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Flashbacks :

"I wonder who created that sitting-on-a-tree-kissing stuff. That's so preposterous."

There she is, sitting on a tree, alone and sighing while she had her back leaning against the trunk. Remembering what happened yesterday was more than enough to piss her off.

"If yesterday's included, that's already the what? 30th time I got dumped? The guys are sure gonna laugh when they found out."

She snapped from her train of thought when her cell phone rang, signaling a message. Flipping it open, Yuuki couldn't help but smiling at herself while replying, before flipping it shut and kept it in her pocket again.

"Well, at least it's good to know to have friends."

"Aren't you guys done yet?" Yuuki walked into the court, only to find a dead Kuroko, despaired Kise, sweating-but-smiling Aomine, sweating-but-snack-munching Murasakibara and Momoi writing something on the clipboard.

"We're about to. Your extra lesson's done?" Aomine's still dribbling with his 90-degrees-bent knee.

"That ended hours ago." Yuuki took a seat on the bench near the players. "Where's Akashi and Midori?"

"I thought I've told you not to call me that, Kurosaki."

Yuuki turned around to meet to pairs of green and heterochromatic eyes. "Akashi! Midori!" She completely ignored whatever Midorima's saying.

"Yuuki." Akashi acknowledged.

"Btw, Yuuki-chan." Momoi looked at her now that she's done gathering data for the next training menu. "One of my informant said she saw your boyfriend going out with another girl."

Yuuki choked on her own saliva. Hearing Momoi's statement, Kuroko came back to life, Kise raised his head in curiosity, Aomine missed his dribbling, Murasakibara stop eating and both Akashi and Midorima stared intensely at her, waiting for an explanation.

"Don't tell me.."

"We broke up yesterday okay?!" Geez…Momoi's information network can be such a pain in the ass sometimes.

"Please tell me for the first time ever, you're the one doing the dumping."


The rest of the members sighed. "We know it."

"Apparently, for this week, Scorpio has the worst luck regarding love."

"It's not only this week. This has been going for like what? Since before summer? Oh wait, is it since the start of the new term?"

"Oh shut up!"


"And what?"

"What's the reason this time?"

Because he only wanted to get to know Momoi and I'm the best option he got? That guy would get killed by Aomine if he knew anyone tries to lay a finger on his childhood friend.

"I'm a no-good Yuuki, remember?"

Akashi found this hard to believe. Surely, she doesn't have any physical attribute matching her age – she failed every single PE test and Akashi still haven't forget how she tried to jump past the box vault only to end with her head bang with it instead. She can't brag about her intelligence as well – I mean she's not as clever as Akashi, but to say she's a level of Aomine would be an understatement.

To put it simply, she's a little below average girl but hang out with superhuman group – which earned her jealousy here and there.

But still, she has her own attributes that even he didn't mind her here – such as….let's just leave it here for now.

"Just that?" Even Ahomine doubted.

"Then, what about the past guys?" Kise started his questioning. It's weird for all of them to have the same reason. Or maybe not?

"How would I freaking know?! Stop interfering!" Yuuki took a deep breath before calming down again. "Are we going for a popsicle or not?"

"Geez! No need to be so grumpy. We're going, we're going!"

"You REALLY have bad luck regarding love."

Yuuki licked her popsicle in anger. "You don't have to rub it in my face!"

Aomine laughed like crazy. "Oi Midorima! Fix her luck in love with something already."

"I would to. This is aching my heart to the very core."

Yuuki rolled her eyes at the duo. "You guys are terrible. Shut up before I'll chop your head off and Generation of Miracles will become Generation of Headless instead!"

Aomine sweatdropped. "Couldn't you come up with a better threat?" That's such an exaggerating and empty threat.

"Who cares about that already?!" Done with her popsicle, she threw the stick into the nearest bin, only to be missed.

"You suck."

"I don't wanna hear that from a horoscope-freak from you." Yuuki walked to pick her garbage and threw it properly in this time.

"This is how you do it." Midorima got into his shooting stance and phew~ it went in. "See?"

"I saw nothing."

"But that guy sure has nerve to dump you, isn't it?" Kise's finally participating in their conversation.

"Could you let this go already?!" And here I thought I could forget everything and have fun.

"Kise-kun. Let's not bully Yuuki-san anymore."


"I'm sure she had enough of heartbreak already."

Yuuki's POV on Kuroko immediately tarnished. "YOU GUYS ARE THE WORST!"

Present :

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

Yuuki looked at the light blue-haired beside her. "Let's just go, Kuroko."

In front of them, there stands the Seirin High School. Here goes nothing.

A/N : Which one would be better? A twins consist of a perfect and no-good, or a dead twin living in the soul of another twin - like 2 souls in one body?