A/N: No previous knowledge of SG-1 (or any of the Stargate shows) is necessary. This is because I include a glossary of terms at the end of every chapter. These terms will include aliens, technology, organizations, etc. All of my information is taken directly from the wonderful Stargate Wiki: Stargate Solutions. My love and appreciation for that site is still going strong after seven years.

It's just another routine mission. Just the next gate address on the list. The probe had shown some interesting ruins that Sam's looking forward to checking out, but Jo is adamant they don't stick around too long. He can take some pictures to check out back at Command, but once they do the routine check, say hi to any locals, they're headed back home. Sam gets the feeling Ellen's been on Jo's ass again for taking the promotion. (Granted, Jo would've had to been downright nuts to turn it down, but that's Ellen for you.)

Charlie and Benny are chatting about a new show she's introduced him to when they stumble upon the inevitable locals. Sam sets to finding the familiar ground with the guy who seems to be in charge when Jo suddenly hisses, "Oh my god." A bit annoyed at being interrupted, Sam turns to glare at her, but she's staring at something with this look Sam has no idea how to interpret. He follows her gaze and whatever world they're on stops turning.

"Holy shit," he hears Charlie gasp behind him, though it sounds like it's through a thick glass wall. Even Benny's voice loses its warmth when he chokes, "Impossible."

And it is. It is impossible. He's been dead for over a year now. And how the hell would he even end up here, anyway? This is Stargate Command's first time on this planet, anyone from Earth's first time as far as they know. At least in the past couple centuries if traveling by the gate.

But Sam Winchester knows his brother. And barring some freakish similarity, that's Dean.

Ozien finishes up the repair on the middle-aged lady's wagon (Shamda or something like that) and looks up at her with a wide smile.

"All set."

"Oh, thank you, Ozien!" she titters excitedly. "I really appreciate it."

"My pleasure." He's wiping the sweat off his forehead and hands as he turns, an unfamiliar voice croaking a few feet away, "Dean?"

Standing in the middle of the road is a quartet of strangers, all of them staring at Ozien with wide eyes. He looks warily at Khordib, who looks just as confused as Ozien feels, before frowning at the stranger in front, the tall one with the shaggy hair.

"Can I help you?" he asks, more than a little disconcerted by the four pairs of unblinking eyes fixed on him.

"You... you don't recognize me?" the tall one asks, voice cracking and actually sounding a bit hurt. There's a sinking pit in Ozien's stomach and he curses silently. He knew this would happen eventually. He'd just hoped it wouldn't. That somehow he'd be able to avoid it.

"I'm sorry, no." Maybe if he just keeps it to a minimum, gets out of there quick, he'll be able to sidestep any more.

The lady with the shockingly red hair speaks up, her tone hopeful. "Recognize any of us?"

Ozien glances at the other two politely: the slight girl with blonde hair and the stocky man with a beard and gold Jaffa tattoo on his forehead.

"No. I'm sorry. If that's all...?"

The tall one shakes himself, finally blinking. "No, of course. Sorry to bother you."

Ozien walks away, over to where Neith is watching with interest, his cart of fruit forgotten. Ozien asks a throwaway question about today's selection, which Neith launches into answering right away. Ozien tunes him out and listens to the strangers' conversation with Khordib.

"Ozien?" the redhead is asking, probably repeating the name to Khordib.

"Yes. It is the name we gave him when we found him wandering with no memory of anything before. It means 'his own' in the language of our God."

"God?" There's Goa'uld here?" Another female voice. It must be the blonde.

"That's not Latin," the tall one says. "That's... That's Enochian."

"Enochian? The Ancients?" The blonde sounds incredulous at that. Ozien lets out a breath he didn't realize he'd been holding. They sound more interested in the gods than in him now. He accepts a piece of fruit from Neith gratefully and heads back to his tent. Hopefully they'll just leave without wanting to speak to him again, and Ozien can just forget this ever happened.

Of course, that's not what happens at all.

Ozien's just calming down, focused on the wood carving of a bird for Khordib's little girl, when the Jaffa pokes his head in Ozien's tent.

"Heya De-... Uh. What was it?"

Ozien looks up at the rough, accented voice and tenses. "Ozien."

The Jaffa grins. "Yeah. That. Can I come in?"

Well, what's he supposed to say? No? "Sure."

The Jaffa walks in and holds out his hand. Ozien frowns at it, and the Jaffa chuckles, pulling back his hand.

"Okay. Name's Bent'auc. You call me Benny, though."

Ozien sighs. "Look, I don't know who you think I am-"

"You're Colonel Dean Winchester."

"Kernel? What kind of a name is that?"

Benny laughs, a warm belly laugh. If Ozien weren't so on edge right now, he's pretty sure he'd be starting to like the Jaffa. He's weirdly loose and... and not stoic. It's odd. Kind of comforting. In a really strange, unsettling sort of way.

"That was my first reaction, too. 'S'not a name. 'S'your title. Position. Rank. What have you."

"Rank?" Ozien echoes. Benny nods.

"'Colonel' is a ranking in your world's military."

Ozien's head is spinning with too many questions by now so he opts to stare at the Jaffa. Benny seems to get the hint.

"You are the leader of a team called SG-1. That's us; me 'n' the others. We're part of a program called Stargate Command, stationed on a planet called Earth. We explore other planets. Well, at least you did til you died a year ago."

Ozien chokes. "I'm dead?"

Benny frowns at Ozien for a brief moment. "Obviously not."

"You're Jaffa," Ozien finally manages to hiss. He probably should be asking how he died, but he really, really doesn't want to know. Benny's chuckling again. He seems to do that a lot.

"Yeah. I was First Prime of Lilith before we met. You actually were the one who talked me into leavin'."

"Did I?"

"Yep. Some of that other stuff we do? Fight the Goa'uld."

Ozien frowns. "Because they're false gods?"

Benny's face splits into a wide grin. "Exactly. Startin' to remember?"

Ozien shakes his head. "They don't believe in the Goa'uld as gods here either."

"Right, the name they gave you is Enochian," Benny says with a nod, but he looks a bit disappointed. "We don't meet many people who worship the Ancients. Kinda a nice change."

Ozien... or should he start thinking of himself as Dean now? hums quietly, looking back down at the carving in his hands. He's almost finished with it. It's for Khordib's daughter's day of birth celebration. Tomorrow. Ozien didn't know what else to give her.

"Whatcha makin'?" Benny asks, interrupting Ozien's thoughts. He holds it up for the Jaffa to see before silently continuing his work.

"You make all these too?"

Ozien looks up to see Benny's moved over to the shelf of all the carvings he hasn't given away.

"Yes. I don't remember anything about my life, but I seem to have a natural talent for working with my hands."

Benny's picking one of the carvings up and Ozien strains to see which one. He's not entirely sure how to describe the feeling that settles in his stomach when he recognizes it.

"You know what this is, Dean?"

Ozien grimaces at the name. It's just still too strange.

"No. I just... I just carved it one day. I don't know what it is."

Benny walks back over to Ozien, holding out the carving for both of them to see. "It's your Impala. Back on Earth. It's a... a form of transportation that you Tau'ri have. You're rather proud of this thing. Call it your 'baby'."

"Impala," Ozien murmurs, eyes fixed on the carving. There's something... something there... something just out of reach...

Benny's eyes are sparkling down at him excitedly. "I gotta show Sam this. I'll bring it back, I promise. If that's okay. Just... If you carved this, Dean... That means the memories have still got to be in there somewhere, right?"

"I... I guess..."

Benny beams. "Great. I'll bring this right back."

And he's gone before Ozien (Dean?) can even mutter a goodbye.

Ozien/Dean (gods, he doesn't even know what to call himself anymore) isn't sure how long his peace lasts. He's putting the final touches on the bird carving when the redhead walks in. She gives a little wave and holds out the carving Benny had taken. The Impala. Which is supposedly a form of transportation that he owns. Back on Earth.

"Hey," she says with a smile. "Wanted to bring this back."

"Thank you," Ozien mutters quietly.

"Course." She walks over to place it with the rest of the carvings and then turns back to him, rocking on her heels. "So..."

"What's your name?" Ozien asks, eyes fixed on the wood in his hands. The left wing is being particularly stubborn about smoothing out.

"Oh! Heh. Sorry. I'm Charlie. Bradbury."

"Charlie," Ozien repeats, curious to see if the name feels familiar. It doesn't. "Are you a... a 'colonel' too?"

"Me? No, I'm still just a major."

"Major is a lower ranking than colonel?"

Charlie looks like she has no idea how to react to that question. Ozien wonders if maybe that was a bit offensive on his part.

"Sorry," he starts, but Charlie shakes her head, smiling.

"No, it's okay. It's just... It's weird that you have no idea, you know?"

"No, I don't."

"Right," Charlie says, looking awkward. "Of course not."

It's quiet for a few moments, Charlie fidgeting so much it's almost painful. Ozien's starting to wonder why in the world she's acting so awkward. They were supposed to have been friends, right? All right, so Benny hadn't actually used the word "friends", but it seemed to be kind of assumed. Ozien had to be missing something. He's just about to ask when Charlie suddenly does this really sharp intake of breath like she's finally figured out how to say what she wants so Ozien stays quiet.

"Look, so, I wanted to ask you about the name they gave you. Ozien, right?"

Ozien nods. That's not at all what he was hoping for, but he'll work with it. At least it's not awkwardly quiet anymore.

"Sam said it's Enochian. Means 'his own'. Why would they name you that?"

Ozien sighs. He'd been so glad when everyone had finally moved on from their fascination with the scar. It'd made him feel so uncomfortable, being scrutinized and looked at so strangely. He could still tell people were in awe of him, but it was less obvious now that they'd gotten used to it. Now it seemed like it was going to start all over again.

He rolls the loose left sleeve of his top up and winces as the scar comes into view. It doesn't burn like it used to, it's dulled down to just being constantly sore, but it's still just as angry and red.

"Oh my god," Charlie breathes, stepping forward with her hand outstretched. She stops herself before she touches it, though, and looks at him. Ozien gives a half-hearted shrug and lets the sleeve drop.

"They think the handprint means I've been claimed or something by one of their gods. I take it I didn't have it before."

Charlie shakes her head, eyes still wide and staring at where the scar's now hidden. "Could be a clue as to what happened to you."

"You mean, how I came back to life with no memory of anything?" He sounds bitter and he knows it, but he can't really bring himself to care.

"Well. Yeah. Don't you want to know?"

His mouth twists. "I don't really know. I've gotten comfortable here. Like this. I guess I'm curious, but at the same time..."

Charlie frowns and sits down in front of him. "At the same time, what? I feel like if I were in your shoes, I'd be dying to figure out who I was and what happened."

Ozien shrugs, looking back down at the wooden bird. That wing is still being stubborn. "What if I don't like who I was? I keep thinking what if I'm happier not knowing? If I... I don't know, wasn't a good person?"

It's quiet for a moment before Charlie speaks again, her voice stronger than Ozien's heard it before.


Ozien looks up, not sure if he hates how easy it is for him to react to that name, even if it is apparently his.

"Trust me when I say this. You're a good person. In fact, I haven't met a lot of people who are as 'good' as you. Sure, you have your faults, but who doesn't? The fact is, you're a hero. I've lost count of how many times you've saved my life. Our team's lives. Our planet. Hell, the whole galaxy is in debt to you several times over."

Ozien (Dean) smiles wryly. "Sounds hard to live up to."

Charlie grins. "It comes naturally to you. That's the best part."

He tries to give her a real smile. He's pretty sure he fails. Charlie stands, still smiling, and rubs at the back of her neck.

"I'll leave you alone. Bet you're feeling a bit overwhelmed today, huh?" She doesn't give him the opportunity to answer, walking over to the entrance of the tent.

"Wait, uh, Charlie?" he says quickly before she can disappear. She stops, looking back at him with wide, questioning eyes. Ozien (Dean) hesitates briefly before asking, "Was... was there anything... between us?"

Charlie's eyes go even wider for a second before she grins and chuckles, shaking her head. "You mean romantically? No, I, uh. I go for the ladies."

"Oh," Ozien (Dean) says lamely. He wonders if that's common back on... Earth, was it? He's never heard of it here. Then again, his experiences have been extremely limited in the village.

Charlie's still smiling warmly at him. "You and I are really close friends, Dean. Even outside all the saving lives stuff."

All he can do is nod as she leaves, letting the tent flap shut behind her.

It's gotten dark by the time the next member of the team comes by Dean's tent. He's starting to try to think of himself as Dean by now, though it's still a bit weird. On the other hand, it's not as weird as it was to get himself to start referring to himself as Ozien, even though he hadn't had any name to work with before then. For some reason Dean seems to fit a bit better.

He's finally finished the bird for Khordib's daughter. The stubborn wing ended up slightly smaller than the other from all the sanding, but he just tells himself it gives the bird personality. He's just setting it down with the other carvings with the slight blonde girl walks in the tent. She smiles at him.

"Hi. Don't suppose you remember my name, do you?"

Dean shakes his head. "Sorry."

She shrugs, still smiling, and walks up to him, holding out her hand. Dean takes it slowly, unsurely. "Jo Harvelle," she says, gripping his hand tight and shaking it.

"Are you a major or a colonel? Or something else I don't know about yet?" Dean asks curiously. Jo looks pleasantly surprised by that question.

"I was a major last time you saw me, but I got promoted after..." She trails off, gesturing aimlessly with her hand.

"After I died?" Dean supplies. Jo winces slightly.

"Yeah. I'm a colonel now. They gave me your job, actually. Though, it's all yours if they clear you and everything back home."

Dean frowns. "Won't you be out of work?"

"Nah, they'll just give me SG-3 or something. As long as I'm still out there, traveling the galaxy and fighting bad guys, I'm good." She grins at him again, and Dean just blinks at her. She's a lot more sure of herself than Charlie was at first. Maybe Charlie's just naturally awkward. Jo seems to definitely be more outgoing.

"Though, to be honest, it would be kinda nice to stay on SG-1. It's been fun to work everyday with Sam, Charlie and Benny. And it'd be great to work with you all the time, too." She punches him lightly on the arm, and Dean stares at her with wide eyes.

"Are... are you flirting with me?"

Jo immediately flushes, her cheeks turning a bright pink. "No," she says a little too quickly. "Well. Maybe," she amends. "Gimme a break. You don't remember anything, right? So you don't remember any of the history that might make things weird. Girl's gotta try."

Dean has absolutely no idea how to react. It's not like there haven't been women in the village who have flirted with him (apparently he's attractive?), but never as brazenly as Jo. Dean's pretty sure usually he'd just go right along with it, but there's something about Jo, something sitting there in the corners of his mind unwilling to come forward, that just makes it so he can't flirt back.

And then suddenly she's in his space, faces just inches from his, her eyes full of determination. Dean's mentally flailing for some clue, some memory of what the hell he's supposed to do, as her lips press against his, soft, tender, and just wrong.

Jo Harvelle.

Dean pushes her away as memories hit him hard over the head. Jo Harvelle. Daughter of Ellen Harvelle. Long time family friends. Jo's dad, Bill, had been killed overseas when she was a kid. Jo had had a crush on Dean for a while, but she'd always been like a sister to him. Besides, Ellen would have his balls on a platter if he ever took advantage of Jo.

Through the daze Dean can hear Jo calling his name. He shakes off the haziness and blinks wildly, Jo's concerned and slightly panicked face slowly swimming back into view.

"I thought your mom didn't let you go off world," he says, straightening and rubbing at the bridge of his nose. Jo's eyes fly wide.

"You remember?"

Dean winces. God, he's got a killer headache now. "Only a little bit. Mostly about you and your parents."

"Oh my god, okay, stay right here," she says excitedly, rushing back to the entrance of the tent. "I've got to go tell your brother."

Dean looks up. "My brother?" he echoes, confused.

"Yeah, Sam. The tall guy with the long hair?"

"He's my brother?"

Jo grins wildly. "Yeah. I gotta tell him you're starting to remember."

Before Dean can ask more, she's gone and he's left staring at the tent flapping shut, trying desperately to remember this giant of a man who's apparently his brother.

Both Sam and Dean are disappointed when Sam comes to the tent and realize that, while Dean now remembers the Harvelles, he still doesn't remember Sam. Or anything else for that matter. But instead of getting frustrated, Dean asks Sam to stick around and they talk for hours. Well. Sam does most of the talking, telling Dean about Stargate Command and the work they do. Dean asks him not to tell him too much about their relationship or anything personal, really, saying he wants to try to remember it on his own. Sam seems a bit discouraged by the request but complies without complaint. At one point Sam tells him that Charlie told him about Dean not being sure he wanted to remember and asks what changed. Dean shrugs.

"I guess I got a taste of what it's like to remember, and now I want it all."

"So you'll come home with us? Back through the 'gate?"

"Yeah. I'll come home."

In the morning Dean packs up what little he actually calls his own. Mostly it consists of the wood carvings. He gives the bird to Khordib, telling him it's for his daughter and thanking him for all his hospitality. Khordib tells him he hopes Dean is able to regain his memories and the reason one of the gods laid claim on him. Dean grimaces at that a bit but smiles and nods anyway before turning back to SG-1 and walking through the Stargate.

According to Sam Dean's been through the Stargate numerous times, but this is the first time Dean remembers it. The sudden change of scenery is shocking, and he stares around at the large room with his mouth ajar. He only stops when SG-1 stops, an older man with a scruffy beard in front of them. He's smiling toothily, eyes sparkling, as Dean approaches him.

"Colonel Dean Winchester," he says, accent just as scruffy and rough as his beard. "Good to see you again."

"Um. You too, I'm sure."

The man looks behind Dean, probably exchanging a glance with one of the team members behind him, before looking back at him with a frown.

"You don't remember me at all?"

Dean shakes his head. "No. I'm sorry."

He nods curtly, holding out his hand, which Dean takes cautiously. "General Robert Singer. Just call me Bobby, son."

Dean nods back, not quite sure why the man's calling him "son". His last name isn't Winchester like his and Sam's. Dean suddenly realizes there are tears swimming in the man's eyes.

"Aw, c'mere, ya idjit," he says gruffly, and before Dean can react he's being yanked into a tight, warm hug. It's strange, but suddenly Dean's not questioning being called "son" anymore. Bobby may not be John Winchester, but he's been more of a father to Dean these past few years than John ever was.

Dean chokes on the memories, yanking himself back from the hug and staring at Bobby with wide eyes. Bobby stares back like he's not sure what's going on until Dean finally manages, "Since when are you such a softie, Bobby?"

Bobby grins, clapping Dean on the shoulder. "Since you came back from the dead, boy."

Ellen checks him out herself over in the infirmary and is thrilled when Dean already remembers her. She lets him go with a pass of clean health and gives him some pills that she calls advil if the handprint scar ever gets worse than the dull soreness he's gotten used to. Dean's a bit surprised when she doesn't ask more about the scar and when he asks, she just shrugs.

"It's probably one of the weirder things I've seen, but if it's not anything serious, I don't have to worry about it. That's Bobby's job. Though your brother's probably giving himself an aneurysm over worrying about it."

Dean wonders if that says anything about how close he is with Sam.

Over the course of the day little things keep bringing back memories. The team is busy with their jobs most of the day, but Charlie stops by midday and they have lunch together in the cafeteria. Dean thinks the Jell-O is the most bizarre thing he's ever seen until he tastes it and suddenly remembers how awesome it is. Charlie laughs and tells him to wait until he remembers how much he loves pie. Dean's rather excited for when that happens.

In the midst of lunch Charlie makes a reference to Lord of the Rings which Dean not only recognizes but opens the door to remembering Charlie. Charlie loves the fact that it's something geeky like that that triggers his memories of her. Dean finds he isn't surprised at all.

Dean remembers Benny when he stops by the Jaffa's quarters and sees the candles lit all over the room. Benny's in the middle of them, eyes closed, and Dean's about to apologize and leave when the memories hit. When he resurfaces he plans to leave still, since there's no way Benny will recognize the intrusion in the middle of his kel'no'reem, but Benny's eyes are open. Benny explains about the discovery tretonin and how it's been harder for him to kel'no'reem since he lost his symbiote.

"Jesus," Dean mutters. "I've missed a lot in the past year."

"You could ask to read the files on the missions you've missed," Benny suggest. "Hell, I bet if you read some of the older stuff it could help with the memory thing too."

"That's actually a good idea," Dean muses. "Thanks, Benny."

Benny grins. "No problem, brother."

Bobby is more than willing to have someone drop off boxes of files for Dean to read when Bobby asks. Dean's not quite sure what to make of his muttering, "Can't ever write a damn report but more than willing to read 'em" as Dean leaves the office, though.

A couple hours into his reading, Sam walks in Dean's office wanting to know if Dean wants to stay at Sam's apartment for the night or sleep in his quarters on the base. Dean tells him he'll be fine here, he wants to keep reading these files anyway. Sam had an odd expression on his face when Dean actually looks up and says quietly, "I'm sorry about Jes'ika."

The odd expression falters and Sam takes a couple steps toward him. "Do you remember her?"

"A little bit. I remember that she was taken host by a Goa'uld. Azazel, right?"

Sam nods, looking like he wants to say something more but can't quite form the words. Dean's starting to feel a bit guilty for having remembered so much but still remembering nothing about Sam other than his dead wife.

"Well. I-I still have a lot of work to do so I'll... I'll be in my office if you need anything tonight."

Dean frowns. "You're not going home?"

Sam smiles slightly. "No, I just wanted to offer you a real bed instead of the shit ones we've got here."

"Shouldn't you get some sleep, though?"

Sam's smile turns a bit sad. "I'll be fine. It's not the first time I've pulled an allnighter."

Sam turns and exits, leaving Dean staring after him and thinking he should've probably known that already.

Eventually the words on the pages start to blur and coffee isn't helping. Dean lets out a wide yawn and trudges over to his quarters, falling face first on the bed without undressing. He's asleep almost immediately.

He dreams.

He dreams of a tall man with dark hair and a strong jaw. He dreams of a beautiful woman with blonde hair and a loving smile. He dreams of fire and the woman-Mom-disappears. The man turns sad and drunk-Dad-and leaves Dean to take care of the baby, the kid with shaggy hair who grows up way too fast. Sammy.

He dreams of meeting Bobby, an old friend of Dad's. Bobby and Dad yell a lot. Bobby explains it away with John's a Marine, Bobby's Air Force. Dean's sure it's more than that but joins the Air Force anyway. Dad's pissed, but not as much as he is when Sammy doesn't join any branch of the military and goes into archeology and linguistics instead. He gets even more pissed when Sammy starts creating theories involving aliens. Dean just tries to keep them talking until Dad dies. Liver failure. Dean loses contact with Sammy.

He dreams of Lisa and Ben. He dreams of the crack of a gun filing him with dread as he and Lisa run out into the front yard to find Ben dead. He dreams of Lisa leaving, too grief-stricken to stay. He dreams of following his father's drunk footsteps, consumed by the guilt of it all being his fault. He'd left his sidearm out where Ben could get it.

He dreams of the call from Bobby. The annoyance at being called back from the brink but the inability to say no to Bobby. The surprise when Sammy's there at the meeting too. The disbelief when Bobby tells him about the Stargate. In the end, he only agrees to the first trip through the 'gate because he's sure it'll be suicide. That, and he's still got that constant urge to keep Sammy safe.

He dreams of years going by, content in the Stargate Program, content with his position in SG-1. Happy to be with Sammy again. Even if the planet seemed to be in constant danger, or even sometimes the galaxy. Even if Azazel was a son of a bitch who took his sister-in-law from another planet as a host, and Lilith's even worse. Dean's content with being where he is. Doing what he's doing.

He dreams of the dogs. Some sort of Goa'uld hybrid, Charlie guesses. Benny's never seen anything like them before. He dreams of Sammy getting in the way of a bunch of those rabid monsters. He dreams of pulling Sammy out of danger and ordering them all to get to the 'gate, he'd hold the dogs off.

He dreams of the ripping and the tearing. The screams that sound nothing like his own voice.

He wakes up in a cold sweat.

He tumbles off the bed and out the door, rubbing at his eyes to get rid of the sleep. After a few moments of frantic wandering, Dean realizes he actually has no idea where Sam's office is. He forces himself to stop and digs through the now swarm of memories, trying to find the needed information. Finally he looks up and heads straight for Sam.

There's only one light on in Sam's office, and Dean makes a mental note to give him shit for killing his eyes like that. The gigantor is hunched over what looks like pictures of the ruins back on the planet they found Dean, sipping tiredly at the mug of coffee in his hand. He looks up when Dean skids to a stop in the doorway.

"Dean? You okay?"

Dean's suddenly fighting back tears, which is absolutely ridiculous, so he's silent for a few moments as he blinks wildly until he can force out, "I remember you. I remember everything."

Sam's eyes fly wide, and he's standing up, the stool clattering to the floor as he rushes over to Dean. There's a brief moment of hesitation before the giant idiot is wrapping his arms around Dean, and Dean's wrapping his arms around the giant idiot, still blinking back tears.

He'd been dead. He'd been dead for a year. But he's back. God, he's back for some ridiculous, stupid reason, but he's back, and Sammy's here. Sammy, and Charlie and Benny, had made it out okay.

And life could go back to normal.

Glossary of Stargate terms:

Stargate: The Stargate is a device created by the Ancients that permits nearly instantaneous travel between two planets or other bodies inside a stable wormhole established with a second Stargate.

The Stargate is shaped like a monumental standing ring. The stationary outer ring and concentric spinning inner ring work together to set coordinates that permit interstellar travel. The outer ring contains nine chevrons that lock on an inner ring symbol, or glyph. Seven are used to set a destination within Earth's galaxy.

Although the Stargate can be dialed manually by providing a power source and physically moving the inner ring around (a technique used in emergencies), usually a Dial Home Device (DHD) is used. These waist-high freestanding structures are generally located next to the Gate itself.

Stargate Program: The Stargate Program was so named by the United States government after Dr. Sam Winchester translated the hieroglyph inscription of the coverstone found with the Stargate that was discovered in Jerusalem in 1928.

Stargate Command: Stargate Command (SGC) is the military and scientific body for the Stargate Program, which administers and maintains the U.S. government-sponsored teams that go through the Stargate.

Goa'uld: The Goa'uld are aquatic parasitic creatures which evolved into intelligent, but extremely evil, beings. A symbiote, as it is also known as, invades a host, usually human, through the back of the neck (some have been known to go through the front) and blends into the host's biological structure, attaching itself into the brain and thus gaining access to the host's knowledge and voluntary muscular system.

Ancients: The Ancients are the builders of the Stargates. They were a race of humans who lived millenia before those on Earth. When the Ancients came to the Milky Way Galaxy, they were known as the Altera. The group known as The Others are the Ascended Beings of the Ancients. Those Ancients who did not ascend with The Others died of a plague that swept through the galaxy a very long time ago.

Jaffa: The Jaffa were originally human, taken from Earth millennia ago, and were genetically altered to incubate a Goa'uld larva inside a pouch in the abdomen. While a Jaffa carries a symbiote, he or she is given a longer life, increased strength, and an enhanced ability to recover from illness and wounds. The symbiote acts as the Jaffa's immune system. Once a symbiote has been implanted inside a Jaffa, it cannot be removed without killing the Jaffa. When the symbiote matures, it is removed from the Jaffa and placed in a host, usually a human, thereby becoming a Goa'uld that can act and communicate on its own. The Jaffa must then receive a new symbiote or die.

Because of the advantages in strength and healing ability that the symbiote conferred, many of the male Jaffa became warriors serving under a Goa'uld (e.g., Benny was in the service of Lilith). The Goa'uld maintained their power over the Jaffa that served them by telling the Jaffa that the Goa'uld were gods

SG teams: SG teams are usually composed of four members, but some units have been known to have more or less. Each team is designated as SG-x, where x is the unit number. Some SG teams are designed for specific functions, such as first contact, military backup, engineering, archaeological expeditions, or diplomacy.

Tretonin: While its effects are short-term and require regular injections, tretonin enables a Jaffa to not only survive, but live a normal life (by human standards) without a symbiote. The drug reinforces the immune system damaged by the implantation of a symbiote.