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Chapter 2:: First Encounter

Airu woke up to a unfamiliar place. Its like a dessert but with dead trees. She looked around and spotted her blue hair friend lying in not far way from her

"Hikari!" she walked towards of her sleeping friend. She tried to wake her up. She shake her friend, call her name.

While she waking her friend, a red kanji letter shine in Hikari's neck side "Star?" she read. Then finally her friend waking up and the red kanji disappeared to her friend's neck. She didn't mind it anymore, all important to her now is her friend is just fine.

"Where are we?" Hikari asked. They stood

"I don't know?" the brown hair maiden replied

Then Hikari gasped "Maybe..." Hikari started. Airu looked at her while folding her arms

"Maybe?" she repeated questionably

"Maybe we're in inside of the book!" Hikari finished. Airu sweatdrop and sighed "Why?" Hikari asked. She looked at her again and sighed again, actually she didn't believe in weird idea of her friend "Eh! Ai-chan! Come to think of it. Maybe the book that I bought is the book that my mom and dad telling, and maybe I'm the new Suzaku no miko and you is one of seven celestial warrior of Suzaku, the phoenix!"

Then again Airu sighed "Your too sure to that huh?!" Airu said. Hikari laughed to her crazy ideas

"Why not? Remember my story to you. My mother is the former Suzaku no miko!" Hikari said

"Yes, I remember that story of yours. But remember you also daughter of one of Suzaku celestial warriors, Tamahome!" she replied and sighed again "Anyway, never mind that, beside I have no intention to be priestess or become a warrior in some god that I didn't know if really exist!" she added

"Ai-chan!" Hikari childish said. Bit disappointed to her friend that didn't like to be excite.

"Now she mention it, maybe its true. We just came here just sudden. All I remember is, after I read the first phrase in the book red light shone in us and Mrs. Sukunami say something. Is that book really have a some sort of magic?" Airu thought.

Group of man arrive at their place. The five male riding in the horse stopped not faraway to the two lady

"Look! We're so lucky, there's two lady here!" the leader of the group said to his minions

"I'm so sure that they can make big money!" the second one said with evil smile cross his ugly face

"Who are they?" Hikari asked while in Airu

"Its obvious, Hikari. They're bandits!" Airu replied and she blocked her hand to Hikari


"Leave them to me. Run as fast, as you can" Airu whispered to her friend


"Quick! I can manage myself, now leave!" the brave maiden said

"You know what Ai-chan... " Hikari started. Airu peeked at her friend "You really just like a celestial warrior!" Hikari excitedly said.

Sweat drop form in Airu's hair "Can you please cut it out!"

Meanwhile the five bandit according to Airu are all climb down to their own horses and ready to take the two lady from the another world. When they run towards of the two maiden, Airu also run to them.

The brave maiden punched the face of the leader, he fall to the strength of the girl with hazel brown hair. She kicked the head of second man and he lost consciousness. She elbow the chest of the third bandit and she kick the manhood of the fourth man. They all lying in the ground. But she doesn't know that the last one already threatening Hikari.

"Ai-chan!" blue hair girl called out her friend for help. Then Airu looked at them, and she saw a knife holding by the last one and it pointing in Hikari's throat, laughing

"Now try to move and your friend will die!" he warned to the brave maiden

"NO! NO! I'M SO YOUNG TO DIE!" Hikari cried

Airu have sweat drop in her head thanks to her friend who is now freaking"Hikari, what just I told you earlier?" Airu calmly asked

"Leave it to you and run fast as I can!"

"And why you didn't run?"

"An... no... Et... to... heheheheheh!" she laughed nervously

"Quit talking! You two will be our slaves! So come with us quietly and don't try to make a move to attack, specially you young brave lady!" the fifth bandit said. While the other bandits come near to Airu, one of them flew passed them. They all gasped and turn around. They're all just saw is a eighteen year old guy with purple long hair that braid like to warriors, he have hazel brown eyes and under of his right eye a mole place on it, he just stood there

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!" yelled by the leader to the guy

The purple hair teen sighed "You still don't stop in your illegal business!" he said

"SEIZE HIM!" the leader shouted and the four bandits attacked the guy.

Meanwhile Airu use this chance to save her friend from the bandit. Then Airu and the stranger together they beat the five bandit, and they run for their lives.

"Thank you for helping us!" Airu thanked the purple hair guy

"Your welcome!" the guy replied. He looked at the outfits of the two lady in front of him "Are you two from another world?" he asked

The two of them nodded "How you know?" Airu asked. He smiled

"My great great great great great uncle Houjun have a story about a girl from the another world. Oh! By the way my names 'Ryuen Chou'"

"I'm Airu Kimura and this is Hikari Sukunami"

"Su.. ku.. nami?" Ryuen wondered, he is look-like he remember something about the word 'Sukunami'. Airu noticed this

"Why? Is there anything wrong?" she asked to the young teen. Ryuen came back to the reality, then he smiled

"Ah.. No nothing!" he respond "Anyway if you guys don't have a way to go back to your world, you can come with me. I'm sure you don't have a place that you can go!"

"Ai-chan, my mom said don't just get along with strangers!" Hikari whispered to her

"Did your mom do that when she first arrive here?" Airu whispered to her "Not in this case,okay!"

In Real World::

" "Okay!" the brave maiden replied to the guy and he nodded and they followed him" Miaka reading the book of the Universe of the four Gods in their house's living room

"Ryuen? If I remember its Nuriko's real given name. But was he reborn as a girl named Reinshun that have crush on Hotohori's reincarnation, I believe his name is Eian" Miaka thought.

To be continued...

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