Helen Magnus frowns, startled and quite puzzled upon hearing the chime of the doorbell. They weren't expecting anyone, especially not this late. She sets down her pen, grateful for the distraction from the seemingly endless stack of paperwork. She had to try to convince Will to take on some of it. Even with all the extra time at hand, it was getting to be a bother.

She swept out of the room with her usual grace, not that there was anyone to witness it. She picks up a gun. Just in case. The rest of her cohort was dispersed throughout the Sanctuary. Henry and Tesla were holed up in lab refining the new tracking systems they were developing. Abby and Will were… well, they hadn't had much time alone with each other in a while, and with the recent lull in their workload Abby had been spending her nights here more often than not. Helen only wished they would try to keep it down a little. The big guy had already retired for the night. Helen reflected on the last few weeks, the staccato rapping of her heels on the floor background music for her thoughts.

There wasn't much in the way of concrete information; they'd been operating solely on rumours, whispers from underground sources. Normally they wouldn't expend so much time and resources on an operation running on such limited information, but honestly, there wasn't much else to do. They'd been tracking – or rather, attempting – to track an abnormal slave trading movement for weeks, all to no avail. There was still no evidence to support that the shipment was actually could be tracking something that wasn't there for all they knew.

Feeling confident, gun firmly in her grip, she pulls open the door in one sweeping movement. Helen doesn't recognise the woman at the door, though a smile spreads across her face upon seeing Helen. Well, less of a smile and more of a smirk, really. She was short, barely clearing Helen's shoulders with her in her trademark heels. Her choppy hair was dirty blonde with the ends just tickling her shoulders.

"Sorry, but it's getting quite late. Would you mind-"

The woman cuts Helen off. "I can help."