I'm watching.

Always watching.

Well, it's not like I have a choice. There's not much else I can do when people are awake. And I've been more or less bound to Gravity Falls, so I can't interfere with the dreams of anyone outsida the town.

When folks are sleeping though- I do have my fun.

Not that they remember. It's funny. There is so much about dreams you don't know. There is so much about your last dream you don't know. Chances are, you dreamed a lot more than you remember. Y'see, people forget their dreams. They forget as soon as they wake up. They even forget before they wake up. I've probably been inside your subconscious. It's larger and contains more secrets than you're ever know.

People don't remember me- not consciously. But more than one artist, carpenter, potter, inventor and video game designer have woken up suddenly with an inspiration to put a triangle or an eye on their work. And what's wrong with that? If knowledge is power, then my power increases as I gain more ways to watch the nooks and crannies of the town.

I've changed them. The townspeople, that is. Changed the way they think. Made them forget. It's easier with people who have lived here all their lives. Folks who moved here seem to retain some kinda, eh, independence of thought. I'll have to work on that little problem.

Made them forget what? Oh, the magic, of course. It's taking me a while, but slowly, slowly, they're forgetting just what made their town so special. The gnomes, the manotaurs, my two creations. An odd energy that pervades everything, occasionally bringing a buncha wax figures or a pile ah candy to life. Ya might ask why I would want to hide my creations away when I'm so proud of 'em. And I am, really! Look kid, I have my reasons. Let's just say you'll find out in time.

Just because I can't do much more than watch doesn't mean I'm not watching actively. Oh, I watch so much more than I ever did when I was alive. Y'see, the eyes I made and the eyes in the trees, these are just the obvious ones. There are eyes everywhere. Everywhere. There are eyes you can't see. There are eyes in Gravity Falls, and outside of it. Yes- even in the Sleepy Pine Motor Hotel, there were eyes I wasn't even picking up on when I was there.

I have eyes in the future. They're pretty few and far between, but with them, I have seen things. A darkness approaches. A day will come when everything you care about will change.

I mean it. Everything YOU care about. Oh. Oh. Now suddenly you're curious huh? Yeah, wouldn't you like to know all about this dark day? Yeah, wouldn't ya?

Oh what's this? Denial? Sure, ya say. That's somebody else's problem. Not mine. Bill Cipher's silly prophecy has nothingto do with me. Keep thinking that, kid. I look forward to seeing the look of shock and embarrassment on your face when you lose everything!

Oh what? Did I scare ya? You're wondering how I knew you were thinking that?

Kid, when I say I have eyes everywhere, I mean that I have eyes everywhere. Even in your mind kid. I know what you're thinking. I know what lotsa people are thinking.

Pft. Of course I won't tell ya how they got there. And no. You can't get rid of 'em. I guess you can say they're my little gift to you- no take backs!

I know what Ricky and Gus are thinking, too. I know what Ricky was thinking when she and Mabel were singing to the manotaurs. I know what she was thinking when we were in Portland. I know what she was thinking when I dragged her old man to his demise. I know what Gus was thinking that day I lost my amulet. I know the elation and cautious optimism he had when I showed him the store for the first time, the feeling of utter hopelessness and Ricky and told him we were leaving, and I know exactly the way he felt when he found out the gnomes were about to kill me.

And I know other things too. How Dorothea Gorney felt as she proudly went guising alone for the first time. What was going through Parsy's mind after he realized I was his age-old enemy. What Dr. Pitt was thinking as he watched Billy Mischief fake his own death. Not even the gnomes' minds are free from my eyes.

Y'see? I've been telling you this story the whole time. Parts of it I've been...reliving, to use a to word from this very clunky language- and other parts I've been relating.

Why? Why tell you my story? No really, why tell you my story?

...I dunno. Boredom, I guess? I mean, Bill Cipher's gonna be around forever and, before long, everyone will know my name. But Billy Mischief? Who's gonna remember him? Almost everyone who knew that name is dead now. That time I spent alive in Gravity Falls is still a parta me. It's...important.

Reality, as you humans know it, is an illusion. The universe is just a hologram. The future is in the past, so it makes sense then, that the past is the present.

It is now Sunday, the 30th of June. America Northwest and Angus Gleeful leave Gravity Falls, packing all the things important to them in the Lincoln Model L.

It's August 6th, 1929, and Ricky and Gus are in a rut. They are stopped at the side of the road, Ricky staring down at her right front tire deflated and useless. It wouldn't be so bad if they hadn't already used the spare. The sun beats down on them, they have gone through all their water and they're miserable. The road is quiet- no vehicle has passed for the hour they have been there. In all directions, they can see nothing but flat land grassland that extends as far as the eye can see.

Tired of waiting for someone to drive by an hope they can flag them down, the heiress opens the trunk(literally a luggage trunk attached to the back of the vehicle- that's just the way we did it in the jazz age, kiddos) and starts searching through their things, trying to come up with some creative way to patch a flat tire.

She comes across her jewelry box. She opens it with some hesitation.

There it is- the flawless turquoise stone set in the silver chain. Ricky hasn't touched in all this time. The heiress had wanted to destroy it, and yet she could never bring herself to. Nor could she give it to someone else- letting someone else have the power in that amulet would simply be too dangerous. This, too, was why she was hesitant to just hide the stone. So she has kept it among her other things. From the outside, the simple blue stone appears to be far less valuable than her other jewelry, anyway.

She picks it up. She gives it a squeeze. She casts about, notices a rock on the ground, and focuses her attention on in.

In seconds, the stone is floating two feet up in the air. Ricky mentally lets go and stone falls.

So, the amulet still has my stray magic stored in it.

Gus returns from his trip to the bush to take care of a private matter. Ricky informs him that she has found a way to fix the wheel on the car. They start driving again. Ricky doesn't tell Gus that has my amulet close to her breast, and is focusing on keeping the car level with telekinesis while at the same time driving. She has a storm of emotions going on inside of her.

July 10th. Ricky and Gus are having breakfast in a small hotel on the Nebraska/Missouri border. Ricky has sold all of her jewelry, but for one piece. Gus is counting the money and trying to do the math in his head. It's not adding up. He nervously chews on a piece of toast, then glances at Ricky. "Your hair is turning white!" He exclaims.

Ricky excuses herself to use the bathroom, and stares at the mirror. Her chin length hairdo now sports three eerie streaks of white. They stand out starkly amongst the black.

"Well, good." She says to Gus when she returns, "Now I look like a distinguished woman instead of a girl. I'll get more respect this way."

July 20th. The Model L carrying the two young kids pulls in front of the cracker style house. Gus gets out and greets his Aunt Joy her daughter Meriwether, neither of who has he ever spoken to before. He and his lady friend are invited to stay for as long as they need to, no questions asked. When Ricky exits the vehicle, the raven pigmentation of to her hair has faded to a charcoal color.

August 29th, Gus once again wakes in his bed screaming. Ricky rushes into the room to assure him. This isn't a new thing. Gus has not had a single break from the nightmares I gave him. Not a single one. Going to sleep is actually something he dreads, and he drinks coffee and engages his mind in activities such as praticing with his hook, checking the classifies, trying to sew and reading to keep sleep at bay. But he is human, and his body must sleep eventually, and that's when he sees the things he dreads the most.

He sleeps, but doesn't rest. The bare color that used to exist in his hair has faded, and this fifteen year old kid has white hair. Both Ricky and Gus look older than they really are. Ricky starts experimenting with hair dye for herself and the Gleeful. It's not just for vanity- both teenagers have to find work as well, and they don't want employers thinking they're lying about their age. This a task becomes even harder after the 29th of October...

December 24th 1929, and Ricky decides to part herself with something that has been more or less a white elephant to her. She takes the car out, alone, and drives into up a forest road- though the viney, buggy forest resembles a jungle more to her northern sensibilities. She digs the hole deep, drops my amulet in, buries it, and rolls a stone on top. Feeling a sense of relief, she goes back to the frame house to spend Christmas with the Florida Gleefuls. Though it is her first Christmas being absolutely penniless, Ricky wouldn't exchange the experience for all the money she once possessed.

That's it.

I've talked and talked and talked. Luckily, I never got parched or lost my voice or anything. That's what happens when you talk a lot and you don't have a throat to begin with. But, that's it. I'm done. Done talking about other people.

Oh, what, ya wanna hear what happens to those two timing saps? You wanna know if Gus ever gets over his nightmares? If Ricky ever starts that auto repair business she's been wanting to? If anyone ever finds that amulet?

Well aren't you nosy! That's someone else's business, butt out!

Besides, as I said before, we're talking about me now!

You're probably wondering what I am or, at least, what I was. Was I the human host for the demon he ended up being transformed into? Or was I a demon who spent eighteen years in a prison of flesh?

The answer is complicated. When the demon Triangulum became trapped within me/when I was fused with the unborn boy William Cipher, we became one entity. Inseparable. I existed as something that has only rarely existed before me. The Mackerels were wrong. There is no safe way to remove a part of your true self. I could have spent the rest of my life as a human, or the rest of eternity as a demon, but not both. I chose eternity and power.

...Which has, at the moment, proven to be a fairly unwise decision. Here I stay- rotting away. Well. Not rotting. There is nothing to rot, except for maybe my sanity, which slips away year by year. Here I am, stuck in this cage, waiting, hoping that someone in a dream somewhere will remember me- will recognize me for what I am, and decide to use my services. Watching. Always, always watching.

I could have chosen humanity. I could have chosen to forget the betrayal, to forget my magic, to chose to live, albeit humbly. I could be free right now. I wouldn't have magic, but I'd be better off than I am now.

Gus wouldn't be dying. Ricky wouldn't hate me.


But I would be a sap. Just like everyone else. And who wants that? Who wants what everyone else gets, when I can be special?

I have always been more important than other people. More dangerous, too. It's fitting, then, that I should wind up here, alone, where no one can cast a shadow on my dazzling light!

I'll be free soon. I'll rule this town, you know. I already control it like a ventriloquist controls his puppet. The monsters are mine. The humans minds are mine. Soon the portal will be mine as well. Then you're see. All of you will see.

Until then, I'll be watching. Sweet dreams.


Well that's it. It's over.

I want to thank a ton of people. Everyone's who liked or commented in either tumblr or, people who gave me advice about plotpoints, all those awesome people who drew fan art, the girl who helped me with the latin in chapter 30(I'm sorry- I don't how to find you anymore that you changed your url! I hope you see this!), all of you have been totally awesome.

This story has changed a lot. My original concept was to have Billy be a human con artist who has a run in with the Mackerels who sacrifice him to bring back Triangulum, they botch it and turn him into Triangulum instead. It was also supposed to be shorter. Much shorter. It just kept on growing, and blossoming, and I'm so happy for what it's become.

It was a fun experience. I appreciate you all- all of you who had kind words for me and those who read silently. You're all wonderful!

As for what happens next, I'm going to completely overhaul the first three chapters. When I first starting writing, I had a very definite idea of who I wanted Gus to be. I wanted Gus to be like Soos- a guy who comes off as so dim that Billy trusts him because he thinks he's harmless. But Gus evolved on his own into a character who was entirely different and I am 100x happy about that. So I'm going to rewrite those first chapters(up to the part where Gus tells Billy about guising), and also give Billy a better reason to come to and stay in Gravity Falls. After that...

Well, I do have a sequel in mind. It will follow the other characters such as Ricky, Gideon, Fierra Pit and Gompers. It will probably be more of an anthology- stories that have something to do with each other, but each can be read on their own. Stay tuned.

Did I mention you're all awesome?

Stay beautiful!