Edward Cullen FBI Special Agent and Psychic

Chapter 11

Summary: Edward Cullen is the unacknowledged grandson of Harry Houdini from whom he's inherited strong psychic abilities. Together with his closest friends: a Hoodoo man, two Witches from the Louisiana Swamps and an honest to God Guardian Angel, they work to solve crimes that ordinary law enforcement is unable to solve.

Warning: Subject matter is of an occult and supernatural nature. Some scenes may be difficult for some to read. Just remember that this is a work of fiction and a product of my imagination this is a work of fiction, and as such I've taken "liberties" with some things. However, there are Hoodoo men or Root Workers in real life who can do unbelievable things. There are also powerful psychics who prefer to call themselves witches as well as there are Guardian Angels, but I have never seen one myself. So with the above in mind, please just accept this as a work of fiction and enjoy the world I'm creating. Things don't really go "bump" in the night, do they?

Disclaimer: Ms. Meyer started it all. I've borrowed her characters, but this storyline is mine.

A/N: My undying thanks to my Beta JoanOfArt and to buggins74 who pre-read for me, and to Gabby for her back up on psychism. Wouldn't be able to do this without you!


Cher = term of endearment by Cajuns

CI = Confidential Informant


Chapter 11


"I understand that, Cher. It happens to all of us eventually. He's getting burned out. Leave him to me. I know just exactly what to do." Sam pauses feeling something, "As a matter of fact why don't you meet me, my wife and sister-in-law for dinner at our hotel? We all need to unwind a little I think." Again, Sam pauses, "Don't tell me you can't make it. You don't lie to a psychic Cher, you just don't." He pauses waiting for her response. "Good. We'll see you in about 2 hours?" "Ok. Till then."

Sam disconnects the call and looks at his wife who was laying on the bed in their suite. Lauren was in the other bedroom doing whatever it was she did when she was alone.

"Little Swan has feelings for our Edward." Sam states.

Removing the wet cloth from her eyes and forehead Angela looks at Sam and nods. "Yes, she does. I think if this case does nothing else, it'll bring together two Souls who are in need of some comfort."


Bella's Story Bella's POV

I was an only child, raised by a cop, and so it seemed like the most natural thing in the world was to become a cop like my dad.

My Dad; he was my world. Everything I did, I did to please him in one way or another. He loved sports so I excelled at them...well, everything but football, but when it came to tag ball I was as good as the boys. I could run and I was quick to change direction when necessary. Had I been a boy I would have been the quarterback for the high school football team. I was a real tomboy. Most of the friends I had were boys. Girls were silly creatures to me and I had nothing in common with them beyond our gender.

Therein was the making of my doom, so to speak.

At the homecoming football game, I was walking back from the bathrooms when I walked past a group of girls who didn't like me. In fact, they downright hated me. They didn't understand me. They mistook my shy ways for being snobby and thinking I thought I was better than everyone else because my father was the Police Chief in the community of Phoenix area that we all lived in.

As I walked past their catcalls and insults, one of the more obnoxious girls called to her boy friend telling him to grab me. He did.

The group of them proceeded to drag me under the grandstands. Other boys seeing what was going on decided to join the fun, and before anyone realized it they had a full fledged mob mind set going on.

I was striped, beaten and gang raped. It was only when two of my better male friends came to see what was causing all the commotion and realized what was happening that it stopped. They forcefully pulled two of the boys away from me, horrified to see me naked and bloodied. One put his basketball jacket over me while the other yelled for someone to call 911.

My father was beyond enraged. Once he was satisfied that my friends had not taken part in the altercation beyond pulling the boys from me, he let them go thanking them, belatedly for their assistance.

I spent the next two weeks in the hospital and many more months following in intensive psychotherapy for the scars that were not visible. When I was released from the hospital, I enrolled in a couple of martial arts classes. One for strength training, and kickboxing for defense and attack. I was never going to allow a man to get the better of me again, unless I desired for it to be so.

I was well into college before I could be around strange people without cringing and feeling the need to find a safe place.

I had my Dad buy me my first handgun. It was a 38 Snub Nosed beauty. I was determined to become the best damned shot in the State, maybe even our tri-State, and I also became more than proficient with a rifle.

No one would ever get the drop on me again. I worked out religiously and before long I could run 3 miles without breaking a sweat. I used the martial arts I learned as my strength training.

I should give credit to those boys who raped me. They definitely forced me to become stronger. Never again would I not be in charge of what happened to me. I was strong and would not allow anyone to harm me again in anyway. I continued to strive to be the best.


It was in college that I met up with Alice Brandon. There was an instant connection between us. We became best friends and would always have been had it not been for another tragic incident in my life.

I was still undecided about what I wanted to major in. Alice had been trying to talk me into taking more English classes with her, but I was holding back because I couldn't see myself doing anything with it. I was leaning toward pre-law or history but I hadn't made up my mind yet.

I was in my dorm studying when the house phone located in the hall just outside my room rang. One of the other girls must have picked it up, because then I heard my name being called. No one but my dad or Alice ever called me, and I had just talked to Dad, so it had to be Alice.

"Hello?" I asked tentatively

It was my father's baritone that answered. "Bella, there are some policemen coming to take you to the police station."

"Dad! Are you okay?" I asked, my voice rising.

"I'm fine Baby, it's not me, it's Alice. When the policemen come, remember to ask to see their ID's."

I was shaking so badly I couldn't even hang the telephone up; someone else standing there did it for me. I slid down the wall unable to stand any longer. I didn't know how much time passed before the campus police arrived. I didn't ask to see their ID's. I didn't say or do anything other than nod that I was indeed Isabella Swan.

I didn't and still don't remember the trip from my campus dorm to the police station where I was met by a long time friend of my father, Billy Black. He told me that my friend, my only friend in this entire world had been found naked and beaten on the campus grounds.

The police wanted to know if Alice often walked alone on the campus grounds.

I don't know. We'd never discussed it.

Did she follow a route that took her through the more deserted sections of the campus?

I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I was screaming at him.

I wanted to see Alice. I wanted to be with her. She needed me.

That's when Billy finally told me she was dead. The third victim of a serial killer/rapist prowling the campus.

I must have fainted. When I came to, my father was there. He'd left our small town and came into Phoenix proper just for me. It's the first time I remember my Dad holding me and talking gently to me. Not making promises other than he "had me and he wasn't going anywhere."

That night decided my college major and I never looked back.


I graduated with honors from college; a master's degree in criminal justice.

The next day, I left with my degree in hand and moved to Los Angeles. To say my dad had a hissy-fit would put it mildly, but there was nothing he could do to stop me. I took the test and was admitted to the LAPD's police academy and graduated again with honors. I was the first woman to make the shooting team, and because of my credentials I was made a training officer at the academy for the next two years.

I finally took the Sergeant's exam and became one of the first women police Sergeants in the department. There were only two of us. I was not content to sit around and direct incoming civilians to where they should go when they came into the precinct. The next time there was an opening within the Detective Bureau, I applied for it and made a big enough stink that I was promoted to that rank.

It was still far from clear sailing for me. I was immediately resented because I was a woman and everyone "knew" that women were considered weak in the field. They were sure that I'd get one of the men killed because they would feel the need to protect me. That or I'd get pregnant and have to be replaced, which was alright with the majority of them. It didn't matter that I was a crack shot and could take down a 250 pound man despite my 110 pound stature.

I was assigned to a Detective James Hunter as my first partner.

It wasn't long before I was filing sexual harassment charges against him. Because of this I was not put with another partner, but allowed to work alone.

I was still thought of as a weak woman. Eventually, however, after proving myself so many times in so many ways that I gained their grudging respect.

I closed cases. I found and brought in perps. My arrest record was one of the highest ever within the Detective Bureau.

That was where things stood when I met Edward Cullen, FBI Special Agent and Psychic.

It was only then that it was pointed out to me that I was very intuitive and that was why I was so good at figuring out crime scenes and at interviewing suspects. This answered so many questions for me, eventually.


Author ending note: In almost every review it's mentioned about Bella and Edward "getting together". It may happen eventually, but both of them have emotional issues at this point. Bella cares for Edward as partners do when they spend so much time together. She cares as much for Sam, Angela and Lauren at this point. They've got a big mystery on their hands and need to devote all of their energy into solving it. If the characters decide to take the "partner" relationship any further I don't really know about it as of yet. Remember, I'm just the typist! *grinning*