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Mike's point of view

I walked down the hall towards the mess hall to get some breakfast i heard someone yelling my name

"Captain Scott! Captain Scott!" I turned around and saw a short huskie with grey fur. He was dressed like a page of some sort so I stopped to let him catch up to me.

"Thank you sir", he said as he tried to catch his breath", Special request from Mr. Summers sir" he said holding out a sealed letter.

"Thank you" I said, taking the letter from him. I broke the wax seal and opened the letter as the kid ran off down to where he came from.

The letter said,


An urgent request came in today and I need you to take a look at it. There was a portal spotted outside of the town of Riverdale, and I would like you to check it out, be careful though, there may be demons as high as B-class.

I got it cleared with the old man, and you have permission to use a rift, if it counts I will owe you for this.

Your friend, Jake

I ran down to my room as fast as I could, this was urgent. A portal met demons, and demons were not exactly good for a farming town like Riverdale. I threw open the door to my room, and ran to a chest in the corner. I threw open the chest and examined the contents. In side was a suit of bright silver armor. It wasn't very big or bulky. The chest piece was a shirt of chain mail, with a piece of silver plate covering the chain mail. The leggings were leather backed plate, the boots were the same as the leggings.

The rapier I had wouldn't be enough for the heavy fight that could happen, so I place it back in the cabinet a got out a 3 and a half foot longsword I a black scabbard. I strapped the sword to my belt and began putting on the armor. When I finished putting on the armor, I sprinted to the vent rooms.

As I aproched the room, the black cat standing by the door put out his had gesturing me to stop.

"What business do you have with the rifts, captain?" He said, with venom practically dripping from his tongue.

"I have to get to Riverdale" I said in as commanding a voice as I could.

"Do you have permission?" He asked.

"I am a captain, you obey my commands. So who told you to stall me" I said with a threatening undertone.

He flinched a bit and said, "I'm sorry but I can let you past without written permission"

"He does" said the voice of the general warmage from behind us.

"Your Excellency" the door guard said, "I was merely asking for permis..."

"Silence. Who gave you the authority to question a captain? Who gave you the authority to question his motives, or to prevent him from gaining access to a system that is available to all of us of lieutenant or higher can use without question?" He yelled at the guard.

"Sir I..." He stammered.

"Silence! You will allow anyone if higher rank to pass unless ordered by myself, IS THAT CLEAR!" He said yelling the last few words.

"Yes sir." The guard said meekly.

"Now Michael," he said turning towards me, "I do believe you have a job to finish" he said in a peaceful manor.

"Yes sir." I said as I bolted pass the guard and the door into the rift room. The rift room was a large chamber that had many iron banded oak doors that led to different rifts. The name of the area or town that each rift led to was engraved on each door. I looked around for the door engraved with Riverdale. I found the door, but it was rotted and decayed like it had spent quite a bit of time in the rain. I was filled with a sense of dread as I recalled being told that each door reflects its areas condition.

I pulled open the door and ran in hearing the heavy door shut behind me with a dull thud. After running down a stone hall for about a minute, the flame lanterns that were on the walls became fewer and farther between until I was running it total darkness. I hall remained like this for a few minutes I spotted a light up ahead. I ran faster, determination fueling my sprint.

I burst through the light and ran into an open field. The light blinded me for a minute until my eyes got used to it and I had a chance to look around. I was in a large open plane with a forest on the outskirts of it. There was a large pillar of smoke coming from about a mile away near the beginning of the forest.

Then there was a roar. A roar that was nothing but pure rage. I more or less felt it rather than heard it, then I realized it was coming from the pillar of smoke. I was overcome with a sense of dread, 'was I to late?' I asked my self. I sprinted towards the smoke, using a spell to allow me to sprint all out without felling as fatigued.

When I got withing sight of the smoke pillar, I saw that half of the town was burning. The thick smoke began to fill my nose as I neared what was left of the village. Some of the people who were left began to stare and point at me.

I decided I should probably find out what exactly happened so I grabbed one guy by the shoulder when he passed me and he told me that a 30 tall flaming giant came out of the ground and started throwing giant orbs of fire at the towm from around morning to midday every day for about two days now. Every morning like clock work it would arise out of the ground and hurl the flaming orbs for a few hours till it was consumed by the earth once again. In order to deal with this, he told me, the villagers hide in a cave about half a mile into the forest to avoid the fire, then come back to put what fires they can out and to retrieve water from a nearby well.

I thanked him and asked if I could help in any way. He didn't take me seriously until I told him I was a member of the Black Knight mercenary group. After I told him that, he asked me how much the job would cost but I told him, "It's on the house", he gave me a long list of chores to do, form helping carry water to the cave, to scavenging what's left of the village. After working all day I was dead tired, despite using magic to make it easier. I spent the night in the cave in a room the villagers happened to have no need for at the moment. They even gave me some spare pelts for me to sleep on.

I tried to go to sleep, but I was keept up by thoughts of the behemoth I would have to face tomorrow, and the terrifyingly life like dream I had last night. With those thought ony head I slowly drifted off to a uncomfortable sleep.