Author's Notes: Well, here is my story update. And I must say, this is inspired. Seriously. A work of art. I would continue complimenting my astoundingly amazing writing, but I don't want to seem conceited. I am trying to rework my persona, into a nicer, more caring person. Excuse me while I go scream at my sister for no reason at all. I shall do my best to stay away from the axe, but it is so hard.

It was a beautiful night. The moon shone on the still museum and the not so still city around it. The skyscrapers were ablaze with the lights. It was a silent night (despite the cars zooming by on the freeway).

For a while, anyway.

Suddenly the museums alarms went off, sirens blaring. A figure that stood just inside the small room off of the large foyer that is usually filled with tourists, and helpful pamphlets talking about various art exhibits. She glanced at her watch and grinned.

"Five minutes," she said to herself, pulling a bag off her shoulder and pulling a glass cutter out of her pocket. Working quickly she removed the glass covering, setting it on the floor. She reached inside and removed the object, slipping it into a special container. Smiling, she took out a marker and scrawled a message on the glass. Then she stealthily left.

She glanced at the front doors. The police had come already; in fact they had just pulled up. She paused, and headed to the stairs, to the roof.

On the roof in question, there was a bus. A battered, red, double-decker bus with the bus number, 200, painted in a battered white-ish color.

The woman moved towards the bus, but stopped.

And with good reason.

For at precisely that moment, a spaceship landed on the roof. She raised a hand to cover her eyes as a ramp lowered and light streamed from within the ship. An alien stepped forth.

"Lady Christina de Souza?" the alien asked. She nodded, open mouthed. "You are a cold, heartless thief who can't do anything for someone else. Goodbye." He turned and walked to the spaceship.

Meanwhile, two cops burst onto the roof, guns drawn. They spotted the alien and froze.

"What the hell?" one of them started to say as they watched the alien walk to its ship.

Lady de Souza took advantage of the distraction to dash to the 200 and throw herself into the driver's seat. She started the bus as the spaceship flew away, disappearing into the night. One of the cops turned his attention to the bus. She winked at him, and drove the bus off the roof.

Only it didn't fall. Instead it flew into the sky. She drove it past the two cops, winked at them again, and drove off into the night.

The two cops stared at were the bus was, strange expressions on their faces.

"Well, damn. Did that just happen?" one of them said, still staring at the empty space.

"I think so. What on earth are we going to say?"

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