiel. I'll make sure of it even if it kills the both of us." He assured Castiel as goosebumps spreaded through his body.

The dark-haired teenager watched as Dean walked away towards the other students, cursing that he chose this moment to start finding others attractive as well as the fact that the one he found attractive was his auto shop teacher.

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