"Magby?" "Ty-Tyrogue!" "Pi-Pichu…Pi" "Riolu.""Ele-Ele-Elekid!" I roll over on my side and see my most recent baby Pokemon chatting away. "Come on guys…" I sigh. They all jumped out of their fur and then jumped on the bed. Magby stayed down and was tapping his foot multiple times. "Magby!" He said pointing to me in bed. They all crawled off and stood there shyly. I sat up and stretched. I heard a knock at my door, but my brother Thomas walked in anyway. His Persian rubbing his leg and walking in as well. Thomas has shaggy black hair and brown eyes He's 19 years old, he thinks he owns the house.

"Mom wants to talk to you." He turned around and left leaving my door open. Persian hissed at my Pokemon and then left as well. "Stupid Persian." I mumbled under my breath. I walked over to a door that led to my Nursery. It was really my closet but my mom extended it for me so it looked more like a room now. My Pokemon followed looking behind them just in case that stupid Persian came back. Once they were all in I closed the door. I had two cribs on either side of the room. They both held 3 pokemon eggs. I have a lamp shining down on them.

"You guys stay here, alright. I'll be right back." I say to my Pokemon. I petted them all on the head and then left, closing the door softly. I dressed myself quickly and then I open the door of my room instantly surrounded by noise. My mom's Lillipup and Purloin were chasing eachother around the house. Her Plusle and Minun were sitting on the table eating cantaloupe. Of course I didn't know where she was. The back door opened and Monferno came in, grabbing my hand and leading me through the chaos to the backyard. Mom was laying in the grass with her Sunflora next to her.

Looking up at the clouds, her Sunflora weaving flowers through her hair. I sat down next to her, "Do you know what's going on in there?" I ask. "Of course, that's why I'm out here." She looked over at me and smiled. "Sunflora!" Sunflora said in protest. "Oh sorry, Sunflora…" She looked up at the clouds once more. "Thomas said you needed to talk to me?" "Oh yes… Your Arcanine needs some attention. Why don't you take him for a walk through the woods?" Knowing her that was an order not a suggestion. "Alright, I will." I say. I looked over to the back of the garage. I made a house for my Arcanine in the back of the garage. Getting up I made my way back inside. Plusle and Minun were nowhere to be seen, but Lillipup and Purloin were asleep together on the coach. Monferno wasn't around either.

"Hmm." I say closing my door. I looked behind me to find the nursery door open a crack. "Oh no… not again." I walked in to find Plusle and Minun playing tag with the other baby-pokemon. "I suppose that's harmless." I say walking over to check on the Pokemon eggs. All three were a counted for. "They look good…" I then walk to the other side of the room to check on the other ones. "God, dang it!" One of the eggs were missing. "Stop!" I shout to all the Pokemon. They all froze and looked up at me.

I took a deep breath and say, "Who took an egg?" They all shrugged their shoulders and continued their game. I walk out of the nursery locking the door behind me. They can just stay in there for awhile. As I made my way to the door I hear something, "Ninetales…" I look over and Thomas's Ninetales is sitting on my bed. Ninetales had a note wrapped loosely around her neck. "May I?" I ask her reaching for the note. I untie it and start reading it.


These are Riolu right? That's what I remember at least.

Here you can have my Ninetales, I don't like her anyway.

I already left, so you can't have 'im back.

I need to catch my flight to Unova.

I'll call ya when he hatches.

Love ya,


"You little…" I whisper angrily. I look up at his Ninetales, "If you are going to be my Pokemon you're going to have to have a nickname." I say to her. "Ninetales…" she says softly. "Hmm, come with me." I get up to leave, Ninetales follows pursuit. "My brother it so stupid. Don't worry Ninetales, I'll take good care of you." We walk through the house passing my mom making lunch and walk outside. I look behind me and stare at how pretty Ninetales is in the sun. I smile and continue walking to the back of the garage. Standing there is a small but big white wooden house that I built with the help of my little brother.

I knock on the door, "Archy?" The door opens and a beam of light shines on us. I walk in signaling to Ninetales to follow. His house is just one room but it looks fantastic. In the center is a rug that looks like a Pokeball. On the sides are pictures of us throughout the years. On the roof is a painting an artist did of us when I was in Unova with my brother. In the picture I'm standing next to Archy with my hand on his back and we are both looking off into the distance. Archy is on his back on the rug, just asking for a belly rub. He sees Ninetales though and is instantly up. He walks over to her and sniffs her, she does the same to him.

She was little smaller then her. "What do you think Archy? Isn't she pretty?" Archy looks over at me and seems to blush. "Haha! You big teddy bear!" I run over and give him a hug and then jump on his back. Ninetales walks around looking at the pictures. Arcanine follows her, he seemed curious about her. He sniffs one of her tails but Ninetales turns and snaps at him. "Arcanine!" he growls. "Ninetales…" she says angrily. "Hey, you two! Knock it off!" I get off Archy and step in between them. Arcanine looks at me and sits down but Ninetales is still aggressive. I look at Ninetales and approach her, no caution at all.

I've done this before with aggressive Pokemon. I have my hand out and slowly walk up to her. She growls at me but I keep on walking toward her. She starts to walk backwards away from me. I have a smirky smile but I follow her. Eventually her snarl goes away and she's just looking at me now, still walking backwards. We do this for a couple minutes until finally she sits down, I still walk up to her. She closes her eyes as I put my hand on her muzzle. I pet her fur down. She looks at me a sorry in her eyes somewhere.

"It's alright Ninetales…" I whisper to her. Arcanine walks up behind me and puts his warm nose on my other hand which is at my side. I take both of my hands away and give Arcanine a look. He keeps his head down and approached Ninetales. Ninetales looks at him. I sat down and watched. Arcanine put his head up slowly to her nose and she did the same to his. They both closed their eyes at the same time and touched noses. I could tell this was truly special and I loved every minute of it. They backed away from each other.

"Well, I'm glad you guys finally like each other because Ninetales is going to stay with you in here." I say to them both. "Arcanine…" He responds in confusion. "There's not enough room in the house." I tell him petting his head. "Besides, you need a little company in here." He looked over at Ninetales who was curled up on the rug, her ears were alert though. "Go get em tiger." I whispered to him and then got up and left. Right before I closed the door I looked behind me and saw Archy curl down next to her. "I need to get her a collar too." I say silently to myself. I walk back inside and my mom is sitting by the table reading a book.

"Whatcha reading?" I ask sitting down across from her. "A book about legendary pokemon. Thomas plans to get one some day, ha!" she laughs still reading. "Did you know Arcanine is a legendary Pokemon?" I told her. "Not anymore." she states turning the pages quite a bit. "Right here!" she gives me the book pointing to the Paragraph.

Because many Officer Jenny's have Growlithe's and many professor's and breeder's are getting Growlithe's. Growlithe can evolve into Arcanine making it highly populated.

"See, not anymore." she smiles sarcastically. "Hmm. Whatever. Hey do you think we could go shopping for a collar for Ninetales?" "Ninetales? Isn't that Thomas's?" "Not anymore." I say simply. "I'm not going to ask. Sure honey we can go tomorrow." "Great!" I get up and go to my room. I unlock the nursery door and Plusle and Minun run out and start bouncing on my bed. "No! Get out!" I open the door and point out they squeak and zap each other running out. I plop onto bed relieved. I took out my phone and looked through it. Suddenly it started buzzing like crazy, it read. Amy.


"Summer! What's up?"

"Oh nothing. Well actually a lot has happened."

"Do explain…" she said curiously.

"Well my brother Thomas left this morning for Unova again. Guess what he took with him?" I asked.

"I wouldn't have the slightest clue…" Amy replies.

"He took an egg! That sneaky little…" I growled

"No… That's awful!"

"I know right! And then in return he left his Ninetales here saying I could have it because he took the egg. He basically abandoned his Pokemon! This Pokemon has probably been abandoned a dozen or more times."

"Oh my god… well at least you have a Ninetales now right?"

"Ha, yeah. She's really pretty and I hope to breed her with my Arcanine. I need to name her though. You know I name all my Pokemon."

"Yeah, it's adorable."

"What should I name her?"

"Oh boy… I have no idea."

"I was thinking Taylor, it sorta sounds like tail. You know what I mean?"

"It's different that's for sure."

"Ha, thanks. You're a big help." I say sarcastically.

"I try." she replies.

"Well I have to go and tell Ninetales then. I'll talk to you later."

"Okay, see ya!" I closed my phone and hopped out of bed. Amy is my best friend, we started traveling together when we were 10, before the rules changed to 13.

"Lunch is in the fridge if you're hungry." Mom comments as I walk past, still reading the book. "No thanks." "Okay, but don't come crying to me saying your stomach hurts…" I laughed and walked outside. Knocking on the door, it creaked open. "Hey guys!" I walked in to find Archy and Ninetales running around together. "You two are silly." I sat down in the middle of the Pokeball. Arcanine came to a halt and rolled over onto his back. I gave him a well deserved belly rub. Ninetails walked over out of breath. "Oh Ninetales! I thought of a nickname for you. What do you think of Taylor?" Ninetales seemed to smile. "Ninetales!" she said happily. "Great! Archy and Taylor…"

"I think I'm going to sleep in here tonight. What do you guys think? Can I sleep in here?" "Arcanine!" he agreed. "Ninetales!" she accepted as well. "Awesome!" I rested my head down on Arcanine's shoulder. I looked up and Taylor's face appeared. I smiled and then got up. "I'm going to tell mom. See you guys later." Walking out the door and into my house. Mom was on the phone. I sat down at the table and listened.

"Logan, honey. You are doing fine. You said you caught a pokemon today. Well great! Keep it going." I laughed and mom glared at me. "Can I talk to him?" I ask her. She hands me the phone. "Maybe you can cheer him up." she whispers and then walks upstairs.

"Hey Logan. It's Summer."

"Summer! Oh my gosh, I don't know what to do! I caught a weedle today. He's pretty cool."

"That's great! What else did you do?"

"Well, that's it really. It took a long time, because it's pretty powerful but yeah."

"Oh it's pretty powerful huh?"

"Okay, well. Maybe not to you but to me. Weedle's don't take that long to evolve into a Beedrill so he will be super powerful someday. You just wait!"

"Well yeah, I sorta have to now don't I?

"Um well, yeah…Oh Summer. Can you please come and join me?" he begged.

"Logan you're doing fine. Make some friends or something, seriously." I laughed.

"Yeah, you're right. How's Thomas? Did he leave yet?"

"Yeah he left this morning, guess what he left with?"

"What do you mean? I don't know."

"He left with one of my eggs!"

"Ha ha! Seriously? Wow."

"I let it go though because he gave me his Ninetales. So now I can breed Arcanine."

"Oh gross, but it's cool that you have a Ninetails now. You should totally train to be epically powerful and then beat Thomas's pokemon with it. Rub it in his face!"

"Ha! Typical 12 year old…" I sighed

"Shut up! I'm off to a great start. I know more than these stupid 13 year olds do."

"That's because you grew up around Pokemon, dumb dumb."

"Yeah that's true…What did you name Ninetales?"

"Oh that's right. I named her Taylor and she liked it."

"Well that's good."

"How's Riolu?" I asked him

"Oh he's great! I love Riolu! I can't wait for him to evolve!"

"Hey now! That's not what it's all about. He's your first Pokemon. That makes him special. So that means you better treat him special." I said sternly

"Yeah, yeah. I know. Sorry. Thank you once more for giving him to me. He really is awesome."

"Yeah I believe you. Well I have to go and talk to mom."

"Okay. I'll probably call again tomorrow. See ya!"

"Bye Logan!"

Logan has blond hair and bright blue eyes. He's super sneaky and got into a lot of trouble with Professor Oak when he was little. I heard a click on the other line and put moms phone down on the counter. I then walked up stairs and into the sitting room up there where she usually was. There were two coaches in there. All of her Pokemon were sitting on it except Monferno and Sunflora. they were on either side of mom on the middle coach. "Hey mom. I decided to sleep by Arcanine tonight. Thought I would just tell you." "Okay sweetie." I bet they were watching Pokemon E.R. One of moms new favorite shows. "See you in the morning." I walked down stairs and into my room grabbing anything I need. I made my way to the back door.

The backyard was lit up by the moon. An Umbreon could evolve right now in our backyard. I thought laughing at how ridiculous that sounded. My stuff was dragging in the grass but I didn't care. I knocked and then walked in anyway. Archy and Taylor were curled up in a circle together. I smiled at them both and then camped out next to them. Making Arcanine my pillow. "Goodnight guys." I yawned. I clapped twice and then the lights turned off. I rolled over and slowly closed my eyes.