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Kurt Elisabeth Hummel was a lot of things. He was a world renounced model. He was one of a very limited number of people who could call themselves NYADA graduates. And he was the best friend of Broadway's newest up and coming star, miss Rachel Berry.

One thing he was not was the kind of guy who would ever think of buying a hybrid.

That was why it felt nothing short of weird and wrong for him to stand outside one of New York's finer establishments that excelled in just selling hybrids. Honestly Kurt wasn't even sure why he was standing there at all.

It all had just begun as an off-hand joke from Rachel a few months ago…

Sipping his coffee Kurt quietly watched the show before him, a show which happened to be his best friend rushing into the small café and almost barreling straight into a middle-aged couple on their way out. Looking at his watch he was slightly impressed she was only five minutes late, something which must be some sort of record when it came to the two of them meeting up.

"I'm so sorry Kurt!" she rushed out the moment she reached him, wrapping him into a tight hug the moment after. "My vocal coach decided to keep me a few minutes after our appointment finished. She wanted me to run through the song one more time. You know 'On my own' was my audition piece for glee right? Well anyway I don't really understand why she insisted I had to sing it again to her, I've sung it perfectly since the tender age of five and it's not like I've ever stopped practicing it since, but I guess that sure, Eponine is a challenging role for any woman, but that is rather the acting for me than the singing considering my history, but I mean, it isn't like playing Eva Perón or Elpheba, now those are challenging roles, and the directors of the play did chose me and they surely must know what they're doing when it comes to directing, I mean…"

"Rachel! Rachel!" Kurt laughed. His friend was nothing short of crazy, speaking a mile a minute without seemingly needing air. She sure hadn't changed much since they met in high school. And God did he love her and her antics. "Breathe. I get it Rach, it's honestly not a big deal. And at least you remembered you were meeting with me this time right?"

"I'm still extremely sorry for that you know…"

"Yeah, I know Rach. You tell me so every time we meet up. Seriously it's okay. You're a Broadway actor now, you're not going to be as free to see me or your other friends as you used to, I get it."

But, he hadn't always understood it all though. That first year after graduating NYADA when the two of them had started searching productions they could join had been a nightmare. He had been going to audition after audition; Broadway, off-Broadway, heck even off-off-Broadway. And he had nothing to show for it, they all thought he sounded amazing – which he did – but none of them had a part for him, he was just too different.

And then Rachel had come, and within the first week of searching she had gained one of the bigger roles in an off-Broadway production of Grease. That had stung on itself, but when Rachel then had either blown him off or been late for their little get togethers for weeks after landing that part he'd finally snapped at her. Repeatedly.

The one thing that probably saved their entire friendship before it became distinct was Kurt's instant success in modeling; something that had only happened in the first place because he desperately needed the money. It was only later he realized how much he loved it, because let's face it; it wasn't his greatest love and first choice of work – which would be performing on Broadway in front of a massive audience.

It wasn't even really fashion, at least not the part of it he had expected to work at should he claim a career in it. But he had always been one for glamour, and showing off clothes for a living sure wasn't boring. It was just unexpected. At least for him it was.

But – with its endless stream of unpredictable changes and delays – he had finally learnt just how much work could change everything you yourself had planned for the day. Especially in such unpredictable line of jobs as theatre and fashion.

Safe to say he had apologized profusely to Rachel the first chance he got.

Now though, a few years after that first year of chaos everything seemed to fall into place. They were both twenty-six and huge stars in their lines of work. They were more experienced in the way the world worked and they were more stable and sane. At least most of the time. And they were better friends than ever.

"I'm gonna get a coffee, you want one?" Rachel asked, already striding away from their table. As usual.

"I'm good," he called after her, receiving a little wave as a sign that she had heard him. A smile began to tug at his lips at her antics.

It fell quickly though when he remembered exactly why he had asked her to meet him that day in the first place. He just needed someone desperately to rant to about Josh; boyfriend extraordinaire of his for two years now. Well, at least up until the night before.

As if knowing his exact thoughts Rachel sat down again; cup in hand and a much more serious expression on her usually so happy and vibrant face.

"Soo… What's up?"

Rachel. Never one to beat around the bush.

"Well…" Kurt hesitantly began. There really wasn't any good way to say it was there? "Josh and I broke up."

As expected Rachel didn't really look either chocked or upset like he would have known and expected some of his other friends would look. Instead she seemed more happy hearing this, though she tried to hide it behind a somber expression which he knew was fake.

She had made it well-known all along what she had thought of Josh, and quite frankly pretty much nothing of it was positive.

"What happened?" She finally asked.

"Let's just say I walked in on him…" a small gasp came from Rachel, "with two women."

Now though she looked confused. He had looked pretty much the same the night before when he walked in on the scene himself, but it was so funny to see Rachel wear that dumbfounded look on her face. He would have laughed had the topic not been so serious.

"Wait. Women? I thought he was gay. Like, exclusively so."

"Yeah, I thought so too. Turns out he just wanted some 'inspiration' and 'inside knowledge' for his next book." Kurt sighed, he couldn't believe he had spent six months with that douche. He especially couldn't believe Josh had moved in with him three weeks earlier.

"And apparently that was far from the first time he went out with some girl while 'being' with me. You remember I told you about those Thursday night classes he took for his writing? Yeah, seems like he spent those in bars picking up girls." Kurt finished with a sigh. To be honest he wasn't really upset. Well, sure it stung having been cheated on… by a straight guy… But their entire relationship had been going downhill for a long time at that point. Moving in together was supposed to fix their relationship. Just look where that got them…

"God that little piece of… poop!"

Kurt just had to laugh at that. Because despite being more than accurate with her statement it was just hilarious that although being a grown up twenty-six year old Rachel still couldn't bring herself to curse. God to be there to see the day once she did…

"Oh Rach, I have missed you," he said once he had calmed down, wiping the tears away from his eyes.

Almost dismissingly she waved the heartfelt sentiment away. "I missed you too. But really? Women? I just don't get it… But that would explain why he looked at me so funny last week when you guys helped me choose an outfit for my date with Jack…" A look of horror came upon her face.

"That… thing saw me in nothing but my panties! I didn't even wear a bra!" She cried out piercingly, hushing herself immediately once she realized people where turning to look oddly at her. But they were New Yorkers, weird outburst like this happened on a daily basis, and they soon turned away again when nothing else seemed to happen.

"Yeah Rachel, it must be awful for you that he saw you half-naked. Imagine if you haven't worn that last piece of clothing, or even worse, imagine if you had had sex with him?" he said, deep sarcasm tainting every word. Because that was pretty much the worst part of it all. He had had sex with Josh. A lot. And the guy was straight. Doesn't really get much weirder than that…

"Oh stuff a cookie in your mouth. You know what I mean," Rachel replied with an eye-roll.

"Yeah I do, but it is so much fun to tease you," he said sticking out his tongue at her, making them both laugh.

"So what are you going to do now?" Rachel asked a while later, taking a small sip from her coffee.

Avoiding the imploring look in her eyes that he knew she had he inspected his nails, ridding them of some imaginary dirt as he answered her; a distinct lack of any emotion in his voice. He wouldn't spare a single ounce of sadness over that bastard of a writer.

"Well, first of all I'm kicking him out of the apartment. Okay, actually I did that last night already, and I probably embarrassed him greatly considering I did so right in front of his company."

"Good, good. And then?" Rachel asked. "I mean, do you think you'll try dating again? You know, there is a really cute guy working in the play I'm in, and I'm definitely sure he is actually into guys, maybe I could-"

"God Rachel. It hasn't even been twenty-four hours yet. You don't reckon I would need some time before I went out with some random guy again? Besides, I'm done with boyfriends. They're nothing but trouble." When Rachel tried to interrupt him he hushed her and continued. "Remember Nathan? Or Adam, freshman year? Oh! How about Steven, the biggest mistake of my life? Remember him?"

"Yeah Kurt! I remember all of them, how could I not? All of them either cheated on you or tried to abuse you. But not all guys are like that. Frankly speaking Kurt, you've had some good boyfriends too. What was his name, that guy from the drug store..? Peter? Percy? No, Patrick! No…"

"Do you mean David?" Kurt asked slightly confused. He had never dated anyone beginning with a p… certainly not anyone he met at the drugstore…

"Yes! David was his name!"

Kurt rolled his eyes. The girl had a serious problem with names.

"Do you also remember how David still lived with his mother at the time? That he probably still do so?" Kurt asked somewhat bored.

"Lots of people live with their parents Kurt."

"Yeah, well most of them are teenagers, not twenty-nine…"

"Oh right. And wasn't he the one that had that odd fixation with horror movies?" Kurt nodded shortly. "But other than that there was nothing wrong with him!" She defended.

She was actually kind of right. David had been a good boyfriend; he had been extremely romantic, always buying Kurt flowers and bringing him on impromptu dates (though Kurt believed that all of it mostly was the work of his mother), and he never did cheat on him, or tried to beat him like Steven did that one time. But there hadn't been that spark between them. They never were meant to last in the first place.

"Yeah, yeah, you're right, not all guys are douches. But I'm done with relationships; the only good thing I've ever gotten out of them is the sex…" Seeing Rachel cringe at the word he rolled his eyes. "You know you will have to learn to talk about sex and to curse someday. You never seem to have a trouble during your plays, and some of them have been kind of out there to put it lightly."

He thought mostly of the musical she did the year before, when she played Maureen from Rent. It had surprised him greatly seeing her doing that part.

"That is different. That is the character talking, I'm just the mediator so the audience can actually hear it. But you go on; you were saying something about the only good things in relationships…"

"Well, there's the sex," Rachel cringed again, but this time he chose to ignore her, "and then there is always someone you can snuggle up with and watch trashy TV with. And just the general feeling of your home not being quite as lonely, though one can get that feeling filled if you just buy a dog or something. Other than that there really isn't much use of boyfriends at all."

"Ha. Maybe you should just do like Jesse st James did when he got fed up with needy girlfriends and bought himself a hybrid." They both gave a short laugh before quieting down completely, both deep in though.

Though it was completely legit in America to buy and own a hybrid, Kurt could never see himself doing just that. It was just so wrong, to own another person like that. Because Kurt did saw them as people, unlike most others. And even just joking about him buying a hybrid seemed wrong somehow.

And then there was the way most people then treated the hybrids they got. Abuse and sexual encounters were regularities for a hybrid when they came to a home, along with being a personal little slave. And it wasn't even acknowledged because hybrids were supposed to be lower life forms than humans were. They were even lower than animals in society's eyes. Kurt couldn't see himself doing that, couldn't really see himself treating someone like they're worth less than him, just because they have different genetics and look a certain way.

He was brought out of his thoughts when Rachel spoke again.

"Actually it's not a bad idea."

"What isn't?"

"You buying a hybrid. No Kurt hear me out okay?" she hurried when he raised an offended eye-brow at her. "Listen. You'd have someone to have… to have…"


"Yes, that. And you could snuggle up with them like all the time and watch TV. And you can actually do all this without adding on the entire relationship part. You could just be friends, with like, benefits."

"Are you seriously trying to get me to buy a hybrid so I can have a friends with benefits relationship with them?" he asked her incredulous.

"Yes I am. But think about it Kurt. You wouldn't be living on your own anymore. And you would be giving one of them poor creatures a home, a good home at that. You as well as I know exactly how most hybrids end up these days. And you can't argue that you don't have the money for it, I know about your savings account mister." She sounded really proud of herself after her little speech. Too bad it would be all in waste. Him? Buying a hybrid? The very thought was both incredibly comical and offending.

"Have you just forgotten everything I think about the kind of people who buy one of them poor girls and guys to use them for sex? I fucking broke up with Ben junior year when I found out he had two of them back in his apartment!" There was no way he would ever buy a hybrid. Over his dead body.

"Okay," Rachel surrendered hands up in the air. "It was just a suggestion. Now on another note Jack and I are going out tomorrow night and I could use the help of my best gay to find me an outfit…"

Ever since a small seed had been planted in the back of his mind, nagging him about it, and now, two months later it actually seemed like a genuinely good idea. At least the part about having some company to come home to at the end of a workday; the entire sexual aspect of everything still seemed weird and fishy to him.

He refused to acknowledge the dreams he had had over the past weeks. Fleeting images of him fucking into someone from behind, of tying someone up and torture them for hours with a vibrator, of deep-throating someone so deep he wouldn't be able to speak for a week. He absolutely refused to acknowledge the way all guy's he had dreamed about had either a cute little fluffy tail or long soft fur covered ears. No, those dreams had never happened.

But now he was standing outside of the shop called 'Heavenly hybrids', debating whether or not to actually go inside the store. He might have looked pretty calm on the outside to anyone passing him on the street, but on the inside thoughts were whirring around, making him slightly confused and panicked.

'It's just so you'll have some company at home Kurt, there's nothing wrong with that.'

'Uh-huh, don't kid yourself, if you want company you should buy a cat like a normal person.'

'There are laws preventing animals from being treated poorly, hybrids don't have that security. At least if I bought one of them there would be one less ending up hurt.'

'And you're sure you wouldn't end up hurting them yourself? Sex, beatings, slave work? You wouldn't cause any of that, ever?'

'No, never. Honestly, it's just some company. There will be nothing sexual going on, nor will there be any beatings or any slave-work.'

'You think you are better than all the other rich perverts who buy themselves a hybrid? Don't fool yourself; you wouldn't be standing here if you were.'

'I would be giving someone a good home.'

'You think that now, but what about when you get bored with them like with that goldfish you had when you were little. Will you just let them fend for themselves like you did then?'

'Hey! That was low, I was only five years old then and shouldn't have been in charge of feeding the poor fellow.'

'Yeah, you say that to yourself.'

Yeah, this was getting out of hands. But honestly, should he really do this? Should he buy a hybrid, be responsible for another person? As said, he couldn't even take care of a goldfish for Christ sake!

No he should just go away. He should go home to his apartment, his empty apartment, his very, very lonely apartment…

Maybe he should just go to the pet store and buy a cat. Then he wouldn't be alone anymore. No, bad idea, he didn't want cat-hair all over his clothes and furniture. Or markings from their claws. And he would probably end up killing whatever he got just like Goldie the goldfish.

A hybrid did seem to be the answer to all of his questions, didn't it? It couldn't hurt to just take a look at some of them, could it?

Taking a deep breath he walked up to the door of the shop, discreetly looking to see if anyone would see him enter the store before he turned the handle and pushed the door open…

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