Carlos and Logan-Mall, Dani at home with mama Knight

"So what's the baby's name going to be?'' Logan asked Carlos as they walked through the mall.

"Well me and James Decided on Chay James Garcia-Diamond.'' Carlos answered picking up some baby clothes.

"How much longer until he's born?'' Logan questioned.

"three weeks.'' Carlos responded.

"Are you excited?'' Logan asked, looking down at the Latino.

"Yeah, I was hoping to get married first but that's gonna have to wait until Chay's born.'' Carlos explained.

"I really hope Kendall and James get back soon. I think Dani misses her papa. She hasn't gotten much sleep since they left for the three day concert in San Diego.'' Logan said. They continued to walk to other stores, picking up a few things before they headed home, but they didn't even get a chance to get to the door when suddenly Carlos stopped walking and clutched his stomach. Logan turned around and came back to Carlos.

"You okay?'' Logan questioned.

"Yeah, just a kick.'' Carlos replied. He straightened up and continued to walk, but again another sharp pain ripped through his abdomen.

" 'Litos I think your going into labor." Logan said, helping Carlos to a bench.

"No I can't be. Not without James.'' Carlos whimpered.

"Well the wet stains on your pants tell me otherwise.'' Logan said

"ugh, fine. Just please get me to the hospital.'' Carlos cried in pain. Logan carefully drove Carlos to the hospital. Immediately Carlos was rushed to a room while Logan stayed in the waiting room and called James.

"Hello.'' James answered, a little out of breath.

"James listen, Carlos went into labor.'' Logan began

"What! When?'' James yelled over the phone.

"About 30 minutes ago.'' Logan explained.

"Oh my god. I'll be there as soon as I can.'' James spoke frantically.

"okay, be careful.'' Logan hung up and walked into Carlos' room.

"Logie it hurts.'' Carlos whispered.

"I know Carlitos. James said he'd be here as soon as he can.'' Logan tried to reassure. Carlos weakly nodded and slumped back on the bed with Logan holding his hand.

Carlos and Logan-hospital-3 hours later

A nurse came into the room and walked towards Carlos.

"I'm gonna check you again.'' She said. Carlos just nodded his head.

"Your eight centimeters.'' She told he. All of a sudden Carlos burst into tears. the nurse looked at Logan who just smiled weakly and nodded. She turned around and left the two. Logan silently made his way over to the bed.

" 'Litos what's wrong buddy?'' Logan asked. Carlos looked up at the pale boy as tears streamed down his face.

"What if James misses the baby's birth?'' Logan cried out.

"Hey we both know James. He probably has a brick on the gas petal. He wouldn't miss this for the world. It's been about four hours. San Diego is about five hours away. I'm sure he's almost here.'' Logan explained. Carlos only nodded when a contraction hit him in his lower abdomen. Logan pulled Carlos him close and soothed him like any best friend would.

"Are you sure you don't want the epidural?'' Logan asked.

"Yeah, I wanna do this naturally, like Kendall.'' Carlos said.

"well that's because Kendall was allergic to the shot. Also it would reduce the pain significantly.'' Logan stated.

"I know but James and myself wanted to do this naturally.'' Carlos replied.

"Alright. Your doing really well. Just keep holding on Litos.'' Logan said, patting the Latino's back. A comfortable silence fell between the two as Logan quietly sat back down and kept a watchful eye on his best friend. About 30 minutes later Carlos broke the silence.

"What was it like when you held her for the first time?" Carlos asked, pulling Logan from his thoughts.

"It felt like time itself had stopped. It was just me and her. That little baby changes everything and I'm not gonna lie. You don't get a lot of sleep for the first few nights and you're somewhat stressed, but when you finally see that baby smile it's all worth it.'' Logan replied confidently.

"What if I'm not cut out to be a parent.'' Carlos voiced his doubts.

"Carlos for as long as I've known you, you've always loved kids. You hate it when they're hurt or sick and you did so well with Dani when me and Kendall had a meeting to go to. I'm sure you'll make a great parent.'' Logan said, watching as Carlos' smiled a little.

"Thanks Logan, Kendall's really lucky to have you.'' Carlos said.

"Yeah he is.'' Logan said sarcastically "And James is lucky to have you.'' Carlos brightened up and was more determined than ever to do this. They let the conversation droop and let the comfortable silence take over again.

Carlos and Logan-2 hours later

The same nurse came back into the room again. Logan sat still in his chair while the nurse approached Carlos who was sprawled out on his side. She checked Carlos again and looked up at him. "It's time.'' She said, beginning to set everything up.

"No it can't be. I have to wait!'' Carlos cried.

"I'm sorry sweetie, but we can't wait. That baby is coming out.'' She replied gently. His doctor came into the room and checked over Carlos. He looked up at the nurse and nodded his head. The nurse instructed for Carlos to start pushing. He sadly started to push while Logan stood to his side and held Carlos' hand.

They stayed at it for awhile and Carlos was starting to get a little out of breath. They took a little break so the Latino could rest for a minute.

"I don't want to do this without James!'' Carlos wailed. Logan's heart broke a little at this. He knew that Carlos wanted James to be here for the birth.

"And you won't have too.'' A voice came from behind Logan. The small brunette almost jumped out of his skin. He turned around to find James standing right there. James gently pushed (forcefully shoved) Logan out of the way and took his place. Logan, in turn, headed into the waiting room to see Kendall holding their 9 month old baby in his arms. Logan hurriedly made his way over to them. He carefully hugged Kendall and gave his baby girl a small kiss on her head.

"Don't I get one too?'' Kendall practically begged.

"hmm, I don't know? What do you think Dani, does Papa deserve a kiss.'' Logan teased. Dani let out a little gurgle and smiled. "I guess that means yes.'' He said, kissing her hand. Logan looked up and caught Kendall in a sweet, passionate kiss that truthfully, Kendall really missed as did Logan.

"Sorry it took so long. My mom had a last minute flight back to Minnesota. My uncle had another heart attack. They don't know if he's gonna make it through the night."

"Oh I'm sorry, and it's okay. How was Dani?'' Logan asked.

"Fine, mom feed her before I picked her up so she might need a change later.'' Kendall responded looking down at his little girl. They both took a seat and waited.

James and Carlos- Delivery room

"James!'' Carlos practically yelled when his eyes landed on James.

"Hey baby I'm here.'' James said taking Carlos hand in his.

"Jamie it hurts.'' Carlos cried

"I know honey, but we practiced this in class. Just breath and push down.'' James encouraged

"Ahhh!'' Carlos screamed. "I don't want to do this anymore.'' Carlos was tired of doing this, he just wanted to hold his baby.

"Carlos look at me.'' Carlos looked up and took a small rest. "You're so close baby. I promise it will be worth it once he's born. Don't give up just yet. Carlos nodded and began pushing again.

"One more big push and He'll be out.'' The doctor announced. Carlos did as told and finally felt something come out. Carlos was happy, but it only lasted temporarily when he didn't hear a cry.

"Why isn't he crying?'' Carlos asked as tears fell down his face. No one answered him, instead they took the baby to a table and started working on him while the doctor stayed behind and cleaned up Carlos.

"James!'' Carlos shouted. James looked down with his own tears in his eyes. Just as they were about to lose it a small cry came from the table. Both boys let out a huge sigh. The baby was placed on Carlos' chest. He kissed the baby's head and finally understood the love Logan had talked about. Carlos was taken to a quieter room down 1 floor. Five minutes later the doctor came inside.

"I'm sorry we didn't answer your question right away but we had to focus on getting him to breath. The cord had wrapped around his neck, but once he started crying everything else checked out just fine. You can be released once signs the discharge papers.'' The doctor said pointing at James. The brunette quickly signed the papers, thankful that everything had turned out okay.

"Do you want to hold him?'' Carlos questioned. James nodded nervously.

"Okay remember to support his head.'' Carlos instructed. James took him from the Latino. A feeling spread through his chest as he held his son. Suddenly James was hit with reality. This little bundle was his own flesh and blood; his son. A tear slipped down his cheek as he kissed his head. Chay's hand slipped out of the blanket and immediately grabbed James pinky.

After what felt like forever, Kendall came into the room. His eyes lit up when they landed on the small baby in James' arms.

"Hey, where's Logan?'' James whispered.

"Dani was getting fussy and tired so Logan decided to take her home. He said to tell you that he would see Chay when you guys get home and he loves you.'' Kendall responded taking the baby into his arms. James and Carlos nodded and smiled a bit.

"Alright well I gotta get back. Are you discharged yet?'' Kendall asked.

"Yeah, we'll be home shortly.'' Carlos replied. Kendall nodded his head and walked out quietly. James sat down on the bed with the overnight bag in one hand and Chay in the other while Carlos came back from the bathroom, changed in regular clothes.

James stood up and handed the baby to Carlos. James swung an arm around his lover and kissed the side of his head. "Shall we go?'' James asked. Carlos nodded and they both walked out of the hospital with the best thing in the world in their arms.

Wow so I wasn't really going to make another chapter, but I got really bored, so I hoped you guys liked it and... yeah. Hope everyone has an awesome day.