Another Dexter fanfic for you. I plan on continuing this one as well, based on the number of views/how many people want me to. For whatever reason, Hannah just really irks me, and I dislike the effect she has on Dexter. She will be in the story, as well as the rest of the characters, but I tend to take her in a more negative/ vengeful direction. So anyway, hope you enjoy!

I awake in the morning in a tangled bed of sheets and turn on my side to see Hannah's face as she sleeps beside me. Her breath is so quiet that you'd think she may be dead, but the slight up and down movement of her chest tells me she's alive. I'd almost completely forgotten what had happened last night after I'd met her at the dock and told her to stay in Miami with me. Deep down I knew that was a bad idea. She is a fugitive, after all, and wanted for murder. Not to mention the fact that my sister wants to kill her.

Still, I couldn't stand watching her go. It's annoying as hell. Years ago, I wouldn't have even blinked an eye at the thought of losing someone. It all feels so real now, so human, with Hannah. With her, I know I don't have to hide anything. I don't have to worry.

I stare at her face, soft and sweet, and I have the urge to kiss her nose when my phone starts buzzing on my bed side table.

"Dexter Morgan," I answer professionally, glancing back over at Hannah to make sure I haven't woken her up. She stirs a bit, and her lips part ever so slightly, but she remains asleep.

"It's me, dumb-ass."

"Hey Deb, sorry I didn't even look to see who it was."

"Where the hell were you last night? I tried calling...I think I have something on Hannah." Here we go again, Deb's consistency to dispose of Hannah.

"Deb, I told you she's not a threat."

"She tried to kill me twice, and she poisoned you and left you on the side of the road, I'm sure as shit she's not here to plan a fucking reunion party."

"And I told you I would take care of it," I retort, and Deb lets out a breath of exasperation.

"So did you find her?"

"What? What do you mean?"

"Did. you. find. her?" She repeats herself with more emphasis.

"Yes." I can't lie to her about that. For all I know, Deb could be sending someone out right now to look for us.

"And did you take care of her? Is she leaving?"

"She was..." I trail off, not really wanting to hear my sister's response.

"Was? What the fuck does that mean? Is she still in Miami?" I don't answer, instead I look back over at Hannah, who's eyes are now starting to flutter open. "You were with her last night, weren't you? You're probably fucking helping her!"

"Deb," I say, shaking my head. Hannah sits up and stretches, looking at me in confusion.

"You know what? I don't even want to know. Every time you promise me you're going to get rid of her you turn into a fucking moron!"

"Can we-can we just talk about this later, Deb?"

"NO, we can't fucking talk about this later! Jesus, Dex, I told you you're never going to be safe with her!"

"Don't you think if she'd wanted to kill me she would have done it by now?" I question, now irritated.

"I don't fucking know, maybe she's waiting for the right moment."

"I doubt it." Deb exhales.

"Fine," she says, "you and Hannah just continue whatever the fuck you're doing. I mean I've done everything else for you, so why not this too?"

"Good," I reply, "thanks." I hang up the phone.

"Debra?" Hannah asks, getting out of bed.

"How'd you know?"

"I don't know, she's kind of hard to miss." Hannah strips down naked and puts on one of my shirts. It's long on her, but it'll have to do. I get up and shower, joining her in my kitchen. I imagine us doing this in the future. This is what my future with Hannah will feel like. Everything is so normal, so routine. She even makes me breakfast.

"It's another one of my grandma's recipes." I take a bite out of the omelette, savoring the flavor that lingers on my tongue.

"Delicious," I mumble through my chewing. She smiles and sits down on the bar stool.

"So what did your sister want?"

"Daaaaaaaaaddddddyyyyy!" Saved by the bell, I think. Harrison comes running through the front door, carrying a stuffed monkey. Jamie follows closely behind him.

"Sorry, Dexter, I should have called and told you we were coming," Jamie says as she looks at Hannah.

"It's fine," Hannah replies, "it's always good to see you." Jamie smiles at her.

"Harrison just really wanted to see his dad," she says.

I grab him under the armpits and lift him into my arms.

"Hey, buddy, whatcha got there?" I examine the stuffed animal, which looks like it's seen better days.

"A monkey," he says, "Jamie let me have him."

"Yeah, it's been boxed up in Angel's basement for years. We were just going to get rid of it, but Harrison seems to want to give it a good home." I nod and give the animal back to him.

"Are you two hungry?" Hannah asks my son and Jamie, "I make a pretty mean omelette."

"Indeed she does," I say, and she flashes her teeth at me.

"Yeah, sure!" Jamie replies, "Are you going to stay, Dexter?"

"Oh, no, I gotta get to work. Promised Masuka I'd help him today." Hannah turns on the stove beginning her second round of dinner, and I kiss Harrison on the cheek. "I'll see you later tonight."

"Bye, daddy!"

"Bye." I wave to everyone before grabbing my forensics kit, bad, and laminate, then head out the door.

Deb finds Elway sitting alone at his desk, absorbed in the computer in front of him. She wants to call off the search for Hannah- no, she doesn't want to, but she knows Dexter wants her to. She would send her ass back to jail if she could.

"Hey." Elway doesn't even look up from his computer. "Hey!" She says, louder this time. Elway's eyes snap up to meet hers, and he seems started.

"Jeez, I didn't even hear you come in."

"What the fuck are you doing, watching porn?" She questions as she takes a seat across from him.

"This may be a lot better," he smiles.

"What is it?" She asks.

"I'll give you a hint...Hannah Mckay," he states.

I find it strange that Masuka actually seems like a normal person now that he has a daughter to worry about. It's like she walked through the door, and the pervert inside him walked out. I watch as Nikki twirls around, chanting something that's apparently supposed to chase out evil spirits.

"She's pretty great, isn't she Dexterous?" Masuka lightly punches me on the shoulder.

"Uh, yeah, she seems great."

He lets out that annoying laugh he always does, and it disturbs me more when I hear Nikki do it too.

"So did you hear about Quinn?" he whispers in my ear, and I glance around.

"No?" I reply. I really don't give a fuck about him.

"He's being charged for murder, as in he's going to jail for probably the third time." What? Quinn murdering someone? He's taken bribes before, cheated his job a lot, and usually acts like an asshole, but would he really murder someone?...Okay, yeah, he probably would.

"Cassie?" I question, knowing it couldn't have been Zach.

"Yeah, it sucks balls, man because I'm the one that has to deal with that blood work," he folds his arms across his chest, "I just feel bad since it's Quinn, you know?" He definitely had a motive to kill Cassie; he wanted to bring Zach to justice. But would Quinn really try to frame Zach like that? Would he really kill to get something he wanted? I suppose most of us would...if we really wanted it.

"I could do it," I offer, "it's not like I've got much else to work on." Really I just want to get a look at that blood work before anyone else.

"Really? You'd do that?"

"Yeah, just leave it to me," I conclude, "besides, you've been doing a lot for me lately, Vince."

"Agh, thanks, you're a life saver!" More like a life taker.

He leaves me alone in my little office and joins his daughter. Finally, time for myself.

My phone begins to ring. This time, I take the extra second to glance at the screen. It's not Deb this time, it's some number I don't recognize.


"Is this Dexter Morgan?" A female voice questions.


"This is Sarah from South Miami Hospital." My throat immediately swells up. I think the worst; Harrison's hurt, Deb did something reckless again, Hannah got herself into another sticky situation.


"Your son, Harrison, is here, he's been throwing up consistently for the past hour. His body temperature is very low. You should get here as soon as you can, Mr. Morgan." I place my hand over my eyes, rubbing my temples in slow circles.

"Alright, I'll be there, what happened? Do you know what's wrong?" There's nothing for a second except for silence on the other end. "Hello?"

"We think your son may have ingested some sort of poison."