Helen ran her fingers through her hair, heavily falling into the armchair in her office. Her entire body seemed to sink into it, weighed down with relief and exhaustion. She had managed to coax Eliza into her office and glean the exact location, size and time of the shipment coming in tomorrow. She was still weary of the stranger; after all, this woman had turned up late in the night, alone, with a bribe of information. Information she coincidentally happened to desperately need. Now that it was sorted, however, she had to find out who this woman was.

"I thought you would never stop pacing. I was worried you were going to ware a hole into the floor." Eliza joked, twiddling her thumbs. She also seemed relieved the inquisition was over. Helen hated to burst her bubble. She decided the best way to proceed was with nonchalance and wheedle the information out of her. There was no need to be forceful. Not yet, anyways.

Helen grinned, albeit tiredly. "We've been working bloody hard for towards this for a while now. It's great to have some new leads." Helen really hoped this woman was telling the truth. Either way, she planned to approach the location tomorrow with caution in case it was a trap. "Never mind that, tell me about yourself. Who are you running from?"

Eliza shifted nervously in her seat. Helen had first been taken aback by her sudden timidness, but she had soon grown accustomed to it. Her initial boldness must have been a cover up to get what she wanted. She admired the little show she had put on, but it made her just that much wearier of her. If she could change her personality like flicking a switch, who knew what she was hiding… "That obvious, is it?"

Helen's lip twitched. "I don't get many lone women at my doorstep with no belongings who aren't. So, who is it? For the safety of my Sanctuary and yourself, I need to know."

"I'm a… nomad, of sorts. I do odd jobs for rich people, basically. Sometimes it involves work with abnormals, other times not. I'll do anything really, no matter how dangerous, as long as it puts food on the table. My only exception is that I won't do anything that involves anyone getting hurt. Human or abnormal alike." She paused to take a sip from the glass in front of her. Helen was beginning to develop respect for this woman. Even during Kate's days on the road, she had been uncaring of the nature of her job, as long it paid well.

She set her glass down. "Recently I've been doing jobs for this one guy, mostly just picking up and delivering goods to dangerous locations. He assured me it was all for research, and no harm would come to any of the live specimens. He showed me the legal documents and everything. But after a few deliveries, he asked me to help out with the slave ship. Unload the abnormals and what not." Eliza's lip twitched with distaste.

"When I refused, he threatened to kill me. He said I knew too much about the shipment to let me live if I wasn't going to cooperate. So I ran. In my time, I've heard much about your Sanctuary, and the formidable Helen Magnus. I figured you were my best shot."

Helen pondered her story. It didn't seem at all unreasonable, especially with all the abnormal movement lately. She very much reminded her of Kate. Well, a much shyer version. "Seems reasonable enough." Helen wasn't worried about her employer coming after her. She could tell he was just after money. He wouldn't waste resources on tracking down one woman. Either way, she wasn't going to put a whole lot of trust in this woman right off the bat. Helen stood, gesturing for her to follow. She began to lead her to the residential quarters.

"So do I live up to your expectations? The formidable Helen Magnus?" She tossed a grin over her shoulder toward Eliza.

"Well so far… not really. I didn't expect you to be so nice." Helen laughed. It was better for her to not be aware of what she was capable anyways. Just to be safe.