The new me

Chapter 1 The letter

It was the day before his birthday and Harry was sitting on his thin mattered bed in his so called "room" at the Dursleys.

Harry was short, a little being a understatement since his first year he had barley grown at all, and he was 16 tomorrow, he was about 150-155cm and was very thin because of the near starvation he had suffered all his life at the Dursleys. His hair was dark brown almost black mop on his head.

His ever green eyes almost emerald in colour was sparkling in the faint light from the moon and bedside lamp.

His skin was slightly tanned from working in the garden in the hot sun all summer. And his baggy and worn clothes didn't really help with his hight either, they were like all his hand-me-down clothes five-six times to big for him, considering the fact that it was his cousin that had worn them before him and he looked like a oversized baby whale that had been crossed with a ugly pig.

As Harry sat there on the bed he stared to think about the letter the goblins at Gringrotts had sent him, it was about a possible creature inheritance. What kind of creature it didn't say, but if Harry remembers it right then creatures had there own laws and he didn't have to follow the wizerding laws. Which meant that he could leave the Dursleys a hole year earlier.

"Flashback...two days earlier"

Harry had just collapsed on his bed after an hard day of chores. His body felt like it had just run a marathon. And since he couldn't get his chores dine before his uncle came home he didn't get any diner either.

He was about to fall into a exhausted sleep when he heard a tapping noise on the window.


He looked over at the window and saw a black barn owl carrying a letter. So he went over and opened the window to let the owl in.

The letter said:

"Dear Mr Potter.

We send you this yo inform you about a possible creature inheritance, we don't know what kind of creature because you're the first Potter to get the inheritance in over 500 years.

We would also like to inform yo that a meeting with the goblin in charge with of the Potter vaults.

We suspect that your magical guardian is taking money from them.

Have a good day

The Goblins of Gringrotts."

End of flashback...back to present time

End of chapter 1.