Colonel Roy Mustang sighed deeply, fixing his military cap onto his head. It had been a year since the passing of his friend, Major- no, Brigadier General Maes Hughes. He had been chosen to read at Maes's funeral. He was to read a diary of letters and pictures Maes had left to his comrades, friends, wife, and daughter.

Taking a deep breath, the Flame Alchemist stepped out of his car and walked to a headstone in the graveyard that was surrounded by people, many in military uniform. He avoided eye contact with everyone except for his beloved lieutenant, Riza Hawkeye and his dear friend's now five year old daughter, Elysia. He walked behind the grave, gave a salute, took the diary out of his uniform pocket, and began to read.

Maes had left things for everyone important in his life. For Roy, a picture of Riza wearing his widow Gracia's wedding dress. For Gracia, a drawing he had done of her as a teen.

"For Elysia," Roy began, choking back tears as he read the final page in the diary. "These four words: It will be me." To the surprise of everyone present, Elysia raised her hand in a silent salute. Everyone cried.