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Chapter 13 – A Kiss To Build A Dream On

Give me a kiss to build a dream on,
And my imagination will thrive upon that kiss.
Sweetheart, I ask no more than this:
A kiss to build a dream on.
- Louis Armstrong: "A Kiss To Build A Dream On"

"Stupid," Marceline whispered to herself, trying to sniffle back the stubborn tears that wouldn't stop falling. Trying and failing. "Stupid, stupid, stupid…"

The girl was huddled in her blankets back in the tree, her sodden clothes in a heap to one side. Outside the storm was still raging, the occasional flash of lightning throwing everything into stark, sharp-edged silhouette. Marceline hadn't stoked the fire or lit a lantern or anything when she'd finally gotten back. Instead she'd simply clambered up the rope to the upper chamber, peeled off her wet clothes and pulled on a dry shirt from the pile, then clambered into the pile of blankets and crushed Hambo to her chest. There was already a large damp patch on the back of her shirt and the blankets from her wet hair, but she didn't care.

"Now she'll think I'm really weird or something," she muttered to the ragged stuffed toy. "I should never have kissed her. I just… I don't know!" Marceline looked down at Hambo, who gazed back at her with non-judgmental button eyes and a serene stitched smile. "When she said she cared about me I… I just wanted to, okay?" The toy said nothing, but Marceline hugged him anyway, tears soaking into threadbare plush. "Maybe she didn't want to. Maybe I should have asked first. They don't ask in the stupid movies! I… I wish Simon was here," she murmured forlornly, her shoulders jerking with another sob. "He'd know what I should do. And what you do when you like someone. I mean, I liked her already but this is different. And my dad…"

With a furious yell, Marceline hurled Hambo across the small chamber with all her strength. He hit the wooden wall with a dull, muffled thud and rolled down it to land sideways on her wet clothes. The toy was still facing her, and his lopsided smile hadn't changed. Hambo never changed. Not like Simon had. Not like her feelings did. With a regretful twist of her mouth, Marceline wriggled out of the blankets and retrieved him, stroking his worn fur gently.

"I'm sorry Hambo, I didn't mean that. It's my dad I want to hurt. Not you." The night wind whistling through the gap in the tree trunk was cold against Marceline's bare legs and she shivered, returning to the blankets and burrowing into them once more. "It's his fault," she continued, choking back a sob that hiccupped painfully in her throat instead. "If he hadn't been there then I wouldn't have thought about Mom, and if I hadn't thought about Mom…"

...the second crack was like a gunshot but louder, the sound of stone perishing, and her mother's face disappeared behind a curtain of falling brick and plaster but for just a second Marceline saw bright scarlet explode across her mother's pale skin before she vanished completely…

Marceline recoiled violently from the memory as if from a physical blow. They were coming back now - clearer than they'd ever been before - showing her things she thought she'd forgotten. Things she wanted to forget. That was her father's fault as well, she had decided. But worse still was the tiny voice she couldn't quite block out, the one that said maybe she should have gone with him to this Nightosphere place. Maybe she should have given him a chance.

"I hate him," she growled between her sharp teeth at the traitorous thoughts. "If that place was so great, why couldn't he have taken Mom and me there? Mom loved him," and Marceline wasn't sure how she knew that - it had something to do with moonlight and a picnic blanket - but she did. "And he let her die. He'd have let me die too."

Suddenly, her head jerked up as she heard a movement below, remembering with a silent curse that she hadn't set the tripwire. Holding her breath, Marceline listened carefully; maybe it was just a wild animal. She'd pulled the rope up behind her so unless it was a squirrel it wasn't getting up to where she was. And if it was a squirrel, well, Marceline had eaten squirrels before. It would certainly make a change from the rehydrated meals.

But the sounds were definitely footsteps. Marceline's sharp hearing could pick up the difference between a person's – one wearing shoes no less – steps and an animal's soft tread. Maybe her father had followed her, and that thought filled her with rage. Carefully setting Hambo to one side, she groped for the handle of the hatchet that she still kept by her bed, only to freeze as she heard a voice.

"Marceline?" The sound of her name tied the grey girl's insides into complicated knots like the ones Simon used to show her. It wasn't her father at all. It was Bonnie.


It had taken Princess Bubblegum nearly twice as long as usual to reach the tree. The heavy rain and thick mud made it slow, uncomfortable going. She'd managed to retrieve her umbrella before it skittered off into the dark and she'd had the sense to change her shoes for wellington boots. Bubblegum knew the way to the tree well by now so she hadn't needed a compass, but she had taken a battery-powered lantern. Unfortunately the item wasn't as waterproof as its warranty claimed, and the heavy rain had gotten into its inner workings and shorted it out not even halfway to her destination.

Luckily Bubblegum had complete confidence in her direction sense, so she hadn't turned back. Instead she had stubbornly marched onwards in the pitch darkness, waiting for a lightning flash to illuminate the tree that would appear ahead of her if she just continued in the same direction. The darkness didn't bother her in the slightest; it had been just as dark down in the vault before she'd figured out how to switch on the lights. Sure, she couldn't see in darkness like Marceline could, but magnetic poles were magnetic poles - north didn't stop being north just because it was night.

So Bubblegum felt no surprise or relief when a large electrostatic discharge momentarily lit the darkened landscape with harsh white light and revealed the shape of the giant tree ahead of her, only vindication. Hurrying towards it, hunched beneath the umbrella that she was struggling to hold onto in the driving rain, the girl wondered why there wasn't any light coming from it. Maybe Marceline hadn't come back here after all; Bubblegum knew that she didn't need light to see, but the grey girl usually had a fire burning to keep warm.

Or maybe… maybe she'd found her father again. Or he'd found her. And she'd decided to go with him after all. Without telling her. Bubblegum felt something twist sharply in her gut at the thought – certainly not an organ so it must be emotional – and for once she hoped she was wrong. After all, why would Marceline kiss her, and then run off to be with her father? Did kissing mean goodbye as well? Bubblegum wasn't sure.

As she reached the tree, Bubblegum carefully pushed the blanket covering the entrance to one side, slightly awkwardly due to the weight of the rainwater that had soaked it. She knew that Marceline usually set a tripwire to wake her if anything tried to get in, however there was nothing there. Bubblegum felt another pang of non-biological pain as she realised that was another sign that the other girl wasn't here. She stepped inside anyway, automatically shaking the rain from her umbrella and setting it to one side to dry.

"Marceline?" she called uncertainly. It was almost as dark inside the tree as it had been outside, but there was a dim red glow from the hearth, just enough to allow Bubblegum to see that there was no sign of the grey girl in the main chamber. Taking a hesitant step forwards, she could just make out the gap in the ceiling that led to the upper section which looked like a gaping, dark wound in the faint light from the fire.

There was no answer. Bubblegum's shoulders sagged in both disappointment and a pain she didn't quite understand because there was no scientific reason for it. Then again, there had been no scientific explanation for what she'd felt when Marceline had kissed her either, had there? She hadn't felt anything like that before, in this body or her original one, and while it was strange and unsettling it had somehow felt… good?

Going back to the entrance, Bubblegum pushed the blanket aside and looked out at the rain gloomily. She was already wet despite her umbrella, but when she got back to the vault she could shower and curl back up in bed. She would just have to hope that Marceline would come back for supplies, since finding the other girl would be next to impossible in the ruined city. Especially if she'd gone with her father after all.

Besides, the pink girl thought to herself, she had her candy people and she still needed to find a cure for them. She'd never been lonely before Marceline had shown up. Then again, she considered, maybe that was because she hadn't really known what loneliness was before that. Sighing heavily, Bubblegum decided that Marceline probably wouldn't mind if she waited here for the storm to blow itself out. She didn't feel up to the walk back to the city; the only reason she'd made it to the tree had been the hope that she'd find Marceline here.

Going back to the gap leading to the upper chamber, Bubblegum reached out for the rope so she could climb up to it… but it wasn't there. Her eyes widened in sudden realisation – Marceline pulled the rope up behind her to stop anyone following. So if the rope was gone, then that meant…

"Marceline? Are you there?" Bubblegum called, listening carefully. She could hear rain drumming on the tree's leaves and trunk, the rustle of its branches in the rain, the sullen rumble of thunder. And a stifled, sobbing gasp followed by a faint shift of movement. "I'm not leaving until you let me come up," The pink girl tried to hide the relief in her voice, disguising it as stubbornness instead as she stamped her foot against the packed earth floor. "I know you're there Marceline, I can hear you!"

And Bubblegum could, the sound of the muffled sobs – Marceline most likely had a pillow pressed against her face or something to conceal them – clear now that she was focusing on them rather than the sounds of the storm. They made her feel yet more stabs of that annoyingly unscientific pain that kept plaguing her. "Please let me up?" she asked, her tone softer now. "I need to talk to you... about before."

For a few long moments, all Bubblegum could hear was the rattle of rain and the low moan of the wind. If Marceline was still sobbing, she was muffling it much better now. She was about to say 'please' once more when something dropped from the ceiling. A length of knotted rope which uncoiled like a snake to dangle in front of her, the frayed end hitting the ground with a dull thwap. Bubblegum looked up at the gap in the ceiling; she could only see darkness. She tugged experimentally at the rope, hoping that this wasn't Marceline's idea of a joke and it would just come loose, but it held firm. Kicking off her muddy boots, and shrugging off her almost equally muddy jacket, Bubblegum took hold of the rope and started to climb.

It was certainly much more awkward than the ladders she was used to in the vault. Those had at least been made with some knowledge of ergonomics; this was a slippery mountaineer's rope that she'd barely have been able to climb if not for the knots. Even so, it was slow going. Bubblegum had to brace her feet against one knot, then push herself upwards to grab the rope above another, then haul herself upwards until her feet had found the next knot to brace against. She felt like an overgrown inchworm, and guessed that she looked about as ridiculous.

As soon as the gap in the ceiling was within grabbing distance Bubblegum launched herself at it, her hands snagging the sides. But the impact also drove a long splinter of wood into her left palm like a nail, making her yelp in pain. She automatically snatched her hand back, groping for the rope, then Bubblegum's eyes widened in horror at her mistake. When she'd jumped for the gap she had managed to kick the rope behind herself where it was now swinging gently and uselessly, just out of reach. So she was only clinging to the lip of the gap with one hand as her legs kicked wildly beneath her. One hand that was rapidly losing its grip…

…then a grey hand shot out to grab her wrist in a strong hold, black hair tumbling into Bubblegum's face as Marceline leaned over the edge of the gap. She could just see the gleam of her eyes in the dim light, then the other girl hauled on her arm with surprising strength, pulling her upwards until Bubblegum managed to hook her upper body over the edge of the gap and hang there panting in relief.

"Thanks," the pink girl gasped out, then felt Marceline take hold of her below the arms as she was half-pulled and half-dragged fully onto the wooden floor and rolled into what felt like a pile of blankets. It was almost pitch black here; Bubblegum couldn't make out anything and felt strangely uncomfortable. She'd been inside the tree many, many times now. But she'd never been in the upper chamber; it was like Marceline's bedroom. It was private. However, she was here now, and Marceline… had just dropped wordlessly through the gap in the floor and was rummaging around in the main room below.

Now worried that she'd offended her by following her here, Bubblegum leaned cautiously out over the gap, only to flinch back at a sudden burst of harsh electrical illumination, hearing the low hum of a generator. Moments later, Marceline climbed back up the rope with a smooth one-handed ease that Bubblegum envied, holding a handheld fluorescent tube in the other which she hung on a nail that had been driven into the far wall. Well, as Bubblegum looked around herself in the now brightly lit chamber she saw that 'wall' maybe wasn't entirely accurate. The shape of the space was roughly cylindrical, the ceiling conical, and the floor certainly wasn't entirely flat either. Even more than the space below, it seemed like a natural split in the wood that had just gotten bigger and wider with age. Bubblegum was sitting in a thick pile of blankets and pillows that still felt warm from Marceline's body heat – a fact that now made her tingle in yet another definitely unscientific manner – and she could see a heap of clothes to one side, along with the bag that Marceline usually carried.

Jerking sharply as her curiosity was smothered by the fact that the other girl was right there, Bubblegum shifted uncomfortably amidst the blankets and suddenly took a deep interest in the splinter in her left hand. Turning it palm-up, she flinched slightly at the sight of the dark pink blood seeping from her palm, looking down at where she was sitting to see that she'd already left a bloody handprint on one of the blankets. The splinter itself was nearly three inches long and several millimetres thick; an elongated isosceles triangle of pale wood that had jabbed nearly half its length deep into her skin.

"Here, let me see." Those were the first words Marceline had spoken, her voice hoarse as if she had a bad cold… or had been crying for hours. Taking Bubblegum's hand in both of hers, not meeting the other girl's eyes, Marceline examined it closely. "It should just come right out," she said reassuringly. "I've had a couple like that. I thought I'd gotten rid of them all; I must have missed that one. You want me to get it out for you?"

Well, this was hardly how Bubblegum had imagined their conversation going, but then again the imaginary version hadn't involved her spearing herself on an oversized toothpick either. "Yes," she replied, holding her hand out flat in Marceline's grasp. "Don't worry, I heal quickly. This is nothing."

Moving to one side to get the full benefit of the light, Marceline looked closely at the other girl's hand as she pinched the jutting end of the splinter firmly between her right thumb and forefinger. Feeling her warm breath ghost across her palm, Bubblegum tried not to shiver in response and also tried to ignore the sudden impulse to reach out and touch her face. That was just illogical since she currently had blood all over her hand.

Slowly and deliberately, Marceline drew the splinter out in a single smooth movement. The only sound of pain that the pink girl made was a sharp hiss of breath through her teeth - she didn't cry out or try to pull away. The fact that Bonnie's blood was pink instead of red was odd, but she didn't comment on it. After all, Marceline had grey skin and pointed ears so it wasn't like she wasn't a bit odd herself. Once she had carefully examined Bonnie's palm to make sure there were no fragments of wood left in the wound, Marceline rummaged in her bag for the small first aid kit that Simon had taught her to carry at all times. Taking a sterile antiseptic wipe out of it, she tore the package open and swabbed the wet piece of cotton inside across Bonnie's hand, her nose twitching at the sharp chemical smell.

"Hold that in place," she told the pink girl as she got back to her feet. "I'll get you a hot compress." Bonnie's only response was a nod, which made Marceline wonder if she was glad for the distraction as well. Time spent fussing over her hand was time not spent discussing what had happened back in the park after all.

Dropping down into the main chamber, Marceline grabbed some firewood and moved over to the hearth. The half-light from the fluorescent tube in the chamber above was irritating: not quite bright enough to let her see clearly but not quite dim enough for her darkvision to kick in. She was familiar enough with the tree's interior to locate everything she needed, and within a few minutes the fire had been poked into warm golden life and a saucepan of water was boiling above it with a cloth bobbing on its surface. She set the kettle to boil as well, figuring that then she'd have to come back down to make tea. That would be a convenient excuse if she started crying like a stupid baby again.

Swiping the steaming cloth out of the pot with a spatula, Marceline shook most of the water from it until it was cool enough to touch without scalding herself. Scrambling back up the rope and sitting on the blankets next to Bonnie, she folded the cloth into a long pad and wrapped it around the pink girl's injured hand. "There, keep that on it for now. If there's any bits of wood left in your palm, that should draw them out."

"Thank you," Bubblegum replied, closing her fingers around the folded cloth to keep it in place. The damp heat from the cloth did seem to ease the stinging. "That feels much better."

There was a long, awkward pause which only grew worse as it continued. The two girls were both studiously looking in opposite directions: Marceline fidgeting nervously and Bubblegum completely motionless. Neither of them knew what to say now. Another strobe flash of lightning lit the sky outside followed almost immediately by a rumbling peal of thunder that sounded like an avalanche of boulders.

"It must be right overhead," Bubblegum said, the first to break the silence. "You can tell because…"

"Yeah, by counting how long between the lightning and the thunder," Marceline finished for her. "Simon taught me that."

"Oh. Right." Biting her lip as the uncomfortable silence descended once more, Bubblegum decided that she'd just have to take the initiative. "You kissed me." The statement was abrupt, but perfectly accurate. "Back in the park I mean" She thought about adding 'why?' then decided that sounded too accusatory and waited to hear Marceline's reply instead.

The grey girl twitched nervously in response, wrapping her arms around herself as if she was clutching Hambo to her chest. She would have been doing exactly that if she hadn't been afraid of how Bonnie would react. "I'm sorry," she said eventually, and Bonnie immediately looked away from whatever she was finding so interesting on the far wall and looked towards her. Marceline could see that out of the corner of her eye, but kept her gaze fixed firmly downwards.

"Why are you sorry?" Bonnie sounded more hurt than anything else, which was surprising since Marceline had expected her to just accept the apology. The pink girl twisted her hands together, apparently forgetting about the compress and squeezing a trickle of pink-tinted water into her lap. "Didn't you like it? Is that why you ran away?"

That certainly got Marceline's attention, her head snapping up to look incredulously at the other girl. Bonnie was watching her with wide magenta eyes, looking like she was about to cry. Suddenly Marceline was starting to think that maybe kissing her hadn't been so wrong after all. "Well... I thought you didn't like it!" she said defensively. "You just stared at me and you didn't say anything!"

"I was surprised!" Bonnie's response was almost a wail. "Nobody's ever kissed me, ever, ever! And then you just ran off... was it because I tasted weird?"

"No! You tasted..." like sugar and strawberry and tears "...fine." Truthfully, Marceline had no idea what the other girl was supposed to taste like but she wasn't about to let Bonnie know that. "And didn't your parents ever kiss you?" Even as she asked, Marceline turned bright red at the thought her own parents kissing her like she'd kissed Bonnie.

The pink girl was silent for a few moments then shook her head. "No," she replied quietly. "They never did."

"Oh." Well, that just made things even more awkward. Marceline cursed mentally until she remembered a detail from their very first conversation. "Wait, you said you didn't have parents..."

Bonnie started slightly, as if Marceline had somehow caught her out. "Well, of course I had parents at some point," she said with a nervous giggle. "Everyone does. Mine just... aren't around any more. And they still never kissed me," she added defiantly. "But you totally did. Why?"

"Because I wanted to, okay?" Marceline's sudden outburst took them both by surprise. "I like you and... and it just felt kind of right. Because you said you cared about me," and her tone became victorious as she turned the questioning back on Bonnie. "Why did YOU say THAT?"

"Uhhhhh, maybe because I do care about you, dingdong?" Although Bubblegum had sounded as if she was stating the obvious, her tone shifted into uncertainty as she continued. "Is that weird? Do you care about me?"

Marceline's gaze returned to the blankets beneath them as her face flushed. "Of course I do, you're my friend," she mumbled awkwardly. Shifting in embarrassment, she forced herself to spit the next words out before she could change her mind. "I like you a lot."

The pink girl seemed somewhat reassured by that answer, though when she next spoke there was an odd brittleness to her voice that Marceline didn't quite understand. "So... The kiss was just a friend thing then?" she asked quietly. Pulling her knees up to her chest and propping her chin on them, Bubblegum wrapped her arms around her legs to hold them in place.

Marceline was silent for several moments as she considered a response. It was hard for her to respond to that question since she wasn't sure of the answer herself. Sighing, she decided to just be honest. She owed Bonnie that much at least. "I don't know," she said quietly. "You make me feel weird - not in a bad way!" she added quickly as she saw the look on the other girl's face. "It's just... different I guess. You know like in the movies how girls like guys? I think it's kind of like that but we're both girls so I don't know if it's the same and..." Taking a deep, shuddering breath, Marceline exhaled slowly. "I just wish Simon was here to explain it," she groaned softly. "He'd understand."

There was another long pause, though this time it was much less awkward. Bubblegum glanced towards the other girl then back to the floor as she gathered her resolve. She would have felt far more comfortable talking about this if it had a scientific explanation; instead it was like she was groping in the dark. But so was Marceline, and that convinced her to speak. "I... don't understand it either," she began hesitantly. "You make me feel weird too. In weird places. And I know there's no biological explanation for it which is really annoying because then I could analyse it and understand it. I mean, I think it's at least partly hormonal maybe? But it can't all be hormonal because while that explains the physical manifestations it doesn't explain why I think about you when I'm trying to focus on other things and..." Realising that she was babbling, Bubblegum cleared her throat awkwardly. "Look, I... want you to kiss me again." The pink girl blinked in surprise, she hadn't meant to say that. It was as if her subconscious had seized momentary control of her vocal cords. "You know, for science," she went on in a desperate attempt to cover for herself. "So I can see if my reaction is still the same. Maybe it won't be!"

The other girl didn't reply right away, obviously contemplating Bubblegum's suggestion. Although Marceline tried to tell herself it was a bad idea, that she should just call it quits here before things got any more awkward, she couldn't deny that she still wanted to kiss the other girl. "Okay," she said eventually, turning to look at Bonnie as the pink girl raised her head. Remembering something she'd seen in one of the movies they'd watched, Marceline reached out hesitantly towards Bonnie's face. Her hands froze halfway, quivering awkwardly between them, then she gathered her resolve and placed them on either side of Bonnie's head, cupping her face as she looked into her eyes.

Bubblegum didn't say anything, but she didn't look away either. Instead she held Marceline's gaze as the other girl moved closer, her breathing growing faster as the distance between them grew smaller. Marceline started slightly as she felt Bonnie's hands on her shoulders – a detached part of her mind noting that one of her palms was hot and wet from the compress - expecting the pink girl to push her away, thinking she'd changed her mind. Instead, she was gently pulled forward until once again their noses were touching.

This time there were no tears, or rain, or wind. Just the two of them sitting close together in the decidedly unromantic and unflattering fluorescent light as the storm continued to rage outside. Marceline could feel her own breathing coming more rapidly now as well. Last time she'd barely had time to think about what she was doing; now her stomach was full of butterflies. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes and pushed her head forwards to kiss the other girl just as she'd done before.

This time Bonnie didn't tense, or try to pull away. If anything, she seemed to melt forwards into Marceline, her arms sliding around the grey girl's neck as she shifted position until she was kneeling opposite her, their bodies pressed together. That definitely made Marceline feel strange, but not in an unpleasant way. By the time the kiss ended, they were both shaking from nerves and something else, something that made them look at each other once more and exchange shaky smiles.

"I liked that," Bubblegum said softly. "It's still weird… but not bad weird if you get what I mean?"

"I do," Marceline replied, letting her hands fall from Bonnie's face to wrap around her waist. She wasn't sure why there, it just seemed to feel comfortable and natural, and the pink girl didn't object. "Uhm… what do we do now? Are we dating now, like in the movies?"

"I guess so," the other girl shrugged, clearly not sure herself. "If you want to that is. That doesn't mean we stop being friends, does it?"

"Well, what would the point of dating be if you didn't get to stay friends?" That idea just sounded dumb to Marceline. "It just means that we're friends who're dating. And, uh, kissing. That's not weird, is it?"

Bubblegum shook her head in response. "Only if you think it's weird." The two girls smiled at each other again, less nervously now, and settled back down to sit next to each other as another flash of lightning whipcracked overhead. "Do… do you mind if I stay tonight?" she asked tentatively, winding a strand of her pink hair around one finger. "I mean, I really don't wanna walk back until the storm goes away."

"Sure," Marceline agreed readily, getting to her feet and rummaging in a pile of clothes that she thought were reasonably clean. "It'll be like movie night. Just without the movies. You should change into something dry though…" Catching sight of something purple in the pile, Marceline tugged it loose to find that it was a large t-shirt, which was also inside-out. She recognised it as she turned it the right way round as it was black on the outside and had a rather gruesome image of heads on spikes and a snake on the front. Marceline couldn't remember where she'd found it now, but she'd sometimes slept in it. It still seemed clean though. "Here, this should fit."

Catching the shirt as Marceline threw it to her; Bubblegum turned it over and made a face as she saw the picture. However, it was soft and dry, and the latter alone set it several notches above what she was currently wearing. The coat and umbrella had protected her from the worst of the weather, but the shirt and pants she'd been wearing underneath were still damp and starting to chafe at her skin. She automatically began to pull them off, tugging the shirt over her head and putting it to one side, then unfastening her pants and pushing them down over her hips to her knees so she could wriggle out of them. And then she realised that Marceline was still there, though as soon as their eyes met the grey girl blushed and quickly descended the rope to the lower chamber.

"I'll, uh, make some tea while you get changed," Marceline called up to the other girl and quickly busied herself with the kettle. She'd never seen Bonnie in her underwear before. It made her feel even weirder than kissing did. But still definitely not in a bad way.

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