Equius walked down the hall, on his way to the high blood's room. He planed to tell the high blood about his flushed feelings. He was much too nervous to knock, and just burst into the room. "High blood, I must speak- Oh my." He had walked in on Gamzee with his bulge out and jacking off. Gamzee garbed his pants trying to cover his bulge. "O-oh, Hey Motherfucker… Uhhh you just walked in on my motherfucking relaxing time." Gamzee muttered, trying to laugh it off. Equius just strolled across the room, brushing Gamzee's pants away. "High blood." He said, getting on his knees. "You should know it feels better if someone does it for you." "W-what the motherfuck- Ah!" Gamzee started to ask but was cut off by Equius putting his bulge in his mouth and bobbing his head.

"Mm! Equius! S-stop!" Gamzee whined trying to push Equius off of him. Equius pulled off with a small pop. "Why High blood? Does it displease you? Because this-" He said stroking Gamzee's bulge "- Says other wise." Gamzee spluttered at this and Equius smirked before taking Gamzee's bulge into his mouth again. It didn't take Equius very long to push the younger troll over the edge. "Hah hah mm E-Equius!" Gamzee came with a cry, bucking into Equius's mouth. Equius withdrew, licking his lips enjoying the taste.

Once Gamzee came down from his high he glanced up to see that Equius had undress. He just started at Equius's bulge, It was unsheathed and was It was huge for his blood color. "High blood,… May I enter you…?" Gamzee frowned "Don't call me High blood." "Oh… What should I call you?" Equius stuttered. Gamzee tried not laugh at this. "How about my motherfucking name?" "O-oh Yes…Gamzee, may I enter you?" This time Gamzee did laugh at him. "You may." he said with a smirk putting his arms around Equius's neck. The two kissed for a few moments before Gamzee stood up and moved to the bed, pulling off his pants in the process.

Gamzee plopped down on the bed and patted for Equius to join him.

Equius got on top Gamzee and pushed him down kissing him deeply. Equius slipped his hand down to Gamzee's nook rubbing the quivering bud he found there. "Mmp! Ah haah! Hurry the motherfuck uppp." The younger troll whined rolling his hips forward. Equius smiled at Gamzee's impatiens and slipped his fingers into him.

Equius stretched and scissored the Gamzee's entrance, getting him ready for something much bigger. "Are you ready Gamzee?" Equius asked, removing his fingers. "Haaa M-motherfuck, Yes just put it in!" Gamzee panted out.

Equius kissed Gamzee's neck and lined up before pushing in. It took all the will power Equius had to wait until the Gamzee relaxed before moving. Once Gamzee relaxed, Equius started moving as slowly as he could. He started to move faster and faster before

striking that special spot, causing Gamzee to cry out. "A-ah Motherfuck! E-Equius Im going-!" Gamzee's walls spammed around Equius's bulge, bringing him to edge as well and let his seed coat the other's insides. Equius pulled out, and flopped down next Gamzee panting. Gamzee warping his arms around Equius and reveling in their new red feelings that they had. Equius kissed Gamzee on the top of his head before they both fell asleep.

This is my first time writing at all so sorry if it sucks.