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Summary: Laura Hale doesn't got to school the day of the fire and everything changes. AU. Eventual Sterek.

Stiles squirmed again trying to get comfortable but it was no use. He had to pee, he didn't want to, it was night and the wind was howling outside their tent. He looked over at Scott, he wanted to wake him make him go with him, but he wasn't a baby anymore he could go pee all by himself even if he still wanted to wake Scott. He rolled over and grabbed at the area he put his flashlight last, he found it and turned it on. Part of him was hoping that the light would wake Scott up, in fact he shined in right in his face, but he stubbornly kept on sleeping. Stiles grumbled under his breath at Scott non-cooperativeness as he pulled on his shoes and zipped open the tent. He made as much noise as possible but Scott still didn't wake up. He swallowed nervously before reminding himself that he was 7 years old now, he wasn't a baby.

He stepped out in the brisk night and zipped back up the tent. He made his way down to the bathrooms, he glad that this camp had real bathrooms and not the other kind. However the bathrooms were a little ways away from the camp ground. He slipped past the other tents in their area and quickly made his way down the path. He managed to find the bathroom by flashlight and was able to do what he needed to do, then he made his way up the path again.

The way back up seemed much scarier then the way there had been, because on the way to the bathrooms all he had been thinking was his bladder. Now that he didn't have that distraction he kept on wondering how close he was to camp, and wishing he had woken up Scott and taken him with him. Not only was the wind whistling ominously through the trees, he heard some howling, and it didn't seem from very far off.

Stiles got scared and accidentally dropped his flashlight, which happened to turn off when it hit the ground; just his luck. Stiles got onto his hands and knees, he scrambled around in the dirt and plants trying to find the flashlight. His finger brushed it but he froze as he heard something; something was breathing heavily right by him. Stiles trembled, please let it be Scott having come after him, he pleaded inwardly before managing to grab his flashlight and turn it back on. Stiles shrunk in fear as the sight of a wolf came into his view, the wolf stood less then ten feet away.

He tried to remember what his scout leader said about wolves, but his entire mind was only filled with. Holy crap it's a wolf! Holy crap it's close to me! I hope it's not hungry! The thought that was in the forefront of his mind was run, except he seemed to remember that sometimes running away from an animal could make it worse, if only he could remember which animal that was for. Stiles expected the wolf to leap on him and tear out his throat as he kneeled there on the ground frozen in fear and confusion, but it didn't it simply looked at him. Then it whined and lowered it's head down to it's paws. Stiles brows creased in confusion, he was about to turn and walk away thanking his lucky stars when he saw it.

There was a cut in the wolf's back leg and it looked bad. He wasn't sure what exactly made him do it, since wolves were dangerous and he could have died for doing something so reckless, after all wolves were not puppies. Even dogs if they weren't trained right could bite people, and wolves they were born in the wild. However despite knowing this Stiles stuck his hand out for the wolf to smell, like his Aunt Linda had taught him to do with her dog Rusty, until she had moved 3 months ago to Missouri. The wolf didn't bit it at least not right away, it looked at the hand for a long moment before smelling it and then looking up at him.

How human-like were wolves? Because Stiles could practically feel the sadness rolling off the wolf. He didn't like anything to be sad, especially his mom; she had been really sad lately and hadn't told him why. Stiles instinctively dropped down onto his knees and wrapped his arms around the wolf. The wolf tensed for a moment and Stiles worried that the wolf might attack him, but the wolf relaxed again, and whined. Stiles had a feeling it the wolf was human it would be crying.

Stiles shifted slightly so that instead of hugging the wolf he was sitting right next to it. He petted the wolf like his Aunt Linda had shown him with Rusty, only slower. The wolf looked at him sadly, and Stiles kept petting his fur, until a little while later the wolf got back onto it's feet and padded away. Stiles looked sadly after the wolf, he hoped the wolf would get better. He grabbed his forgotten flashlight and headed back to camp. He made it the rest of the way without incident and zipped open his tent, he saw Scott look at him half asleep, now he woke up, Stiles thought but instead of saying anything he just took of his shoes and zipped back up the tent.

"Where do you go?" Scott asked sleepily.

"Bathroom." he answered shortly before climbing back into his sleeping bag. Scott nodded and turned over and seemed to fall back asleep almost immediately. It took Stiles a little bit longer but eventually he followed him.

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