Chapter thirty three

Harry and Charlie met up with the Gibbs to take them to see Evan off on the first of September. Holding their arms again they were able to get them through the barrier to platform nine and three quarters. They moved down the far end where Fleur and Victoire joined them then not long after Teddy with Andromeda. Harry introduced his godson to the Gibbs before he gave Harry and Charlie a hug then ran off to find his friends.

'Now remember Evan, the sorting is nothing to be scared about. You just sit on the stool and professor Haskin will put a hat on your head and it calls out which house you belong to.'

'You were Gryffindor, weren't you dad?'

'Yes, all the Weasley's were Gryffindor's as well. But I'll tell you a secret,' Harry knelt down in front of his son and even though it wasn't like when he was at Hogwarts, he still didn't want his son in Slytherin, 'I found this out in my second year, but during the sorting the hat was taking a long time to decide where I would be. I heard that Voldemort used to be in Slytherin house when he was a student, so I kept saying in my head, not Slytherin, not Slytherin, the hat chose Gryffindor. Professor Dumbledore told me a year later that the hat does take you choice into consideration. But if you are meant to be in Gryffindor it will shout it out instantly.'

'I want to be in your old house, so if I keep saying I want Gryffindor, it should put me there right?'

'It should, but I can't guarantee that. If you have a brave and courageous side, then Gryffindor's are known to be brave. Now you have to get on the train, why don't you say goodbye to your family Evan and I'll take your trunk onto the train with you?'


Harry watched Evan hug his mother, father and sister then Charlie before he levitated Evan's trunk and cage onto the train and into the compartment with Teddy and Victoire. Evan hugged Harry hard and he didn't care who was watching, which was everyone.

'I love you dad.'

'I love you too Evan, write me then I'll see you on the holidays.'

'I will,' Evan let his father go who kissed his head before he stepped off the train and stared at his son, Charlie putting his arms around Harry.

'He'll be fine, it's not like when you were a student.'

'I know and I love Hogwarts, that's why we got married there. He's going to get a lot of attention, I hope he can handle that.'

'He's a lot like you Harry and you handled it. Evan won't have a hard time like you did he'll just be a curiosity for everyone. Minerva will keep you informed if there's anything you need to know.'

'I know she will. Oh he's leaving,' Harry waved smiling at his son who was waving back along with Teddy and Victoire. Harry never stopped waving until the train was out of sight before he sighs.

'Since you've given yourself the day off, let's head home for a while.'

'That sounds good Charlie, we'll take Brian, Kate and Dawn back through the barrier first.'

'About what we talked about that day Harry, we've spoken and like to go ahead if that's alright?' Kate asked.

'That's fine, what do you say we go on Monday, I can meet you at your home and go from there?'

'Thank you, that would be wonderful,' Kate, Brian and Dawn all shook hands with Harry and Charlie before heading to their car. Harry and Charlie found a secluded spot and apparated away. They hurried into the house and straight up to their bedroom. Charlie knew Harry was worried about Evan and even though it had nothing to do with danger, with Harry's life he just couldn't dispel those worries so Charlie was going to do everything he could to take Harry's mind off his son, at least for the next few hours.

Harry arrived early at the Gibbs home, 'I was hoping to talk to both of you before we go.'

'You haven't changed your mind have you?' Kate asked anxiously.

'No, not at all, I'm please to help. Okay, you heard about our war and even though it did finish before Evan was even born, just like any other war, muggle or magical, people die. Now I do know that there are a lot of magical children that have been orphaned and are in muggle orphanages. Both of you know of our world now, so the children or child you look at might be magical, would that concern you at all?'

'No, all children need homes and we're hoping to take two if possible?'

'I can organise for you to take as many as you want because I've seen how good you are and how loved Evan and Dawn are. Why I mentioned magical children is mainly that our world is secret, but you already know about it. We try to get magical children adopted by magical people but sometimes it's just not possible. After you've decided on the children, I can perform a quick revealing spell without anyone seeing, that will tell me if they are magical or not.'

'If they are, is there someone we could contact if it's needed. Some of the things Evan did were a bit frightening, that only happened when he was really upset, which didn't happen very often, Evan's a naturally happy boy.'

'I've noticed that about Evan, he gets that from Ginny. If I was raised properly, maybe I would have been. That's another reason I mentioned this, I was raised by my aunt and uncle, they were non magical, but they hated our world. They believed all of us were abnormal, freaks, that's what they used to call me as a child. I would have preferred an orphanage to them, but I do understand the reason I had to stay with my mother's sister. So even though some orphans might have relatives, that doesn't prove their good enough to be parents. But you could always contact me as I do work for the ministry. Now it's not allowed for non-magical people to use our floo, but you can use your normal mail, we have people working in the post offices around the country in case it's needed. You could always use Evan's owl to contact me as well.'

'I feel better knowing that we will be able to contact you if it's needed.'

'You can, so if you're ready, we can go get your children.'

'Thank you again for this Harry, Kate and I always wanted lots of children.'

'You're welcome, now you're about to have a larger family.'

Harry sat in the car while Brian drove to the orphanage in London. Harry used magic to pass over some documents that would make the woman believe that Brian and Kate have been approved. The woman showed the three of them the dorm rooms with all the children. While Kate spoke with the woman, Harry performed a few charms and found three magical children, one only a baby.

'Those two are brother and sister,' Harry said softly to Brian as he pointed out the children.

'They should not be separated.'

'No, they shouldn't, but this is your decision. Why don't you speak with your wife then talk to some of the kids.' Harry watched as Brian and Kate glanced around at all the children, he could tell from just their looks that they wanted to help all of them which was impossible, but to Harry it showed how caring the Gibbs were. When Kate and Brian told the woman about the three children they wished to adopt, Harry had been surprised because it was the three magical children. That made Harry smile knowing these kids will have a caring and loving parents even if the parents weren't magical but they could also explain about their magical heritage and how they would be visited once they were older. So if magical children had to be adopted by muggles, at least these three children will have loving and caring parents who know about the magical world. After all the children's belongings were packed up, Harry went with the Gibbs back to their home. Just watching both of them he really got to see how Evan had been treated as a child and it made him feel closer to these people that had taken such good care of his son.

'We can't thank you enough Harry and even though it has been hard to know we have to share Evan we got to understand why that is and not just that you were never told. They do need someone from the magical world to explain, seeing it for ourselves it was very confusing. So we did make a decision, Evan will always be ours, we raised him, but he is older now and we know that he is going to need you more. So we would like you to have custody of Evan as long as he can still stay with us during the holidays, don't get me wrong Harry, we love our son, we just feel this is the right decision for Evan.'

'I know this has been hard on you and I've seen exactly how Evan was treated, by very loving parents. This is your call but if you think about it, we can do this, I take legal custody of Evan but really, nothing will change from our original plans. Evan will stay with you during part of his holidays, he loves you and I know you love him. Now about helping, I'm pleased I could help and it should show that it doesn't matter how old people are, it's the love in their hearts that shows how good they will be as parents. Albus Dumbledore always said that love was the most powerful magic our world has ever seen. I didn't believe it at first, but it was love that let me defeat Voldemort, so I did get to see how powerful love really is. Now I did want to tell you something that I'm sure you'll be pleased about,' Harry pulled out a file from his jacket, 'These three children do not have any living relatives, no parents, no aunts, uncles, cousins, nothing, which means no one will come looking for them. Now even though they are magical children living in muggle orphanages our ministry do a thorough background check on all orphaned kids today. Back with Evan it was very different. As you've heard our world was trying to get back on its feet after Voldemort had control, the minister then, Kingsley, he mainly concentrated on ridding the ministry of any of his supporters. When Arthur took over he kept going, doing what Kingsley had started, but because he basically raised me he decided to check on all the children that were orphaned. First to see if they had good and decent relatives to take them and only then would they be allowed to go with a relative. He had people doing very detailed checks on the children, magical and research type of checks. So your children are yours, fully and legally, just do what you did with Evan and Dawn and I know they will grow to be wonderful Adults. Remember, if you need anything even advice on their out of control magic, or about anything, contact me.'

'I just can't thank you enough Harry,' Kate hugged him, then Brian shook Harry's hand.

'Anything I can do, it's thanks for treating my son with love. Now I will let you get to know your family,' Harry smiled the disapparated, landing down the back of his property. He walked inside to see Charlie standing at the kitchen sink naked, 'Oh baby, that is one beautiful sight.'

Charlie laughed, 'I thought you'd like it love. Now tell me, how did it go?'

'They took three children, all magical. So I've explained how we have people in the muggle post office in case the need to contact me for advice or when they get older and need help buying their Hogwarts stuff. They want me to have custody of Evan and even though I will be, it won't change anything. He will still spend time with them because they do love him, they just realise that now he's older and has met his other family he will want to spend more time with us, talk about his magic and what he had been doing at Hogwarts, we get they and so do they. But enough about that, tell me why you are standing in our kitchen naked, not that I mind.'

'I've blocked the floo and sealed the house from everyone, I think after the last few weeks I wanted to have my husband to myself for a while,' Charlie held a tray in his hand, 'starting with some food. First though my love, you need to get naked and on our bed, we're about to have some fun, expect to get messy though.'

'Does that mean you'll lick it off?'

'Naturally, from every part of your glorious body, follow me Mr. Potter,' Charlie turned and headed out of the kitchen with Harry right behind him, his eyes on Charlie's naked backside as they walked up the stairs. Just as Harry was about to step into the bedroom he felt a light breeze on his neck which made him turn.

'I can leave now Harry, your heart and soul are healed, you're finally whole, that is what I have been waiting for. The love you and Charlie share is eternal and now you have a son, a family, your own family. Raise him right and he will always love you. Remember, I will always be in here,' Sirius' misty hand touched Harry's chest, 'Goodbye my love.'

'Goodbye Sirius,' Harry smiled sadly as he watched his first love fade away then turned to see Charlie staring at him, 'Did you see him?'

'I saw him Harry, it seems he's been hanging around until he knew you were okay. Are you alright?'

Harry nodded, 'Never better Charlie, now you said something about food and licking.'

Charlie laughed because he could see it himself, Harry did look whole and the stress lines around his eyes have faded. Charlie took Harry's hand and pulled him into their bedroom, pushing the door closed behind them and it would not matter if the house was burning down, Harry and Charlie would not be seen for a while, a long while. They were about to commit themselves to each other in every way possible, but now Charlie knew that Harry would be able to give himself fully, for the first time since Sirius died, Harry was his, in every way and always will be.

The end: