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Yuuki yawned again. Sure, the match was interesting, but seeing the same one-on-one between Kagami and Midorima and having it end with the same result had quite a sleepy effect for her. The buzzer buzzed, signalling that Seirin requested a time-out after realizing that they were in a pinch against the new Shuutoku. 'Ah, so they removed Tetsu from the play. Oh well, he's pretty much useless if Takao is on the court.'

After the time-out, the game had upped another level of tension as Seirin goes with a high-paced attack in order to make up for their lost points, thanks to Midorima's three pointers. In no time, they had invaded Shuutoku's side in an instant.

Izuki passed to Hyuuga, who passed to Kiyoshi, who tried to score. This caused Shuutoku's number eight to jump in order to block him, but Kiyoshi used his right of postponement and delivered a pass to Mitobe, who he easily scored one for his team.

'It's a bit different, but the fundamentals are much like Touo's.'

Again, Kiyoshi used his special attack to lure Shuutoku's player when Otsubo pressured him in the inside but this time, he delivered a pass to Hyuuga to make a three pointer. As a result, the gap between the teams vanished without even the audiences managed to make further speculations.

'Run and gun eh? That's the most effective way to stop Midori's three pointer from widening the gap with each time he scored. But…'

Approximately with seconds to spare before the second quarter ended, the last shot made by Seirin's player missed. Otsubo got the rebound, and he passed the ball to Midorima. With a blink of an eye, Midorima shot his famous super long three-pointer, having the audience in awe.

'Idiot~ Is Kagami dozing off?'

"And that ends the second quarter! We'll resume the second half after 10-minutes break!"

Most of the spectators finally looked less tense than they were when the match was still playing, although some of them were disappointed that the match had a break. Speaking of break, a certain girl had also gone to get her refreshments in the meantime.

Yuuki walked to a nearby store from the stadium. On her way, her cellphone rang a few times before she half-heartedly picked it up.

"Y~es?" Even her voice sounded lazy.

"Couldn't you be lazier than you are?"

Yuuki's eyes shot open. "Couldn't you call at a better time?"

A chuckle from the other side answered her question. "Where are you?"

"On my way to buy pocky. Or lollipop. Or both."

"Hm.." The other side seemed to go mute before saying, "They're coming. Just thought you should know too."

Yuuki walked into the stadium in a glum mood. Her head was hanging down so low that she had run into several people and just muttered an apology without looking at their face.


'That weird nickname…' Yuuki raised her head a bit. 'Figures.' "Hello, Kise."

"Konnichiwa Yuuki-chan!" Momoi was already hugging her to death. "Never thought you'd come!"

Yuuki pushed aside whatever's on her mind before and smiled at her friends. "You guys are watching together?"

"Yeah. My senpais didn't want to come."

"Aomine didn't want to come."

"It's so disheartening." The two said in unison, almost as depressed as Yuuki was before.

"So, Yuukicchi. What do you think will happen in second half?"

Momoi sweatdropped. 'You asked her the question I asked you not too long ago? Useless Ki-chan! But what he said about Tetsu-kun is quite bothering to me.'

"I don't know for sure. We are talking about the Miracles, remember?"

Momoi and Kise nodded in agreement. Now their eyes were locked onto the court as the ten-minutes break was over and both teams seemed to be discussing their next strategy before they stepped into the court for the next play.

Shuutoku lifted up the curtain by making such a beautiful pass from Midorima to Takao, trapping Seirin's under board with their sure-win pattern of 4-versus-3. But instead of charging in, Takao made a back pass to the green-haired shooting guard, who shot a three-pointer successfully.

"That was quite a strategy. And they have turned the tables."

"Who could've thought Midorimacchi's willing to do things he never does in Teikou."

Yuuki's eyes soften at Midorima after he made that shot. 'Never know he's capable of smiling before. How funny.'

But Seirin's not faltering. They were doing an immediate counter-attack using run-and-gun style, except that their pace was disrupted by Miyaji, who stole the ball and passed to Kimura. He did a lay-up, earning Shuutoku even more points.

"That's gotta hurt now." Kise was referring to Midorima's last three pointer. "The only way to win against Midorimacchi is to take back the points he took. But with Seirin's shooting guard's accuracy, it's pretty hard to say."

"It's true that Midorima's accuracy is second to none, although Sakurai's quick shot is another story. But…"

"But?" Both of them turned their heads towards Yuuki.

"There are things that matters other than skills solely."

"Like what?"

"In Midori's case, I'd say luck to start it." Yuuki giggled.

Momoi turned back her attention to the court. Her eyes landed on Shuutoku, particularly Midorima. "He has changed. Midorin I mean."

"Really?" 'He seems the same to me. Which part of him is different?'

"Ki-chan too."

Kise sighed to himself. "It's not that we changed. It's probably…he made us changed." Kise looked at the bluenette on Seirin's bench as Momoi turned towards the blonde. Yuuki fixated her gaze on Midorima. "I wonder why. If you keep fighting that person, you start to think that relying on others isn't a weakness but rather, something you can't do without strength."

Without any warning, Yuuki smacked the back of Kise's head, and fake tears rolled out of his eyes while questioning her motive. "Hearing an idiot like you to speak of philosophy annoys the hell out of me!" And she smacked him again.

Momoi laughed at the two, Kise went on about how mean his Yuukicchi was being to him, and Yuuki joined Momoi's laughter, but the comedy strip was dropped when they heard the announcer announce Seirin's member change.


"He's in."

"We've been waiting~"