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Jasper's POV- 3 months later

Alice had taken me out into town so that she could buy me new clothes. I kept telling her that I had enough but she insisted that I needed more. I don't see what is wrong with my clothes but according to her, they are dull and boring. Apparently she hates the colour black.

We were walking through plenty of different shops, hand in hand and away from the crowded areas since I am still not keen on them and probably never will be. I was out here to have a great time with Alice; not to have it ruined by having a panic attack which I haven't had in a while now. I remember way before I met Alice that a panic attack was a daily thing for me but now the weeks are stretching out until I have another. I am learning to control it but I guess it's thanks to my medication. Would I be on them forever? I hope not; I didn't want to spend my whole life relying on drugs.

"Oh Jazz, this one looks nice. You should try it on" Alice suggested.

She pulled out a long sleeve shirt that was attached to a waist coat without sleeves. It had a little bit of a cowboy style but although it wasn't the kind of thing that I usually wear, Alice had asked me therefore I would do it.

She passed me the shirt and I took it. I appreciated the fact that it had long sleeves; Alice knew that I would never wear one that showed my arms because of the scars that lie there. It was another thing that I would always hate but Alice was an exception if she wanted to see them because she had shown me that she loved me no matter what laid underneath my shirt. I guess Carlisle, too, had to view them often to make sure that I am not hurting myself but thankfully, I haven't slipped up in the while and I am doing my best to stop all together; for Alice.

Alice guided me to the changing rooms since she seemed to know this place off by heart. Emmett had told me that shopping with Alice was like pure torture but I can highly disagree. Wherever she goes, I go too and in this case, it was shopping. Of course she could get a little over the top with the amount of things she buys and they weren't even for her; it was just for me. But then again, I couldn't complain; I would feel more comfortable in clothes that Alice chooses and she assured me that I didn't need to worry about the amount of money she was spending on me because Carlisle and Esme were providing her with it.

I was told that Alice was always shopping before her attention moved onto me so if that was the case, just how much exactly was Carlisle and Esme giving her? I knew the family were wealthy but if they were funding the expensive clothes that Alice was always bringing home and still be able to look like lottery winners then they must be richer than I thought.

"I'll wait here while you change" Alice said as she let go of my hand.

I hated the feeling of the fresh air that hit the skin of my palm; I much preferred the comfort of Alice's hand. I nodded at her and walked into the changing rooms with the shirt she wanted me to try on. Once I shut the door, I cautiously looked around the small space that I was in and looked at the possible areas the people in the next room could peek into but there was nothing. I also looked up to see if there were any cameras; I knew it was against the law to have cameras in such places but I couldn't take my shirt off until I was sure that nobody else could see. I had done the same check in all the other shops that Alice had dragged me into.

Once I felt safe enough, I took off my current shirt and replaced it with the one that Alice wanted me to wear. The fitting was perfect and it felt quite comfortable but now it's the part where I open the door and hear Alice squeal and tell me how adorable I looked in this outfit. I pulled the handle and opened the door to see Alice with a big smile on her face as she gasped at my clothes.

"Oh my god, Jazz! You look so cute. It's so you! We are definitely buying this. Go change again" Alice instructed.

I smirked at her before turning back around into the changing room. It was as if Alice's voice was put on repeat; she seemed to have liked everything that I wore. Perhaps she was just great at picking out the good stuff. When I had changed back into my shirt again I walked out and gave the chosen shirt to Alice so that she could pay for it at a nearby till. To save us from adding another bag to the collection we were already carrying, Alice just put the shirt in one of the half empty ones; that way, we were still able to hold hands.

We met up with Esme who had given us a lift to town since she had wanted to go as well to buy a few decorating items. Alice and I put the bags in the car as Esme unlocked it.

"Has she tired you out yet, Jasper?" She asked me.

I smiled at her question knowing that they all see Alice's shopping trips exhausting. I enjoy Alice's company a lot and I don't take a single second of it for granted.

"I'm not that bad" Alice answered back and then turned to look at me. "Right?"

"I didn't notice anything bad about today. I thought it was pretty great" I reassured her as I squeezed her hand.

"That's what Rosalie said on her first time to the store with Alice" Esme stated.

I guess that she meant I would eventually get bored of the trips out with Alice but I doubt that would happen. I will use all the time I can to be with her. Alice rolled her eyes as she got into the back of the car so that we could sit together; she knew I liked it that way. Esme got into the driver seat, started the car and then we headed home.

Carlisle's POV

After returning home from another shift at the hospital, I headed to my study to carry on working with a few files. I could already smell Esme's cooking which she had just started preparing. I also heard the laughter of two of my sons, Emmett and Edward, outside as they wrestled each other. I could hear Rosalie's voice as she chatted on the phone to one of her friend's. I knew that Alice was currently in Jasper's room, arranging his closet so that she could make room for all the clothes that she had brought him today. Poor Jasper has no idea what he was getting himself into; in a few weeks time, he's going to get sick of his journey to the mall changing into more and more shirts that Alice finds interest in but until then, I'll let him have his fun.

He was with me right now, actually. He was sitting in the corner with his knees brought up to his chest with a book resting on his knees as he read. Lately, he has been spending his time doing this whenever Alice was at school and I was home from work which unfortunately wasn't often enough but I really did enjoy his company when I was in my study. I was able to remain focused on my work but had it been any of my other children, they would find ways to get my attention.

Since Alice had kept herself busy in Jasper's room, he had decided it was best to let Alice get on with her love for clothes so he was using up his time without her with me; reading. I suppose not all of my focus was on my work because my eyes did flicker to Jasper quite often. I couldn't help it. It was so interesting to see him so relaxed. Yes, he still got nervous around strangers but that would be something he would always be wary of.

I was also informed that he was finally beginning to open up to his counselor which is a great sign. It meant that things were finally changing. I am also proud of him for staying strong; whenever he got frustrated, he would sulk in his room until Alice arrives to make him happy again or when depression hits him, he wonders off into my study and waits for me to return.

The first time he did this, I had been surprised to find him in there. I had come home from work and walked in there to put away my things but Jasper, as per usual, was sitting in a corner. His position had already alarmed me because it was clear that he had been unhappy so I sat down in front of him and asked him what was wrong and for the first time, he had done what I wanted him to do; he had gone to me for help…he had been honest with me and told me he was craving it; craving pain again but that wasn't why he was depressed. He was depressed because he thought he had failed me. He hadn't hurt himself, thankfully but he was ashamed of himself for still wanting to.

That was two months ago and since then, like I said, my study was the place he went to when he was depressed since he had learnt that I was happy to help him. Making me proud was something that was very important to Jasper now; which brings me onto his school work. Jasper had been working very hard in his tutoring and schooling lessons in order to avoid disappointing me but that was far from happening.


I turned my head to Jasper as his voice broke the long silence.

"What is it, son?" I asked, gently.

He looked a little hesitant; unsure about what to say. He was still trying to put words together in his head.

"I…..I want to thank you…for not giving up on me and….and for being so patient and understanding. If you guys never moved here, I….." he stopped.

I knew what would have been said if he carried on though. If we hadn't moved to Fork's, Jasper would have succeeded on his suicide attempt and even if he hadn't, he would have still been used as a toy.

"Jasper, the moment I first met you, I knew that there was something about you. As soon as I laid my eyes on your body, that's when I knew I had to do all that I could to help you. Although you weren't willing to admit it, I knew that you were living with a monster; I just needed to wait for the moment you would finally say so. I am so proud of you, Jasper. I am so proud of how far you have come" I told him.

He smiled shyly at me, happy with my use of words. "Yeah well, I'm just glad that you were nice enough to take me in and treat me like one of your own, I…..I never realised how great it felt to have a family" he admitted.

Now it was my turn to smile. I loved it when he spoke this way; it helps me realise just how much he has improved. I remember when he first started living here, he just felt like a guest and he was only here for Alice but now everyone made him happy.

"I'm glad that you feel that way" I noted.

He still held his smile as he closed his book and put it on the ground and got up.

"Where are you going?" I asked him.

"To tell Esme thanks, she's been great, too" he replied before walking out the door.

My smile grew even more at the thought of how my wife would feel once she hears what Jasper has to say. She loves him like a real son and she really takes words to heart; especially when they are coming from her children. I got back to doing my work while I have the chance because as soon as Jasper comes back, I'll doubt that would be the last of our conversation.


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