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Suzaku Monogatari

Chapter 1::The Life of Brave Maiden

A snatcher running away for his life while a brave light-brown hair girl running was chasing him. She able to grabbed the man's wrist that holding a black lady's bag and she put her hand in man's shoulder and she bend backward the snatcher's arm and he yell in pain. The group of police came towards them, they followed by a blue hair girl.

The police men put an handcuffs to the snatcher's hands and they arrested the said criminal who caught by a middle schooler. Meanwhile the leader of the group of justice talking to the brave hero girl

"Thank you,once again you help us to catch the criminal, Airu-san!" Thanked by the police officer to the young lady.

"It's alright!" the young lady called Airu said with a smile in her lips.

"But are you sure you didn't want an award?" the police officer asked and again Airu smile at him.

"It's okay, I didn't do it for some reward!" Airu said, then one of the police men came to them

"Sir, everything is ok now!, we already put him in mobile and ready to put in jail" the police officer nodded

"Then we pleasure to accompany you, 'till next time Airu-san. We gonna go now!" the police officer said to Airu and he bow and Airu did the same. Then the group of police men leave with their new prisoner.

Airu walked in the street with the blue hair girl, "Ai-chan you really amazing!" the blue hair girl and green eyes praised to Airu, the light brown hair maiden just smile at her.

This girl is Airu Kimura, 16 yrs. old, a girl with long hazel-brown hair down to her butt and sky blue eyes. She wore white polo long sleeves with black necktie and black vest and black skirt and brown amazon boots up to her knees.

Unlike to the other girls that in her age,she didn't have any relatives that she can depend on. She taking part time jobs to get money. In her age of fifteen she been graduated in middle school and now she have to save money for her studying in college. She's smart and can do anything in other words she so talented. But her life is miserable. When she was in age of five she saw on how her mother rape by a criminal and after that he kill her mother. Her father and grandmother also killed by the same criminal. Then she been taken by the killer that she learn that from a mafia family named Serenety family. But thanks to heavens she been taken or rather buy by a man to the Serenety family and brought to a academy called 'Hikari no Kibou Academy' or 'Light of Hope Academy'. There she met a girl that has a same faith to her. Her name is Aimee Noroko, they become friends, actually the whole academy also the teachers and headmaster they all friends of Aimee. In that Academy they taught them on how to fight and defend for their lives. In age of fifteen she graduated to the academy.

On outside of the school she met 'Hikari Sukunami', the girl with blue hair and green eyes, 14 yrs. old, studying in Jonan Academy. Her father is a professor in college, named Taka Sukunami and her mother is Miaka Sukunami. She so childish, unlike Airu, all she know is eat,eat,eat,eat and never ending eating. This is the reason why Airu treated her like a little sister.

They came to a house that have a tag 'Sukunami' written in it. Inside of the house

"I'm home!" Hikari call in her childish voice, a woman with brown hair and emerald eyes came to them

"Welcome home, Kari-chan and we're glad that you visited us Airu-chan!" the woman greeted the two young ladies, Airu bow to the woman

"It's a pleasure to be here, Mrs. Sukunami" Airu greeted

"Oh! You didn't have to be so polite, you can call me auntie,you know!" the woman named Miaka said, Airu smile at the woman "Come inside, Iwill make you two delicious juices!" Miaka said

"Yes! Thank you." the young ladies replied.

"Oh! By the way mom, I bought a book, look!" Hikari said and she held a red book

"She didn't even know on how she suppose to read chinese!" Airu said, her hands is in her waist, while Hikari have a sweat drop in her head

"Is there anything wrong mom?" Hikari asked,her sweatdrop already vanished and Airu released her hands in her waist

"Mrs. Sukunami?" Airu ask confused

"That book, The Universe of the Four Gods!" the woman said, she look scared in the book

"The Universe...of the..Four Gods?" Hikari repeated, confused

"Mrs. Sukunami you can read chinese characters?!" Airu asked, shock. Then Hikari look at her friend and then to the book and she held the book up in the air

"So! This is the legendary book The Universe of the four gods!" Hikari happily said, while Airu have a sweat drop in her hair and step back a little.

While Miaka back to the reality "I just know the look of the book!" she lied "My Brother, Kari-chan's uncle Kusuke did a research about that book when they in college!" Miaka continue,the sweat drop in Airu gone

"I see!" Airu said in low voice, and Miaka turn around

"That's impossible anyway. All gods already have their respective mikos so the story was already end. Yui and I are the last mikos, while Mayo-chan just been used by the negative Suzaku. So it's impossible that there's a fifth priestess" Miaka though

"This is the story of a young girl who single-handedly gathered the seven stars of Suzaku and gained the power to make all her dreams come true the story itself is an incantation and whoever reads it gains the main character's power to have their wishes granted. This is because once they turn the first page the story will become real and begin." Airu's voice read, when Miaka heard Airu reading a familiar words she quickly turn back to the young ladies,but it's too late they already flip the page where the chant has and Airu already read it out loud

"No stop Airu-chan!" Miaka shouted, Airu stopped and the two ladies look at to Miaka

"Mom?" Hikari confused

"Airu-chan you can read chinese?" Miaka nervously asked and Airu nodded, then they heard a sound of a bird.

"Mom do we have bird in the house?" Hikari asked

"No way, that's impossible!" Miaka whispered to herself

"Mrs. Sukunami?" Airu confused, then a red light shine in Airu and Hikari

"Wh.. what is happening?" Hikari asked, Miaka run towards them hoping she can grab the two of them, but no luck she tripped and face the floor. Mean while Airu and Hikari finally sucked by the red light and they vanished.

"No way, impossible, Suzaku, Nuriko, everyone!" Miaka still shock at sudden scene.

To Be Continued::

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