The Distress Call Heard 'Round the Universe

The message was short: seven words, two sentences, one plea.

The Doctor is dying. Please, please help.

It was such a small message; some would probably classify it as insignificant. One man dying? People died every day; one person's small plea was hardly worth dropping everything to go help.

Except it wasn't a small plea, no matter the short message. Because it was a message being broadcast on every frequency, across the entire universe, throughout all of time. It was a small message, yes. But insignificant? Most definitely not. Because this message was a cry to help the one man in the universe who always seemed to help others and never himself. He had saved so many people's lives so many times, and he had never asked for anything in return.

Well someone was asking for him now.

And a million, million people answered.

Seeing the message had sent a shock through Nyssa. The Doctor. It had been years since she had seen him last, years since she had travelled with him.

She could still remember the first time she had met him back home on Traken. He was there to help at the Keeper's request. He was always doing things to help other people. That was why she had found him again, after all. She had needed his help once more, this time to find her father who had been missing ever since the Doctor had left Traken.

And when that mystery found it's unfortunate conclusion and Nyssa realized that there was nowhere left for her to go home to with the destruction of the Traken Union, she made the greater realization that what she really wanted to do now was travel with the Doctor and help more people.

It was such an adventure…travelling with the Doctor. She had seen more than she ever could have imagined was possible. But she knew, somewhere in the back of her mind, that it couldn't possibly last forever.

And then one day, it happened. The whole universe needed the Doctor, but the people on Terminus needed her. They needed Nyssa to help save them.

She was sad to see the Doctor go on without her, of course. But she found herself with little time to dwell on her sadness with all of the work she needed to do.

As time passed, every so often she would take out her memories of travelling with the Doctor and smile at them. Those adventures had been some of the best times of her life. But, in the end, the memories would all be filed away once more and Nyssa would return to the present day. And slowly, over time, she returned to those memories less and less often. But they didn't go away completely, and she never forgot.

She could never forget the Doctor.

And it all came rushing back to her once again the moment she saw his name in that message.

The Doctor is dying. Please, please help.

There was only one course of action that Nyssa could see: she needed to answer the plea for help. She needed to go and do whatever she could for the Doctor. After all, it was what he had once done for her.

She wouldn't remember it later. Once the timeline was fixed, it had never happened. But for that brief moment of time when all of Earth's history was happening at once, after everything the Doctor had done for her, Nyssa was there for him.