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Kurt POV

He had panicked when he woke up the fallowing morning, had panicked the moment he felt and recognized the warm body of Blaine still sleeping soundly on top of him where they lay on the couch together. He couldn't believe what he'd done, using Blaine like that the evening prior. Poor little innocent Blaine.

It didn't matter that Blaine had said he liked it, that he had wanted it, because it was obvious – to Kurt at least – that he had corrupted the teen. He had simply used him in such a filthy, horrible way.

The guilt and shock had raged his body, and he had quickly fled the apartment – afraid to look the hybrid in the eyes – once he'd squirmed and slithered his way out of the boy's hold (without waking said boy, small triumph!). He had hurriedly, desperately called Rachel, asking her to meet him in their coffee shop. To which she reluctantly agreed, even though he did wake her at an ungodly hour in the morning. 'It's only six am Kurt! I am supposed to be sleeping!' she'd complained.

That was why – two hours later – he was indefinitely calmer where he sat opposite Rachel at their regular table. He'd told her everything. Everything. How he'd bought Blaine, the bonding they'd done over countless Disney movies and nights spent cooking together. He'd told her about every single little reoccurring dream of his, and about the confused feelings he had towards the teen. He'd told her about the kiss, ehrm, kisses, they'd shared. He'd even told her about the um… masturbation incident, and the swift handjob. Finally he'd told her about every thought of doubt he'd had, of guilt, of how terrible he was.

When he'd first begun speaking he'd been rushing his words, afraid they would get stuck in his throat if he didn't, and he was sure she had missed a lot of what he had been saying, but he had calmed down gradually as he spoke, feeling utterly relieved once he had finally finished, relived that there was someone in his life who finally knew of the bunny boy in his life, that at least one of the many people he knew and loved wasn't kept in the dark anymore.

Now he was just sitting there though, quietly sipping his disgustingly cold coffee as he waited for Rachel to finally react where she sat opposite him, staring dumbly at him with wide, unblinking eyes and mouth open like a goldfish.

Minutes ticked on slowly, but still no reaction from the young woman. Kurt checked his watch impatiently, tapping his feet rhythmically against the floor.

"So are you going to say something- OW!" Somehow, in the past two and a half seconds, Rachel had managed to find a magazine which she'd then rolled up and used to hit him with square on the head.

"When where you exactly planning on telling me that you had bought a hybrid?" she hissed furiously, majorly offended that she hadn't been told earlier. They were best friends and it had been weeks!

"Sorry, but don't you think there's more important matters at hand? Ow! What was that for?" he asked when she had hit him again.

"Why aren't you at home with Blaine right now? God, you are just so stupid sometimes!" She was about to hit him again, but Kurt stopped her, raising his arms in defeat and ducking his head.

"And why little miss hysterics am I so stupid this time?" Kurt asked, raising an inquisitive eyebrow at her.

"He obviously likes you from what you've told me silly, and just why then are you spending your morning with me, waking me for this, when you could be at home with that boy?"

"How can you be so sure he likes me though Rach?" Kurt asked feeling defeated, pointly ignoring her question completely. "How can you be so sure I didn't just use him? That he didn't just let everything happen because of his background?" He looked her dead in the eye. "How can you know he actually wanted all of this?"

Kurt could see she desperately wanted to hit him again with the magazine, most likely thinking it might knock some sense into him, but she didn't. He probably looked pathetic enough as it was; on top of wearing yesterdays clothes (which were still unfortunately somewhat soiled, a fact he hadn't noticed until it was too late) and for once being outside in unstyled hair, his shoulders were sagged, and he had sad wandering eyes and an otherwise simply mournful expression on his face. He simply wasn't his usual cheerful self that day.

"Kurt, is Blaine the kind of guy who lies?" He shook his head negatively, as far as he could tell Blaine always told the truth. "And he did say he wanted everything the two of you did, didn't he?" Another nod, shallow this time. "Then why are you so worried? He clearly wants everything just as much as you do," Rachel finished with a slight smile, still a bit gruff that he hadn't told her about this weeks ago.

"You really don't think he only said that because of his days at the shelter? You do know he was thought to always do and agree with what his master would ask of him, do you? Who's to say that isn't what is happening right now?" Rachel couldn't possibly be right, could she? That would be too good to be true. She was just misreading everything right?

"Why don't you just ask him yourself?"

Blaine POV

He had woken quickly when Mister Kurt began squirming underneath him, trying to extract himself from the bunny. It had been obvious though that he didn't want to wake Blaine, so the hybrid had kept his eyes closed, pretending to still be sleeping. It was with a happy smile that he listened to Mister Kurt leave the apartment.

He knew Mister Kurt didn't have work that day, but he wasn't worried that he went out still. Mister Kurt would often go out with some friend or something.

Stretching out over the couch Blaine felt how he was much calmer and relaxed than he had been in years. He'd slept so soundly where he had rested on Mister Kurt, the steady heartbeat against his ear lolling him to sleep as they tangled their legs together.

He felt giddy where he lay on the couch, basking in the lingering warmth and smell of the pale man. The smile on his lips wouldn't fade, pearly white teeth showing as he giggled to himself.

Mister Kurt had finally kissed him again, and he had felt just as safe and guarded as the time before. And he had been so kind to Blaine when he'd had that… what had Mister Kurt called it? An erection? Yeah, when he had that.

Blaine couldn't really believe he had always thought that had been such a horrible thing for his body to react that way, when in reality it had felt so good, so good. Or at least it did with Mister Kurt there. As it was he kind of hoped that it might happen again.

He gave out a tiny squeal, hugging himself tightly – smile yet to falter on his face. He was just so happy right now, and every thought of Mister Kurt made his stomach tingle with excitement.

Suddenly he couldn't sit still anymore; his body buzzing with the sheer need to move and express his newfound happiness, and really, who was he to deny himself that?

Kurt POV

It had been three days since his little chat with Rachel, but he had yet to fallow her advice and just talk to Blaine. It wasn't that he didn't want to, he had actually planned on sitting down with the bunny when he had first come home from the coffee shop, but he had been distracted when Blaine had passed him wearing that stupid apron again, thus ending that attempt at a serious talk with the two of them grinding against each other where Kurt had the bunny in his arms pressed up against the wall.

And since he had been kind of preoccupied; his mind clouded whenever he was near the hybrid, unable to think of anything but the delicious friction between their lips, the feeling of Blaine's soft fur-covered ears under his palm or the gentle weight of the hybrid splayed out on top of him.

And the day before Rachel had demanded that she could come visit, saying she wanted to meet the mysterious Blaine for herself, see if the bunny really was as beautiful as Kurt had claimed. She had quickly conceded with that statement, agreeing that the boy was indeed quite handsome, though a tad shy.

That had been an understatement; when the woman had first entered the apartment Blaine had slipped into his old habits, doing things he hadn't done since that first week there with Kurt.

Like keeping his gaze trailed on the floor, and hunching his shoulders, his back. Kurt hadn't noticed it before then; that Blaine had been calm enough around him to stretch his back, to stand at his full height. The difference was only an inch or two, but it was so obvious now that he thought about it. It made him sad to think about why the hybrid would hunch over like that earlier.

But the teen had snapped out of it when Kurt had taken his hand, squeezing it soothingly as he whispered sweet nothings into his ear. After that things had been going smoothly; Blaine and Rachel bonding easily.

But now, finally, he was able to think, to remember about what they'd said back at the coffee shop. Which was sort of miraculous seeing how Blaine was lying splayed across him, cuddling into his warmth as they were watching some re-run of the Bachelor.

Kurt had felt bad that he hadn't spoken to Blaine about that evening four days ago, especially so coming to think of the many, many handjobs they'd shared since, not to mention the many dozens of kisses they had shared on top of that.

He only hoped he wouldn't break down if it turned out that Blaine hadn't really wanted everything they'd done – the guilt it would bring might kill him alone, the shame making sure it did – but he knew it was about time they'd talk about it.

"Blaine," he spoke softly, cautiously, stroking a thumb over Blaine's jaw when the boy hummed in response.

"I… This… Do you want this Blaine?" he asked awkwardly, not able to form and speak the words he actually wanted to say.

"I don't understand. What are you talking about?" Blaine mumbled sleepily against his chest.

"I… You know all the kisses. And the, the rest. Do you want all of that? With me, I mean. Do you really, really want that? And please, whatever you do, please just tell me the truth. I just… I need to hear it." He hugged the boy closer to him as he spoke, soaking up the feeling of closeness it gave.

"I do want that. I want all of that. I like your kisses; they make me feel safe, wanted. I haven't had that until I came to you, and you're so sweet and kind. And the rest…" Kurt could see the blush that crept its way up Blaine's cheeks. "…the rest is good too."

"And you really want that? You aren't just saying that because you think I want you to? It's not just because that's what the sirs at the shelter would have expected from you?" Kurt couldn't keep the small spot of doubt out of his mind. His self-confidence might have grown since high school; now he knew – without being nasty about it – that he was attractive, that he could catch most guys' attention should he want to. But he couldn't see what Blaine saw in him. Though whatever it was he feared Blaine only thought that because Kurt was the first one to be nice to him, the first one to treat him like a human being. And that was only if Blaine liked him.

"I'm sure," Blaine assured him, sweeping a fleeting kiss over his clothed chest for emphasis.

Though the doubt was still very much there, simply lingering in his mind, Kurt began to think that maybe Rachel had been right. That maybe he was just being silly. Blaine looked sincere enough, and Kurt couldn't really picture the teen lying in the first place. He just seemed too honest for that.

He pressed a sweet kiss to the top of Blaine's head, and allowed his fingers to rub the base of Blaine's floppy ear, eyes travelling back to the television, relaxed enough to watch who would be the next unlucky girl to get sent away from the competition.

After a while Kurt could feel Blaine struggling above him; the teen's hips rolling in minuscule movements against him, and a hand clutching manically at his shirt as he heard the hybrid whimper. It was only then he realized his hand had been trailing away from Blaine's curly black locks to settle over his hips possessively, caressing there, occasionally digging his fingers in just a tiny bit into the flesh through the sweatpants, all of it making the bunny turn into a needy mess.

He was almost sorry for what he'd done. Almost. But a beautiful boy was writhing lustfully on top of him, and all other thoughts sort of disappeared after that.

Kurt pulled the teen up to him, and kissed him hotly, his tongue pushing deep straight from the start, tasting, mapping out every little nook and cranny of Blaine's mouth. His hands roved the expanse of Blaine's back, his sides, before they settled on the boy's luscious ass, groping and mauling the flesh there as the teen bucked down against him.

Blaine POV

Mister Kurt's kisses were, and would forever be, the most amazing thing that he could think of, but when the pale man's hands began squeezing and fondling his bottom he seriously wondered if that feeling wasn't just as great. At least it would become a close second.

He pushed his hips down, having learnt over the past few days that it was just easier to fallow his instincts and let his body do what it wanted. At the very least it always seemed to make Mister Kurt go crazy – in a good way that was.

The hands left his bottom gripping him tightly around his back instead. Somehow, the next thing Blaine knew were those strong arms pulling at him, and soon he was trapped underneath Mister Kurt's body, feeling his sold weight rest gently on him.

Blaine poked his tongue out, tasting the expanse of Mister Kurt's neck, feeling him shudder as he did so.

"Can I try something new? Can I taste you?" Mister Kurt asked, looking at him with those dark eyes that had Blaine's stomach twist so pleasantly, and he nodded feverishly, wanting whatever the tall man would give him.

Though, the tasting bit was a bit confusing for him to understand; they tasted each other all the time. Necks, mouths, the occasional visible collarbone…

Blaine felt as Mister Kurt kissed his way down his neck, slowly unbuttoning the buttons on his shirt, leaving wet, open-mouthed kisses in their wake. The fabric being pushed aside he felt Mister Kurt mouth encircle his right nipple, making him gasp and moan from the feel of it.

Blaine's hands weaved themselves into the chestnut locks, weekly trying to keep Mister Kurt where he was; the fleeting suction against his hardened nub was glorious. Teeth began to nibble at him simultaneously as two fingers began to play with his other equally exposed nipple, making him cry out from the unsuspected pleasure it gave. How could this feel so good? How could it be so wonderful?

Fingers began to trickle their way over his ribs, his stomach, their path burning into his skin, the touch lingering in his memory. Panting, Blaine breathily asked for more, eyes closed so he might be able to keep it together just a little bit longer. Mister Kurt was so good at just picking him apart, making him enjoy the man's touches so greatly it never took long for him to fall over the edge. But he wanted things to last this time, wanted Mister Kurt touches forever, wanting his kisses on him always.

Mister Kurt left his nipple then, leaving sloppy kisses all over his abdomen as he inched down Blaine's pants slowly over his hips and down his legs, his underwear getting the same treatment, leaving him bare to be seen.

He blushed a little bit from how exposed he was, but Blaine couldn't help but feel that it was all okay, that he was safe and sound with this strong man protecting him.

Kisses were being spread over his lean thighs, and he gripped his own hair harshly from the greatness of it.

Awkwardly he began to pant out in between loud cries and moans. "Oh! What are you- oh! Ah! Kurt, oh, oh, what? Are you? Mmm!"

A pointed tongue was pressing small kitten-licks all over him, down there, leaving a wet, slobby feeling behind that was so good. What was Mister Kurt doing?

All his questions vanished from the tip of his tongue though when he felt wet heat surround him, an inaudible shriek taking its place as he could feel his body start to shake from the efforts of keeping himself together, to not come yet.

Peeking down he could see Mister Kurt kneeling between his spread legs, his mouth spread wide around his thing, his penis. Mister Kurt's eyes were hooded as they looked up at him through his thick eyelashes, and Blaine fell back against the cushions with a moan ripping out of his throat.

He had been so close for so long, ever since Mister Kurt first began to kiss his nipples, so it was with a faint "Kurt!" that he soon tumbled over the edge, releasing himself into Mister Kurt's mouth, feeling him swallow around him, enhancing the feeling.

Thoughts whirled around quickly in his mind when he began to come down from his heightened pleasure, thoughts around what had just happened.

What was that? And why- how- why had Mister Kurt done that with his mouth? Didn't it feel disgusting to have, that, fill his mouth? Could it really be something that one did willingly? Blaine knew what those were used for otherwise, and he couldn't see himself doing that.

But Mister Kurt had looked so debauched like that, like he loved the feel of it. It was the look of him, rather than the feeling itself that had made him come so hard. Blaine didn't think anybody would look like they were enjoying themselves so much doing that if it really wasn't just as good as it looked.

And it had felt so good for him when Mister Kurt had done that, it was unlike anything else Blaine had ever felt. The feeling had been out of this world.

Suddenly Blaine wanted to try it for himself, to see if it really was as great as Mister Kurt had made it seem. And at the very least he would love the way it could give such pleasure to Mister Kurt, if he did things right.

Sitting up next to the pale man he kissed him passionately, the need to feel the other man almost overwhelming him.

"Can I- try that?" he asked panting deeply, eyes drifting down to Mister Kurt lap.

"You, you want to? You don't have to." Mister Kurt tried to assure him.

"No I want to, but how…"

"Here," Mister Kurt said, placing a soft pillow on the floor by his feet. "You can sit there."

Blaine slid down, sitting down on his knees as he reached forward to release Mister Kurt from his incredibly tight jeans. Stroking him a few times he looked up at the other man with his big innocent eyes.

"Teach me?"