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Chapter 1: The Mystic Falls Dare Club


We started the dare club years ago. Back then we were all just young kids. Now some of us are in college and some are building careers. But we're all still part of the dare club. I don't think we'll ever not be part of it. It brought us together. It made us a family. It is how I met most of my friends and found love. And to think if I hadn't walked into the cloak room that first day of school and met my best friend, none of this would have happened. It all started on a bright and shiny Monday morning. My little sister, Bekah, was sitting in her car seat murmuring to herself. "Nih." Bekah said, turning around to look at me. "Brdi." Rebekah said, pointing out the window at a bird flying through the air.

"Yes, Bekah. That is a birdy." I replied.

Kol leaned over. "No, it's a streak of blue. Its paint like on you paper, Nikky."

I turned to glare at my little brother. They call it the terrible twos but Kol did not seem to notice. He was three and a bloody pain in my arse at the time. Come to think of it he's always been a pain.

At that moment I had better things to think about. My parents, Ester and Mikael, were taking us to school. Elijah was going in for his five year at this new school, Mystic Falls Elementary, and Finn would be in his fourth. I envied them, deeply. They were big boys and I wanted to be a big boy, too. However, I was six and about to embark on my first day of kindergarten. I would be slightly older than some of the children because I was born in a part of the year which caused me to be slightly behind the other six year olds.

Lijah and Finn had been telling me that I was the lucky one. I wouldn't have to do homework. I could have lots of fun and make lots of new friends. I didn't believe them because I didn't really have friends back at our old school in England. School seemed dull. I just wanted my paint set and then all was right with the world.

Mikael was on the phone yelling at someone about a merger. I didn't know what a merger was but I felt sorry for whoever was on the other end of the line. I didn't see much of my father because he was, as my mother said: "A very busy man." My mother was a busy woman, too. She ran a shop selling herbs. Whatever those were. Back in England the other kids teased me and said my mother was a witch.

I had gotten in trouble one day for punching one of the kids in the face for calling my mother a witch and was sent to see the headmaster. The headmaster had called in my parents. Mikael had been angry until I told him what had happened. He had scolded me in front of the headmaster and my mother then took me out for an ice cream cone.

"You don't let other people insult your family. You always protect your own above others, Niklaus." Mikael informed me, looking serious as usual. I had been licking the ice cream dripping down the side my cone and nodded eagerly.

I never considered the idea that there might be a time that my allegiance to my family might be tested. "Good boy." Mikael had said, patting my head and I had smiled up at him with unveiled delight. There were not many times that Mikael showed affection. As I said Mikael was always very busy so he did not have time to spend with us.

At the moment Esther was staring out the window looking like she was not aware of being in the car. My mother tried to be affectionate with us all but sometimes she would just seem to slip away from us. I always thought of those times as "Mum's little vacations." I didn't realize she was depressed. None of really noticed… But I'm getting ahead of myself.

We arrived at the school that first day and it seemed like the entire town was dropping their children off to school. It was true. This was the elementary that all of the children of Mystic Falls went to. Elijah and Finn got out of the back of the car. I got up and was about to step out when Kol put out his little leg. The next thing I knew I was lying on the ground and bleeding.

"Kol." Elijah yelled.

"Niklaus." Finn exclaimed, kneeling down to examine my head. There was a small cut near my left temple and it stung. I was trying not to cry because I had been told that boys are not supposed to cry but it hurt a lot. Mikael got out of the passenger seat of the car and picked me up. After setting me on top of the car, he looked at my head.

"Is he okay?" Esther asked.

"Yes, it's just a little cut. I think he's more shocked than anything. I'll take him in and find the nurse. If they have one in a tiny hole like this." Mikael shook his head as he looked at the school. Esther got back inside of the car. "Kol, you are not having dessert or playing outside for a week." Mikael informed his youngest son.

Kol's eyes welled up with tears. "Daddy." He screamed as Mikael closed the door in his face.

"Serves him right." Finn informed his father as he walked beside him.

Elijah was quiet as he walked on Mikael's other side. I held my hand out to Elijah and he took it as my father carried me through the front doors of my new school. Other kids were staring at me and I didn't want them to see my face or I would be known as "The boy who fell down the first day and cried about it" for the next six years. I buried my face in my father's suit jacket.

"Niklaus." Mikael growled and then I realized I had gotten blood all over his jacket.

"I'm sorry, Father." I said, quietly.

Mikael shook his head. "I'll just have to go home and change." Finding the main office he was given instructions of how to find the nurse's office. He sat me down on a cot and told me to have a nice day today. He had to go to work and with that Mikael strode off quickly. Finn and Elijah stayed with me until the nurse appeared. "I'm sorry boys, but you're supposed to be in class not bothering one of the younger students."

"This is our brother." Elijah informed the woman. "I am Elijah Mikaelson. This is my younger brother, Finn and the young man with the gash to his head would be Sir Niklaus. We knighted him back home. And who might you be?"

The nurse smiled down at Elijah. "I am Shelia Bennett." She turned to me. "Now, Sir Niklaus. May I look at your cut?"

I nodded my head at her. Shelia looked at my cut. "It's not bad but we're going to clean you up and give you a Band-Aid. Do you like Scooby Doo?"

"He likes Count Dracula." Finn supplied looking at a jar of tongue depressors.

"Oh, really. You like vampires, Niklaus?" Shelia asked me. I nodded fervently. I was always awkward with strangers but the nurse seemed nice. She didn't try to stick a needle in me. That was always a plus.

Soon I left the nurse's office with my brothers to find my class room. The class had already started but my teacher told me I could put my bag and jacket in the cloak room. That is where I met him. He was going through the pockets of all the other students. He would pull things out and then put them in other student's pockets. I didn't believe he saw me standing in the doorway.

"Hey, you gonna stand there all day or are you gonna help me? I can't do all of this by myself." The boy turned to me with a smirk and piercing blue eyes.

Stepping further into the room I could only stare at the other boy. None of the other kids at my old school had ever asked me to play with them. I wasn't sure what kind of playing this was but the other boy seemed to be having fun. I took off my bag and put it on a hook and then slid my jacket off.

"Which way do I start?" I asked the other boy

"You speak funny." The boy said, raising his eyebrows.

"I'm English." I said, slightly offended. "And you speak funny, too."

The other boy chuckled. "Maybe. Damon Salvatore's my name. And what do they call you, English?"

"My name's Niklaus Mikaelson. But my siblings call me Nik." I told Damon.

"How many siblings do you have, Nik?" Damon asked me, opening the pocket of another student and pulling out a handful of marbles. He pocketed the items with a grin.

"I have four." I told him.

"Whoa. That's a lot. I just have a little brother, Stefan. He's four. They put him in with the other babies in the preschool part of this place." Damon pointed to his left indicating the room adjacent to theirs. Damon pulled out a lizard from his right jacket pocket. "This is Frank. He's going to visit the older girls in the bathroom."

"Oh," was all I could say. "How's he going to get there?"

Damon grinned at me and it made me nervous. "You're gonna put him in there."

"Why would I do that?" I asked my new friend.

Damon's grin widened. "Because I dare you to. That's why." And that was how it all began. With one simple dare which became years' worth of escapades encompassing a larger and larger group each year and that is how I met Caroline Forbes.

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