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The smell of teriyaki burger filled the apartment. Yuuki and Aomine mumbled an itadakimasu before taking a bite and munching on it slowly. There's not much of a conversation happened except "Could you pass me the sauce?" or "Want some more?" or something general.

"It's good." Aomine finally commented after having his 10th burger of the hour.

"Thanks." Yuuki finally finished her portion. "But, you could have said that earlier." She leaned against the back of the chair, looking at the tanned male. "What's wrong?"

"Since when did you come to watch our matches?" His blue eyes were eyeing her. Since they broke apart in middle school, Yuuki seemed to make it clear she didn't want to have anything to do with them or basketball.

"No idea."

"Tomorrow's Midorima's match, right?" Aomine changed the topic randomly.

She nodded. "I guess. But there's no point in watching." She got up and picked both of their plates to the sink to wash them. "He'll win anyways." No one could stand on the same level even before the current Midorima.

Her cellphone rang right before she entered the shower. Letting out a sigh, she made her way back into her bedroom and pick the noisy cell on her study table.

"How's it going?"

The caller raised her eyebrow. "Are you drunk or something?"

"Yeah. Drunk with my own smexiness." She was referring to herself wrapped in bath towel. "Don't be jealous now."

The other side facepalmed, but decided to slide it off. "Anyways, I've heard he sent the butler to get you."

Immediately Yuuki's mood turned sour. The butler. What's his name again? "Ivan, right?"

"Oh, he sent Ivan? I thought he send Vlad. Must be pretty serious then." She snickered.

"Kind of. So, why are you calling me? Please tell me it's not for the sake of catching up." Yuuki rolled her eyes. Unicorns might appear in her apartment next if that chick said yes.

"It's almost the anniversary date." Yuuki went silenced. "What are you going to do?"

The anniversary date? Yuuki glanced at the calendar hung on her wall. "It's next month, right?"


"And what are you going to do?" Yuuki asked the caller back the same question.

"Nothing. But I've returned to Russia for now."

Momoi and Aomine relaxed on Yuuki's couch while watching the TV. Aomine was bored so he played with the channels back and forth, causing the sakura-haired girl to nag at him more.

"Don't ruin my TV, idiot." A parfait was shoved in his face. "Make up your mind about it."

Aomine finally switched off the TV, threw the remote controller aside and took the glass. Momoi giggled while accepting her parfait from Yuuki. Yuuki then proceeded to seat and joined the two in her living room.

"Parfait in the winter is kinda weird."

"Then, what do you want? Praline and cream?"

"I want the chocolate fudge muffin!" Momoi could be seen drooling over it.

Aomine just let the two girls discussed about desserts. He's too tired from teaching Kuroko how to shoot. And his next opponent...

"It's Murasakibara next."

Yuuki stopped eating her dessert. "Seems so."

"Think they can win?"

She sighed. "They suck badly in the two matches after they beat you. Although they won, it doesn't change the fact they let it got to their head for a short while."

"Tetsu-kun's learning how to shoot diligently this past few days."

"Let's just wait and see then."

Her footsteps echoed through the empty hallway. The match between Seirin and Yosen should have already started. The best she could make was probably during the start of the second half.

"Ah, you're here." Aomine greeted when he saw orange hair.

"Yuuki-chan!" Momoi glomped her. "You're late."

Yuuki struggled under Momoi's hug, but her eyes travelled to the score board. It was 29-17 with Yosen's leading. "Only a single-digit difference?"

"Thanks to Tetsu-kun's Phantom Shot." Momoi chirped happily. The trigger to Seirin's score was that unforeseen Kuroko's shot. And taking advantage of everyone's dumbfounded state, he probably shot some more while he could do so. Yuuki could imagine how dreamy Kuroko was in Momoi's mind while shooting as she explained to her.

"But it's not enough." Both Aomine and Momoi nodded. "For Atsushi to display his true prowess. Yet."

The third quarter started with a triangle offense by Yosen – three man in the zone and the other two played man-to-man.

"They benched Tetsu."

"His skills may vary now but his stamina doesn't." Her eyes now focused on one of the two one-on-ones. Kagami versus Himuro. "That guy..."

"He has the same presence as us." Aomine completed Yuuki's sentence. "To think there's someone else outside of the perimeter..."

Momoi looked at Aomine. True, she didn't have much info on Himuro since this was his debut but for him to actually catch Aomine's attention by just watching...

"Do you know him, Yuuki-chan?" Momoi asked.

"We first met during streetball competition. Before he could show anything, the rain poured down."

Aomine suddenly remembered something. "He's the guy with Murasakibara in your apartment before?"

Yuuki nodded. "Yep. But he did say something about his shot."

"Like what?"

"Like its name."

"What's the big deal about it?" Aomine scoffed. 'I think my Formless Shot sounds wayyy cooler.'

"He just did a fake just now, right?" Yuuki mentioned about how Himuro was in shooting form but it's just a feint to bypass Kagami. "His shot was something like it. It's called Mirage Shot."

After Yuuki finished, Himuro flawlessly shot his signature move. All were stunned. They were pretty sure Kagami blocked it, but it still went in. With that, Yosen pulled further from Seirin with a score of 33-20.

"It indeed is like a mirage." Momoi touched her chin with her fingers. "It's almost like Phantom Shot but with different fundamentals."

Not long after that, Seirin asked for player change.

"They benched Kagamin?"

"With his current mental state, it would be impossible for him to play like usual."

"What do you mean?"

"Himuro and Kagami are figurative brothers. Kuroko told me Himuro introduced Kagami to basketball. Back in America, in their last encounter, Kagami purposedly lost to Himuro because Himuro hurt his leg, or was it wrist?" 'My memory must be rotten already.'

"That's rude."

"Yep. Himuro probably thinks it's an insult even if that's the case. No matter what it is, to purposely lose to someone is just unacceptable. Not to mention, deep down in Kagami's heart, he still sees Himuro as his brother."

"That's why he controls himself out of his conscious?"

Yuuki nodded. "Emotion alone doesn't help you to win. Unless Kagami realized this, he would never win against Himuro."

Momoi was gaping. Aomine remained impassive. Yuuki just shook her head. 'Seriously. You never cease to amuse us with weird plays, Seirin.'

After scoring the first three-pointer after the player change, Kiyoshi surprised everyone by becoming the control tower of Seirin.

"They're pulling everyone's leg."

"According to my data, Kiyoshi was originally a point guard. But, since he's the tallest in Seirin's basketball team last year, he was made to be a center."

"They really are sneaky."

Using Kiyoshi's Jump Stop Shot, he dragged out Murasakibara from his initial position and made a pass to Izuki.

"Mukkun returned to his position already!" He's faster than during their Teikou years.

"But, it will be of no use." Yuuki looked at Izuki who's throwing the ball in the air for Kiyoshi to grab. Without wasting any moment, he dunked it in.

Seirin then displayed their next counter by using the same tactic, which was using Kiyoshi and Izuki to lure Murasakibara before Izuki passing the ball to Hyuuga, who then shot a three-pointer this time.

"It became a single-digit gap again." The score was 37 to 28 now. "This is amazing."

"The one who made it possible is Kiyoshi. I don't know what he said, but it's enough to provoke Murasakibara to move his body. He may have the nice-guy face, but he's evil."

Yuuki looked at Murasakibara. He didn't have any snacks with him. He must be seriously pissed. "I could imagine what he said to Atsushi, actually. Well, more like, if you knew Atsushi well, even a five-year-old kid could provoke him."

"Hm." Aomine returned his attention to the court. "Oh. They sent the idiot out."

Yuuki and Momoi sweatdropped. 'Are you really the one to call him an idiot? Truly the pot calling the kettle black.'

"That posture!" 'It's just like Dai-chan's natural posture.'

"Kagami is more relaxed and focused now." 'I wonder how's the result of this one-on-one will turn out.'

Himuro once again bypassed Kagami by doing a feint. Thinking Himuro would go for a drive, Hyuuga abandoned his position and went to help Kagami, but that's also another feint played by Himuro. When he was finally going to shoot, Kagami appeared out of nowhere and blocked his shot. Izuki immediately chased after the free ball, before passing it back to Kagami for him to score.

"One-on-one with Mukkun now?"

"And as expected, Atsushi blocked him." The ball went out of bounds, which means it was still Seirin's.

"But, there is something to that blocked shot just now."

"Like what?"

Aomine didn't respond. Momoi and Yuuki exchanged glances, before both shrugged it off. On the court, Kiyoshi the Point Guard was triple-teamed by Fukui, Okamura and Ryu.

"They're desperate to stop him."

"The wall is slowly cracking due to Seirin's previous counter attack."

Despite what Yuuki said, the triple team successfully stole the ball from Kiyoshi and got ready for a quick attack with a pass to Himuro. Just as Himuro was about to shoot his Mirage Shot again...

"Ah! Kagamin slipped! He won't be able to-" Momoi blinked. "Eh? He blocked it? W-What happened?"

"Hey Daiki."

Aomine just nodded. "That's probably the secret to the shot."

"What are you two talking about?"

Ignoring Momoi's question, they returned to watching the game. Yosen once again triple team Kiyoshi for Seirin's next offense. Unable to make a pass to Hyuuga, Izuki attempted a three-pointer under the pressure of 24-seconds rule. Both Kiyoshi and Murasakibara already readied themselves for the rebound.

"That's unexpected. Mukkun never lose to anyone when it comes to under-the-board fight." Kiyoshi somehow scored a dunk from his position behind Murasakibara.

"Eh~ Atsushi would definitely hate this."

"But, his knee at his limit." Aomine looked at Seirin's bench. Kiyoshi almost collapsed due to the pressure. "Will Seirin take him out?"

"Maybe. But, he didn't get the Iron Heart title for nothing. He'll definitely continue."

Just as Yuuki said, before Yosen could attack, Seirin stole their ball and made a counter. The triple team readied to surround Kiyoshi, but he made a pass to Izuki. He then made a pass back to Kiyoshi who attempted a shot but failed. Izuki, using all his strength to stop Murasakibara, enabled Kagami to dunk the rebound in time before Murasakibara could touch the ball.

"And there's only five points left before they tie." The score was now 37 to 32.

"This is bad." Aomine's eyes were serious. "He finally comes out."

Yuuki found herself to be shivering. When was the last time she shivered? The Murasakibara before them was completely the opposite of the usual calm and laid-back Murasakibara.

It's the Murasakibara Atsushi in crushing mode.