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Raven was startled at the knock on her door. She sat abruptly upright on her bed, wincing as she cricked her neck. Her head swam black and a pain lanced through her side, only for a moment. Despite her healing abilities, her cracked ribs were still hurting nearly three weeks after. She didn't mind, though, for everything else in life was so very fine.

Raven still couldn't believe how fine, truly.

She went to the door, rubbing her neck, her mind far away, still lost in the daydreams that she had been absorbed in when the door knock had cut through her consciousness. Raven had never really been one for daydreams, but now she was constantly distracted and it was lovely. Lovelier still was the person who was keeping her mind so preoccupied.

Reaching the door, Raven slid it partly open. Robin stood on the other side, looking terribly serious. But then, he almost always looked terribly serious.

"Robin," Raven said flatly as a greeting.

"Raven," he replied, unusually hesitant, a concerned frown perched on his brow. "I wondered if I could speak to you."

"Sure," Raven said, voice detached as ever, though her mood was quite bright. She slid the door open wider but did not invite Robin in.

He wasn't meeting her eyes, she could tell even if his mask did hide them. Raven waited while Robin found the appropriate words.

"When I asked you to … to find out what was bothering Beast Boy," he finally began, no trace of uncertainty in his tone, his usual brimming confidence firmly back in place now that he had begun to speak. "I didn't mean for you to take his problems all on yourself."

"What?" Raven asked evenly, but for once she was actually baffled. She had no idea what Robin was alluding to.

"I've noticed over the last couple of weeks that you've become more withdrawn, and you've been wearing white again, which I know is a sign of emotional change – and I figured it was a result of my asking you to try and find out why Beast Boy was isolating himself. I know you two have been spending huge amounts of time together recently, but I want you to know, we're all here to help. We're a team, we can lean on each other. You don't need to shoulder all of his troubles yourself."

Raven felt a tiny smile curve her lips, a not uncommon expression for her of late. She even wanted to laugh at Robin's hopeless obliviousness - he plainly couldn't see what was staring him right in the face. Raven knew Beast Boy wouldn't mind her setting the record straight, they weren't keeping their relationship a secret. They weren't flaunting it either. Their feelings for each other were just for each other, and so far that was where they had stayed, though Cyborg and Starfire, with their inside knowledge, had realised very quickly when things had become official.

"Robin, you've got it completely wrong. Neither Beast Boy nor I have got any worries. What you haven't realised is that we're now a couple."

Raven watched impassively as Robin's jaw dropped so far it was like to hit the ground. One eyebrow slid calmly up her brow. "You seem surprised," she commented, trying – successfully – to keep a smirk from her lips.

"I, uh, I am," Robin admitted, folding his jaw shut again and rumpling an embarrassed hand through his carefully mussed hair. "I had no idea the two of you … I mean, I'd seen … well, and I'd, uh, wondered, but you know, not really my place … well, good. Good for both of you. So you're, uh, happy?"

"Very happy," Raven deadpanned.

Robin twitched awkwardly for another few moments, then collected himself. He beamed widely, and Raven could sense his gesture was genuine. "Well good. I'm pleased for you both. I guess that explains a lot."

"Yes," Raven said. "So you don't need to worry. Anything else?"

"No, no," Robin said, trying for an airy demeanour to cover his embarrassment. "I'm glad. I'll let you get back to your meditation."

"Thank you," Raven said, and waited out of respect until Robin had walked away before she shut her door. As she slid it closed, a sudden shriek of pain echoed from behind it, an echo that sounded awfully familiar…

Raven swished the door open wide again, and there stood Beast Boy, hopping on one leg and holding the other foot between both his hands. Raven realised she must have jarred it in the door, but if he was silly enough to wedge it in there, then really, he was asking for it.

"I thought he'd never leave," Beast Boy whined as a hello and hopped into her room.

"He was here for less than two minutes," Raven said, and now she couldn't keep a smile from her face, as she closed her door again and sat down on the edge of her bed.

"Two minutes too long," Beast Boy grouched back, finally dropping his foot and sitting beside her on the bed. His arms came around her body, and pulled her tight against his chest. "I missed you," he said gently into her hair.

Raven relaxed into his embrace. "And I you," she said. Beast Boy's hands were in her hair, stroking it, his face hidden against her neck.

"Gah, why did we wait so long for this?" Beast Boy mumbled. Raven could feel the damp warmth of his breath against her skin. She closed her eyes, focussing on the feelings his touch stirred inside her, the positive emotions that were still so new.

"I don't know," she said. "Beats solitary meditation."

"Beats video games," Beast Boy replied.

"Really?" Raven said, a wry note twisting her tone.

But Beast Boy's reply was serious. "Definitely." He pressed his lips into her neck, and again, his fangs nibbling her skin. It somehow tickled and hurt and was wonderful, all at once. Raven tipped her head slightly, encouraging him. Her hair flipped to the side as Beast Boy took his hands away from her head, one sliding down Raven's face and cupping her cheek, the other slipping down her body, resting at her waist as their bodies shifted closer. She sighed as he kissed her neck.

Raven had never really had any level of physical intimacy with another person. Even with her mother and the other children of Azarath there had been distance, a distance Raven had known all her life, a physical starvation. She had come to dislike being touched as she got older, it being so completely foreign to her. Whenever Starfire had tried to hug her in the past all she had felt was a deep unease, worsened whenever it was the fabled 'group hug'.

Being a part of a team who lived together and spent most of their time together had gradually worn away Raven's disdain for physical contact. She grew to trust her friends, they became her family, and so hugging them became less discomforting to her.

But that was nothing compared to this. The touches that slipped between her and Beast Boy were electric, like static fire. She felt no unease when he touched her, simply bliss, safe and protected. She felt loved. She'd had no idea what she was missing. When Raven had seen the fleeting contacts that Robin and Starfire shared before the team, she'd never have guessed that they could be feeling for each other what she felt when with Beast Boy, the emotions he stirred, and more when he touched her like he was touching her now. She made a tiny noise, deep in her throat.

Beast Boy echoed it. "Mm, yourself," he whispered against her skin. "D'you know, you look very sexy in white."

Raven felt heat flood her pallid cheeks. "Thank you," she muttered. "Do you know your ears are very sexy?"

"Oh yeah, ladies love the pointy ears," Beast Boy said, drawing away from her and wiggling his ears at her with a raised eyebrow. As suggestive looks went, it needed improvement.

Raven frowned at him, but it was in jest, and slapped his shoulder. "What do you mean, ladies?" she growled.

Beast Boy shrugged, grinning happily. "Well, I'm a bit of a ladies' man, you know, Ray. Case in point - don't you remember my Tokyo fan club?"

"All too well. One of them tried to murder us."

"Price of fame," Beast Boy said airily, then without warning grabbed Raven none-too-gently and kissed her roughly. His kiss was filled with fire, with passion, with an intensity Raven hadn't known could originate from a positive emotion. It literally took her breath away. And deep in her belly, it frightened her. Love was equally as dangerous as rage. "You know you're the only one for me," Beast Boy said, breaking away from her again and pressing their foreheads together. "I love you."

Raven looked at him, feeling a simple, happy smile on her flushed face. "I love you." She pulled him into a hug and breathed deeply the scent of him, something like tofu and sweat and boy, familiar and pleasant.

"So what did Robin want?" Beast Boy asked eventually, after a long silence, still holding her tight.

"He wanted to know why you and I are acting strangely. He became quite flustered when I told him. Robin may be so confident, but he's utterly male when it comes to anything relationship related."

Raven felt the curve of Beast Boy's smile against her cheek. "Hadn't he picked up on it?"

"Not at all, apparently, though you'd think when he saw you lying across my lap the other day in the common room, he might have wondered."

"Yeah, that was awesome," Beast Boy said, his fang brushing Raven's skin as he grinned. "And the best part was, I actually beat Cyborg that day."

Raven remembered. She and Beast Boy had been watching a matinee when Cyborg had entered the common room. Since the movie was not really that good (though in fairness, Raven had spent too much time of it with Beast Boy's tongue in her mouth to really judge it), Beast Boy had switched on the Gamestation and laid his head in Raven's lap while he battled Cyborg. Raven had levitated herself a book and the three of them had had quite an enjoyable afternoon. And Beast Boy had indeed beaten Cyborg, to his intense delight, though only in one round. Cyborg won eight.

Raven had wondered for a moment whether Cyborg would be put out by her and Beast Boy starting a relationship, even though he was the first person she'd gone to for advice. She needn't have worried; as far as Cyborg was concerned nothing was any different, and he didn't feel left out if Beast Boy and Raven were now spending more time together than with him.

"You know, for someone so smart, Robin can be pretty stupid," Beast Boy said, musingly, his hand tracing a circle against Raven's back.

"His mind just works differently, that's all. He's calmed down a little since he and Starfire started dating," Raven said fairly.

"D'you think they've slept together yet?" Beast Boy asked her.

"Yes," Raven said, "not that it's any of our business."

"Hmm," Beast Boy murmured back but said no more. Raven wondered at the question. It wasn't unlike Beast Boy to be impertinent, but she was still somewhat surprised at the seemingly random query. His hand against her back was beginning to tickle.

And then he was turning his head and kissing her again, not with the desperate energy of before, but with a gentle intensity that still left her breathless. His tongue reached out for hers and Raven surrendered herself to his kiss, soft, warm, deep and safe.

Until Beast Boy deliberately bit her, his fangs nipping painfully into her lip. She gave a muffled sob of outrage and pushed him back, frowning fiercely. Beast Boy gazed back at her with his perfected 'who me?' look of supreme innocence. Under Raven's glare, though, he couldn't maintain the expression and his face cracked instead into a grin, and, leaning in to kiss her again, he promised, "I'll make it up to you…"

"Tease," Raven growled back, reaching for his lips hungrily as he nodded and nearly stuck his tongue up her nose instead.

"Someone has to be," Beast Boy replied cheekily. "I can't see you doing it, so it has to be me."

A crafty smile curled Raven's lips as she placed a hand on Beast Boy's chest and kept him back. "You think I can't be a tease?"

He blinked at her, mischief still shining in his green eyes, and then he shrugged.

"Oh, you asked for it, mister." Raven smirked, "Prepare to be teased."

"What're you gonna do, Raven? Tickle me?" Beast Boy asked, surveying her with a smugly disbelieving expression.

"Oh," said Raven, deceptively sweet. "You'll see." For Raven enjoyed playing games she knew she would win.

She began the game that very night. It was another evening that Robin had decided would be good for team building. The Titans had gone several days without a case, and Robin had been drilling them all hard at combat practice; the one that afternoon had been no exception. Four hours of workouts, pep talks and manoeuvres later all the teens were hot, sweaty and tired. Gallantly, the boys offered Raven and Starfire first option at showers. Raven went second to Starfire, and took her time re-dressing afterwards – a clean uniform with track-pants over the top – lost in schemes and daydreams, finally joining the team in the common room about an hour later.

Cyborg was in the kitchen, using Starfire's food processor to mix a cake batter. "Pizza's on its way Rave, and I'm making cupcakes. You love cupcakes, dontcha?" Cyborg was grinning and wiggling his eyebrow at her. She sat on one of the stools at the breakfast bar without answering him and reached across, dipping one slender finger into the bowl.

Beast Boy crossed the room to join them, his hair still wet from showering, dripping a stream of fat water droplets onto his shoulders. Raven smiled at him in greeting, then popped her finger into her mouth and slowly ran her tongue around it, tasting the batter, closing her eyes for just a moment, savouring. She hiked one amused eyebrow at Cyborg and he smirked back, catching onto the joke quickly. "Very nice, Cyborg," she said, dragging the finger over her lip. "Chocolate is my favourite."

Innocently, Raven reached out her hand to Beast Boy, studying his face for an effect. He was staring at her hand, at the shining, damp fingertip, with a dazed look on his face. Then he took her hand, and looked back up at her, his expression mildly confused.

"So, what's Robin come up with for tonight?" Raven asked, leaning her head on Beast Boy's shoulder, squeezing his hand.

"Board games," Cyborg said.

"Hm. I could say something pessimistic about how childish that is, but it might actually be fun," Raven said, reaching for the cake batter again. Cyborg swatted her hand with a wooden spoon.

"No double-dipping!" he said, but with a surreptitious wink. Raven simpered a sly smile in return. Beast Boy was staring dumbly at her hand. Raven almost felt mean, almost, but he had asked for it.

Robin had indeed gathered a selection of board games, including chess. They played that first, Raven the clear winner at the end of three rounds. Next it was chinese checkers and pizza. They all huddled over the game board and moved their pegs around, grease making the pieces slippery, yet they were all having too much fun to mind.

Raven sat back after her turn, watching her friends. She was good at these sorts of games, her mind logical and strategic; Robin was good at them too. Starfire always had trouble remembering the rules and Cyborg and Beast Boy were more interested in having fun than winning. The latter, her boyfriend (how strange it felt to say) was sitting to her right, and met her gaze happily. Raven offered him a tiny smile and picked up her bottle of lemonade. She took a careful sip, slowly, resting the mouth of the bottle on the edge of her tongue before closing her lips about it.

Beast Boy's eyes almost fell out of his head.

Raven put the bottle back down and smiled at him again. He blinked several times and frowned at her. No one else was watching. Beast Boy leaned closer. "What are you doing?" he whispered in her ear.

"I don't understand what you mean," Raven replied, kissing his ear before pulling away and schooling her expression into one of innocent confusion. Beast Boy didn't look convinced and Raven really couldn't blame him. He eyed her suspiciously.

"You're doing … things. Things. On purpose." He gave her a meaningful look.

Raven blinked back at him, expression nonplussed. "What?"

His eyes narrowed. His mouth twisted. "You know what I mean."

Raven gave him a small, sweet smile and opened her mouth to reply, but was abruptly interrupted.

"You two really are a couple! How come I never saw it before?" Robin suddenly exclaimed, loudly. Both Raven and Beast Boy snapped their heads around to gawp at their team leader. He was staring at them, his features betraying how wide his eyes were behind his mask.

"You have a one track mind," Raven replied levelly, though she was a trifle irritated at being interrupted. The other three Titans were all nodding in agreement. Robin scowled at them and they all hastily returned their attention to the game.

It was fairly late when they all went to bed that night. Raven shimmied out of her track-pants and clambered on to her bed, still wearing her uniform, a happy smile creeping across her face. She wriggled out of her cloak and levitated it onto a chair and lay quietly for a few moments, not really ready for sleep despite the lateness of the hour, just enjoying the feeling of being happy.

There was a tiny, timid tap on her door. Only one person would knock so carefully. Raven slid the door open telekinetically. "Come in," she called, propping herself up on one elbow and twisting to look at Beast Boy as he entered. The door slid quietly shut behind him. Raven gestured for him to sit beside her on the bed.

Beast Boy took one step towards her and paused, staring. For a moment, Raven was confused, but she watched him and realised.

Beast Boy's eyes were fixed on her legs, on their pale smoothness, the way they relaxed against each other, curved and comfortable. It was an opportunity too good to waste. Raven carefully slid her legs into the sort of position Starfire might have laid her own in, the kind of graceful, feminine position designed to show curve and muscle.

Beast Boy frowned and his eyes snapped up to Raven's face. He stepped over and sat beside her.

"Okay," he said, and Raven could hear the annoyance in his voice. "You proved your point. You can play the tease as well as I can."

Raven rolled over, arching her back, a smug sneer perched on her lips. "Maybe better," she said slyly.

"Stop it," Beast Boy said, all seriousness. "I know it's all in fun, but stop it. You've proved your point, but this is unfair."

Raven studied him. In a way, she supposed he was right. Only one night of teasing though, that seemed unfair. She licked her lips.

"Raven, I said stop," Beast Boy's voice shook with intensity, some hidden emotion beneath his words. His fang looked sharper, but that wasn't possible.

"I wasn't…" Raven began but was cut off as Beast Boy leaned down and grabbed her. One arm slid around her waist, between her body and the bed and hauled her up, the other snatching behind her head and pulling her into a fierce kiss. He kissed her and kissed her, lips crushing against her own, tongue demanding entrance to her mouth, refusing to let her go until Raven thought she might lose consciousness and fought him back, just to draw breath.

He stared at her with dark eyes, lips parted. "I'm sorry," he said lowly, "but you haven't made it easy tonight, playing your games. At first I wasn't sure, but then I got the message. But I need you to stop, because even now you're doing it without trying to. And I know we've only been together a tiny while, but dammit, I don't want to go!"

Raven stared at him, her own mouth gaping in surprise. She knew exactly what his words meant. Somewhere inside her mind a voice chided, 'well, you asked for that'. Raven told the voice to shut up and then kissed Beast Boy once, carefully, softly, then wriggled in his arms so that she could sit beside him, close, more comfortable.

"Sorry," she said softly, not meeting his eyes. He wasn't holding her now, just staring at his hands, loosely folded in his lap. "It was only meant to be in fun."

Beast Boy forced a smile onto his face, still refusing to look up at her. "I know," he said, but his usual heart wasn't in it.

Raven searched for words, for thoughts, for understanding of what had suddenly become a potentially very precarious situation. "I understand how you feel," she said carefully, placing one hand gently on the small of Beast Boy's back. "I can't say I haven't felt the same myself," which was very true.

He looked at her then, lifting his eyes to her face, listening calmly, though his eyes still showed a certain torment.

"It's only natural," she continued, feeling vaguely embarrassed and discomfited. "I mean, we're both adults now, and even though it's been a short time since we've been together … those sorts of…" here Raven stopped, for she could not think of a way to continue that didn't sound hideously inappropriate. She felt a flush rise to her cheeks.

Beast Boy reached out one hand and rested it over where the heat stained her skin. "I didn't want to upset you by talking about it," he said softly, not quite looking at her still. "That's not why I want to be with you. But now that I am with you, I can't help wanting that." He looked at her fully then, an apology in his eyes and colour crept down his ears. "We don't need to rush," he continued. "But I had to let you know … I mean, I can take a joke as well as the next guy, but still…"

"I get it," Raven said, resting her cheek into his palm. It felt so nice to be held, and even better that it was Beast Boy. "I won't do it again, deliberately anyway."

He smiled. "You're the best," he said and pulled her into a hug. Raven slid her arms around him and pulled him close to her. She considered for a moment how it might feel to have him inside her, to give her entire self to him. It wasn't the first time she had wondered about it, not by far, but she had never yet been brave enough to broach the subject. Now it had been broached inadvertently by her actions.

For Raven, so used to being alone, resisting touch and feeling, the thought of intimacy – at least with Beast Boy – surprisingly did not stir any trepidation. She had always thought it would, but not once while with him had she felt fear or hesitation. When he kissed her, she could feel the way her body responded to him, when they touched she felt the emotions he wrenched from her. He knew her, and he loved her and Raven loved him in return. Intimacy only seemed natural.

There was no need to rush, as Beast Boy had said, which was why Raven had never said anything, apart from the fact that it was not a topic she could easily talk about. Every time the thought of intimacy entered her mind, Raven was instantly reminded of the moment, only one month ago or more, when Beast Boy had run into her as she came out of the shower, clad only in a towel. That encounter had been pure awkwardness. And that was an association Raven didn't want to form.

Beast Boy cleared his throat and pulled back again, still touching Raven, but looking at her now. "Now that we're talking about it," he said quietly, his serious expression firmly in place. "What do you think…?"

Raven breathed steadily, trying to keep from blushing. It didn't work. "I … I'm … nervous," she admitted. "I haven't … ever…"

Beast Boy stroked her face. "Me neither," he said softly.

Raven wasn't sure if that was a good thing, or bad. It meant neither of them had any idea, any experience. But somehow it also made it seem more … special.

"What about my powers?" Raven said, "What if I hurt you?" She didn't think it was likely, she seldom lost control of her powers now, and positive emotions had never been especially risky besides, though when she had still felt her father's influence working within her all emotions had had to be controlled at all costs.

"What if I hurt you?" Beast Boy countered. He shook his head firmly, after they stared at each other for a moment in panicked silence. "There are dozens of 'what ifs' we could worry about. But really it comes down to only one thing: whether or not we both want to."

Raven was the one looking away now. She wanted to, oh yes, she did, she knew it. But maybe…

"I do," she said, "but not … tonight."

Beast Boy grabbed her chin and lifted her face. Looking her straight in the eyes he said, "Of course not tonight!" and he laughed and kissed her. "It shouldn't be planned," Beast Boy continued. "It should just happen. I didn't come here trying to get you into bed, though…" he looked at them both, entangled on the bed and grinned his most mischievous grin. "We're not far from."

Raven hoisted an eyebrow at him, and then stretched forwards to kiss him again. "I love you Gar," she mumbled into his mouth as he returned her touch.

"I love you more, Ray…" he garbled back, and his fang scratched her lip, and he drew her in close. "I should go back to my own room…" but he was still kissing her.

"Mm." Raven didn't let go of him. "Soon enough…" she muttered, and kissed him again.

And so passed several weeks. The Titans went on missions, and beat villains as usual, and in between Titan's Tower was filled up with entertainment, of a sort, as Cyborg took it upon himself to wage a Prank War on his coupled-up friends. After Cyborg resurrected his most famed prank in Titan's history – that of putting red dye in Beast Boy's shampoo – the rest of the team banded together to pay him back – and hopefully end the Prank War for good.

The Master Prank, as Robin dubbed it, involved the Gamestation, Control Freak's secured remote, some clever magic on Raven's part, a David Bowie song, and Cyborg's girlfriend Sarah Simms. It went spectacularly well, Cyborg distressed enough at having his own relationship targeted to agree to a prank peace, but delighted enough with the all-out cleverness of his teammates to declare that a celebration was in order.

It suited Raven well enough. Cyborg had the waffle iron out, Robin had procured some wine and Starfire had been kind enough to offer to buy some sweets, rather than attempt to make, and feed them all, a traditional Tamaranean anything. Beast Boy put some music on, Sarah Simms stayed and it quickly became a party.

There was dancing, and talking, eating and drinking, and Raven enjoyed herself, not least when Beast Boy had grabbed her by the cloak and dragged her body against his. She had blushed with pleasure as he stamped her around the room in a crazed waltz, singing obscene words in time with the music. She had even laughed, just a little. Positive emotions or no, it was hard to let go of her impassivity.

When Raven finally took herself up to bed, content that there would be no trap from Cyborg inside her room, and after kissing Beast Boy goodnight, she was tired and happy. She tossed herself down on her bed, after flinging off her cloak and uniform, and lay there in her smallclothes, humming idly to herself.

She sensed the knock before it came, and used her powers to slide the bedroom door open. "You don't need to knock, Gar," she called, and turned her head as Beast Boy entered the room.

He froze just inside her doorway, the door itself closing behind him. He was staring at her, and Raven watched as his eyes grew wider and wider. She snatched up her cloak and wrapped it around herself, everything disappearing beneath its diaphanous folds. Damn, it was like the shower all over again. She drew the cowl up so he wouldn't see the colour rising in her cheeks.

Beast Boy read her embarrassment anyway. "I'm sorry, Ray," he said, staring now at his boots, looking like a lost child. This was new to both of them.

"Don't be," Raven said, still hiding. "I didn't expect you to follow me, but even so I should have put pyjamas on… or whatever."

"You were alone, it's your room…" Beast Boy trailed off, now staring at her black ceiling.

'Does he think I'm hideous?' Raven thought in a stab of paranoia, for he might love her, that she doubted not, but he couldn't look at her now that he'd seen… Surely this sort of a thing shouldn't be so difficult? "Uh, um … did you want something?"

"Well, I just," Beast Boy was now gazing avidly at her bookshelf. "I just … didn't really want to say goodnight just yet, but uh, if you're going to … well, I should just … uh, leave…"

Raven reached her hand out, and lowered her cowl. "No, don't…"

Beast Boy finally looked at her, his eyes bright. Raven lowered her own eyes instead, finding direct contact just as difficult as he had. "Do I disgust you?" she asked in a low, tiny voice. "Is that why you want to leave?"

Beast Boy chuckled suddenly, and Raven looked back up. He was moving across the room, and knelt on the floor near her feet. "No way. You arouse me, Raven. That's why I have to leave."

Perhaps it was the wine, or perhaps it was the euphoria of finally having beaten Cyborg, or maybe it was just because they had been together now for nigh on two months and the time was right, but the reply came before Raven even had time to contemplate what its implications were. "No, you don't."

They looked at each other, full in the face, so close, Beast Boy looking up at her. He placed his hands on her knees. "That's not why I came."

Raven dipped her head slightly. "It doesn't have to be why you stay, either," she said. "But I'd like you to stay anyway." She placed her own hands over his and he favoured her with his lopsided grin, fang sparkling in the dim light.

"Okay," he said. "Did you want to, uh, put more clothes on?"

Raven blinked. "I suppose so," she said, and shuffled around him to stand. Beast Boy rose behind her, as she crossed the room to her wardrobe. She never made it there.

The green boy grabbed her from behind and buried his nose in her hair, huffing against her ear, laying quick and sloppy kisses down her neck. Raven felt her head loll to the side and Beast Boy's kiss deepened, pressing into her skin with bruising intensity. Raven made some small sound, and he bit her, hard, too hard nearly, on her naked clavicle.

"Ah!" she gasped, and he spun her around, pressing quick, darting kisses on her mouth.

"Sorry," he mumbled against her lips, "sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you… stop me, Raven, stop me now…"

She did, pushing one hand into his chest. And as she did so, she realised she didn't want him to stop. "How much wine have you had?" she asked. If this were to be allowed, if it was going to happen, she wanted it to be for the right reasons.

"One glass, hours ago," he replied, staring at her with black, hungry eyes. She felt the truth of his words, and put her hands on him, drawing their bodies together again.

"Then don't stop," she whispered, so quietly, yet it sounded like a holler in her silent room. And then Beast Boy took her, gently, in his arms and kissed her softly, slowly. One hand slowly coursed her body, tracing every curve, every muscle, the jut of every bone. He danced his fingers down her ribs, tickling her. He struck one sensitive spot near her hip, and she jumped uncontrollably.

"Sorry, sorry," he mumbled again, kissing her, his tongue gently probing her mouth, encouraging her own kiss, kindling a slow fire, a deep desire. Their mouths slid together, and apart, together again, and they both drew ragged breaths, and together again.

Beast Boy's hand ran over the curve of her hip, down her thigh and back up again, slowly back, tracing over her waist, and up, and his palm brushed the curve of her breast. Raven sucked in a breath, sharply through her nose, and ran one hand into Beast Boy's hair, pulling him closer to her. Encouraged, his hand slowly crept across her flesh, feeling it carefully through the fabric of her bra, his fingertips brushing against her nipple. She gasped, her head tipping back in surprise, just far enough to break their kiss.

Beast Boy grabbed her tight, and steered her towards the bed. Raven's knees hit it, stumblingly, and she fell backwards, holding onto Beast Boy unyieldingly and dragging him with her. Her eyes were closed, but her mouth sought his, never finding it as Beast Boy kissed the curve of her jaw, her neck, the place he had bitten, already half healed. His hand on her breast pressed gently, eliciting tiny sounds from her, sounds she was hardly aware of making, sounds she never imagined she could make. His fingers toyed clumsily with her nipple through the fabric of her bra, but it was a new sensation, and it was Beast Boy, and it was good.

"Raven," he mumbled, kissing his way back up again, "Raven are you sure?"

"Mhm," she said, lifting her head and looking him straight in the eyes, a smile on her flushed face. He smiled back, eyes bright, face equally flushed. He kissed her, more energy now and less technique, but still wonderful in its way. One hand snaked under her body and fiddled with the clasp of her bra. Raven arched her back and wriggled one hand of her own underneath herself, helping him, but the clasp was stubborn and their fingers foolish; it would not release.

Telekinetically, Raven snapped the clasp and drew the straps out from under herself as she brought her hand back also and relaxed again into the mattress. "You broke it," Beast Boy said, almost wonderingly.

"I can buy another," she said indifferently. Beast Boy stroked her hair and kissed her gently as he helped to remove the broken garment, sliding it down her arms carefully. His hands felt cool against her skin, and soft but rough, strangely.

Raven reached out and grabbed his belt, fumbling with the buckle until that too fell away, and then tugged his shirt until it came over his head. "I want to feel your skin on mine," she said, shyly, as an explanation. He smiled at her, and Raven felt such kindness and tenderness in the smile that she couldn't help but return it.

Beast Boy wrapped his arms around her and crushed their bodies together, the press of bare skin on skin wondrous and unnerving all at once. And then his hands were searching her body again, feeling her bare flesh with unpractised fingers, learning her slowly, and allowing her to learn herself. Slowly, so slowly that Raven found his restraint remarkable, for she felt his desire, his need, to have her, but he resisted, and touched only her and asked for nothing.

"I could … I could do it, right now," he whispered, as if he were able to sense her as well, "but I want you to enjoy it. I want us to enjoy it together."

"We will," Raven whispered, stroking a hand through his hair, and over his ear. Then his head pulled away from her hand, and he was leaving a trail of kisses down her chest, lower, and over the curve of her breast, and his tongue was moving and – oh! "Aghhh…" Raven moaned, her head falling into the bed, her hands seeking his skin again. Beast Boy's fang scraped against her skin, but he was careful, and he moved his tongue against her nipple until Raven was breathing in little gasps and found that she was rolling her hips against his body without even realising it. Before Beast Boy, if anyone had told her love and touch could make her feel the way she now did, she wouldn't have believed them. She was near overwhelmed by emotion, and by a keen longing, a need to be fulfilled.

Beast Boy's hand closed tight over her hip, stilling her. "Oh, Raven," he sighed, and his grip was so tight with his effort at self-restraint that Raven was sure it would leave bruises.

His hand moved after a fashion, slowly feeling the curves of her bottom, her thigh, her hip, and then inwards, slowly, hesitantly, reaching for that most private of areas. Through her panties, Beast Boy's fingers brushed her sex, and Raven moaned again and reached both hands down, seizing his head and yanking him up to kiss him, hard and hungrily, feeling his need and returning it with her own. She had to kiss him, to show her affection, to show that she was driven by her love for him, and not by her body.

Even so, she had never expected that touch could be so marvellous, so consuming, so wholly unashamed. Whether it would be the same with another, she couldn't know, though she was sure that it was love that made it so desirable.

He kissed her back with fervour, his fingers felt her carefully through the cloth still hiding her from him, and Raven kept on kissing him, holding him tight against her, desperate for the feel of him more than anything else, desperate just to be with him. "Gar," she whispered. He became wildly passionate, more than before. Raven knew how he loved it when she used his real name.

His fingers carefully slipped beneath the elastic of her pants, gentle but decisive. Raven was sure she was trembling, though she wasn't frightened, not at all. He touched her, and she jumped, and Beast Boy wrapped his free arm tight around her, keeping their mouths firmly together as he carefully learned the feel of her, and as he more carefully still began to move his fingers experimentally. Together, slowly, so slowly, they discovered what pleased her and Raven felt blood rushing into her nethers, and dug her fingers into Beast Boy's bare shoulder as her body moved against his hand, and he waited, unbelievably patient.

"Raven," he whispered suddenly, his hand stopping, drawing his lips away from hers. "Raven, I love you, I love you."

"I love you Gar," she said, looking at him, moving her hand up his neck and into his hair. She could feel her adoration for him beaming from her eyes. Beast Boy saw it; the feeling was reflected in his own.

"I – I want … want to … make … but, Raven, but I … don't think I can…"

"Shh," she whispered reassuringly, smiling, placing her hand against his cheek. He turned his head and kissed the heel of her palm. "I don't want you to."

His breathing was erratic, and Raven realised he was shaking like a leaf, though like herself she was certain it was not from fear. "Are you sure?" he said.

"Very," she replied, and lifted her hips determinedly so that he could slide her underwear off. He kissed her hip, once and tossed the item aside. Raven sat up, and reached out to help him finish undressing. As his clothes fell away and Beast Boy was exposed before her, she was surprised to see him looking nervous, almost embarrassed. She kissed him quickly, and reached out a hand to take his tool, to feel him and learn him as he had her. She was startled by the feel of him, more firm than she had expected, more inflexible yet more mobile. She blushed and kissed him again.

Beast Boy kissed her back, making small noises just as she had, as she adjusted her hold and began to stroke his manhood. Pushing her back onto the bed, he placed one hand under her head, the other over hers, and guided her, squeezing her grip tighter, moving a little further up, and a little faster. He sighed after a moment, and drew her hand away, reaching down to touch her again, feeling carefully for her opening.

"Raven?" he said, a million questions hidden in her name. She gazed at him and nodded slowly.

"Garfield," she answered softly, and he took himself in hand and shifted, carefully, running his hand from her body to his, sharing their fluids to make it easier, and then, cautiously, holding her head and looking directly into her eyes, he pushed into her.

Raven yelped in sudden pain, nails gripping Beast Boy's shoulder. "What is it?" he asked, panicked, drawing his body away from hers, alarmed.

"Nothing, nothing," Raven said hurriedly, reassuringly, her hand moving to his hip to steady him as he tried to pull away from her. "Just … I think it's normal, the pain… I just need a minute for it to pass. Go slowly?"

He exhaled forcefully, "I don't wanna-"

"You won't," Raven promised, and gave him a heartening smile. She pulled his chest against hers and found his mouth and kissed him, slowly and carefully and he matched his rhythm to her kiss… Their bodies needed some time to get used to each other, Raven somehow alarmed and awed at having Beast Boy within her, but the anxiety passed and her body relaxed, opening to him, encouraging him, and Beast Boy was careful and conscientious, being guided by her, and he never stopped kissing her, not for one moment. But there came a moment, very soon, when he moved quicker, quicker, only a half a dozen times, sighing into her mouth, and then he pulled back from her just as hurriedly and groaned, but he didn't move away, laying his head on her belly, arm still wrapped around her.

Raven reached one hand out and fiddled with his hair. Her skin felt cold where Beast Boy no longer touched her, and she was covered in a sheen of sweat. Her sheets would be a mess, a terrible sticky mess, but she knew a spell that might do.

"I'm sorry..." Beast Boy whispered, his mouth moving against her belly. "You didn't…?"

Raven didn't answer. It wasn't important, not to her, not now anyway. "Come back up here and kiss me," she said, both kind and forceful. Beast Boy tilted his head back against her and Raven laughed at the sight of him, just an eye and a nose and a tuft of spiky hair visible between her breasts.

Her laugh disarmed him, and he smiled and crawled up her skin and kissed her, kissed her well enough to keep the fire, the passion burning inside her, and to make her wish it wasn't over yet.

"Raven, when you kiss me like that…" Beast Boy said with a shaky laugh, pulling back and lying down beside her, facing her, entangling his body with hers so that as much skin as possible was still touching. Somehow, she liked that best of all, the feel of having every part of her touching every part of Beast Boy. He pressed tiny kisses against her neck. "I way love you, Raven," he said.

Raven smiled. "I way love you, too Gar. Now be quiet and rest," her grin turned evilly mischievous, "because I think I'm not done with you yet."

Beast Boy blinked mildly at her and returned her smile. "I'm glad. But first I have a question."

Raven simply looked at him, waiting.

"When did you get the tattoo?"

Raven felt she should have known that was coming. In truth, she was surprised her hadn't asked immediately he'd seen it, though impudent creature that Beast Boy was, he'd asked at completely the most inappropriate time. Beast Boy sure knew how to ruin moments, Raven thought, but she thought it with affection and not annoyance. She smiled slightly and ran her hand over his neck.

"About a month after we defeated my father," she answered.

Beast Boy placed his hand on her stomach and smiled at her. "After you defeated him, you mean."

Raven regarded him levelly. "I couldn't have done it alone," she said. "But afterwards … I felt so different. I could tell that he was no longer forcing his will upon me and after so many years of fighting, I felt … lost.

"So, the tattoo. I spent several weeks trying to figure out who I was without my father's influence. I mean, it's still there of course, I still have demon blood and the fury to match it, but this was different. I looked for ways to express myself differently. That included buying some new clothes."

Beast Boy nodded. "I noticed when you started wearing jeans," he said. While the team didn't have time off often, all the Titans owned civilian clothes for the privilege, or for when it was important that they be incognito.

Raven nodded too. "But clothes are so external, so impermanent. It didn't give me what I was looking for. And it's hard to find something that really suits, when it's all mass-produced. I'm not really sure why the tattoo enticed me so much. I just passed the place one day when I was heading for the café, and it seemed to … to call to me. So I went in and spoke to the guy there, and he was helpful. I made an appointment, came back here and created the design then went back to him to have it done."

"Can I see it again?" Beast Boy asked, and Raven carefully rolled over, turning her head to watch him as he ran gentle fingers over the pattern. "It's free…" he said softly, looking at her and smiling, that enigmatic smile she loved so much, the one he always grinned when he knew he'd gotten something right.

"Exactly," Raven agreed. The inked image was of a raven, her soul self, flying with broad wings across the breadth of her lower back.

Beast Boy stretched out beside her again, the feel of his body, bony, hard and warm, slipping against her own, his hand pressed into her back. He kissed her shoulder and grinned. "Salty," he said. "My salty woman."

Raven smiled, a small, dry smile. Then she twisted her body again so that she could put her arms around him and kiss him, and Beast Boy slipped his green hands around her body and held her close. It seemed to mean more, now, somehow … everything heightened, the emotion she felt for him so much more overwhelming, so totally consuming. But it was marvellous, and Raven pressed her body to his, relishing the feeling of bare flesh, never before realising that touch was so very glorious.

She pulled back to draw breath, resting against the mattress, hair mussed against the sheets. "My flying Raven," Beast Boy murmured to her, pressing their foreheads together. One hand beat a restless drumming against her bruised ribs, fingertips tickling her. "Was it … was it okay? I mean … I didn't intend … and you-"

"Gar, I wanted you to. It was perfect. How could it have been better?" she said, tangling one hand into his hair.

"Well, maybe if you'd…"

She moved her head to the side, and placed her cheek against his. "And leave nothing new for next time?" she teased gently. "We have forever to learn each other. I didn't expect to … to climax, not the first time. It doesn't mean I didn't still enjoy it."

He smiled at her and kissed her. "Next time, huh?" his hands began to move again. "When you lie there, so relaxed and so … naked, Raven…"

"When you talk like that…" Raven muttered dryly, but she was smiling still, her hands reaching for him as well. "Don't leave tonight, will you?" she asked, feeling vulnerable underneath all the goodness.

"Raven," Beast Boy said, in a tone of mild astonishment, his serious expression in place again, as though he couldn't believe she would ask him such a thing, "I am never leaving you. And definitely not tonight." And he kissed her again, and again, and slowly the passion rekindled, building until it was a blaze of desire, so neither of them could have prevented it if they wanted to, and when Beast Boy carefully slid inside her again, holding her body so close to his, Raven wondered for one crazed moment if they were truly only one person.

"I love you Raven," he whispered, nipping her ear and pressing her so tightly to him Raven no longer knew where her body ended and his started. He moved within her, with her, and gentle pleasure washed over her.

On a sigh of delight, she breathed, "I love you Gar."

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