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I Know, But I Still
Believe In Ignorance As My Best Defense

Buffy knew something was up, she knew it in her bones. This was Angel, and she knew Angel. She knew when he was feeling guilty, be it about the past or something present. She knew when he was happy, when he was sad. Buffy knew when he was afraid for her, when he was proud of her. Buffy knew when he was thinking about their night together, when he was lust for another chance at that, and the hurt that it all caused him. She knew when he was mad. She knew him.

And she knew something was up with him, and it was about to come out, and it wasn't going to be good.

So Go On, Wreck Me

When she couldn't take it anymore, she brought it up and pushed. And he told her, and he broke her.

He wanted to leave her. He was going to.

She loved him, but he didn't want to stay anymore.

Funny How I Carry On, And Not Be Taken Over

But she would get through this, she'd get through anything. She would cry and she would have her heart in a million pieces, but she would make it through.

She had to.

You Know It's Funny How Sometimes
It Don't Work Out How You Want To
No, You Don't Get Nothing At All

Somewhere inside of her, Buffy had known this day would come, she knew the odds against the slayer and vampire relationship. She knew she and Angel had a hell of a ride already and had so much to stand in between them. But she also believed at the heart of it all they would pull through, somehow.

If you really loved someone it didn't matter, right? You found a way, you did whatever it took?

I Guess Something Just Got Lost
And It Deeply Saddens Me

But that didn't seem to be on the table for them.

Her dreams about forever were never going to come true. The idea of always being Buffy and Angel, forever, were coming to an end.

She had dreamed about prom, she dreamed about graduation, she dreamed about a summer together... the summer between high school and college, she dreamed about her first day, about nights on campus, new things to do and bring her mysterious creature of the night boyfriend to and make all the girls jealous, she dreamed about her life... always seeing him there.

And now, she was going to have to let those go. And find a way to carry on.