Everything was black. The smells were different and the mattress I was lying on was softer than anything I had ever slept on before. I could feel the texture of silk. Where was I?

I tried to open my eyes, but couldn't. They were too heavy and were screaming for more rest. I would not allow it. I needed to know what was going on. Memories from earlier drifted back to me. The beautiful man and his gorgeous smell and face and his eyes and his hair. I need to get back to him. Where was he? Didn't he know that I needed him? That I would be lost without him? Was this all just a beautiful dream?

Then the last thought hit me. The single thought I had been thinking before I passed out. He was the king. The feared king. This was all kinds of wrong but strangely I didn't care.

I just wanted it so badly to be real and for him to be my mate.

"When is she waking up?" Growled an angry voice. It was his angry voice. It was so good to hear it again. I needed to be reassured that it had not all been a dream, that he was truly here.

"She will wake up when she's ready your Majesty" said a female voice I didn't recognize.

A loud growl ripped through the room. I could hear a vase being smashed against the wall, "That's not good enough! You have been telling me the same thing since she was brought here! What is wrong with my mate? Why did she pass out? I don't pay you for nothing! Get out!" He was furious, but why? Because of me? It couldn't be.

I could hear the other person scramble to her feet and hurry out of the room. When the doors closed, he let out a frustrated sigh and I felt the mattress I was laying on sinking down on my left. He was so close to me. His smell was filing my nose. It was heaven. The way he was stroking my cheek made me feel loved for the first time in my life.

I pried my eyes open. I needed to see him. I needed to see his face and know he was real that he was here with me and this was not just a dream.

I was looking straight into those beautiful golden eyes I remembered. He was looking back at me and I watched as relief filled his face and was crashed to his chest once again.

"Don't you ever do something like that to me again! Do you hear me?" He was sneering the words out of his clenched teeth. I did nothing but nod my head, clenching him tighter to me, burying my face in his chest. It was real. He was here.

"Isabella?" He spoke so softly this time. My name had never sounded more beautiful.

He lifted a finger to my cheek and my lips as I continued to stare at him.

"Isabella?" I smiled against his fingertips and kissed them lightly. He was my mate. My mate!

With a guttural cry he rose onto his elbows and brought his lips to mine. The kiss was so intense and just so beautiful. I had never felt these feelings and I wanted more. It felt like I could never get enough!

He moaned, "Isabella, I love you so much my mate, you will never be hurt again my love."

He ran his fingers over my face, kissing me repeatedly while whispering words of promise and love. We were in our own bubble again, a bubble only meant for the two of us.

But what did he mean? I would never be hurt and the promises of never wanting for anything and always being safe didn't make any sense, my head was exploding with questions.

I weakly reached my left hand up to his cheek and then to his hair. His hair felt amazing between my fingers and I wanted to glue my hand to his hair so that it would stay there forever.

What should I call him while addressing him? Your majesty? Edward? My mate? Would he be mad if she called him Edward? I decided to give it a try.

"Edward, I am confused." I could hear my own shaky voice and cringed on the inside to how weak it sounded. He didn't seem mad though, which was a good thing.

He recoiled as if being slapped on the cheek. "My dear, of course you are! Forgive me for not thinking of it sooner." He looked so remorseful that it made my heart ache for him. I brought my hand down to his cheek again and cupped his beautiful face in my hand.

He leaned into my touch and stared into my eyes. "Isabella you are my mate, my life and my soul. You will live here with me at Cullen Palace" he said with a determination you would never dare to argue against. He had this kind of authority that made you obey and fear him naturally.

Then a thought hit me. Charlie! What was happening to him? Did Edward know about his abuse?

As if he could read my expression he started growling and sneering, "Don't you dare even speak his name Isabella! I will not have it!" His eyes were back to black again and I couldn't help but cower back a bit at the murderous look on his face he was staring at my bruised arm, "How long?" He growled, eyes transfixed on my arm.

"How long what?" I asked, I knew he meant the beating but he had just told me to never speak his name so I wanted to be on the safe side and know that it was okay to do so right now.

"How long have that pig been hurting you?" He was furious and his body was rigid. He really did care. The thought warmed my heart and I gave a small smile before answering.

"Since my mother died" I said and watched as he ripped an angry hand through his hair.

He started talking and I didn't know if it was to me or if he was only speaking with himself, "That is all your life Isabella! I knew there was something wrong with him! He always shielded his thoughts from me and when Jasper started feeling all the anger coming from him I knew that there was something wrong! I'm so sorry Isabella, I should have done something." He was angry at himself for not taking action. However I was totally confused. What was all this talk about reading minds and feelings?

"This isn't your fault Edward" I said and placed a hand on his shoulder. He covered his hand over my own and sighed, "But it is, and I will use all of my existence making it up to you." The intensity he had in his eyes made me believe him, I didn't blame him for not doing anything, he did not know, what could he have done?

"What do you mean he shielded his mind for you? And how could Jasper feel his feelings?"

I asked, wanting to change the subject over to something else.

He grabbed my hand and kissed my fingers before he started talking, "I can read minds my dear. However I cannot read yours. It is so frustrating!" He chuckled for himself all the while playing with my fingers staring at them. I had my eyes on his face, trying to read his expression.

He took a deep breath before making eye contact with me again. "Some born vampires have special powers my dear, did you not know this?" He asked, truly confused. I shook my head.

No one had ever told me about this.

"As you now know, I can read minds, Alice can see the future and Jasper can feel and control emotions. He felt your fear and anxiety last night when you arrived and called for me mentally." I frowned. Why would he do that?

"Why would he call you in his mind? I mean, there are plenty of people feeling fear and anxiety around the Royal Family." I clasped a hand over my mouth, realizing that I had said too much. However the fact that Jasper would call for Edward didn't give any sense.

He chuckled, "My dear, never hide your true thoughts from me. He called me because none of those people were you. Alice saw you coming and knew you were my mate. That is why we arranged for you to meet us and come with Charlie to the palace."

It all made sense now! Alice talking about something she had seen and Jasper's strange expression.

"You are the king." It wasn't a question but a statement, I knew who he was.

"Yes I am, and you will be the queen." He said it with such ease, like it was the most natural thing in the world.

I gasped, for one reason or another I had forgotten this important fact. If I was the mate of the king then that only meant I was the future queen. How did I not realize this before?

"Edward, I-I can't be queen!" I was terrified, absolutely terrified. Me, Isabella Marie Swan, the Queen, living in Cullen Palace as the mate of the King himself.

"No disrespect to my mother or grandmother but you will be the best queen this world has had in decades. Do not worry my love, I will be here and help you through it all." He kissed my head and I rested my head on his shoulder, relaxing. He would be there with me. That was what was the most important. If he was with me I could do anything. That was at least how it felt.

"What will happen now?" I asked after a while, we were lying on the bed cuddling. Me with my head on his chest while he held me and stroke my hair.

"We need to have the mating and crowning ceremony as quickly as possible, so that all the male vampires out there know you are mine." He rolled us over so that he was on top of me. His body was way larger than mine and covered me completely.

He started kissing my shoulder and neck, it felt so wonderful and my body wanted more.

"Edward" I whimpered and he let out a low growl in response. I pulled at his hair to get his lips to meet mine and when they did it was the best feeling you could ever imagine.

A loud knock on the door interrupted us. I immediately broke away and turned my head toward the door, but Edward would have none of it and used his strength to pull my face back to his. He was lying between my legs and I could feel his erection starting to form in his pants, pressing against me. I couldn't help but moan. The person outside the door was immediately forgotten.

"Edward! Open this door right now! Edward!" The person as I recognized as Princess Alice was yelling from behind the door and Edward growled. He never faced the door and was too busy attacking my neck again.

"Edward, maybe we should- oh god! Open the door?" I said between moans as he started sucking.

He ignored my comment and started going lower towards my breasts. I took in a sharp breath as he started massaging them and kissing them through my night blue silk dress from last night.

"Edward! It's important! I know what's going on in there! Don't force me to break in!" Alice sounded frantic and annoyed as hell outside the door and I tried to push Edward away to no use, he was too strong and determinate.

"Edward, stop!" I used all my force and finally he seemed to break free from the spell he was under. His eyes were pitch black with lust and desire and I considered attacking him again and let Alice scream herself hoarse outside!

A loud knock was the final straw for Edward. He was by the door in an instant tearing it open. I could actually hear the hinges scram in protest.

"What?" He growled so that even I shrank back in the covers a little bit. Edwards frame was blocking my view so that I could not see Alice, however I could hear her.

"Edward I need to dress Isabella. The two of you need to give a statement to the people." What statement? I came up behind Edward and put my hand on his arm to calm his murderous glare and rigid body.

"What statement Edward?" I asked, he turned towards me and took my face in his hands, "You don't have to do anything sweetheart, I'll deal with it." He said it like a statement but I would have none of it, so I turned to Alice.

"What statement?" I asked again, but this time directed towards her. She looked between Edward and me before she sighed and started explaining, "When someone from the Royal family finds their mate we have to make a public statement and explain the situation and introduce the new member. Why haven't you given her the ring yet Edward? She will need it or else the people won't believe it!" Edward sent her an angry glare as if to say 'shut up'.

I decided to let it slide. "So how will we do the statement?" I asked. How hard could it be?

Alice gave me an exciting smile, "You just have to stand by Edward's side and smile while he explains the situation, simple as that! Now let's go and get you ready!" She was already dragging me towards the massive walk in closet, but didn't shut the door before giving Edward a stern glare and I knew she was giving him a mental message. I wondered what that was about.

"Finally! He has been keeping you from us forever!" She complained once the door was shut and started going through the closet, pulling out dress after dress, wrinkling her nose at almost all of them.

"It has only been a couple of hours, princess" I said. She spun around and glared at me. "None of that princess stuff! We are family now. It's Alice!" She said it with an irritation and I quickly nodded my head. No more princess from now on...

"You will be queen soon anyway. If anything I should be respecting you!" she laughed and turned her face towards the closet again. That's when I noticed the small bump on her stomach. She noticed my staring and started smiling while rubbing the little bump.

"It's Jasper's and my first child. We are so excited! And now you will be the aunt!" she beamed.

I smiled, "Congratulations. Do Rosalie and Emmett have any children?" I asked. If I was going to be an aunt it was nice to know to how many.

"They have a 3 year old daughter, Louisa. She's so sweet! You will love her. And then they have a 4 month old son, Gabriel." Her eyes sparkled while speaking of her family I couldn't help but smile myself at her excitement. "I look forward to meeting them."

Half an hour later, I was dressed in a deep red Stella McCartney dress with shining black high heels. My hair hung loose and was slightly curled and I wore little make-up.

"Let's go out and greet Edward. He's about to go crazy out there!" She giggled at the mental image she was having and I smiled picturing him. Even though it had only been half an hour I was missing his calming touch like crazy!

I was barely out the door before I was pressed against his warm comforting chest. I could feel Alice roll her eyes at us before mumbling "unbelievable" under her breath. I heard her leave the room, probably to find Jasper herself.

When she had left the room, Edward pulled away slightly to look at me. "You are absolutely breathtaking my dear," I giggled as he pulled me into a kiss. When he pulled back, I noticed that he had changed too. He was now wearing a dark gray suit with black tie and shirt. He looked dangerous, powerful and just so unbelievable sexy!

"You don't look half as bad yourself" I said and cupped his cheek in my hand. He grinned and kissed my fingers before taking my hand in his own leading me towards the bed.

We sat down on the edge and he pulled out a little black box from his pocket. I wasn't stupid. I knew what this was. Every female mate got one.

I felt the tears press against my eyes when he opened the box. Inside was a beautiful but huge Mate ring. I gasped and covered my mouth with my right hand. My left hand was still resting in Edwards. I was expecting a ring when I figured out I was Edward's mate. However what I hadn't expected was the size of it. That beautiful piece of diamonds and white gold was not a ring but a fucking rock!

"Edward," I gasped. He smiled and took my hand in his. There was an intense look in his eyes. "Now everyone will know your mine, I have marked you Isabella".

He placed the ring on my finger and leaned in to kiss me. "I will forever love you and protect you, never doubt that. I love you." And with those last words he pressed his lips against mine. The tears were falling freely now. He loved me! I had a mate!

I felt so overwhelmed. Someone actually loved me and would take care of me. I knew I loved him. No other word than love seemed to fit the emotions I was feeling.

He broke away and took my left hand in his, kissing the ring before settling it back in my lap, "Let's go and announce that the world have gotten a new queen shall we?"