Hello there everyone, this is my first fan fiction so please try not to be mean. Also, I have edited this from the last time, I posted a chapter!

Percy Jackson, the son of Poseidon was sleeping peacefully in his cabin when he heard knocking on his door. He thought the knocking would go away so he ignored it and, went back to sleeping. After awhile the knocking got harder and harder and soon turned in to kicking. Percy got up and marched straight to his door, open it and yelled " WHAT DO YOU WANT YOU FREAK!"

Nico de Angelo, his best friend said, 'Sorry man, I just was about to tell you, that you had a cool new brother."

"Did you really have to wake me up at five in the fucking morning? Did you huh." Percy said as he slammed the door on his face"

Later at Breakfast

Peruses walked up to his best friend Nico and said, "I'm sorry bro"

"It's cool man, you cranking in the morning" Nico replied.

He walked over to his table meeting he's new brother John! John was really mean sprited person and hated everything about, Percy.

What happened for the rest of the week

Percy and Annabeth broke up finding his brother having sex with her when he woke up.

Soon the camp started to hate him and then he just left. Leaving no trace of him except a clue that only the Goddesses Artemis can read.