"Hey Summer. What kind of Pokemon does Celadon Gym have?" Minnie and I were walking toward Celadon City, I gave Archy a break from us riding on him, so instead we walked. Tiny was on Minnie's shoulders this morning and her Umbreon and Espeon were walking on either side of her. It was truly a sight.

"Erika has grass type, so you would want to use Tata again." I instructed her. "That makes sense." Minnie replied simply.

"Summer. I was wondering, for quite some time now, who was that boy you battled in the Team Shadow base?" Minnie asked innocently. I haven't thought about him in a long time… "He's a- a family friend." I told her.

"A close family friend?" She asked once more. "Yes, a really close family friend. He and Logan- were best friends." I chocked. "What happened?" She wondered. "Something happened with Logan and him during their adventure." I stated.

"That's stupid. So now Logan is scarred and without a friend and this guy, Char or Charlie or something, wants revenge on him? That sounds crazy!" Minnie shouted. "Yeah I know, I hope nothing happens to Logan, or Charlie that puts them in danger. That would be awful." We walked on in silence thinking about everything we both just said.

"Do you think Erika is okay?" Minnie asked randomly. "Even though it may look like she's weak because she has grass type, she's actually pretty powerful. So I'm sure she's fine." I responded after a while. Minnie looked satisfied with my answer so she never replied.

From the side of us I heard a pop. "What was that?" I asked looking over on both sides. "I didn't hear anything." Minnie asked looking around. Tiny jumped of Minnie and scurried up my jeans and shirt to stand on my shoulder. "What do you hear Tiny?" I asked. "Ni-Nido!" Tiny swung her head to the right and a massive bubble appeared swallowing Minnie and her Pokemon.

Minnie started to freak out in the bubble but I couldn't hear her. Minnie started to float away. There has to be a source. I brought out Archy and hopped on his back and ran after Minnie in her bubble. A Blastoise appeared in the path in front of us. Archy skid to a halt. "Who's your trainer?" I shouted at it, watching Minnie float away.

"You'll never be able to catch up to her now. Blast, why don't you cool down our new friends." I looked around but couldn't see who talked. A steady powerful jet of water came at Archy and he dodged it automatically. Archy will never be able to beat that Pokemon and if Archy faints then I'll never catch up to Minnie.

"Archy, from behind, tackle it." I whispered in his ear. He frantically dodged the water and made it around Blastoise where he tackled it to the ground. "Quick, get out of here!" I shouted. Archy spun around and ran the way Minnie went. I made sure Tiny was still on my shoulder as Archy ran as fast as he could.

"Oh no you don't!" I looked over my shoulder and a girl was riding on the back of a Feraligator, she was catching up to us. "Water gun!" She shouted pointing at us. She was wearing black and blue clothes and she has black hair to match. I noticed oddly that she was barefoot as well.

"Zigzag your path Archy!" I told him as another stream of water came at us. He dodged the water at the last minute. I looked over my shoulder and the girl was doing the same with her Pokemon. "We need to lose them." I whispered in his ear loudly. I grabbed Tiny and put her in front of me to protect her.

Archy leapt into a hedge on the side of us, still going strong. I looked up unable to find Minnie. Oh no… Archy turned sharply to the side and headed back the way toward Minnie once more. Tears came to my eyes as I realized, I lost Minnie. I buried my face in Archy's fur letting him run, looking for Minnie.

"Get back here you!" I heard a shout behind me. I looked over my shoulder at the girl still following me. "Who are you?!" I shouted. "Your worst nightmare!" She shouted back with a crooked smile. I had to think fast, she has water type and I have mostly fire type. The only different kinds are fighting and poison. I looked down at a trembling Tiny looking back at me, okay just fighting.

They won't do a thing against that super powerful Feraligator though. I looked over my shoulder at the girl as she started to gain on me. "You don't stand a chance!" "What do you have against me now? She's gone already!" I informed her.

"Archy stop!" I screamed. He spun around and came to a halt in front of the Feraligator. Dirt flew in the air as it tried not to hit Archy. The girl jumped off and approached me, "Don't ever try to find her again, or I swear I will personally find you." She told me finger pointed at my face.

"How old are you? 10? You can't tell me what to do…" I growled at her. "Oh yes I can. All you have is fire-type, all I have is water-type. As I said before, you don't stand a chance…" She growled back. She had me there, but that is just a type difference, she honestly can't tell me what to do. I didn't say anything and neither did she as she climbed back on her Pokemon and left.

"Come on. We need to find Minnie." I turned back toward Archy and Tiny. Tiny's tail wagged happily and Archy just smiled without saying a word. Don't worry Minnie, we'll find you…

"Umby what do we do?" I watched as a jet of water came toward Archy, but he dodged it easily and ran toward me. "Umbreon!" Umby tried to scratch at the bubble, but it wasn't working. I looked over my shoulder at the epic chase happening below me. Archy was running for his life as little spurts of water were fired at him.

"Espeon?" Espeon was shaking next to me in fear. "Don't worry guys, we'll be okay." I put my arms around them both and watched as Summer disappeared below us. We were high above the trees now and there was no way to get down.

I looked down once more and noticed we were above a city. "Probably Cerulean. I wonder if anyone can see me." I thought out loud watching all the people walk around in the city. The bubble jerked around a little bit as something was thrown at it.

"Huh? What's going on?" I tried to stand but fell down as another rock or something hit the bubble. Pop! The bubble disappeared around me and we fell down at incredible speeds toward the ground. I grabbed Umby and Espeon and held them close.

"We got 'er boss!" Instead of crashing on the ground we were bouncing on what must have been a net. "Bag her and let's go." I opened my eyes long enough to see the girl that was battling Summer watch as two boys put a bag over my head. I hope Summer's okay. I thought feeling rough rope being tied around my wrists. I heard Umby and Espeon cry out next to me.

"Don't hurt them!" I shouted. "Save your breath. Wouldn't want you to suffocate in there so soon." I recognized the girl's voice. I choked realizing what she meant and let myself be escorted onto what felt like the back of a truck.

They sat me down and left, leaving me confused. It's a good thing I put my Pokemon in Summer's bag, I hope everyone is okay. Umby can take care of himself I know that, but Espeon can't. Hopefully they will keep them together so he can take care of her. Now of course there's me too. I'm sure there is going to be a flaw I'll find and escape, like always… I thought happily in the end.

"Umby, I'm scared." Espeon stood next to me in a cage they stuffed us in, shaking. "Don't worry, they won't lay a finger on you as long as I'm here." I told her. She smiled shyly, "I trust you." I smiled and rubbed my head with hers.

"What happened to Jazz?" Espeon asked. "They put her in that white thing." I pointed my tail toward a white box on wheels. "I hope she's okay…" "She can take care of herself, she's been through this before once, she can do it again, I know for a fact." I said. I looked at the lock on the cage door in front of us.

"Hey Esper, do you think you could figure out how to unlock this?" I asked turning toward her. "I've never done that before but I can give it a try." She moved in front of me so she could get a better view. Once they were done putting Jazz in the white thing and putting us in this cage they left and haven't come back.

Esper's eyes glowed as she concentrated on the lock. I heard things shifting within it, it must have been a puzzle for her. "Okay, I think I have it…" she whispered. I heard a click and watched as they lock fell to the ground.

"No way! Nice job!" I flew through the door and she followed at a slower pace. "Okay. Let's do this…"