Rachel shot up from the chair with Finn grabbing her gently by the

arm and saying, "Be calm, Rach." Rachel responded, "How can I, look at that!"

She pointed at Santana; Santana was heading over to the table and her nostrils

were flaring in anger and her mouth was in a snarl. Santana slammed her hands

on the table and hissed, "Where the fuck is Brittany, Berry?" Two bodyguards

were watching the club, keeping an eye for Brittany and Rachel was shivering

in fright stuttering, "I-I-I-I-I d-d-don't kn-kn-know, sh-sh-sh-…" Finn finished the

sentence for his girlfriend, "She disappeared San, we were watching her but

somehow she slipped away while she was dancing with this chick named Tiffany."

Both Rachel and Finn could see Santana's dark eyes pop out of its sockets even

even behind her sunglasses and she growled through clenched teeth, "Why did

you even let her fucking dance with that tramp?!" Rachel gulped and said, "What

more could I do, physically restrain her? We are not the babysitters here, we were

just keeping her company!" Santana flipped over the table sending Rachel and

Finn scurrying away and looking at Santana with horrified looks on their faces.


ASSES, DO YOU FUCKIN' GET IT?!" Before Santana could get a response, a

bodyguard said to Santana as he pointed to the beach, "Ms. Lopez, look! Santana

looked at his direction and was horrified by what she saw. Brittany was heading

towards the water in the nude with Tiffany following behind her. Santana ran

across the beach, punching Tiffany hard across the face sending her sprawling

across the sand. Santana grabbed Brittany and carried her bridal style towards

the hotel club and Brittany started to cry, "I'm so sorry, so sorry!" Santana

silenced Brittany with a hard kiss on the lips. Santana whispered in Brittany's

ear, "Shhhhhhh I am here to take care of you baby, we are going back to the

suite." Brittany passed out in Santana's arms and Santana hissed at Rachel

and Finn, "Both of you, come along now!" Rachel and Finn followed behind

Santana and as they were heading back, Tiffany came running after Santana.

Santana spun around, kicked Tiffany away shouting, "FUCK OFF, BITCH!"

After the calamity outdoors, Santana put Brittany to bed, making sure

that she was bundled up and comfortable while she was knocked out. Santana

kissed Brittany on the forehead and then met with Rachel and Finn out in the

doorway of the suite. Santana snapped, "I am not going to fire you two

however I wished you two kept a better eye on Britt!" Rachel sighed, "We did

the best that we've could of done and I am sorry that she drank so much."

Santana hissed, "You could've prevented it, I mean why did she even drink to

begin with?" Finn answered, "She wanted to have drinks with us and to hang

with us at the club, she seemed to be having a great time and was carefree."

Santana put her hand in her hair and started to cry, "Oh fuck what am I going to

do? I love her so much, so fuckin' much and I don't want to lose her." Rachel

placed her hand on Santana's shoulder and said, "You won't lose her, she just

needs help and I think therapy will help her." Santana wept, "I am sorry I

screamed at you two, I was just so worried and upset." Finn said, "I understand

and remember, Brittany loves you." Santana nodded through her tears and said

softly, "I know she does." Rachel hugged Santana and said, "Things will work

out and I'll handle the press so you won't have to." Santana hugged Rachel back

and said, "Thank you so much, I think we are going to stay in a few days before

we do anything else. I want her to heal and for us to talk." Rachel said, "Of course,

I'll talk to you in a few then." Finn said as he grabbed Rachel's hand, "See ya soon

and please tell Brittany we are so sorry." Rachel and Finn went to the elevator and

Santana went back into the suite, closing the door behind her and wiping the tears

from her eyes.

In the middle of the night, Brittany woke up violently ill and rushed to the

bathroom, closing the door behind her and vomiting in the toilet. Santana woke

up immediately when she heard the bathroom door close and she got up from the

bed, slipping on a white robe and entered the bathroom. Santana said softly, "Oh

my poor Britt-Britt!" Brittany flushed the toilet, wiped her mouth and leaned

against the wall. Brittany started to cry, "I am so sorry for whatever I've done to

you, I am so fuckin' sorry." Santana got down next to Brittany and stroked her

sweaty blonde hair and said softly, "Don't cry baby, everything will be alright.

You just had too much to drink and some slut tried to take advantage of you."

Brittany sobbed, "Do you know what you've got yourself into, do you really want

this? You can turn back." Santana started to cry again and she took Brittany's

face in her hands and said in a quivering voice, "I will never walk away again, not

like I did before. I love you and I need to be with you. I'll love you throughout the

good times and bad times. I love you unconditionally." Brittany fell into Santana's

arms and cried her heart out and Santana cried with her, holding Brittany firmly

in her arms and kissing her on the forehead. Santana whispered, "We are

together for life, you and me. You are my soul mate." Brittany said through her

sobs, "You are my soul mate too and the love of my life. I can't live without you."

Santana replied, "You are the love of my life too and can't live without you too so

let's not, ok?" Brittany nodded her head and Santana helped her up from the floor

and Santana said, "Let me get you some water that should help you." Santana

poured Brittany a glass of water and Brittany drank it down, and then Santana led

her back to bed, spooning behind Brittany and pulling the covers over them.

Santana kissed Brittany softly on the shoulder and said, "Get some sleep my


The next day Brittany woke up with a massive headache and Santana

awake, reading the newspaper. Brittany groaned, "What time is it, babe?"

Santana replied as she sat the newspaper down, "It's noon and I ordered coffee

ya." Brittany smiled weakly as she sat up in bed, "Thanks, you are so good to me,

even if I don't deserve it." Santana said as she got out of bed, "Now don't start

that shit with me, I love you regardless!" Santana poured Brittany a cup of coffee

and some aspirin for her to take. Brittany replied as she sipped on her coffee,

"You are my lifesaver and my love, I love you too!" Santana sat on the edge of the

bed and said, "And we are still going to get married." Santana took a black velvet

box out of her robe pocket and opened it. Brittany gasped, "Oh my god, it's

beautiful!" In the box was a diamond ring with gold hearts embroidered on the

ring and Santana said, "Regardless of our weaknesses, I still need and want you

to be my wife. Brittany, will you marry me?" Tears formed in Brittany's blue eyes

and she cried, "Of course I will still marry you." Santana slipped the ring on

Brittany's left finger, kissing it softly and then taking Brittany in her arms, giving

her a soft kiss on the lips. Santana smiled sweetly at Brittany and said, "Why

don't we take a few days to relax and talk." Brittany replied, "That sounds perfect,

being in your arms and having you to myself is what I need." Santana explained,

"You realize that it can't all be about sex right? We do need to talk." Brittany

replied, "I do and I am sorry for being a bitch in heat!" Santana sighed, "And quit

apologizing too, I am just to blame as you are. I was a bitch in heat too and my

temper has been nasty as well!" Brittany replied, "Well it is a perfect time to get

our shit together so how do we do it?" Santana answered, "Well we are talking

however how do you feel about going to therapy when we get home?"

To be continued… (Thank you so much for the comments and the encouragement,

I greatly appreciate it. And I agree Santana needs to realize that fucking isn't the

solution to resolve things so there will be more talking in the next chapter.)